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INFINITE EFFECT: DARK #1 Written by MIKE RAICHT Plot by MCGAFFER Art by JOE KEATINGE "A VOICE IN THE DARKNESS" Diplomatic relations, Latveria style! White Raven has been insulted, the master of Latveria doesn't even deign to enter negotiations himself. What can this DoomBot possibly present to stave off the inevitable? Why that would be Mount Doom! The focal point for Doom's new army, Doom has never cut off the arm of sorcery to defy science or vice versa. Mephisto has been secretly funneling Mindless One's out of Dormammu's Realm and trapping souls within them to create a deadly new army, the Doom Wraiths. If Doom cannot rule this world then he will burn it and the Harbinger's to the ground, so the DoomBot speaks! Doom and Mephisto's actions have not gone unnoticed, before they can create an interdimensional war with Dormammu the Eternals have dispatched a spy to Latveria to try and sever the link between Mount Doom and Dormammu's Realm. But this spy has suddenly found himself at the center of a brand new crisis, he must divert this armies attentions away from Latveria before Doom's pride can cause irreversible harm. Diplomatic negotiations are about to reach a whole new level, Black Bolt is about to lend his voice to the cause! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

WHAT IF...EARTH FALLS? : INFINITE EFFECT SPECIAL #3 (of 4) Written by MARK MILLAR Plot by GH & HIGHWAYGUY Art by GARY ERSKINE "The Butterfly Effect" Doctor Doom bargains with Shuri for access to Wakanda's Vibranium reserves. But he has no more souls left to sell. Can the Black Panther trust Doom this time, even as he pleads "this is the only chance our world has to survive the doom that is headed our way"? The future is grim no matter which way she decides. Star-Lord retreats to Earth to make one final stand against cosmic decimation. Chances of survival are nil. But what good is a hero who gives up? Against all odds, Star-Lord will assemble Earth's last hope. Only a few heroes survive. Will Tony Stark, the Braddocks, Stephen Strange and the teenage Spider-Girl answer his call? As Nick Fury reminds them "Remember the Alamo." Now let's suit up! Stark has a plan. But first they need help from the most dangerous mind alive - Doom. And a grasp of String Theory. They may not be able to stop the Abyss but perhaps they can change their future by altering a single event of their impending future's past. Road trip to Wakanda. Now study up kids. Somewhere across the stars Franklin Richards trembles as Galactus weeps to the laughter of Count Abyss and the slaughter of a galaxy. The end of everything has come! 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


HANK PYM: MAD SCIENTIST SUPREME #37 ***SHADOW INVASION TIE-IN*** Written by CULLEN BUNN Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by NICK DRAGOTTA "THE HOUSE THAT HANK BUILT" The Dark Universe’s Hank Pym may not have built the Infinity Mansion, but he knows every nook and cranny of the structure. There is nowhere than The Wasp can hide! They seek her here, they seek there, they seek The Wasp until she despairs! Get a first look at the Mad Scientist Supreme’s newest creations… ANT-MINION and GIANT-MINION! Led by Pym’s twisted assistant, YELLOW STRAIGHTJACKET! The debut of the all-new FORCE WORKS! Jan Van Dyne is no damsel-in-distress. A strategic withdrawal has allowed her to gather new allies. Black Archer, a hero stranded in the Dark Universe for years, and Blur, Hank Pym’s lab assistant-turned-speeding hero, are in the right place at the right time! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY AVENGERS/REVENGERS #11 ***SHADOW INVASION TIE-IN*** Written by GRANT MORRISON Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by TRAVIS CHAREST (Dark U.) & GEOFF DARROW (AOM U.) "EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES" The Dark Universe has invaded the Age of Marvels! Thor and his Dark Universe Avengers look to conquer our world (see Shadow Invasion & Almighty Avengers) but they aren't the only ones who have crossed over. Let's offer a big OMG welcome to the League of Extraordinary Revengers!...and their enemies, uh oh. London Town - DCI Luther confronts the man shadowing him, Arthur Conan-bloody-Doyle!?! Conan-Doyle may not be able to explain how he is still walking about after allegedly dying a century ago, but he does insist he is from another Universe. And the ghastly murders and ritual sacrifices that Luther has been investigating are only the beginning. The Spiritualists are real. He's dealt with them before, unsuccessfully so in his world, but welcomes another crack at those sick bastards. And if he is here in this world, then likely soon so will be his nemesis, the evil Houdini. And maybe if they are lucky, this Earth has a Houdini of its own hiding out somewhere. It's time for the great detectives to combine their wits and uncover the most dangerous game of all. Los Angeles - The League's sleeper agents meet at a confidential safehouse, but David Bowie and Rin Tin Tin quickly realize that someone else is already waiting for them. "Why look, it's Abigail Brand. Darling, I love what you have done with your hair. Red is certainly your color, I wore it once myself. Houdini old chap, what is with that new style? I didn't take you for a pious bloke. And Marvelman, you look...awfully angry...oh dear, you aren't our League are you? Rinty, I think we stepped in it this time." The League's SECRET Bermuda Triangle HQ - Da Vinci's "Infinity Machine" has located a source for the quantum disturbance, with events coinciding with gamma bombs hitting the Earth. They are being invaded from outside time/space. Call in the troops, we may be under attack. Oh no, someone is already here. But how did they find us? The Dark Universe's League (Director Karen Page, Kid Marvelman, Gloria Frankenstein and Loki the God of Truth) are shocked to see Brand, Marvelman, Lei-Kung, Houdini and an imprisoned Karen Page waiting for them. Before someone has a chance to explain, it's time for a good old fashioned Super-Brawl: The League of Extraordinary Revengers vs. The League of Extraordinary Avengers! Will cooler heads prevail before the heroes of two worlds destroy one another? Can these extraordinary personalities figure out they are fighting for the same cause here in this world? The AOM Universe depends on it! 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

MASTERS OF EVIL #13 Written by TIM SEELEY Plot by WHITORO Art by DUSTIN WEAVER Arnim Zola version 2.0. Smarter, stronger, decisively more handsome, with an army of superpowered European ninjas behind his back! This is what Baron Strucker and Monica Rappaccini have to face when they penetrate the mad scientist hidden bunker in the heart of Paris! What they thought was going to be a simple and clean operation of sabotage has now turned into a desperate struggle for survival. Young Strucker falls behind, breaking the assassin grip on their group, barely managing to escape. The italian genius Rapaccini’s teleporter saves the rest of the team from a messy death. Nuke and Tiger Shark are wounded, a key member of the Masters of Evil is in enemy hands, and an enemy that seemed defeated is coming back from the grave… Viper thought she was closer to victory, but the War is far from over. 32 PGs./ Rated T+...$2.99

MIGHTY THOR #36 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Plot by MCGAFFER Art by DALE EAGLESHAM Odin is dead and Thor is in exile! Odin spent the last of his energy possessing Malekith and providing Thor with the opportunity to defeat him. Odin's willing sacrifice though has condemned Thor as he unknowingly slew his father. Thor was allowed to travel to Earth but has found himself in the Halls of the Fathers instead. The sacred meeting place of the Skyfathers both past and present will now see Thor put on trial as he fights for his life. But who has accused Thor of his crimes and forced this trial when everyone was willing to ignore his unfortunate actions? His mother, Gaea. Heimdall's eyes are finally open. In death he finally see's across veils that he never knew existed and what he see's is the destruction of all. The Dark Legion is growing and it's enormity will soon wash over all of creation, and it's leader? The daughter of Thor and she possesses the Fires of Creation. 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

NAMOR OF ATLANTIS #34 Written by MIKE CAREY Plot by WHITORO Art by JAE LEE "Unleash the Terror!" In 1914, the explorer, philanthropist and ruthless adventurer Randolph Stein almost succeeded in revealing the truth of Atlantis to the world. Namor, young, brash and cruel, defended the sanctity of his home by attacking Stein’s mercenary expedition and ruining the greedy man dreams of power and wealth. A century later, on the anniversary of that faithful day, Prince Namor finds himself attacked by an army of heavily armored underwater androids. On their steel armors, a logo can be easily identified. STEIN Conglomerate. The madman’s legacy has returned to enact his revenge. Atlantis is still in danger: Stein tried to uncover the legend… now his successors want to make the city a legend once more. 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99



SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL #8 Written by FIONA AVERY Plot by KOSMO Art by AMY REEDER "LOCKDOWN” Part III “VILLAINS AND ROBOTS AND CHAOS (OH MY)" Paragon. Johnny Ohm. Brigade. Solara. Wink. Fault Zone. Hazmat. Oh wait, no, not that Hazmat, the other one. A guy, we think. It’s kind of weird. They are the Imperfects, and the only thing standing between them and destruction is a band of brave heroes who...wait, scratch that. It’s just a shell-shocked Anya and a bunch of Braddock students fighting for their lives and flailing in terror as their school gets invaded. Right. Anyway, the Imperfects are here to make their way into a device hidden under the protection of the school and it’s staff ; one with the ability to open portals to parts unknown. They get it and break it, academy goes boom. No pressure for Spider-Girl and the others, right? Meanwhile, the teachers of Braddock Academy have their own hands full, not only with containing the crisis but also protecting the device at all costs. Unbeknownst to them, however, they’re about to have even more pressure put on them by the arrival of a familiar blue police box… 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

BOUNTY UNCHAINED #1 ***NEW ONGOING SERIES*** Written by ERIC POWELL Plotted by HIGHWAYGUY Art by ERIC POWELL Cover Art by R.M. GUÉRA "ONCE UPON A DIME" The 25th Century! The House of Kang! The Ass-Kickers’ Ass-Kickerverse! The bounty hunter named Bounty has been there, taken names, and kicked some Mulitversal ass! Say hello to Sasha Martin! She’s an ordinary teenager in the world we know and love. But an unordinary accident (namely having an alien power gauntlet stuck on her arm) has placed Sasha in the crosshairs of hordes of ruthless bounty hunters looking to collect a billion click reward! Now, Bounty is as cold-blooded as the next bounty-hunter. But there’s something about Sasha’s dilemma that strikes a chord. A long-forgotten memory. The smell. The taste. The fear. So when it comes down to choosing between the money or the girl, Bounty surprises even herself! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

CLOAK AND DAGGER #10 Written by VALERIE D’ORAZIO Plot by WHITORO Art by MANUEL GARCIA Asylum 2 of 3 The Doctor shakes his head, a hurt look in his eyes. “You keep persisting in your deluded fantasy? Dear Tandy, you fill my heart with sadness …” “I’m not insane” she replies, almost to the point of tears. “This is a lie… this are all lies… Tyrone…” “Tyrone is dead,” says the Doctor, smiling. “You killed him. Cloak and Dagger? There was no such thing, that was all in your head… you need to accept it Tandy… you need to…” “If it was all a lie, why does my skin shines when I really want it to? Why does the darkness never surrounds me, like it’s escaping from the sun? if I don’t have powers, why are so scared of me?” The Doctor doesn’t talk, just smiles, tenderly. “I’m sorry Tandy… it seems we’ll need to keep trying with the electroshock therapy with you.” 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

GODS OF OBLIVION #8 Written by JEFF PARKER Plotted by WHITORO Art by CARLO PAGULAYAN Hell Fist Saga Part I With the destruction of the OMEGA-GUN, the multiverse is finally safe, but for the heroes of oblivion is still not time to say goodbye. Their home, the mystical city of Yíwàng, is under attack by another monster of uncontrollable power: he’s Koxinga, the man that never twice strikes! Thousands of years ago he was the prince destined to rule over all of oblivion… his greed and lust for power forced him into an exile across the most devastated and tormented of realms, until he finally found a new home in the Paradox Inferno, the great hallway of torture that connects the hellish kingdoms of all realities. He trained there for over a millennia, until he finally mastered the technique that turns men into gods, gods into titans, titans into everything: THE HELL FIST! And with its power, Koxinga returns to enslave all that is alive… can the Gods of Oblivion stop him? 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

KICK-ASS & HIT-GIRL #10 Written by RYAN KINNAIRD Plotted by WHITORO Art by ALEX MALEEV Lorenzo Baldini aka The Facepuncher! The guy that punches you so hard in the face, he can give your ancestors a concussions! While Kick-Ass was stuck in a hospital, trying to heal from the wounds Hit-Girl gave him, the Facepuncher found the Justice Lords’ headquarters and punched everybody on the nose many, many times, even sending Colonel Starts & Stripes in reanimation. A villain so strong and remorseless could be handled only by Mindy, but she still has a brutal case of mind-control going on. What to do, what to do? Well, Dave won’t let a few pierced lungs and smashed spleen stop him. He crawls out of his bed, naked and shivering and pull on his green jumpsuit! Time to find Mindy, and this time, not get completely annihilated by her. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

MACH TWO #7 Written by DANIEL KNAUF Plotted by WHITORO Art by JO CHEN Death.exe Debugging Mach Two’s body is being corroded by a computer virus made flesh. And Max Fury, the rebel life model decoy, has the right solution to her problems. he would never let his best agent die of course… that’s right Mach, you never worked for the government! You were inside of an elaborated ruse of Fury. He has big plan for world coming, and you’re just the tip of the iceberg, As the virus is finally removed from his body, Mach realizes that her life just took a really bad turn. She didn’t like being forced to work for the government… she’s not sure she likes better being forced to work for a terrorist organization. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

THE RAIDERS #7 Written by DENNIS HOPELESS Plotted by WHITORO Art by ANDY CLARKE “When the music ends, activate your powers and try to shoot… try…” In the desolated town of Deadgrass, the Raiders deal with the corrupt Sheriff Logan and his trusted henchmen, One-Eye Summers, the fastest gun of this West. Can Victor Mancha match this psychopath skills with the laser gun? And what about Hazmat, facing alone the golden-clawed sheriff… meanwhile, 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99


HULK #2 Written by MARK WAID Plot by SHAGGYDOO Art by ANDY KUBERT "GENESIS AND REVELATIONS" Part 2 of 3 His, his adrenalin..rising and in a heroic moment of desperation he sacrifices everything to save another. Suddenly there is a flash of light, excruciating pain and finally total darkness. Buried under years of desert, pollution and rubble, the remains have been unearth and identified:Dr. Bruce Banner is dead. Covert unit Section 47 have confirmed his death on the day the Hulk was "born". Agents Walters (Shulkie) and Waynesboro (Oldstrong) are reeling from this news. Commander Rick Jones cannot believe as it was Dr. Banner who saved his life. The bigger question is, if Banner died during the infamous Gamma detonation then who is man known for years as the Hulk?!? The unstoppable Marvel Two-In-One super-combo of brains and brawns that is the Hulk is in Washington D.C. surrounded by darkness. The city and the surrounding areas are experiencing a total blackout. It is believed due to a mysterious super-villain made of pure electrical energy named Zzzax. The Hulk must find the creature while in total darkness. How? Can you say Gamma-vision?? Finally, Betty Ross is still adjusting to life after the heroic sacrifice of her father Gen. Thunderbolt/ Red Hulk. She meets a very familiar looking, charismatic, multi-billionaire named Louis Bixby who wants to do nothing short of changing the world! 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

THE CABAL #38 WORLD WAR DOOM! Written by WARREN ELLIS Plot by MCGAFFER Art by FRANK CHO The UN looks on in collective horror as Doom converts the WorldShip into energy and absorbs it. The order goes out "Get every meta on Earth to Latveria now! Pardon the super criminals if they'll join the fight". And then the other news breaks, Doombots led by members of the Cabal are spilling into every nation on Earth. The Cabal is on the verge of conquering the world in a matter of hours. Doom screams as the energy rips him apart, too much too fast, but Doom was prepared for this. He learnt this from Galactus, to create the perfect body capable of absorbing infinite amounts of energy he must break it down and reconstruct it. Xavier and Mephisto hold his mind and soul in place as the Molecule Man reconstructs Doom's body the way Doom showed him. A new Supreme is about to be born, Doom Supreme! Victor Von Doom will become a concept he will be that powerful. The Heralds of Doom stride across North America, Morgan Le Fay invades Britain, Hela strikes against Scandinavia, Mikhail Rasputin materializes inside the Kremlin with Doom's demands, Legion invades the minds of everyone in Asia and makes them kneel to Doom and finally Lilith assembles the Totems of Africa as she prepares the way for brand new monsters to serve Doom. 24 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

CRUCIBLES #1 ***NEW SERIES*** Written by JAMES O'BARR Plot by MCGAFFER Art by HECTOR CASANOVA Wallis Barnes was just enjoying another typical Thursday night when it happened. Quiz night down the local, question number one - "Which bar regular just vomited several pints of blood, grew claws and howled in a distinctly eerie way?" Darnell and Jory woke and sat up out of the hedge that they'd slept in overnight, looking like the world's two most hungover tramps they continued their long walk to anywhere. Darnell, the half human sorcerer who has walked the Earth for roughly eighteen hundred years, and Jory, the cowboy who shot Darnell in the leg about 140 years ago and who now is cursed (by Darnell) to accompany the grumpy sorcerer on his travels. They were just scrounging for their first smokes of the day when it happened, well it happened to Darnell, Jory just watched and smiled as Darnell screamed. Darnell feels the shockwave of the birthing, twelve individuals being chosen as the new Guardians the first for over a thousand years, guess the old wars will be the new ones! Jude Alexander wakes in a cold sweat, an all too realistic dream burned into his mind. He had seen a gigantic figure sat on a throne surrounded by other equally enormous figures who were all holding a different terrified figure in the palms of their hands. The man on the throne had reached down and picked up Jude and told him in a sad voice that he chose him for the duty. Britain, the mystic Isle, has long had a secret defence network set up for keeping the mystic characters and creatures inhabiting the land under control. The members of this task force are called the Crucibles and they police the mystic populace. Right now their two best agents, Wystan and Maquinna, are on a recruiting mission. Which is why they're looking down the barrels of their guns at the Shiver Man and asking him to come with them. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE ETERNALS #38 WORLD WAR DOOM! Written by Mark Waid Plot by MCGAFFER Art by Clayton Crain The Eternals network of immortals has been smashed completely. Doom's first attack on the world has utterly devastated the worldwide network that Archangel has built up over thousands of years. There is no fightback only complete retreat, Archangel and Sersi decide that if this is the end then they're going out in style taking on the new Doom Supreme. Ian McNee finally embraces his abilities, mainly because a dozen DoomBots just attacked the town he lives in. Ian never wanted to be part of the superhero community, but this attack by Doom leaves everyone on Earth with just two choices, fight or submit! That and the strange girl with the twin uzi's and the skull t-shirt looks like she could use some help. Blast From The Past - 575 BC - The Ishtar Gate is constructed, pity that it's also a geteway for a highly advanced alien armada. Luckily King Nebuchadnezzar II happens to be a member of the Eternals and has some allies to call upon. Aliens vs Eternals, one of these days someone will write a papyrus scroll about this and they'll change everything about it so it's all about the Horus Tribe. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

GUNSLINGER#22 WORLD WAR DOOM! Written by STEPHEN KING Plot by MCGAFFER Art by LEINEL FRANCIS YU The Gunslingers look on in horror as countless Doombots fly overhead! The invasion has started and in minutes is almost over and the Gunslingers haven't got to fire one shot. Roland can only see one option, run and hide! He's never done this before but he has an overwhelming reason in his arms to change his ways, he will protect baby Eve from her father. The Gunslingers run to the desert, they must find some sanctuary, guns blazing as they try to fight their way through the Doombots. The hopeless fight isn't going their way though until the unexpected happens, the arrival of Randell Flagg and the Dark Dwarf offering help. Can Roland accept the help of his deadliest enemy? And what is this posse of Peace Keepers that Randell is promising lies in the dirt of Tombstone waiting for the ultimate battle? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

MIDNIGHT SONS #36 Written by MARV WOLFMAN Plotted by HIGHWAYGUY Art by ART ADAMS "NIGHT OF THE VERMIN" Part 3 Blade and Morbius enter the Rat King’s lair, and even to hardened monsters like them, they are lost for words as the lustful violence reaches fever pitch! It’s Griz versus Glob in a dark showdown. But does Wicked realise that she is manipulating the swampy behemoth? Victory may depend on it! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

NEXTWAVE #12 WORLD WAR DOOM! Written by DANIEL WAY Plot by MCGAFFER Art by MIKE DEODATO JR. Morgan Le Fay has invaded Britain on behalf of Doom and has an army of Doombots to back her up, and she's not fussy about taking the parallel Faerie Realm too. Britain's armies and the Faerie's join forces to try and repel the invaders and leading them? NextWave, but only because the paychecks cleared in time. Oh and because there's a DoomBot parked in the local bar demanding that they immolate themselves for the glory of Doom. The fight for existence is here and NextWave are determined to go down fighting....and partying. If it's the end of the world then they're going out their way. Skull the Slayer leads the assorted inhabitants of the Captain's fridge into the fray (it's where Cap keeps the Bermuda Triangle these days) while Black Jack Tarr prepares Britain's secret weapon (We've been expecting you Ms. Le Fay!) Big Ben is about to chime 13 times!!! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99


ULTIMATES #2 Written by ALAN MOORE Plot by SHAGGYDOO Art by OLIVIER COPIEL "SECRET WARS" Part 2 of 4 "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist." His name is James Sanders, but he is better known as Speed Demon. For years he has been in the guise of a "Super-Villain". In actuality he is rebel dark angel, a prince of power, living deception who can move at the speed of light and has millions of twitter followers. Another super-speedster Quicksilver leads a group including Luke Cage, Angela, Iron Patriot, "Thor Girl", Ben Reilly, Hyperion, Shang-Chi and Prime to take him down...but that's exactly what Speed Demon wants. Like the Demon, this gathering is a deception. While they appear to show up as a random group of heroes meeting and teaming up. This is actually a team of the ultimate superheroes striking in a planned coordinated, tactical effort to negate any threat. Her name is Angela. She is a angel, a hunter and a mercenary. She is dedicated to purging the earth of the unseen dark forces that have infested it. If it means playing the role of superhero and joining a group of like-minded unorthodoxed powerful soldiers, so be it....until she takes control! His name is Shang-Chi. He is the greatest fighter on the planet and his heroic feats are the stuff of legend. He has been given the twin handguns and the last scroll of another master of discipline..,Orson Randall. The deceased Iron Fist had chosen Shang-Chi to continue his legacy. These 2 ultimate warriors are made for each other and it's go time. Prime and Hyperion. Two supermen. One is a teenager who thinks he can change the world and one thinks he's a god who is the world's savior. They do not like each other and things finally come to a head. It is an epic big screen, fight sequence that will rock the entire planet and will leave only one standing! 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99


RESIDENT EVIL/SUPERNATURAL: THE MARVELOUS DEAD #2 Written by MIKE RAICHT Plot by MCGAFFER Art by STEVE DILLON Sam and Dean Winchester have been involved with all kinds of crazy crap, this just might be the craziest. They're held up at some immigration checkpoint in the Faerie Realm being asked for their paperwork by some bloke called the Captain so that they can enter Britain. Why does this smell like the work of a trickster? Especially when the last thing they remebered was ordering lunch at a drive through. Michael and Lucifer finish slaughtering Wesker's technicians and finally get their first look at the zombies flowing through the other portal into the compound. First look? Well that would be because the Marvel Zombie Defenders have just spotted them and want their first taste of angel! Claire and Chris Redfield watch the amazing battle going on between the angels and the zombies and realise that they better bug out, quick! Unfortunately the old regular zombies have come for a look at what all the chaos is about. Chased deeper into the research center they stumble across Wesker's escape route, another open portal, but where has Wesker and his men escaped to? 48 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99