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Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
On the mirrored shores on Chandilore, Richard Rider, aka Nova Prime, repeated history, tearing the guts out of Annihilus.
(Don’t worry, a little baby Annihilus is shortly reborn on the occupied kung-fu world named Han-Jin. D’aww.)
Rich took up Annihilus’ Cosmic Control Rod to banish the forces of the Negation Wave... so why are they still here?
Negation Wave assaults continued unabated, despite confirmed reports of Annihilus’ ousting. Scout sightings of a Nova Operative, apparently Nova Prime, working alongside Lawbringers are swiftly declared need-to-know only. Massacre of Brehjur, Titan, Vega Superior, and Agwé.
Poor Annihilus should have known better than to put his faith in the Lawbringers. To them, he was merely an instrument. A stepping stone.
The Anthrosian’s Will was strong beyond all measure, strong enough to resist the influence of Anti-Magic even once it was imbued into his Cosmic Control Rod.
The Lawbringers needed that will to muster an invasion force, to feed the life force of trillions into their Negation rituals. After they got that, he became an obstacle, one they wasted no time getting rid of.
Richard Rider is amongst the bravest and boldest heroes in the universe… but his will is nothing next to Annihilus’ sheer ego. And it’s nothing in the face of the Lawbringers’ Anti-Magic.
Nova may wield the Cosmic Control Rod… but thanks to Anti-Magic, he is a servant to the Lawbringer cause!
Elsewhere, the New Annihilators are taking full advantage of Oberon Kaine’s rebellion, but advancing on the Lawbringer heartland proves a thorny task. Thornier still are lingering tensions between Adam Warlock and much of the team for, well, all the war crimes. Will they let him survive long enough to redeem himself?
The forces of the Negation Wave have begun to move in strongly ordered fashion, starkly contrasting their chaotic movements under Annihilus. Nova Corps forces grounded and isolated as signs that Anti-Magic infection is spreading in the Nova Force itself. Negation incursion rate increasing exponentially. Conversion of Posi-Verse to Negation Zone stands at 47%. Massacre of Serevan, Pale Fire, Yamivol Prime, Geimnum, and Ytriheim.
On the garden world of Gaia, the Sorcerers of the Stars come face to face with he whom they thought a friend. But don’t count on the newly crowned Anti-Nova to go easy on old allies.
Just as well, because the Sorcerers aren’t in any mood for mercy themselves. Star-Lord fights for Chandilar, Moondragon for Titan, Mantis and Quoi for Kree-Pama. Drax fights for his daughter. And the Master of the Sun? He fights for his friend.
It won’t be enough.
The Cosmic Control Rod isn’t merely possessing Rich. It’s changing him. Evolving him. Making him a vessel for something greater.
Negation Wave suffers a rare setback at Crystalium, with much credit given to the Crystal Conjurer Ika for their defeat. The Sorcerers of the Stars, still recovering from their encounter with Anti-Nova, head there to regroup. Not long after, Negation forces across the sector begin pulling back. This does not seem to be retreat or surrender. Grounded Nova Corps forces disappear en masse. Massacre of Elysia.
In the depths of the Negation itself, the New Annihilators give their all to breach the grimmest, oldest Lawbringer stronghold. To open the lock on the most tightly sealed cell, within lies the prize that Danik seeks. The prize that promises salvation for all existence. But it quickly becomes apparent that this prize will not come without a final price. Who among their rank will make the ultimate sacrifice?
Whoever does must hope that the prize is worth it. Because as they fight at one end of existence, the Lawbringers advance to the final battle on the other. At last, they are taking the fight to the last bastion of defense against the Negation.
All existence will make its final stand… at the Siege of Ciress!
What surprise does Anti-Nova have in mind for the heroes assembled against him?
48 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

AGENTS OF A.R.C.A.N.A. #32 *Negation Tie-In*
Plot by NX01A
Theme Song: Black Sabbath - Psycho Man
'Playing In His Twilight Zone'
•The imaginary world melts, bitter ice cream dripping into the gutter of reality under the relentless intensity of an alien sun. Can the real world be far behind?
•PSYCHO-MAN, emotional vampire refugee from the Microverse, faces off against three alien LAWBRINGERS who breached his twisted playground. He drowns ROFL in the depths of despair but NSFW and NSFL seem immune to his feeling filters.
•AARKUS the VISION and former MAN-THING Ted Sallis help DOCTOR STRANGE, DOCTOR VOODOO, ELSA BLOODSTONE, AGATHA HARKNESS, and unconscious MAGIK from the almost-alive proto-matter chambers that imprisoned them to see an enraged SCARLET WITCH unmake NSFW and NSFL at the conceptual level.
•When Psycho-Man shrinks back to the Microverse, ROLF regains his senses, his distress call summoning ASAP and TTYL. Wanda needed Magik's power to destroy two of the elder Lawbringers, and as she begins to drain and focus the magical energies of the other Agents, an approaching Lawbringer's aura makes her know fear far deeper than anything Psycho-Man could.
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
Captured by Jack Flagg, Nomad sits in a room of former sidekicks being grilled by Nick Fury! Fury questions Jack Monroe's loyalty! For month's Jack has been a spy in the campaign of Sen. Susan Kelly, attending rallies and listening to her speeches. Has he turned on his fellow agents and begun to fall for the lies told by Kelly? Where do his loyalties lie? Jack tells him the his loyalty isn't to anyone man but to America and he would die for his country. Fury smiles and tells him it's good that he would die for his country. But the question is, are you ready to kill for your country?
In Chicago at the offices of the Wakanda-Stark Consortium, Agent 13 and Kasper Kole are in a gun battle with Rhodey and Bethany Cabe! Sharon and Kasper, at the request of The Black Panther, are tracking a spy who is stealing valuable information, selling it to the highest bidder. They can't risk getting caught but they don't want to hurt any Stark employees either! On the rooftop of another building, a lone figure watches the fighting and fires a rocket nearly blowing out the entire floor where Sharon, Beth, Rhodey and Kasper are!
Elsewhere, Scorpio and Roz Solomon are on the hunt for Viper after she kidnapped and nearly killed them weeks ago. Her trail leads them on the other side of the world to Japan and the home of The Gorgon, head of the Yashida Clan and The White King of The Hellfire Club! Next Issue: Jack In The Box!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by Kenneth Robeson
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by James Bama
“The Man From Tomorrow”
A lone visitor makes his way to Doc Savage’s 86th floor skyscraper HQ in metropolitan New York City. He regales Doc’s crew with tales of a world yet to come and advancement, even the seasoned scientific experts helping Doc Savage cannot yet fathom. The tales he tells are wild, yet with enough scientific support to not be immediately disproven.
When Doc arrives, the visitor is presented to him and before they can talk, a gang of armed thugs attempts to kidnap or kill the mysterious visitor. After surviving the experience, Doc notices the weapons are beyond anything even classified military intelligence knows of.
Can the Fabulous Five maintain their curiosity so as not to disrupt the timestream? And what will Doc decide to do, once he stops trilling.
32 Pgs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
The Black Panther arrives in London at the Hellfire Club not as the King of Wakanda but to take his seat as the club's Gray King! The room is thick with tension as Adrienne Frost introduces the room to the Inner Circle's newest members - The Red Queen, Viper and the Black King, Killmonger! There is only one spot left to fill, the role of Black Queen. But T'Challa isn't interested in a vacant chair, he's more concerned about the game Frost is playing by bringing in the former head of the Hatute Zeraze! Killmonger betrayed his country when he killed other Wakandans and stole over 2 tons of Vibranium! And he cannot ignore Viper's addition to the group. But the Inner Circle's chambers are hallowed ground, members are not allowed to attack each other.
He meets in secret with his ally Yelena Belova, the Gray Queen. It's obvious that Adrienne, Viper and Killmonger have allied themselves along with the Red King Moses Magnum. They must convince another member to join them. But who could they bring to their side. There was one who was not present at the meeting so they agree that they need to approach him quickly. So they decide to head to Japan and meet with the White King -Gorgon, leader of Clan Yashida!
Back in Wakanda, Queen Zanda grows impatient. She has been waiting several hours for T'Challa return and she will wait no longer! Shuri and Ramonda try to calm her down and tell her that whatever issues she needs to discuss with T'Challa that affects Wakanda and Niganda, maybe they can help. She tells them that there is nothing that either of them can do. This is a private matter that only she and T'Challa can resolve. After all, it's important that parents get together to discuss the future of their son! Next Issue: House of the Rising Son!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

CAPTAIN AMERICA #32 *Negation Tie-In*
2099. Nueva York.
Steve Rogers, Jake Gallows, and the Free Radicals continue to navigate a corporate dominated future. When Steve finally finds what may be the last un”sanitized” history book, he sees that in the year 2021 an event called “Negation” occurred - and that superheroes died… including one very familiar name.
2021. New York City.
The lawbringer XXTR. The dark “Avengers.” The new All-Winners Squad. NYC ain’t big enough for all of them!
As the three powers converge, each intent on eliminating the other two, the combatants separate… and Bucky Barnes finally gets the opportunity to go one-on-one with the man who stole his best friend’s mantle. The Black Widow insists that they need to pry information from him, but Arkady Rossovich, Omega Red, is the antithesis of what the shield stands for and absolutely will not be called Captain America for another moment if Bucky can help it… and now is his best chance. The Negation Zone has eliminated Rossovich’s ability to heal himself by draining life from others - and his toxic carbonadium implants are killing him. At his weakest point, will the Winter Soldier finally end “Omega Cap’s” dark reign?
Or will XXTR end them both?
Plus: A Frontlines Op-Ed by Sally Floyd, “Un-Negatable: Why my Superpower, Unwaiveringly Fair and 100% Honest and Accurate Journalism, is Unaffected by the Negation Zone.”
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Written by MATT KINDT
Okay, so things get weird here. Bruce Banner (the nerdy scientist, not the Hulk because the Hulk’s currently negated and can he even transform into the Hulk on Earth after the “One More Day” event anyway?) has been smashing insectoids using an off-brand XXL Iron Man suit that he calls the Bug Buster Armor. But is violence the only way?
Not all of Annihilus’ Arthosian minions are mindless drones, oh no. Some are downright geniuses and know how to “use their words” instead of just flipping out and getting angry. Enter Amicilus, the eloquent and elegant diplomatic insectoid. He challenges Banner… to a debate! Do the denizens of the Positive Matter Universe even deserve their home dimension, given how they treat it?
Bruce will have to call upon an aspect of his fragmented mind that he rarely uses… the Credible Hulk! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry… because he always supports his well-articulated and direct arguments with verifiable facts and documented sources!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
THANOS did not come back to live, he was not resurrected, he was not exiled by Death.
He was a dimension traveler from another universe, the INFINITY ENDING.
In that universe, the future THANOS WINS, absorbing everything into himself,
and controlled his past self to ensure that future.
THANOS stopped his future self but his future self may not be done yet.
As the mad Titan tracks his future self to this universe, where THANOS is dead.
And it appear the future THANOS has already met with Death,
learning about THANOS's future betrayal, Death decided to find a new Avatar of Death,
the nemesis of THANOS, the one who is destined to defeat him, MAR-VELL.
Now MAR-VELL is the new Avatar of Death.
When EROS invaded Death's realm for information, he was exiled to become an anomaly of the universe,
because Death thought he was trying to free THANOS from her prison.
Warning! The Sanctuary is under attack!
ISSAC reports that the ship has suddenly been attacked by an unknown force.
EROS realizes that when he sees the secret of the DARK INFINITY,
the DARK INFINITY also sees him.
The Mind Stone read his mind and send out the Heralds of Dark Infinity.
Sanctuary is attacked by an army of THANOS clones, the THANOSI.
It would appear the Mind Stone is controlling these THANOS clones.
How will EROS to take down his brother, let alone an army of THANOSI?
ISSAC cannot stop them, the Time Machine he stole from his brother cannot stop them.
So EROS put on the Starfox Helmet, as it enhances his powers to the limit.
His powers are to stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain, in other words, create love and happiness.
But on the darker side he never touched upon, drug addiction, sexual desires and death by orgasm.
Did EROS just murder an army of THANOS clones by Orgasm?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
Down and out in New York!
Things are about as bad as they can get for Tony right now! His comatose brother is missing, the US gov't has hit him with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit and someone is stealing high level information from the joint venture he has with the Black Panther! So what's a high-flying, super-hero, playboy billionaire gonna do about it? He's going to go out on a date with a woman who only weeks ago was trying to kill him! Tony and Maria Bullski, the Titanium Woman, are out on the town in New York City checking out the hottest clubs. Maria, a bit overwhelmed asks him why is he out partying when he should be searching for his brother and dealing the other issues. He tells her has has his best people working on everything and that he needs to relax and clear his mind. Across the room he sees Justine Hammer as she approaches. She tells Tony that she didn't realize how low he had sunk to be out dating foreign trash. Maria stands up and gives Justine a hard right across her jaw that sends her flying into the sparkling fountain. She then tells Tony to come, they are leaving and going back to his place.
Far away in an undisclosed medical facility, doctors and scientist are working around the clock to build a cryogenic chamber to help stabilize their new patient, Arno Stark. Above, a shadowed figure looks on a small prayer crossing his lips. He's angry with himself for letting it get this far. He should have put an end to this years ago but he didn't and now a heavy price is being paid. He has to make things right and it will begin tonight when he goes to face Tony Stark! Next Issue: Time To Meet Your Maker.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99
THE MIGHTY THOR #32 *Negation Tie-In*
Written by ALAN MOORE
Thor has been negated. In his place, Dr. Donald Blake dons the Destroyer armor in a valiant effort to defend Asgard alongside Sif and the Realm’s other champions. But where did Thor go upon his negation? That’s what the God of Souls, Ond, quests to discover…
The Nine Realms have a dark mirror - a grim inversion of the “World Tree” Yggdrasil that binds Realms together. It is called K’lay, and connects worlds with names like Dhampiraj, Varúlfur, Allograft, and Yacuran. Whereas the gods of Yggdrasil, as well as Olympus and Heliopolis, trace their origins to the Elder Goddess Gaea, the gods of K’lay descend from her brother… author of the Darkhold, the corrupted Elder God Chthon.
K’lay is both Chthon’s home and his prison, having been banished there over a billion years ago following a war amongst the Elder Gods. His influence has subtly escaped on occasions, resulting in the creation of Earthly werewolves and vampires and the like. But in K’lay, his influence abounds… as do his Horror Gods.
Possessed of great stealth, Ond finds himself sneaking through corridors of K’Lay’s Darque Hold: a nightmarish analogue to Asgard’s Royal Palace. In its dungeons… there is Thor. But can Ond liberate his King from this Other-Realm imprisonment? Is there anything left to liberate?
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Ond, he was followed. Balder the Brave, disgraced after siding with the Traitor Queen Freyja and urged on by impossible whispers from the skull of the slain Malekith, has been searching for K’Lay for some time. Is he prepared for what he’ll find? Is the rest of the universe?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writers: Christopher Priest, Malcolm Jones & Joshua Dysart
Artists: Stefano Caselli(pgs. 1-16), Adi Granov(pgs. 17-32) & Salvadore Larroca(pgs. 33-48)
Plot By Marvell2100
Antarctica: Max Fury, Iron Maiden, Coal Tiger and Deathlok make it to the abandoned SHIELD station where they get things running. Toni asks why Max chose to come to this facility and he tells her that this is where he was born...or rather, created. He was created in the exact likeness of Nick Fury and was the only LMD to survive The Purge, SHIELDS attempt to wipe out all LMDs. He is the last of his kind, all of his brothers and sisters destroyed or deactivated. Now with the valuable mineral Brivanium and the super genius of The Coal Tiger and Toni he intends not only revive the remaining LMDs but create new ones as well, far better than what SHIELD has ever made!
On the opposite pole in the Arctic Circle, another portal opens and a lone figure falls through barely surviving the transition to this strange world. She gathers herself and looks at the harsh, frozen terrain as swirling winds and snow form white out conditions. She tells herself, that she has to survive to hunt down Fury and his crew. So she picks herself up and begins to walk to where, she doesn't know. But if this world is to survive what was done to hers, she has to stop Fury no matter what!
48 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Tom Grummett
“Time Masters!” or “Let It Rip!”
Neither miles of earth, nor miles of Water have been able to halt the Negation Wave and our formerly fantastic foursome are running out of inspiration, literally. Combining what they know of Dr Doom’s time apparatus as well as notes from Susanne Storm’s dimensional devices, Reed believes he’s perfected a functional time transport device. Reed as our foursome goes through the tropes you readers are all thinking of. Just go into the future and see how you solved the problem. Go back in time and kill baby Lawbringers.. Go back in time and regain powers bringing them into this time after the Negation wave. Do any of these idea work? You will need to read the book, pilgrim!
32 PGs/ Rated T...$3.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Plot by KALAI
Swords and Lasers, Blood and Death!
ANGELA faces BLASTAAR, now leading an army of Negation.
PIP THE TROLL finally finds his courage in wine and jumps into battle with laser guns.
The magical Alpha primitives are driving back the enemies of the Inhumans,
But just when things are turning around, a star gate opens and the Proemial Gods arrives from across the stars,
they has once aided Annihilus in his capture of Galactus in the previous Annihilation,
and now they believe it is time for magic to take over the universe once more.
Boom! This is when Titan is teleported to the City of Attilan, and GENIS-VELL faces off the Proemial Gods!
It's THANE vs MAELSTROM, the Inhuman Eteranl vs the Inhuman Deviant,
and when THANE kills MAELSTROM with his hand of Death,
Thane absorbs the powers of MAELSTROM into himself,
and THANE, the son of THANOS, becomes the new Avatar of Oblivion,
but THANE's real goal is the Throne of Oblivion?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Written by JOE KELLY
The Insecticide Squad’s plan to extract POTUS to safety has seen most of its own members exterminated - but the mission isn’t a failure yet!
Turner D. Century formed a quick bond with POTUS due to their mutual affection for anachronistic old-timey jargon. But Annihilus’ double-dutched ham hoarders made Turner take a bad deal on a half acre in the donnybrook and he ended up on the wrong side of the grass.
And when the Matador gets gored by an insectoid bull, the remaining team is divided (and so is the Matador)! Can an isolated Paste Pot Pete trapster his way out of D.C. with Joe Biden in tow?
Featuring back-ups aplenty:
Manslaughter Marsdale in “To Manslaughter a Mockingbug”
Manslaughter Marsdale feels no pain, physically or emotionally. That’s his thing. So he feels nothing when he decides that Queen Eradica ain’t leaving DC alive… even if it kills him! Which it will! But also her?
Toughy Tomcat in “The Nine Lives of Toughy Tomcat”
He’s a 1940s carton cat come to life… nine lives to be exact. In the course of the Insecticide Squad’s mission, Toughy Tomcat had a piano fall on him, was blown up by dynamite, and ran full-speed headfirst into a wall with a tunnel painted on it. Combined with a previous auto-erotic asphyxiation incident, that means he only has five lives left… and cut off from his team with insectoids in pursuit, he’s running out quick!
Armless Tiger Man in “Armed to the Teeth”
There’s a secret O*N*E* armory in D.C. Armless Tiger Man could smell the weapons. Now he’s got them in his teeth… and the bugs are about to bite off more than he can chew!!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Plot by KALAI
The Negation continues!
EX NIHILO takes ABYSS back into the Superflow,
and they decide to move the Builder Stations into the vortex in Superflow,
an dark hole in the Superflow, a Cosmic Abyss will enhance the Abyss Magic and make her unstoppable.
The assassination attempt failed!
STARBRAND and QUASAR are both captured by the Lawbringers on Chandilar,
and PHYLLA-VELL makes her final stand against an army of Lawbringers!
MAR-VELL and RONAN rally all the Accusers to take back Kree-Lar from their invaders,
while Supreme Intelligence calls back all the Kree Fleet to defend itself.
And something sinister is on the move.
MOLECULE MAN is now filled with Anti-Magic and become Lawbringer MLKM to battle his enemy.
It is still not enough, but before MXYK can defeat Owen Reese, a tentacle suddenly apears behind MXYK, piercing right through his chest, draining all Anti-Magic, killing him.
The tentacle belongs to another Lawbringer, and the Lawbringer offers to become their ally.
But there are things Owen Reese does not know. This was a Lawbringer powerful enough to rival Annihilus, and he became one of the lords of Negative Zone. He attempted to invade the universe but was defeated by Adam Warlock.
This creature was since trapped in the Power Portal, unable to escape, until Negation.
The Labringers knew this being as Lawbringer SPHN, but now he goes by another name, SYPHONN.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

As Negation rages across the universe, the Age of Marvels is proud to present an anthology about the war at home - Earth!
“Grindhouse Presents: Zemo”
Written by Alex de Campi
Plot by H-E-D
Art by R. M. Guéra
The Negation has robbed the world’s super humans of their powers.
And Zemo? He doesn’t mind one bit. (In fact, it’s given him some ideas.) He never needed powers to get the job done. The Thunderbolts are out of commission, just in time for a swarm of bugs to throw themselves at EKO Scorpion. It’s time for Zemo to dust off his old special forces gear and get his hands dirty.
“Lieutenant Gwen”
Written by J.M.DeMatteis
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Sara Pichelli
The Negation event has been affecting cities and town worldwide and the borough of Queens is no different. Steve Ditko High’s JROTC is assembling to help agencies and departments in need. To aid in their endeavors, a commanding officer has been selected: Cadet Gwen Stacy. Her now subordinate Flash Thompson doesn’t like that. When helping to get supplies to a childrens’ home, Swen’s squad find themselves isolated and alone when they are forced to keep hidden to avoid an attack from lawgivers.
The foul lawbringer NFDL has dared to target the sovereign land of Sharzhad. This has drawn the ire of its leader, Dagan Shah. Blood from the Negative Zone shall stain the sands - so swears the Sultan Magus!
But will Sabra, Israel’s super-soldier, work with the Sultan against a common enemy?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

NEGATION: WAR #3 (of 4)
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front!
“Unfinished” - Part Three
Written by Tony Bedard
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Paul Pelletier
With BLQK’s guidance, Oberon Kaine has been able to wrangle the madcap riot in the Negative Zone into something resembling a coherent organization.
But it’s one things to pick fights while the wardens are away... what happens when the Lawbringers come back?
Oberon’s attempts to plan for that eventuality are complicated when suspicion falls on BLQK. Rumors are swirling that she’s a Lawbringer plant, a fifth column to ensure the Rebellion’s failure.
With the Lawbringer hostworld in sight of the Rebellion, Oberon can’t afford a splintering of his forces. But can he trust his own belief in BLQK? And what is to come of the Negative Zone after the New Annihilators release whatever lies within the Lawbringer’s last prison?
“Higher, Further, Frustrated”
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Plot by H-E-D
Art by David Baldéon
When Carol Danvers left Earth for space, things were supposed to be getting easier for her.
But while she doesn’t have any paperwork to deal with, she has a lot more serious things to handle.
Like being stuck on a space station without her powers. While giant space bugs are attacking it.
It’s never simple, is it?
“This One’s for Danny”
Written by George Pratt
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by George Pratt
Ben Grimm grew up in a tough area of Manhattan and strove to get out of the miserable circumstances he was living in. So he studied and played football, gaining a scholarship to State University. His older brother and main protector and friend, Daniel Grimm enlisted in the military. Dan was killed in Action and out of respect for his brother, Ben gave up a promising pro career to fulfill the dream his brother had. Now that he is no longer the Thing and can sit in a cockpit again, ben flies planes for the US Air Force in the Negation Conflict.
Does Ben miss his time in the service, and might he return IF he manages to escape becoming the Thing again?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
“E FOR EVOLUTION” Conclusion
The universe is filled with the green rage of BRO-LAR.
STARBRAND and EX NIHILO are both defeated by the rampaging BRO-LAR,
while ABYSS finds out that the Ruuls are working for the Supreme Intelligence,
and this is an assassination attempt on the Guardians.
But before BRO-LAR can kill any of the guardians, he is punched in the face by a white ghost!
QUASAR escapes the White-Room with the help of other Protectors of the Universe, the white ghosts of the White Room!
With the might of the Quantum Band, QUASAR summons an army of Protectors of the Universe to battle the Kree-Eternal.
At the same time EX NIHILO awakens the seeds he has planted in BRO-LAR's body.
EX NIHILO could not defeat BRO-LAR but he was able to sneak some seeds into his system.
These specially created plants grow on Gamma radiation, and in BRO-LAR's final rampage, he grows into an Eternal Tree!
PHYLLA-VELL tracks down HIGH EVOLUTIONARY where he holds the Star-Child in his hand.
As High Evolutionary, he decides that the next step towards evolution will be heralded by this child.
He shall create a new type of people, the Star-People, the Absolutes.
And Phylla simply makes High Evolutionary an offer he cannot refuse: Join the Guardians!
Now SUPREME INTELLIGENCE accelerates the final plan, the leader of DARK GUARDIANS,
a son created from MAR-VELL's genetic material combined with a Cosmic Abstract,
the Final Dark Guardian, Kree Hybrid with Ultimate-Cosmic-Awareness——XICO-VELL??
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by J.M.DeMatteis
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Sara Pichelli
“Where have All the Powers Gone?”
In our surprise ending last issue, we saw Vermin transform into a normal, yet naked, man. Spidey immediately tried to take advantage of the situation when his Spider-Strength punch had pretty much lost its Spider-Strength. We hate to give spoilers, but Pete manages to knock out the dazed ex-Vermin and web him up, leaving him for the NYPD.
The greater problem is, what’s happened to Pete’s powers and can he ever get them back? Or does he even want to? Peter parker has developed some muscle tone and fitness from his constant exercise as Spidey, so he tries to web-swing around town. Spoiler Alert, one does not web-swing around successfully without Spidey powers helping with strength, agility, and warning systems. Is Spidey’s career over? Even more immediate, is Peter parker’s career as a news videographer over if he has no subject (Spidey) and is no longer able to position his phone in the right position?
By the way, there could have been a much better time for NY Social Services to visit to interview Aunt may regarding her relationship with Adrian Toomes, the celebrity villain known as the Vulture.
32 Pgs./ Rated T...$3.99

UNCANNY X-MEN #32 *Negation Tie-In*
Plot by NX01A
Written by KURT BUSIEK
Theme Song: AWOLNATION - Run
'I Am A Mutant Being Capable Of Doing Terrible Things'
•With two of the LAWBRINGERS negated, AWOL decides to leave before he, too, is brought down. WOLVERINE's livestream has over a million viewers who think AWOL's primal scream is from adamantium claws sinking into supposedly invulnerable alien flesh. Viewers don't know that PHENEX's mental demon fire is actually burning away the Lawbringer's personality.
•"This planet is ours," Jean mind-whispers as AWOL dies.
•PROFESSOR X and MAGNETO are powerless, their mutant abilities negated by the alien forces assaulting Earth. Years ago when they were friends, they combined their powers to craft a suit of armour which inadvertently copied and magnified their darkest desires. Long buried beneath the Xavier Mansion, they dug it up to counter the magic-transformed X-Men but OMFG, one of the cosmic invaders, has targeted them for more intensive negation. One mutant could never control the base urges emanating from the armour and control it, so Charles and Eric both merge with it to unleash an ONSLAUGHT!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99