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Age of Marvels Comics has provided CBR with solicit information for products shipping May 2012. The end of an era. SECRET CONQUEST reaches its epic conclusion this month and the Age of Marvels will never be the same again. Next month we launch a NEW ERA with a new format and the debut of some exciting new series. Don't worry, many of our top selling books will be returning but sadly some of our long standing titles will be getting bittersweet sendoffs this month to make way for the new. Catch the final issues (for now) of "Molly Hayes," "New Warriors," "Six Pack," "Wine and Wenches," "Captain Marvel," "The Captain," and "Legacy Legion" plus the latest continuing adventures of returning titles such as "Fantastic Four," "The Avengers," "Songbird," "Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic" and more as they prepare for the New Era of AOM.

Oh yeah, AOM fans - be our guests and pick up two exciting specials "Secret Conquest: The Aftermath" and "Nick Fury: Director of SHIELD 16.1" on the house in celebration of Free Comic Book Day.

SECRET CONQUEST The planet Ego hovers over the Earth, casting a shadow of dread across the universe. Power shortages, fuel crisis and a frightened society doubting the system set up to protect them with a mysterious planet threatening their very existence is enough to throw the world into chaos. A mysterious force plays games in the shadows with the most powerful beings as pawns. But what is it all about? Who is behind it all? Why are forces being drawn to those mystical monoliths? Heroes, Villains and Mutants battle mysterious forces and one another in a strange land. What price must they pay to survive the SECRET CONQUEST?

VOTE by posting a list of titles that spark your interest and that you would buy this month. The only cannot purchase them all (use your actual monthly budget as your constraint).

Also feel free to discuss these solicitations in this thread after you post your list. The title(s) with the lowest readership for the month may be canceled. Voting ends on April 20.

Remember, this is a complete recreation of the MU. For the most part, the concepts and origins of these characters remain similar to the previous MU, however reasonable details and circumstances can and have been changed to make them fit into our new tapestry. For the concepts and characters featured in each title, please refer to The Bullpen.

THANKS FOR READING AND PARTICIPATING! Want to get involved? PM the editors of your favorite titles with your own plot ideas and you might receive a story credit in a future solicitation! The AOM Bullpen: marvell2100 (Heroes & Cosmic) highwayguy (Heroes & Avengers) goneandromeda (X-Men & Avengers) CyberHubbs (Edge) Brother Justin Crowe (Strange Tales) mcgaffer (Legacy & Strange Tales) personamanx (Legacy/Fanfare) RolandJP (Knights) captcleghorn (Legacy) Cthulhudrew (Edge)

Secret Conquest: SECRET CONQUEST: MUTANTS #4 Written by KEIRON GILLEN & BRIAN WOOD Plot by GONEANDROMEDA & MATTBIB Art by ARTHUR ADAMS "Scott, Logan, Ororo, you must not take this path. Mutantkind's destiny must lay in the choices you make, not in the diaries of a madwoman." ~Charles Xavier The mutants who have been dragged into Limbo find out why they've been abducted, and the stakes have never been higher. While heroes and villains tear one another apart, the mutants have a much bigger, more personal stake hidden in the dark tower: The Destiny Diaries. Who wrote them, why are they here, how will they change the future of the mutant race, and what terrible choices must the X-Men make in order to ensure their safety? The answers start here.... 40 PGS./Rated T+...$3.50

Secret Conquest: SECRET CONQUEST: VILLAINS #4 Written by WARREN ELLIS Plot by MATTBIB, MARVELL2100 & MCGAFFER Art by STEVE MCNIVEN "Supreme World Order" Now in possession of the Cosmic Control Rod, Doom taps into an ancient energy source - the SUPREME SOURCE, responsible for focusing the powers of the Scientist, Sorcerer and Sinister Supremes. He uses this energy to destroy the Eternal Crossroads that once entrapped him and reform the Realm into a prison for the Beyonder. The Beyonder is now Doom’s personal power source which he channels through the Cosmic Control Rod. Doom now has one last bit of business to attend to before he remakes reality in his image. He has personal hells planned for the heroes and even a few of his rival would-be-conquerors. But not all of the Cabal are pleased with this newly empowered Doom. Doom with the power of the Beyonder finally goes one on one with the Sinister Supreme with everything, everywhere, every-when at stake. While the manipulator of the Secret Conquest reveals himself to witness this epic confrontation. Wiccan versus Doom, who is truly supreme? 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

Secret Conquest: SECRET CONQUEST: HEROES #4 Written by MARK WAID & KURT BUSIEK Plot by MATTBIB, GLOBAL HONORED & HIGHWAYGUY Art by WALT SIMONSON & JOHN ROMITA, JR. "The Conqueror at the Gate" The Catatonic Man has been freed - Immortus' mind saved by Moondragon and Sersi and he has much to reveal about the one responsible for their dire situation - KANG HAS COME TO CONQUER US ALL - by manipulating the deadly game in Limbo and causing chaos and confusion on Earth in order to harness the power supreme (in which Doom has successfully accumulated and need only defeat Wiccan for ultimate supremacy) to unlock the ancient monoliths of Earth, gateways to all of time and space and rule....everything. Still, the Heroes are reeling from the death of one of their own and begin to question their loyalty when fighting ceases, new threats emerge - Doom has shown his hand and now threatens to rule over all the players and turn reality to his will unless a boy of enormous dark power can stand his own. But is he playing out his part just as Kang had intended? Heroes and Villains alike witness the epic confrontation (Doom versus Wiccan) and Kang comes calling to crown his champion. Now, to save time and space and the Age of Marvels Universe as we know it, our heroes AND villains must trust Immortus and convince the seemingly all powerful Doom to give up his personal ambition and use his new Supreme Power to turn back Kang and his pawns (Ego, Blastaar's Army, Annihilus, Beyonder, the Space Phantoms) away from Limbo, Earth and the very epicenter of time itself and restore the world order. Will Doom choose the good of the universe over himself? Will Kang conquer all? Where will allegiances fall? One way or another, the Age of Marvels will never be the same after SECRET CONQUEST. 48 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

AOM'S FREE COMIC BOOK DAY SPECIAL SECRET CONQUEST: THE AFTERMATH Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Plot by MATTBIB, GLOBAL HONORED & MARVELL2100 Art by BARRY KITSON "Kang Revelations" Kang's master plan has been revealed. Discover how the man who nearly mastered the world orchestrated a series of events that shook the AOM Universe to it's very foundation. Witness how the Secret Conquest originated with Kang's thousand year discovery that the Age of Marvel's Earth acts as a gateway, the center of all time and space - a dimensional ground zero from which one worthy and opportunistic being who has seen the ends of time itself could conquer and rule it all, preventing the universes' inevitable self-destruction. The manipulation of the Beyonder, the imprisonment of Immortus, the coercion of the Planet Ego, the revelation of the ancient monoliths of the Savage Land, the deals made with Limbo, an army of Space Phantoms desperate to live again, the monstrous Blastaar and even the universal plague known as Annihilus. The plan may have failed, but the AOM world will never be the same. And perhaps the most shocking revelation of them all: Reed Richards final page interrogation of the freed Immortus - SPOILER - Immortus: "I have lived and seen centuries of time Reed, and I am no longer the man I once was when I had a boy just like you - yet Kang has seen more and lived longer then even I. No, we are not the same but still I know him, that passion, that drive. At least I once knew the man he was lifetimes ago, a brilliant mind who just wanted to save us all from ourselves, a hero you may even say. But that man no longer exists. Howard Stark ceased to be in another millenia and now there is only KANG THE CONQUEROR! I have seen the future Reed, over and over again.....and he will return, he always does." Rated T+ / 24 pgs./ FREE

CAPTAIN AMERICA #16 Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHN Plot by MCGAFFER Art by CLAY MANN SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "SKY CAPTAINS OF YESTERDAY" What Captain America says is LAW. And the world needs a Captain America now. The space phantom lies dead, Jean DeWolff's bullet lodged in it's skull. The world teeters on the very edge of chaos waiting for Captain America's next command. And Captain America tells them when John Proudstar dons the famous costume and raises the shield to lead the world back into order. The fightback against the space phantoms and Ego continues as the world's military might falls under the command of one man. John Proudstar leads the world but will he be able to stop? 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

THE AVENGERS #16 Written by KURT BUSIEK Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by STEVEN SANDERS SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "NIGHTMARE INTERLUDE" Part 2 "BITS AND PIECES" Seven heroes and villains, torn from their home universe and dropped into Hell, twisted by infernal forces, have crawled their way out of the Pit with one goal, one single mission: REVENGE. And boy, oh boy, it is going to be a bad night for Komodo. After having barely survived her clash with the Space Phantom Avengers, after having been rescued by civilians, this one woman reptilian army takes refuge in the remains of Avengers Mansion... too bad the Revenge League is there waiting for her! And oh, the Hell they'll put her through... poor, poor Komodo... 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE CAPTAIN #16 Written by NICK SPENCER Plot by MCGAFFER Art by DAVE LAFUENTE SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "BAR WARS: THE CAPTAIN STRIKES BACK" The world has just survived its biggest crisis. But not everyone is celebrating. Breaking the fourth wall on a regular basis can be fun but sometimes you learn things that you'd rather not know. The fabled doors of the Fortress of Inebriation crash open once more (which isn't an uncommon occurrence but this time is slightly unusual as the Captain enters the building). It's the Captain's last solo issue and he's determined to spend it kicking ass. Luckily for the potential ass-kicking victims, Mcgaffer and Highwayguy, the Captain can't resist a drinking challenge. The Captain squares off against Mcgaffer in a battle of the livers. If Mcgaffer wins, then the drunken hero will leave peacefully (or somewhat peacefully). But if the Captain wins, well, Nextwave has two new junior recruits! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THOR #16 Written by ANN NOCENTI Plot by SUPERCOOPER Art by MIKE DEODATO JR. "WRECKENING" Having torn a hole open between Earth and Asgard, a squadron of Scarlet Witch and Wrecker-lookalikes threaten both realms! Helpless, Thor can hear the cries of the captured and copied heroine and villain, but it may be too late to save them... because the God of Thunder's got his hands full! Thor and the Enchantress are the last line of defense in protecting two worlds from intergalactic ignorance (and just plain villainy)! Can the God of Thunder save his home from the destructive and elusive invaders? Or will it be too late when the magicks of the Wrecker and the Scarlet Witch are combined and corrupted? And, find out here the origin of the Iron Crow, when the original crowbar wielder bursts onto the scene! The line is drawn here as enemies become allies and the bonds connecting Thor to mankind are forever changed! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

NEW WARRIORS #5 Written by GREG PAK Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by JEFTE PALO SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "LAST STAND SOUNDTRACK" Part 3 of 3 "LAST OF AN ANCIENT BREED" Cut off one head and two more shall take its place! The Hydralings. That is what they are called. Genetic copies of the original "Master Hydra" and rightful heirs to the HYDRA throne. With her genetic elder, Viper, still missing in action, only Scorpion can regain control from the crazed and dangerous Human Torch. But is the last remaining Hydraling strong enough to resist the coding of her DNA? Elsewhere, the New Warriors have come a-knockin’ with some major back-up. All hell is released upon HYDRA as the ferocious Serpensaur rampages across Ophidia Island. It’s all or nothing as the teenage heroes go out in a blaze of glory! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

FANTASTIC FOUR #17 Written by DAN SLOTT Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by DUSTIN WEAVER SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "WATCHING THE SKIES" Part 3 of 3 "CRACK OF DAWN" Have you ever seen the sunrise from the surface of the moon? If death whispered your name, and hounded your very steps, believe me, there is not a sight more fitting to be your last. Uatu has fled from science, mysticism, and fate to elude the Fantastic Four. But he can run no more. His last hope remains with the fateful Star of Malice: a powerful and dangerous artifact from the vaults of the Watchers. Its power can reveal deception, but drawing energy from the purest light, inflames the deceiver with immense power. So as the dawn is absorbed, and the FF finally learn the truth, there shall be one last cry of defiance… "IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!!" 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI13 #9 Written by MIKE CAREY Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by LEONARD KIRK SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE" According to the old legend, if the ravens of the Tower of London were to be lost, then "the Crown will fall and Britain with it." It was never to be believed. For it was nothing more than an old wife's tale. Or was it? The Ravens, the remnants of Merlin, keep an ancient curse at bay. A curse that would agonizingly turn the city into a pile of smoldering ash. A curse that would come in very handy to a certain Micromax imposter looking to indulge in a little death and destruction before teatime. Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

UNION JACK #16 Written by JIM MCCANN Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by KEV WALKER "FINAL KNIGHT OF THE REALM" The Tomb of Grotesque. Lost for untold centuries. But all its seekers had to do… was look up! The Space Phantom who has taken Spitfire’s form is different from the others. She does not seek chaos. She seeks something else. Peace. Not for the world. But for herself. Deep within a cave in Nesscliffe Hill, the Spitfire imposter has found the imposing upside-down Tomb of Grotesque, where a simple ritual will solidify her current form. To make her complete. But Union Jack and Sabra cannot allow that. Not when a friend’s life is hanging in the balance! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

HENRY PYM:SCIENTIST SUPREME #16 Written by MATT FRACTION Plot by MARVELL2100 Art by JOHN CASSADAY "Fear of a Dead Planet" Hank Pym is dead! Hank Pym is a space phantom?! The Brute has just killed the doppleganger Pym and is preparing the process to restart life from his world onto Earth. The only person left to stand in his way is Giant-Man! But he has to hurry because this universe's World Devourer, Leviathan is on his way to finish the job he started! After an intense battle, Bill manages to destroy the equipment vital to the Brute's plan thus ending his hopes of reviving his race on Earth! Furious, the Brute leaps through the portal back to Earth collapsing it behind him. Bill races to the portal but fails to reach it in time. At that moment, a shadow falls upon the the surface of the doomed planet. The World Devourer has returned, leaving Giant-Man alone to face the unimaginable power of Leviathan! Next issue: Things are totally different and normal! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99.

DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON #10 Written by DEVIN GRAYSON Plot byMARVELL2100 Art by KHARI EVANS "The Family Sticks Together and We Never Betray!" ---series finale--- Jubei's revenge will now be complete! Colleen faces her son Jubei with the life of Misty Knight in the balance! He will kill the one person Colleen loves most in the world and steal the heart of Kitty, someone who is like a daughter to her. Colleen tries to reason with him, saying that she never wanted to give him up but she had no choice. It's what his father demanded! Ignoring her words, Jubei taunts her, demanding that Colleen beg for the life of Misty. He asks, will she throw away another life like the way she did his? As Jubei laughs at his mother's helplessness, Colleen reaches for the dagger hidden beneath her hair behind her. At that moment, Kitty begins to regain consciousness, distracting Jubei slightly. Seizing advantage of the opportunity, Colleen pulls her dagger and hurls it at her son, striking him dead center in his heart! As he falls slowly to the ground, Jubei's eyes make contact with Kitty, who just saw the man she loves murdered by someone she loves like a mother! Horrified, Kitty lashes out at Colleen, calling her a murderer and vowing never to see her again! Sinking to the ground, Colleen begins to weep. She has just saved the woman she loves and it only cost her a son, a daughter and a broken heart. 40 PGS./Rated T+...$3.50

AMERICAN EAGLE #16 Written by JASON AARON Plot by MARVELL2100 Art by RAFAEL GRAMPA "The Cult - Conclusion!" ---series finale--- There is only time for one thought:"I can't believe I'm dying! It wasn't supposed to end like this!" Ten minutes earlier... John Apostle puts the gun to Delroy Garrett's head, ready to eliminate a thorn in his side. Alicia Masters, an aide to Apostle, walks in, shocked to see a man she admires and believes in about to commit cold-blooded murder! One of Apostle's men grabs her and places her beside Garrett. She has now become a liability and must be taken care of as well. Again, he puts the gun to Garrett's head, ready to pull the trigger. At that moment, Jason Ward, the American Eagle crashes in through the window and tackles Apostle to the floor while Garrett takes down the guards! In the struggle, Apostle breaks free and grabs Alicia as hostage! As Garrett makes a desperate gamble to free her, Apostle turns and aims his gun at him. But before he can pull the trigger, he feels a sharp pain in his chest. He staggers back, blood pouring from the gaping hole his chest. Apostle turns to see Jason holding a gun, smoke still wafting from the barrel! Dropping to the floor, he thinks to himself."I can't believe I'm dying! It wasn't supposed to end like this!" As Jason and Garret help Alicia leave the room, the hear the wailing sounds of sirens approaching. Epilogue: Somewhere in a hidden facility filled with scientists and technicians, a stasis tube is opened and a man emerges from the mist. The name on the door of the tube? John Apostle, Model 7. End. 40 PGS./Rated T+...$3.50

X-MEN #16 Written by CHRISTOS GAGE Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by IGOR KORDEY "PRELUDE TO THE GOBLYNS SAGA" part 3: "YOUR LAST SUNSET AS A MORTAL WOMAN" Madelyne Pryor, prisoner of Mr. Sinister, strapped to a laboratory table, on the verge of giving birth, separated from her friends and husband, with a dark, cosmic force growing inside of her. Things do not look good for the X-Men's resident redhead. Now on the verge of her world being ripped away from her she reaches out on the psychic plane in hopes of finding Charles Xavier, or anyone who can help her... and instead she finds another woman in peril, a woman en route to Earth who will not arrive in time to save Madelyne - a woman named Jean Grey. As Madelyne's mind, body and soul are being ripped away from her, what drastic promise will she make Jean Grey swear too? 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

GENE NATION #16 Written by BRIAN WOOD Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by NATE SIMPSON "GOBLYN PRELUDE" part 3 "10 SECONDS TIL MIDNIGHT" Chamber, now fully merged with the Gobyln Force, has obliterated Mr. Sinister's henchmen. Torn leather and singed flesh fill the air as Chamber embraces his destiny as the Goblyn King. Will he destroy his teammates who have just arrived to rescue them or will he let them help him on his dark mission? Can Jonothan Starsmore's soul be saved or is Gene Nation too late? It's Cable, Dr. Nemesis and Threnody against the newly crowned Goblyn King and nothing will ever be the same... 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

WOLVERINE/PSYLOCKE: MADRIPOOR KNIGHTS #16 Written by NICK PERCIVEL Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by NICK PERCIVEL "INDEPENDENCE DAY" Madripoor celebrates its freedom and embraces the mutants who saved this island nation from darkness. But are the citizens of Madripoor celebrating too much too soon? They are if Justin Hammer has anything to say about it. Armed to the teeth with his own personal arsenal, Arnim Zola's mechanical murder machines and Mister Sinister's abandoned mutate clone army the clock ticks down to Madripoor once again being engulfed in the flames of war. That is, of course, unless Wolverine and Psylocke, reunited with their home turf after the Secret Conquest, can stop him in time. Tick tock, Knights, tick tock. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

PACIFIC NORTHWEST X-MEN #16 Written by KIERON GILLEN Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by NICOLA SCOTT "FIRST AND LAST KISSES" Part 3 Starr the Slayer, Justice, Firestar, Jubilee, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants... as the radioactive dust and broken hearts settle in the ruined streets of Seattle the unthinkable happens: Enter Haven. What does the messianic mutant have planned? The last time she appeared several of the X-Men were lost in time. This time her mysterious master plan involves... instantly repairing the broken city of Seattle? Has the impossible happened? Have the Pacific Northwest X-Men's greatest loss been wiped away? Welcome back, Emerald City! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

FREEDOM FORCE #7 Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO Plot by GONEANDROMEDA Art by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI "HOUSE OF CARDS" Part 4 "ALL FALL DOWN" Mary Jane Watson appears on live television revealing the illegalities of Senator Kelly's entire platform, from his involvement in the destroying the American city of Seattle to the illegal funding of the Sentinel program to the existence of Freedom Force. Can she single-handedly destroy the corrupt Senator and free Freedom Force, die trying, or land somewhere in the middle? All of this, plus, the last stand of Venom, the fall of Bastion, and the showdown of the century when Sage catches up with Mystique. Who lives? Who dies? Who escapes? Who goes back behind bars? All of your answers are here. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

SIX PACK: DEADPOOL’S GIANT-SIZED MASTER PIECE (THEATRE) Written by BRIAN WOOD Plot by CTHULHUDREW & MARVELL2100 Art by TONY MOORE “SEE WHAT I DID THERE?” The SIX-PACK is no more, but the fun isn’t quite over, folks! DEADPOOL’s breaking the fourth wall with all the uncut, uncensored, and frankly, unwritten secret missions of your favorite band of wacky mercenaries. Join the Merc with a Mouth as he brings you a double-sized heaping of fun- for only a buck more than regular price! Includes the long shelved story “Lost Mercenaries: A Tale of Cosmo the Telepathic Russian Dog” by Kurt Busiek! 64 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

MOLLY HAYES: PRINCESS OF POWER #16 Written by JEN VAN METER Plot by CYBERHUBBS & CTHULHUDREW Art by SKOTTIE YOUNG SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN “CRISIS OF INFINITE MOLLYS” The Space Phantom impersonating MOLLY HAYES lies dead at the hands of SQUIRREL GIRL, but Doreen is now a captive of the FAIRY GODMOTHERS. With their plans for multiversal conquest on the eve of fruition, only one girl can stand against them. Correction, one girl wearing Isaac Newton’s INFINITE RECURSION HARNESS! That’s right- the real MOLLY HAYES, PRINCESS OF POWER is back, and she’s worth a million bucks! One for each of her that the harness creates. It’s Molly vs. Molly vs. Molly, ad infinitum, for all the marbles! This world ain’t big enough for all of them! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

THE ORDER #16 Written by JOSS WHEDON Plot by CTHULHUDREW Art by BEN OLIVER “THE TRIAL OF NORMAN OSBORN” Norman Osborn’s long awaited moment of truth has arrived, and the entire cast of THE ORDER, past and present, are on hand to testify. No secret will be left uncovered, and new revelations will be made! Even more shocking – one of the team is a key witness in Osborn’s defense! Will the team weather the crisis, or will broken trust splinter them forever? 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

AGENTS OF ATLAS #16 Written by JOE KELLY Plot by CYBERHUBBS & CTHULHUDREW Art by JEROME OPENA "THE RETURN OF YELLOW CLAW" PART 2 OF 2 Lord Black Bolt believes he can clone the Yellow Claw and control him. Da Vinci and Shang-Chi disagree. Violently. It's up to Night Raven to intercept the courier and see that the DNA never arrives in Attilan. But what does he do when the courier is a Nazi hivemind of bees known as Swarm? 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

ORSON RANDALL, MASTER OF GUN-FU #16 Written by ED BRUBAKER Plot by CYBERHUBBS & CTHULHUDREW Art by PATRICK ZIRCHER "THE BETRAYAL" PART 2 OF 2 Orson and John Aman weren't always best friends. The Prince of Orphans once worked for a rival group, the Queen's Gentlemen of Science and Adventure, run by one Dr. August Superior. This is the story of two extraordinary teams colliding for the first time at the height of the Roaring Twenties and the friendships that were forged that fateful day. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

THE RUNAWAYS #16 Written by MARJORIE LIU Plot by CYBERHUBBS & CTHULHUDREW Art by EMMA RIOS "BOYS NIGHT OUT" PART 2 OF 2 Not to be outdone by the girls, Noh-Varr, Skaar, Phobos, Speed and Anole plan on stealing...a helicarrier?! It'll take great subterfuge on their part -- Oh, they're going right through the front doors. Okay. What can possibly go wrong before the night is done? 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

HOWARD STARK: WARLORD OF MARS #14 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by MARC SILVESTRI "A Day in the Life" In this special issue of Warlord of Mars, writer Jonathan Hickman takes an introspective look at three of Mars most instrumental figures. With our hero off world, the Kingdom is in flux, over-run by Nightdwellers and a mysterious new prophetic leader. The hope for peace is lost. Part 1) Double-crossed by Kang, Zen-Gamora must cut her losses, mend wounds and lead her battered and starving clan to safety through the darkness that lies outside the castle gates. Witness what a hunt is like on Mars. Part 2) Nikola Tesla has detected time rippling since Howard left for Earth's future. What is causing these disruptions to time and space? Something is amiss and The Night Machine must sacrifice his own body to find Stark in time. Part 3) And finally, L-Ron the conspirator wastes away in his dungeon cell, defeated by his rival but now word is a new ruler has claimed the throne...a throne that is rightfully only his. Opportunity awakens the creature within. L-Ron plots his next bold move. The final issue from legendary artist Marc Silvestri. Witness life on Mars in need of a hero. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #16 WRITTEN BY JIM STARLIN PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY JIM STARLIN "LOST" Stranded on a barren planet in an uncharted area of the galaxy, the Guardians find themselves under attack! His name is Bug and he's going to make these murderers pay for what they've done! Back in the Vegan System, Gamora battles Gabriel, The Air-Walker over the artifact that Khegan Jax has in his possession. Unknown to them is that it is an artifact that will have great impact on the life of a Guardian! Living up to her reputation as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, Gamora incapacitates Gabiel and quickly turns to Jax. She does far worse to him for making her chase him for the artifact. At last she has what her employers hired her to retrieve and the Universe may suffer gravely for it! 32 PGS./Rated A...$2.99.

QUASAR #16 WRITTEN BY ROGER STERN PLOT BY MCGAFFER ART BY KAARE ANDREWS "How To Stop A World Eater!" Quasar has made his choice. He will let Galactus devour the world of the Argonaut Project, but first Galactus has to reach it. Quasar and the Void desperately hold back the advances of Galactus whilst Wonder Man takes on the Collector and Xenith organizes the planet's defenses. The battle for the planet rages on as the Sentry makes his return, he activates the Collector's planet stealing technology and opens a wormhole above the planet to the farthest reaches of the universe. The planet is being sucked into the wormhole but what's to stop Galactus from simply following? That would be the second part of the Sentry's plan, a Wonder Man fueled Ion bomb! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #16 WRITTEN BY PETER DAVID PLOT MARVELL2100 ART BY ANDREA DIVITO "Legacy! Part III: End of the Line!" ---48 page series finale--- Genis finally gets to the truth about who his father is! Kang and the Supreme Intelligence have orchestrated everything to bring Genis and Mari to this moment so that they could reveal all. They tell Genis that the man known as Captain Marvel, hero and traitor to the Kree not his father! His father was an officer in the Kree military who died in the Kree-Skrull War! The Nega Bands he wears are replicas of the originals that were lost long ago. Genis refuses to believe them but when the Supremor provides DNA evidence as proof that Mar-Vell is not his father, the heartbroken hero has no choice but to finally accept. Kang tells him that he should go and forge his own legacy and Mari tells the dejected Genis that they should leave now, that there is nothing left for them here. As the pair begin to fade into the night sky, Kang turns to the Supreme Intelligence and asks what will the do when Genis learns the truth and find out that they lied to him. The Supremor says that they have bought time and when the time is right, they will be prepared to deal with Genis and his traitorous father! 48 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

NOVA #16 WRITTEN BY FRED VAN LENTE PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY PAUL PELLETIER "Birth of a Tyrant!" Conclusion! The final fate of Baby Adam begins here! Horus Singh has captured Adam and plans to use him in his personal quest for power! He also has a vendetta to settle with Nova, who along with Veranke and Skreet are trying to save the infant from the madman! Horus and his Raptors unleash a torrent of fire against Nova and the others, pinning them down. Rich however does the unthinkable and charges head first into the barrage, evading each deadly shot! He continues his wild maneuvers, taking out Raptors along the way until he slams into Singh, allowing Veranke to swoop in and grab Adam! But a defeated Singh won't give up so easy as he pulls his weapon and aims it at Adam! If he can't have the child then no one can! He fires the weapon but from nowhere, Skreet steps in and takes the shot meant for Adam! A crying Nova hold Skreet's dying body, telling her that she saved them all. However Adam, seeing Skreet killed, begins to manifest incredible energies. He unleashes his full power incinerating SIngh where he stands! Nova reaches for Adam but he is soon covered in a cocoon of energy and then vanishes, leaving Rich and Veranke to wonder what was unleashed this day and will the universe be ready! Next Issue: Nova takes the next step! 40 PGS./Rated T+...$3.50

SILVER SURFER #16 WRITTEN BY WARREN ELLIS PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY DAVE GIBBONS "Apocalypse Resurrection: Gog Rules!" Gog has emerged from the Celestial Engine and faces his first challenge in the form of the Horsemen of Apocalypse! Juggernaut and Abomination are the first to attack followed by Longshot and Bride of Nine Spiders! They attack with enough force to shatter planets, surely this brutish oaf is certain to fall! But their combined might is not enough as Gog, with a single swing of his axe brushes them aside like the insects they are! Who are these fools that would dare attack the Herald of Leviathan? Would he had time, he would give them the death they deserve for such an affront! But there is no time to waste! This is a new universe with worlds ripe for his master! They must be broken and prepared for his arrival! Leviathan must be served! Next Issue: The one, true Silver Surfer returns! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99.

MIDNIGHT SONS #16 Written by GARTH ENNIS Plot by MCGAFFER Art by JAE LEE The Son's need to escape off Ego, quickly. Unless they fancy a permanent vacation around the universe on an increasingly grumpy sentient planet. The Son's only choice though is to accept help from Mephisto. Mephisto will save the Son's but one of them must remain in hell as Mephisto's plaything. Unfortunately once there Mephisto wasn't expecting the sacrifice to be Hellstorm. Or for Ghost Rider to lead the other Son's on one last rampage through hell. Don't miss the battle of wits on offer this month between Mephisto and Daimon Hellstorm or there will be Hell to pay. 32 PGS./ Rated T+...$2.99

CABAL #16 Written by WARREN ELLIS Plot by MCGAFFER Art by FRANK CHO Chaos is erupting across the plane of Limbo and even Gateway cannot teleport there. Hela feels the fantastic force of the battle between the Sinister Supreme and the Beyonder fueled Doom but she also feels something else. Surtur is using the confusion as cover to make his escape from Wundagore Mountain. Hela leaves messages for the Gods and steels herself for the confrontation. Lady Von Doom joins the struggle and has a plan should the Gods fail to turn up in time. She will take the souls of the people of Wundagore and create a chain with them to permanently seal the mountain. In fact even if the Gods turn up she's going to do it just to listen to the screams. 32 PGS./ Rated T+...$2.99

MACHINE MAN: ROBOT FOR HIRE #13 Written by David Lapham Art by Darick Robertson "Bloody Hala" The Supreme Intelligence has asked Machine Man and Swordsman to take control of the Sons of Hala. This...doesn't sit well with them, to say the least. So...what's the deal here? And why does the Supreme Intelligence tell the Sons he has no idea who Aaron and Jacques are or why they're here? 32 PGS./Rated A...$2.99

LUKE CAGE IN THE 25TH CENTURY #5 Written by Daniel & Charles Knauf Art by Kyle Baker "An Innocent Man" The long-abandoned Xavier Institute lies in ruins after the Court of Corpses' attempt on Luke Cage's life! But what does Wolverine's absence have to do with Emperor Fury's mysterious Project Dippel? Meanwhile, the surviving members of the Time-Terrorists and the Brotherhood of the Shield must find a way to save Fantomex as he lies dying! What secrets lie buried in his mind? 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

STABBITY JONES: SORCERER SUPREME #16 Written & Drawn by Adam Hines "The Grand Inquisitor" SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN! It's long been said that anyone who can appease someone's conscience can take away that person's freedom. Stabbity Jones is about to learn this the hard way. Earth's Sorcerer Supreme is about to be broken. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

WINE & WENCHES: THE PURSUITS OF FAT COBRA #16 Written by Brian Lee O'Malley Art by RM Guera "Necobranomicon" LAST ISSUE SPECTACULAR! Cobra and Iconoclast have found the fabled book of Martin M. Hunter, who finally stands revealed as something much more than human! What will Cobra do to survive Hunter, the Ghost Riders and the Nixonbot? What will he sacrifice (beyond his ongoing series)? And why will America pay the price? The answers will both shock and utterly destroy you! Have fun in a world without Fat Cobra, ya losers! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

ETERNALS #16 Written by CHARLES HUSTON Plot by MCGAFFER Art by STUART IMMOMEN "Oh, Mother" The Earth shakes on it's axis as Gaea battles the BeyondHer. The Eternals are tasked with reopening the Gates set in the void. The plan is to exile the BeyondHer once again but she's not going to go easy. Archangel, Ikaris and the Punisher venture into the void but can Ikaris resist the urge to once more look through the Gates and be lost forever. The Immortals and Demi-Gods of Earth try to limit the reality altering effects of the main battle as Moon Knight contemplates sacrificing Gaea along with the BeyondHer. This month's backup story shows the real story of the twisted Pied Piper of Hamelin. Merlyn has recently been resurrected as a child and abducted by the Pied Piper. But not before Merlyn can leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the Eternals to follow. The Eternals take on the insane forest god, the Pied Piper with every child's life on Earth at stake. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

NEXTWAVE #16 Written by PETER MILLIGAN & SIMON PEGG Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by KEVIN MAGUIRE Special Orion LEM, Mk II Centerfold by ELIOT BROWN “NINJALIENS II: THE O’RYAN EXPRESS” SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN! Did you seriously miss last issue and its unbelievable surprise ending? We’ll try to catch you up but to be honest, we’ve jam-packed a whole lotta story in this issue. First, the group’s traitor has been revealed and that character’s actions have caused the moon rescue ship to explode, leaving half our team trapped on the moon. The heroes’ lone hope, the descent portion of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module, Orion. Can Cho and Modok turn the vehicle part into a vehicle capable of flying back to Earth? Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the Countess is trapped, helpless and at the mercy of the ninja army seeking the secret of the Wakandan Panther Potion. Can her training and experience hold out against the onslaught of the shadow warriors? And why aren’t these invaders getting what they’re looking for from T’Challa, anyway? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE LEGACY LEGION #16 Written by ED BRUBAKER Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by MARIO ALBERTI “THE SOUTHWEST WING, conclusion: THE REVOLUTION WILL BE DIGITALLY RELEASED” SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN! River City, Arizona is gone. The climatic events of last issue have reduced a town of 5,252 people to a pile of ashes. Buildings destroyed, businesses gone, and thousands homeless. It’s time for our fun group of namesakes and knockoffs to step up and become the real heroes they’ve always known they were. Danny Ketch, Ben Reilly, Shuri, Jim Rhodes, Daken, Eric Masterson all face their greatest challenge this issue. And before we forget, the Legion reassembles to finally face the real villain in this struggle, and it sure ain’t Killgrave. Get ready to see the term “very special story” redefined. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

REIGN SUPREME #16 Written by RICK REMENDER Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by OLIVIER COPIEL “CROUCHING SNOWBALL, HIDDEN DRAGON!" Dragon fight! Or so it appears to be on the surface, until the water dragon is exposed as the renegade Sea Hydra hunted for by guest star Namor of Atlantis. It’s a cover to cover fight scene as Roland, Beta Ray Bill, Snowbird, Namor, Rogue, Mimic, Valkyrie, RedSheHulk, and Dr Voodoo on one side, a Red Dragon on a second side and a Sea Hydra completing the triangle face off on a cold Arctic icecap. And the danger, well, what happens when you mix a fire breathing dragon with an icecap? Nothing here but good old fashioned comic book battle with global disaster at stake.. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

NAMOR OF ATLANTIS #12 Written by GEORGE R.R. MARTIN Plot by RHEGED Art by SIMONE BIANCHI "The Hospitality of Lemuria" Atlantis believes their Prince is sorely injured and in a coma after his battle with the sea hydras, but the Leviathan has left a doppelganger and stolen the unconscious Namor away to Lemuria. Namor awakes in the bed of an amorous Empress ... and restraints. While appreciative of the first, the Avenging Son shows all of Lemuria the folly of the second. His rampage is stopped only by the revelation that he was not the only captive the Leviathan took from Atlantis -- the Empress holds Lady Dorma! In the Orkneys, Warlord Morel has found the Odin Stone and sets the wordsmiths and the sorcerers to work. Stingray attempts to communicate with Fara, but his one sided conversation is interrupted when the Cousteau Habitat is attacked by ... TIGERSHARK! 32 PGS./Rated T+ $2.99

ASS-KICKERS OF THE FANTASTIC #16 Written by NUNZIO DEFILIPPIS & NICK SPENCER Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by MIKE NORTON "KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM" FINALE After defeating the mighty Minotaur, restoring the rightful King to power, and reclaiming Excalibur our ever friendly bunch of Ass-Kickers have fulfilled the ancient legend and have leapt forward in time! But who is this young lad who has appeared with them and why does he know everything there is to know about our heroes? And what other evils await the Ass-Kickers in the Present? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE REGULARS #16 Written by JOHN MCCAULEY III, TAYLOR GOLDSMITH & MATT VASQUEZ Plot by PERSONAMANX "Brooklyn's Finest" Present Day Brooklyn: Stephen Strange and his newly empowered Apprentice finally tally the damage. Brooklyn is not what it once was and the Bar with no name is now the Bar that is no more. Law and order have left a place like this. But what of those who stay? Who will protect them? John McCauley III and the rest of the Regular creative team present the final chapter of our Regular heroes. For Next Month Marvel Comics presents "THE IRREGULARS!!!" 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT & THE HOWLING COMMANDOS #16 Written by KIERON GILLEN & RIVERS CUOMO Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by ADRIAN ALPHONA "The Infinite Sadness" Bombshells are dropped. Some members will leave. Some new faces will join. How will the Commandos survive events this heavy? How could so much go wrong in an hour's drive? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE CREW #10 Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIEST Art by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO Plot by SUDO NIM Secret Conquest Aftermath “Heart of Darkness” Africa has seen its share of conflict. However, none as sinister as the devious master plans of Armless-Tiger Man. Wakanda has long held the most precious metal in the world and Tiger-man will not stop until he has control of it. T’Challa, King of Wakanda, solicits the aid of THE CREW in thwarting the German Mad-man. Will they succeed or will Tiger-man bring forth his FOURTH REICH? Read on, True Believer. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

DAKOTA NORTH #16 Written by FRANK MILLER Art by STEVE EPTING Plot by SUDO NIM "Chrysalis" Stylish. Intelligent. Beautiful. These are words often used to describe Dakota North, Investigator Extraordinaire, but now she finds herself labeled as a “Traitor.” A threat to National Security and persona non-grata to the corridors of power she once strode. The clock is ticking and North must uncover who has flipped the script on her life. To make matters worse she has to avoid being killed by HIT-MONKEY, who is (ironically) hot on her tail. 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

NICK FURY, AGENT OF SHIELD #16 WRITTEN BY GREG RUCKA PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY STEFANO CASELLI "DON'T GET MAD! GET EVIL!" The Alliance of Evil strikes! The Dark Hand and HYDRA have united to take down their common enemy SHIELD! Battlestar and Zero along with new recruits Quake and Patriot lead the rest of the SHIELD agents in a desperate bid to defend the Helicarrier. The odds are heavily against them and they can't hold out much longer. Fantomex and Elektra finally arrive along with the remaining members of the Marvel Knights team to help turn the tide. They manage to drive off the Alliance but the damage has been done. The Helicarrier is down, thousands of agents are dead and SHIELD has been totally crushed! Finally Nick Fury arrives to see the organization he built from the ground up totally destroyed! SHIELD is dead! Walking through the utter devastation, Nick looks at his team and says one simple sentence, "Payback is a bitch!" Next issue: From the ashes, a new SHIELD is born! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

AOM'S FREE COMIC BOOK DAY SPECIAL NICK FURY, DIRECTOR OF SHIELD #16.1 Written by GREG RUCKA Plot by SUDO NIMM Art by MARCO CHECHETTO “The report of my death has been greatly exaggerated.” A new, technologically-superior terrorist organization, A.G.E.N.D.A, intends to fill the power vacuum left with the apparent demise of the Alliance of EVIL. Nicky Fury, newly assigned Director of SHIELD has his hands full. He has not been on the job a full day and the Director, besieged by global crisis, needs help. Enter: Winter Soldier. (Please take note: the events in this issue take place after Marvel Knights: Secret Conquest Beta.) 20 PGS./Rated T+ ...FREE

MARVEL KNIGHTS: SECRET CONQUEST BETA WRITTEN By DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING PLOT by Marvel2100& RolandJP ART by ALEX MALEEV “Fool me Twice” The Marvel Knights have disbanded as the aftermath from the Alliance of Evil’s onslaught continues. Defeated and dismayed, Matt Murdock turns to a good friend to help salvage the situation. Nick Fury! And the Agent of SHIELD has a plan to break the fiendish grip of the Alliance once and for all. With the aid of the Black Panther, Quake, Patriot, Fantomex, Deadpool, and Winter Soldier victory seems assured. Or does it? 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

MARVEL KNIGHTS #16 WRITTEN BY DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING PLOT BY MARVELL2100 & SUDO NIMM ART BY CLAYTON CRAIN "KNIGHTS END!" ---series finale--- The Alliance of Evil has dealt the Knights a brutal defeat! The team has been torn asunder and now on the run, the remaining Knights must make their way back to New York with assassins hot on their trail! Where will the fallen Knights turn to finally stop the Alliance and their plans? Hint: Eye-Patch and Cigar. They've seemingly lost Daredevil, Deathlok is awol and what's left of the team is fighting to stay alive. Plus the death of Spoiler! But when the kNight is over, a new dawn will arise! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

SONGBIRD #16 Written by PAUL DINI Plot by LUCYFURY & HIGHWAYGUY Art by KENNETH ROCAFORT SECRET CONQUEST TIE-IN "TWISTED SISTER" Part 3 of 3 "SISTER TWISTED" Pause, Rewind… Play! The truth is there to see. Mistress Howl is carved with regret as Firestar reveals Songbird’s constant struggle and torment to save her former partner-in-crime from a life in prison. She never abandoned her friend. Never. But any hopes of a happy reunion seem to be lost in the wind. Songbird, or whoever is masquerading as Songbird, is causing untold death and destruction throughout the City of Roses. There is only one way to stop her. And Mistress Howl… No… Cecilia Crossley, Melissa Gold’s best friend, will offer the ultimate sacrifice to do so! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99