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AGENTS OF A.R.C.A.N.A. #9 Plot by nx01a Written by GRANT MORRISON Art by JEROME OPEÑA Theme Song: Jimmy Cliff - Wonderful World, Beautiful People “X-CULT part 3: I Surround Myself With Loving People” •Singers, social media influencers, actors, corporate financiers, trust fund babies... MAGIK and the SCARLET WITCH encounter them all as the mutant sorceresses go undercover at the Gallio Foundation's Saitama Commune in Japan. After undergoing genetic lifestyle analysis, Wanda enjoys theracoustic therapy in the Harmony Suite while Illyana tries to work through her PTSD via intravenous infusion therapy in the Hope Suite. •As his astral form tries to breach the vast apotropaic wards keeping the Commune safe from arcane eavesdropping and intrusion, DOCTOR STRANGE crashes into another powerful mind scanning the Commune! •After much research, AGATHA HARKNESS uncovers the centuries-old history of the Gallio Foundation: from its earliest mention in 3rd century Roman annals as a hot spring inn to a 21st century multinational cosmetics, leisure, and wellness conglomerate. ELSA BLOODSTONE and DOCTOR VOODOO pose as a fitness instructor/psychologist duo offering their services to the latest in a 1800 year-long line of Gallios to run the Foundation, but Selena Gallio may have other uses for them. •The story continues in UNCANNY X-MEN #9 on sale now! 32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

ASTONISHING ANT-MAN AND THE WASP #8 WRITTEN BY CHRISTOS GAGE PLOT BY DEKU ART BY DAN MORA COVER BY DAN MORA Singularity is awake and able to find the bad man who defeated her, but before she can reveal all, the Whirlwind comes to take the girl. But this is not the same Whirlwind that Hank has fought countless times before. Can Hank and Nadia stop the Whirlwind and save the girl? 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

BLACK PANTHER: KING OF WAKANDA #1 (special reprint) Plot by MARVELL2100 Written by MALCOLM JONES Art by ADI GRANOV Game of Thrones Cover by MARK TEXIERA “UNCONQUERED!” One year ago: King T'Chaka of Wakanda is assassinated by the arms dealer Ulysses Klaue Eight months ago: T'Chaka's young son T'Challa, now king, kills Klaue and avenges his father. Six months ago: T'Challa learns that the League of Nations-Azani, Niganda, Genosha and N'Gabo- sponsored Klaue and are behind his fathers' death. War is declared! One month ago: Wakanda has defeated the League of Nations. Today: Prime Minister Shuri, younger sister of King T'Challa, stands before the General Assembly of the United Nations. Wakanda's war with the League of Nations has resulted a shake-up on the African continent and across the entire globe. Many world leaders saw Wakanda as the aggressor and have condemned its attacks and its leader, the Black Panther. The United States leads a coalition of nations that demands sanctions and restitution for the countries harmed by Wakanda. There are others who stand with Wakanda as a sovereign nation with a right to defend itself. As the arguments grow louder and more intense, Shuri steps to the podium. A hush falls across the assembly as she delivers a short but intense message before she departs: Wakanda will defend itself against any threat perceived or otherwise. Those who act against it, do so at their own peril! Elsewhere, T'Challa calls in General Okoye to plan their next move. The world will act against them and they must be prepared. But first, the newly defeated Queen Zandia of Niganda must be dealt with as she demands an audience with T'Challa to discuss terms of Wakanda's surrender(?)! 32 PGS./Rated M...$0.99

CAPTAIN AMERICA #9 Plot by EXCITER Written by FRANK MILLER Art by SEAN GORDON MURPHY “SO, YOU STARTED A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION...” Hi, I’m Captain America. Every hour, good people are hurt in crises beyond the scope of conventional authorities. I can’t stand by and do nothing while that happens, and I don’t think you can either. That’s why I’m asking you to support ”Stars and Stripes,” a non-profit organization I started to fight for the common good. Every dollar you give goes to help me and a hand-picked team of heroes, veterans and other men and woman with extraordinary abilities, to confront persistent and increasing threats to our world. Please, call or go online today... because with your donation, it’s you who wields the shield. Cap lost his job to automation, but his mission wasn’t over - so he become a small business owner! Can “Stars and Stripes” protect the people when the Office of National Emergency, employing M.O.D.O.K.’s robotic Super Adaptoid, has become a ticking time-bomb? The non-profit’s surprising first recruit is none other than Bonebreaker, formerly of the Reavers. Most see him as just another cyborg villain, but Steve Rogers sees more - a veteran that got injured, got hopeless, and made some bad decisions. Can he turn it around? Not if the Reavers’ leader Donald Pierce has a say... which Captain America doesn’t intend to give him! Meanwhile, Bonebreaker reveals his grim origin. He was a solider during Operation Astute, the Australian-led military deployment to quell unrest in the 2006 East Timor crisis. That was a fair dinkum barbecue stopper, as they say in Oz... and it cost him his legs. When he got approached by some blokes with grand promises, he thought it was a new lease on life - but a few months later his lower body was a motorized chassis with tank treads and he was beholden to the criminal that made him more machine than man... Can reflecting on his past change his future? Plus: A Frontlines Op-Ed by Sally Floyd, “Kangaroo Jack-Ass: Why Steve Rogers’ Aussie Friend Belongs Half in Jail and Half in a Scrapheap.” 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99 (all proceeds go to Stars and Stripes).

THE ENFORCERS #9 Written by GREG RUCKA Plot by LEE STONE Art by STEVE EPTING “VENOMOUS VOYAGE” The team finds themselves prisoners of Viper in a South American compound along with Elektra. One member holds the key to their freedom. And if Jessica Drew can convince Viper that the Enforcers will help her take down Madame Masque then she'll let them free. But who is trusting who? 32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

FANTASTIC FOUR #9 Written by KELLY SUE DECONNICK Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by TOM GRUMMETT “DEBATE!” The election intrigue grows as Sue Storm and Gregory Gideon shore up their campaigns. The big question is: “How will security occur at a debate between a superheroine and a multi-billionaire?” In order to maintain an aura of fairness and equality for the candidates, both the Fantastic Four and Fierce Foursome have been banned from using their powers within a mile of the debate hall. Now it’ll be up to special guest-stars Captain America, James Rhodes, and Bethany Cabe to protect the interests of democracy. As for trouble, who could possibly hate the democratic process? Hmmm, what about the Cold War relic known as The Red Ghost? And yes, his Super Apes appear as well. Wait, Super Apes? Trust us, super-powered apes are not the weirdest part of this issue. Oh, and we have a chimp, a gorilla, and an orangutan. On the multiple cat burglar front, none of the suspects caught in the act seem to remember anything. Reed and Rhona (remember the Mad Thinker?) are forced to put their minds together to find a solution to what appears to be a basic brain-washing/mind-control/hypnotism thing, but seriously, how does anyone tell? What is this, a comic book? Meanwhile, Victor Von Doom is looking to install a Latverian Embassy on the island of Alcatraz. And, oh yeah, who is the mysterious young man calling himself Benjamin Franklin. We’ll let you know it’s not the guy on the $100, but we can say no more as yet. 32 PGs./ Rated T...$2.99

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 (special reprint) Plot by MARVELL2100 Written by JOSHUA DYSART Art by SALVADOR LARROCA “THE FUTURE MAN” Young Anthony Stark has been many things to many people throughout his life: billionaire genius, hero, playboy and quite often misunderstand. But Tony has always seen himself as a futurist, someone who sees beyond the here and now and looks towards what humans will be generations from now. He believes that humanity is destined to travel far beyond the confines of our own galaxy to the far corner of the universe and beyond. So after their parents' death, he and his also brilliant brother Arno built Stark Energy, a high-tech aerospace company that will lead humankind to space and beyond! One of Tony's greatest creations is also his newest. He has designed a suit that will withstand the cold void of space with a reusable energy source along with offensive and defensive capabilities. He calls it Iron Man and it will be the prototype that will lead humans to the stars! As he works alone in his lab to improve some of the specs on the suit, a brilliant flash appears and a portal forms from thin air! Stepping through the portal emerges a regal figure draped in green and purple armor. His name is Kang The Conqueror and he hails from the future with a warning to Stark: do not meddle in things you know nothing of! Leave the future to those who can tame it! Tony quickly dons the Iron Man suit and prepares to fight. Kang simply presses a button on his armored gauntlet and they both disappear in a flash to re-appear hundreds of years in the future on a barren, desolate world almost devoid of life. Kang tells Tony to look around and look at his "good deeds". Look at what his good works have done to the planet Earth! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$0.99

MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #9 Written by CHIP ZDARSKY Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by KRIS ANKA "SWIM AWAY: PART ONE" - Having defeated FLINT MARKO, and rescued MILLIE COLLINS things look like they're finally calming down for our beach-ready heroes. But how will the appearance of ALEX WILDER, CHASE STEIN and their respective MOTHERS complicate things? - With differences settled ROGUE, and TIGRA finally have the time to look for their friends. But who will they call as their skin turns into scales, and gills start to form on their necks? - Meanwhile after what feels like hours in the darkness of the desert ALANI RYAN, and NORRIN RADD wake up in the undersea fortress of the dark, and powerful LAMASHTU! - Destinies come true, and betrayal is aplenty in the SIX-PART crossover sensation of the century. Follow the next chapter in RUNAWAYS #9. 32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

THE MIGHTY THOR #9 Plot by EXCITER Written by ALAN MOORE Art by MIKE MIGNOLA “YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED...” part one “DISTRACTIONS” The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by his majesty, the All-Father King Odin Borson, to cordially invite you to the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Thor Odinson of Asgard to Lady Sif Across the Rainbow Bridge at the Asgardian Royal Palace On the Midgard date of Thorsday, August 29, 2019. A reply is requested. With varied conflicts and troubles arising throughout the Nine Realms, gods and mortals alike yearn for a respite - and nothing captures hearts and provides optimistic escapism to the masses like a royal wedding! As such, Odin has spared no expense on the affair - though the fact that the bride will be five months pregnant during the ceremony chafes him. Security, of course, will be an issue. Draugr sightings have increased and a Midgard nation has declared war on Asgard due to his son’s rash actions. Although physically weak, Odin knows Americans can be surprisingly dangerous... As such, he names his more reliable son, Balder the Brave, as Protector of Ceremonies - an appointment Balder may regret when Dark Elven assassins Illska and Sārga plot to arrive uninvited! Elsewhere, Thor himself girds his loins for revelry! His best man, Bruce Banner, has planned a Bachelor party worthy of myth that includes a party cruise over the Sea of Space on Skíðblaðnir, greatest of all ships, exotic rune dancers, and unlimited mead in the halls of Nidavellir! With invitees including the new King of Jotunheim Loki and former enemy turned friend Ulik the Troll, what could go wrong? Meanwhile, on Earth, one old soldier approaches another. It’s been a very long time since Cain Marko served his country; a long time since he found that mystical gem in a hot Asian war-zone. But this time Cain’s country is at war with literal gods and General “Thunderbolt” Ross intends to win. To do that, he doesn’t need a soldier... he needs a Juggernaut! 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

MOON KNIGHT #3 Writer: MATT WAGNER Plot by LEE STONE Artist: FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA “THE CLIQUE” Conclusion The Shroud teams up with Moon Knight to uncover the mysteries of the Gilded Lily. An old movie star, a hot sex scandal, racial tensions, torn lives and murder highlight this tale that digs deep into the history of Hollywood and a foe born from tragedy. The stage is set and the actors have taken their places. Enter Lillian Deveraux... 32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

OLD MOON CRONE #9 Written by AMY REEDER Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by VERONICA FISH “SET A COURSE FOR ADVENTURE…” A location for Devil Dinosaur has been found. Now when Lunella went into her hibernation until a cure for her condition could be found, her BFF DD needed a home. That home was Monster Island. For those of you in 2019, there’s a whole lot that will happen to MI in the future and when Lunella left him there to await her return, the island’s location was hidden through a mysterious combination of magic and quantum dynamics. But even having a location and a key to make the island visible, Lunella and her crew Jim Hammond, Jonathan Killraven, and the Recorder still face an uphill battle. Personal note to the star of the book: Yes, Lunella, We KNOW the surface of the ocean has no uphill. We’re using colorful metaphors to sell you book. And even though the ocean is named Pacific, it is far from peaceful. Or at least it is for this story. Back to our description, Beneath the surface of the ocean lie many beasts and monsters unseen for centuries. They have gone to lower depths to remain out of the reach of mankind. But the coming of the Badoon have awoken some deeper darker inspiration. But what does that mean for our heroes. We’ll tell you. But not here. Buy the book and see how the Kraken and Leviathans and other beasts fit into our saga of future history. 32 PGs./ Rated T...$2.99

RUNAWAYS #9 Written by KELLY THOMPSON Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by DAVID LAFUENTE "SWIM AWAY: PART TWO" - NICO, and KAROLINA are as surprised as anybody else when RICHARD FISK's mother (VANESSA) drops them off at the closing ceremonies of the BLAZING PERSON festival. But what are ALEX, and CHASE doing here? And why are their mothers being held captive by a black-haired elf in a speedo? - Left to their own devices MOLLY HAYES-HERNANDEZ and GERTRUDE YORKES must revive their newest friend after his disastrous encounter with LORNA DANE. But why didn't she go for the kill, and why is she insisting that her name in NAMORITA? - A hole in the world appears, a liquid mirror shows the dark visage of LAMASHTU, and somehow the KRAVINOFF family know where the SILVER SURFER is. Hidden relations are revealed. -EVERY CHANGES in part two of the pulse-pounding crossover of 2019! Mettle will be tested, weapons will be forged, and vengeance will be had by all. - To Be Continued In MARVEL SWIM-SUIT SPECIAL #10. 32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #9 Written by CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS Plot by DEKU Art by GURIHIRU Cover by GURIHIRU Jennifer is fed up of how her life has gone since this run started. So we have allowed her to dictate what happens in this issue. So enjoy a story where Jen gets work done, has a bagel for lunch, does karaoke with Lisa and Even…And tries to stop Stegron the Dinosaur Man from turning Manhattan into an island of Dinosaur people. 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

SORCERERS OF THE STARS #3 Written by JEFF PARKER Plot by H-E-D Art by DUSTIN WEAVER “SUGGESTIONS” With Ak-ma’s invasion defeated, the seven magic-users decide to form a team, the Sorcerers of the Stars, to safeguard the galaxy. But first, it’s time to take a well-earned break in the Shi’ar capital of Chandilar. Adam Warlock advises the Shi’ar Imperial leadership on how to best prepare the Empire for future magical threats. Warlock is bad at vacations. Meanwhile, high off the adrenaline of battle, love is in the air! Or, lust, at least. It’s a little unclear. Star-Lord hooks up with Magique! Nobody tell Giselle Villard, his wealthy hookup back on Ciress. Or Gamora (What, you thought they’d broken up?) Mantis can sense everybody’s emotions, except the crystalline Ika’s. That just makes her all the more alluring. Krugarr, a mouthless snakeman, longs for the telepathic Moondragon. There’s an insurmountable roadblock to his affections, and it’s not the mouthless snake part. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

THE ULTIMATES #3 Written by KIERON GILLEN Plot by H-E-D Art by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO (main story); ARIELA KRISTANTINA (backup) “THE ULTIMATE DEFENSE” Part 3 – “REVOLUTION” The Ultimates: Locked in the Dungeon! Empress Imogen has captured the Ultimates! She thinks she can stop Nul on her own. She’s wrong. Imogen sees the Ultimates as a bigger threat to her tyrannical rule than Nul. She might actually be right about that. Carol and Shevaun are starting to think they might have fared better against Imogen if they’d been on the same page. Now, will they stop blaming each other for that? Monica has gone from hardly using her powers to constantly using them. As the cosmic awareness floods back into her mind, will she lose herself in the universe? Its a bad time for that, as Karma uses her power to foment a revolt from within the bars of the prison! Jennifer comes with a plan to escape from Imogen’s clutches: let Nul through the palace’s barriers and give him what he wants. The Crucible, the source of Imogen’s imperial power. But, what happens when Nul gets his hands on the Crucible? I’m sure it’s fine and holds no grave implications for the future. On the topic of grave implications, the Sentry has started hearing a voice in his head. That’s not at all concerning, is it? Of course, he’ll tell his teammates and they’ll get it sorted out. What’s that? He’s not going to tell anybody? Oh dear. PLUS, years ago, in an effort to limit civilian casualties, Jennifer Kale has transported Nul, the Secret Defenders and herself to an isolated planet in the Black Galaxy. What price will the Defenders have to pay to imprison Nul? Why have they been forgotten? Find out as the first and only mission of the Secret Defenders comes to a pyrrhic end! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

UNCANNY X-MEN #9 Plot by NX01A Written by KURT BUSIEK Art by PEPE LARRAZ Theme Song: Funkadelic - Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts “X-CULT part 4: I Can Choose Positive Thoughts” •As CHARLES XAVIER scans the Gallio Foundation's Saitama Commune in Japan for a way past its telepathic shields, he bumps into another being in astral form! Believe it, true believers: PROFESSOR X vs DOCTOR STRANGE! •Adventure therapy is one of the Saitama Commune's treatment modalities, and several of its residents walk and run through the nearby Minuma Rice Paddies daily. While five of them take a telepathy-induced nap in the bushes, the X-MEN use their clothes, identification bracelets, and psionic image induced faces to enter the Commune. •JEAN GREY follows the mental echoes of a summer in her life she can barely remember to one of the maintenance staff, a woman whose psionic signature Jean recognizes as a girl younger than she is but in a body old enough to be her grandmother's. •When the guards in psi-resistant armour arrive to point automatic weapons at the X-Men, it looks like you don't have to leave the Commune to have adventure therapy! •The story continues in AGENTS OF A.R.C.A.N.A. #10 next month! 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99