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Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
At the death of one multiverse, a man was transfigured by the birth of the next.
Assimilated into the Machine of Cosmic Consonance, he became the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.
But he wasn’t alone.
The birth of the Negative Zone.
While many call Galactus a god, he rejects the title. His “brother”, however, does not.
As the Devourer is to our universe, Charon is to the Negative Zone. But Charon views cosmic balance disdainfully.
Creating the Lawbringers as his army of heralds, He brought the Negative Zone to heel, before setting his sights on the Bright Universe — our universe.
Full on the flesh of a thousand worlds, Charon was too much for Galactus alone. And so, their “sister” Solusandra, the Lifebringer, sacrificed herself. She sealed herself away, dragging Charon with her
Their master gone, the Lawbringers scattered to the wastes of the Negative Zone. Galactus resumed his duty. And Solusandra’s last Herald became a nomad in space and time.
The Siege of Ciress.
The Negation Wave has come at last to Ciress.
All across the surface of the world, mages from all corners of the universe do their best to maintain the magical shell that protects them.
But, as Lawbringer bombardments continue, the truth becomes apparent: the barrier will fall, and soon.
Things were bad enough before the possessed Anti-Nova Corp joined the battle! The Sorcerers of the Stars arrive to match them, but there’s only so much they can do against literal armies. And that’s before Anti-Nova reveals his trump card.
For, you see, he isn’t Richard Rider at all, not anymore.
By infusing the Cosmic Control Rod and the Nova Force with Anti-Magic, the Lawbringers have made the perfect vessel for Charon, God-Emperor of Negation!
The Nova Corp merges into a singular gestalt – Charon walks the starways of the Posi-Verse once more! All would be lost, if not for the arrival of Galactus himself!
Meanwhile, in the Negative Zone, the New Annihilators reach their goal: the empyrean prison of Charon — and Solusandra. Danik, her Herald, realized Charon has subverted his bondage. To set things right, the seal must be broken, the Lifebringer freed.
But, how do you break a lock set by the forces of existence itself? Only someone of tremendous power and strength of will could break the seal.
Adam Warlock has both. A lifetime of defying destiny comes to a climax as he gives his life to shatter the God-Kyln.
In a flash of light, everything changes. Not an end, but a new beginning, crossing all of time and space. Danik smiles as the CROSSGENESIS begins!
Untold eons of bondage left both Charon and Solusandra incorporeal. Charon forged himself a new body... but the Lifebringer has a different way.
Solusandra’s power binds itself to great beings across all existence. They bear her mark, her Sigil. In Otherworld, the Heron Dynasty’s prince. In Demetria, a young pirate. On Quin, a devious tyrant. On Larrinaga, a priest. On Ciress itself, Giselle Villard.
And on Earth, young Sam Andahl-Rey of South Carolina suddenly finds herself imbued with unimaginable power.
Unfortunately, the breaking of the seal means that Charon instantly returns to full strength, allowing him to strike an incapacitating blow against Galactus!
Ebullient, Charon aims to strike a planet-killing blow to Ciress. But to his shock, Ciress’ shield has suddenly become unbreakable!
How, you ask? Simple. Danik brought a hastily curated group of Sigil-Bearers to the field. (He brought the New Annihilators back too. They were worried for a moment there.) Straining their power, they reinforce the barrier.
The Sigil-Bearers are few in number, but their efforts quickly break the Lawbringers’ ranks. The power of the Sigils, the Energy Transcendent, proves uniquely disruptive to Charon’s Force Opposite!
Charon, enraged by the sight of his Lawbringers toppling at his moment of triumph, aims an attack directly at Sam Andahl-Rey, who isn’t fully convinced the whole experience isn’t a wild dream. She shocks a galaxy by not only stopping the attack, but also staggering Charon with the blowback!
Inspired, the Annihilators rally the Sigil-Bearers in a direct attack on Charon, shattering his gestalt form back into the individual Nova Corp members!
It’s time for a rematch as the Sorcerers of the Stars seize the opportunity to take down Anti-Nova. Peter Quill failed his friend once: he won’t do so again. He uses an ingenious spell to separate Rich from the Cosmic Control Rod, liberating the entire Nova Corp!
Chaos reigns as Negation command collapses — but the Anthrosians thrive in chaos. The moment of opportunity is fleeting.
Together with Danik, the Sorcerers of the Stars cast an experimental ritual. Using the Cosmic Control Rod as a focus, they invert the Negation!
Anti-Matter returns to regular matter. The border between the Negative Zone and the Posi-Verse is restored. The Crunch is once again at equilibrium.
A universe dimmed.
The Bright Universe is victorious, but not unscarred.
Defeated, the Negation Wave scatters; a recovered Galactus helps purge what remains as a gesture of goodwill. But the Lawbringers remain out in the shadows. With the seal broken, Charon’s essence is free.
Danik returns the Sigil-Bearers home, before vanishing. The Posi-Verse is far from the same. Scars of war aside, the universe itself is smaller. Around 20% of the Universe was permanently assimilated into the Negative Zone. The reborn Annihilus grows fast, and already schemes to reclaim the Control Rod from R'lalmis.
The balance of intergalactic power is transformed, as the Shi’ar Imperium dies. While some former imperial worlds form a more egalitarian coalition, most have become independent. Chandilar, still occupied by Anthrosians, is powerless to stop them.
And in the end, the galaxy mourns the fallen. Services are held for those who gave their lives.
One is a small affair. His legacy is complicated. The galaxy’s stalwart defender turned war criminal. But in the end, he gave his life so that everything else could live.
Adam Warlock died a hero. For the Sorcerers of the Stars, that is enough.
64 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

AGENTS OF A.R.C.A.N.A. #33 *Negation Tie-In*
Plot by NX01A
Theme Song: The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
•ROLF, ASAP, and TTYL are alien LAWBRINGERS bent on subjugating Earth. Luckily, the SCARLET WITCH has the full stolen power of the Limbo dimension to call on to vanquish them. Unfortunately, there isn't much energy left to stop an even more powerful elder Lawbringer: AARP!
•Her allies beaten around her, armoured MAGIK stands with her Soulsword in hand and a teleporting stepping disc under AARP and everyone else. Next stop: Limbo!
•Time works differently in Limbo, sometimes in many different ways at once. The Scarlet Witch's purloined power drain was a long time ago, and there's a new ruler on the throne of a lush and green Limbo. Will the new head honcho help the former ruler against AARP or simply send demon hordes to eviscerate them all?
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Plot by
Sharon and Kasper pull themselves from the rubble after the attack on the Wakanda-Stark Consortium offices. They have their information and are ready to leave but realize that Beth and Rhodey are still trapped! Their mission is complete so do they move on? Or do they stick around and help free them?
Scorpio and Roz are in Japan hunting down Viper and her trail has led them to the home of one of the most dangerous men on the planet, Gorgon, head of Clan Yashida and White King of the Hellfire Club! But it's the arrival of two more people that have them even more stunned and surprised, The Black Panther and The White Widow Yelena Belova! Why are they here and will Scorpio and Roz still be able to get to Viper?
Back at the offices of Sen Susan Kelly, Jack arrives and is met by a worried Diamondback. She asks if he's okay and how did things go with Nick. He tells her everything, his doubts about Fury, his belief in Kelly's message and the turmoil inside him. Rachel tells him that she's there for him if he needs anything. Jack tells her that he's fine now and that he understands how import the work they do is. They swore to protect America from threats foreign and domestic and that's what he intends to do. As a matter of fact Fury has given him a new assignment. Rachel asks him if he has to leave and he tells here no, he's staying right here. Fury told him what his next assignment is: He has to kill Sen Susan Kelly ! Next Issue: A Day To Remember!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
After the failed experiment of co-existing with the humans on New Caprica, the Cylon Council has re-grouped to assess recent events. Hundreds of thousands of Cylon Raiders were destroyed and three base-stars were lost during the kamikaze attack by Battlestar Pegasus which allowed Galactica and the rest of the humans to escape off the planet! Aside from the retrieval of the human/Cylon hybrid child Hera, it was an utter failure and many lay the blame at the feet of Number Six and Gaius Baltar! They were the ones who wanted "peace", Cylons and humans living together in harmony and urged the others to give it a chance instead of killing the humans. They believed that they could make it work.
But the humans would not stand for the benevolent rule of the Cylons and it all ended in disaster, the hopes of a new human/Cylon society gone. Now D'Anna and the others on the Council will decide the fate of Number Six and Gaius. She more than anyone deserves the blame for this, her "love" for the human Gaius has had catastrophic results! Will Six become the first victim of Cylon on Cylon murder? How will the others react? What will happen to Cylon society? The answer to these questions will have to wait for another time! Six and Gaius have stolen Hera and fled in a Cylon Raider! Will they return Hera to her true parents aboard Battlestar Galactica and try to find sanctuary among the humans? Or will they forge a new path between humans and Cylons and raise Hera as their own, becoming parents of the next stage of evolution?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
T'Challa and Yelena Belova are in Japan looking to have a conversation with Gorgon, White King of The Hellfire Club. There are factions within the Inner Circle of the club led by the White Queen Adrienne Frost looking to strike against T'Challa. Their latest move has been to have the Wakandan criminal Kilmonger join as the Black King. As Yelena continues to layout their plan, T'Challa notices that they are being spied upon by two different forces. Suddenly the Red Queen Viper enters the room and tells them that she and Gorgon are aligned with Frost and that they should leave immediately! However, Gorgon tells them all that he will side with no one and will remain neutral in all Hellfire Club matters. T'Challa thanks him for his time and tells him that he and his team are leaving and tells Fury agents Scorpio and Roz to come along. Everyone else is stunned that they did not notice the two intruders as Gorgon orders the deaths of those who allowed their entry.
T'Challa and the others are on a plane headed back to Wakanda. Roz wants to know how he knew they were there and he tells them he noticed them the minute he was on the estate. They would have wasted their lives in an attempt to kill Viper and their deaths would have mattered for very little. He then turns to Yelena and tells them that the plan succeeded and that she should begin the next phase. She needs to be very convincing if they are to have her join them. The plane lands near the Royal Palace and T'Challa tells W'Kabi to make their guests comfortable. He walks into the throne room to see Shuri, Ramonda and standing next to them Queen Zanda. He greets them and asks Zanda the reason for her visit. Suddenly, a four-year old steps from behind her and she says, "T'Challa, son of T'Chaka! Meet T'Zari, son of T'Challa!" Next Issue: "A child was born the other day, came into the world in an unusual way!"
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

CAPTAIN AMERICA #33 *Negation Tie-In*
In the 1940s, Bucky Barnes was part of what many consider the first “super-team”: the All-Winners Squad. He was young and idealistic, adorned in his nation’s colors and fighting objective evil. The world needed that again…
To confront the danger posed by the Negation Wave, as well as by the dark counterfeit “Avengers,” Bucky channeled the spirit of his lost best friend, Steve Rogers, and reformed the All-Winners Squad with people that he knew he could trust. People that Steve trusted: himself, Black Widow, Mockingbird, and Bonebreaker.
In the New York City Negation Zone, he came close to finally eliminating an old enemy. He nearly had the Soviet scum that stole Steve’s mantle - “Captain America” Arkady Rossovich: Omega Red. But the lawbringer XXTR was simply the bigger threat. He had no choice. There was a reluctant team-up. The all-new All-Winners Squad and the dark Avengers fought together. XXTR was defeated. New York City was saved.
And the All-Winners Squad was captured.
Now, labeled a traitor and a domestic terrorist for attacking “Captain America,” he sits in an inescapable cell, locked away deep within the Vault super-prison near the similarly inescapable cells of the friends that he got into this mess. No lawyers. No speedy trial. M.O.D.O.K.’s big tech companies vilifying him publicly 24/7. The world at the mercy of Omega Cap and the villains he has masquerading as heroes. The Steel Serpent even appropriating the name “Winter Soldier.”
Bucky sees no way out. He has only one, fleeting hope: Will the real Captain America, Steve Rogers, come back and set things right?
Plus: A Frontlines Op-Ed by Sally Floyd, “Bucky Barnes’ All-Extremist Squad 1000% More Dangerous than the Entire Negation Wave: Why We Must React Accordingly”
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Chip Zdarsky
Art by Juan Cabal
Plot by FFJamie94
Everyone asks “How is Deadpool?” but no one asks “Who is Deadpool?” Deadpool doesn’t even know Deadpool. Well, look no further as we begin a new chapter in the life with the Merc with a Mouth. But what happens if he doesn’t want to be a Merc anymore? All these questions and more will be answered in the pages of this very book. With a camper van full of fast food and guns, get in the passenger seat and get a shotgun as we go on the adventure of the lifetime together. You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly, you’ll learn secrets that could change the Universe as we know it. So what are you waiting for? Experience the inner journey of the year with Deadpool.

Plot by KALAI
Written by DAN WATTERS
JOHNNY BLAZE is dead, and his soul falls to Hell.
Without the Spirit of Vengeance, without his Motorcycle, Blaze's soul is powerless.
Fortunately for him, this is not Mephisto's Hell, but unfortunately for him, it's the same in every hell.
The sinner fight each other, as the demons feast on their souls.
The many Hell Lords rule over the many Hell Dimensions, and there is something else below the deepest hell?
Lost and confused, Johnny Blaze's soul almost dies again to other sinner in a fight.
But he sees a Chain cursed with Hell-Fire deep within his own soul.
As Blaze lashes out this chain and destroys the other souls, he finally makes up his mind.
He will escape this hell, no matter the cost.
Down in hell, the only way out is up, and the only way up is to become stronger.
Blaze digs his teeth into the other sinners soul and devours them, and his soul grows stronger.
ZARATHOS laughs as he looks through a hell mirror and sees Blaze's soul burn brighter in Hell's flame!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Written by MATT KINDT
Bruce Banner’s body and mind have been… traumatized, to say the least. There was his abusive childhood. Then the bombardment of gamma radiation that made him the Hulk. Then the machinations of the In-Betweener and his time off-world. More recently, the One More Day event “killed” the gamma radiation in his system. Then there was a trip to Hell and the lingering effects of Mephisto’s magic. Then a massive influx of anti-magic energy from the Negative Zone thanks to the Negation Wave. Once the Negation effect is over… who knows what he’ll transform into?
Will he be man or monster? Or both? Or neither?
This fear… this uncertainty… is overpowering. One way or another, this chapter of Banner’s journey is coming to an end. But he can’t worry now.
Bruce’s “Credible Hulk” persona is losing a debate to the eloquent and elegant insect Amicilus. He can smash the brainy bug’s logical fallacies easy enough, but Amicilus has raw charisma and a ready retort for almost all his points.
Yet when Annihilus dies and the Lawbringers take over, can Banner possibly argue Amicilus into rejecting the sway of the anti-magic-infused Cosmic Control Rod?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
THANOS warned EROS about all the coming threats to the universe, but THANOS has been missing ever since.
EROS finds out that the Infinity Stones are not fully awake, this is why Dark Mind send Thanosi clones to attack him.
The Dark Infinity are hiding outside ETERNITY and INFINITY, so that they can be prepared for the coming war.
Using the Space Throne, STARFOX travels to the Anchor of Reality where the universe is anchored in the Superflow.
It appears the Dark Infinity came here to open a portal to another plane of existence.
EROS tracks them to a new Meta-Space, where most of the Dark Infinity are asleep.
But Dark Mind is awake, and it is preparing for the Awakening of all the stones.
These Dark Infinity Beings are the children of Nemesis, the Infinity Being.
STARFOX is attacked by Dark Heart, the Seventh Stone, created by the Infinity King.
Before he is killed by the Dark Heart, THANOS suddenly emerges from EROS's shadows, and in his hand a COSMIC CUBE.
The Cube almost imprisons all the Infinity Stones, but the Awakening is here and the Dark Infinity escape.
Eros and Thanos were too late to stop the Dark Infinity.
But the Mad Titan tells STARFOX that there is still a way to stop the Dark Infinity, THE NULL FORCE.
Check out Infinity Effect#7 (2015) by MCGAFFER & MARVELL2100 to know more about the Null Force.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
After being rescued by Agent 13 and Kasper Kole see: Black Panther #25! Merry Marv!, Beth and Rhodey have another mystery to solve! Who attacked the Wakanda-Stark Consortium? However, they've already solved the mystery of the person stealing highly classified tech that was being developed as a new energy source. So they send a message to Riri Williams and tell her to meet them at the Stark Center in Denver, CO. That's where they'll find their spy!
In a facility at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, a lone figure stares at dozens of monitors. He's been secretly observing all the major players on the planet including world leaders, top scientists, superheroes and even a President or two. With the information and technology that he's recently acquired from Stark, he can begin his final plan. It's time for the world to meet The Maker!
Tony wakes up to the sound of a ringing doorbell and pounding on his door. He looks over at Maria who's still asleep. It's 4:00 AM, so who's up this early beating on his door and why hasn't his security system removed this person from the property? As he opens the door, he can't believe what he's seeing! It has to be some kind of cruel joke by his enemies. He reaches for his phone to call the authorities but the person stops him. "I know it's hard to believe but it's true, I've come home. It's really me son, it's your, father Howard Stark!" Next Issue: Father Knows Best!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

THE MIGHTY THOR #33 *Negation Tie-In*
Written by ALAN MOORE
“FKQR, I would have words with thee!”
King Thor has returned with violent gusto, his negation into humble mortal Dr. Donald Blake at long last reverted! Thor’s divine wrath and thunderous blows begin to turn the tide of the lawbringer assault! Will Asgard be saved?
Yet despite his fury, how Thor managed to return continues to shake him to his mighty foundation… and causes the All-Father to fear, not just for Asgard, but for the future of all Nine Realms…
Thor knew that the god of souls, Ond, risked much to locate and unshackle him. A more valiant heart did not exist. Yet the two Asgardians remained in the Darque Hold - the largest citadel in the inverted World Tree known as K’Lay.
“Nephew, did you really think you could leave without saying goodbye?”
The elder god Chthon ruled here… and he reduced an All-Father to a mere messenger boy.
“Go and tell my sister Gaea, from whose foul womb you sprang, that I hereby invoke the challenge… Immortal Combat.”
Thor knew not what this challenge meant, though he suspected his mother would - and that it could spell disaster.
“Go now. But go alone. Your god of souls is mine!”
For the lost Ond, Thor vows to bring Chthon low! But is such a thing even possible? And what is Immortal Combat?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
“Conditional Carnage”
Bad Seed. Scourge of St. Estes. Chief Petty Officer. Agent Carnage. Scarlet Spider.
Cletus Kasady has had a lot of names, a lot of faces. Some masks disguised, some revealed.
But, as his alien symbiote rebuilds his adamantium-poisoned brain, the question is not who Carnage was but who Carnage will be.
Zemo isn’t going to leave that to chance, and time is of the essence. So he pulls Moonstone off Archangel duty (over her strenuous objections) to build a total sensory conditioning program for Kasady.
Ordinarily the opportunity would excite Karla, but given that Archangel’s condition is deteriorating, she has a nasty feeling that it’s really not the time.
Not to mention that Kasady didn’t leave them any notes on what the hell the deal is with his symbiote.
Norah Winters begins to understand what Ramses wanted from her when he reached out to her as a source. Now that she’s embedded in AKKΔBA as a junior member, he’s begun feeding her topics to cover: puff pieces for him and his associates, attacks on their enemies, the usual favors a cult wants from a reporter.
Norah knows there’s a big story to break here. But how much is she willing to risk to break it?
On the other hand, Dallas Riordan continues her attempts to suss out the secrets behind Zemo’s dirty accounting. An uncharacteristically sloppy error seems at first to be a promising lead — until it turns out to lead back to Songbird instead. Can she and Radioactive Man find a way to explain away the funds they’ve been secretly using to support Troll?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writers: Christopher Priest, Malcolm Jones & Joshua Dysart
Artists: Stefano Caselli(pgs. 1-16), Adi Granov(pgs. 17-32) & Salvadore Larroca(pgs. 33-48)
Plot By Marvell2100
The LMDs have been remade, far better, more human than they ever were before. The artificial skin developed by Toni Stark looks and feels real. Their brains masked and enhanced by electromagnetic fields that resemble organic brain functions. Each of them has been programmed with their assignments and are ready to be sent out into the world. Max Fury looks on as Coal Tiger adds the final element into the LMD's artificial intelligence, the Brivanium that they brought along with them. With it, even a psychic couldn't tell that they are not human. The LMDs will replace key players in every country around the world until all governments and businesses are infiltrated, even these so-called superheroes. Max thinks to himself, they will all pay for killing his brothers and sisters, especially Nick Fury. He was the one that ordered the genocide of all LMDs and he's going to pay dearly for that. The Quiet War has begun!
In the Artic, a long figure has travelled as far as she could but the elements are too much. As she falls in the snow, she thinks back to what happened and how she failed to stop it. Before she blacks out, she swears that she can feel someone picking her up and carrying her. But that must be her mind playing tricks on her before she dies.
48 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Tom Grummett
“Challengers of the Unknown!”
Our formerly fantastic foursome have tried numerous ways to thwart the invading Lawbringers. All so far have failed. One hope remains and that is the device used to up Sue’s powers (What? You missed One More Day? How dare you!) to try and restore the team’s powers. A flight into space to attack a Lawbringers’ ship and using the device to enhance cosmic rays in the area may (hopefully) restore powers to our team.
The Pogo Plane is outfitted and the flight takes place in an attempt at duplicating the miracle in a bottle that caused the team’s first powering up. And even powered up, will our fabulous fantastic heroes be able to stop the invading forces with the vast majority of the world’s heroes depowered?
Cheer up, fans, something will happen this issue. However, we’re not sure Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny are going to like it. But we think you will. If, of course, your buy the furshluggin’ book.
32 PGs/ Rated T...$3.99

As Negation rages across the universe, the Age of Marvels is proud to present an anthology about the war at home - Earth!
Born Jessán Hoan, the financial expert turned criminal turned hero is better known as Tyger Tiger: current Chancellor of the Southeast Asian Principality of Madripoor. As the island nation’s leader, it was her responsibility to keep her people safe during from the Negation Wave. Yet her small country was outmatched by the Lawbringer MZDG…
The Mandarin offered unsolicited assistance, yet he and his PRC masters had long sought to claim Madripoor for themselves - to both exploit the financial district of Uptown and crush the assorted “extra-legal” activities of Lowtown. Tyger doesn’t want China to get a foothold anywhere within Madripoor. Has the Negation Wave left her with a new problem?
Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Ariela Kristantina
In the aftermath of Negation, all corners of the Marvel universe have been rocked by the CROSSGENESIS.
And it seems that includes... the bottom of the sea.
Jennifer Kale follows the magical aftermath of a brief flash of Energy Transcendent to an ancient Atlantean ruin on the sea floor. And by Ancient, we mean ancient. Pre-Cataclysm Atlantis. The era of Zhered-Na. Which, given that she became fluent in Pre-Cataclysmic Atlantean when translating the Tome of Zhered-Na as a high schooler, mean Jennifer Kale is a perfect fit to investigate.
But she won’t be alone. For when it comes to matters of Atlantis, it’s sovereign king is never far behind.
Namor and Jennifer team up to investigate this potential Sigil awakening. What lost secrets of the past will they discover?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JIM STARLIN
Plot by KALAI
Art by RON LIM
Together, The Titans and Inhumans finally fight back the Lawbringers and the hordes of Negative Zone.
ANGELA chops off BLASTAAR's hand, and he escapes with his own Anti-Magic, vowing vengeance.
GENIS-VELL stands alone against the Gods.
He makes the argument that the Anti-Nova will become the new God and destroy them all.
As the Anti-Nova's great powers strikes fear to the Proemial Gods, they decide to join Genis and invade the Realm of Oblivion.
But the new Avatar of Oblivion, THANE is waiting for them. Along with Thane is a great army of darkness.
Oblivion believes that the Posi-verse will soon fall into the Negative Zone.
And this will push the cosmos closer to Oblivion.
Thane stands against his former friends. But could this all be a ruse?
The Son of Thanos will make a choice that will change the universe?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Event tie-in miniseries
Written by JOE KELLY
Remember when we all thought the Human Torch died in the Negative Zone but it turned out that they had bug medicine that could bring him back to life? Well that’s happening here - to the whole team!
Paste Pot Pete thought the entire Insecticide Squad was dead dead (like, Uncle Ben dead), but instead they’ve been brought back to life as negative versions of themselves to serve the Lawbringers just like Anti-Nova!
Jihad is now Anti-Jihad!
Ruby Thursday is now Jade Tuesday!
Turner D. Century is now Zoomer D. Century, a straight fire big mad yeeter! Periodt!
Manslaughter Marsdale is now First-Degree Premeditated Murder Marsdale!
Typeface is now Free-Handface!
The Matador is now a bull!
Toughy Tomcat is now Wimpy Femmecat!
Pink Pearl is now Baby Blue Pearl (but still really fat)!
And Armless Tiger Man is now Multi-Armed Liger Man!
What a dilemma! Paste Pot Pete is within sight of his objective: getting POTUS clear of the D.C. Negation Zone. But when his choices become save the President or free his squad-mates from mind control, what’s he gonna choose? (Yeah, it’s extremely likely that he’ll choose to just get out of danger as soon as he possibly can. Can you blame him? Would you want to risk getting turned into Dissolving Dish Dan?).
Prepare for the (anti)climactic conclusion to the essential Negation tie-in!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by MARK MILLAR
The Negaflow Vortex is draining the Superflow into the Negative Zone.
EX NIHILO and ABYSS sacrifice themselves to stop the Vortex.
STARBRAND and QUASAR are brutally murdered by Lawbringers as PHYLLA tries to escape but fails and dies.
All hope seems lost as MAR-VELL and RONAN make their last stand against the Lawbringers in the ruins of Hala.
MOLECULE MAN collapse to his knees as he feels all the death in his mind.
However, Lawbringer SPHN tells Owen that there is still a way. A forbidden Anti-Magic.
Using Molecule Man as a conduit, Syphonn performs the Anti-Necromancy ritual.
All the Guardians are suddenly resurrected on Hala, along with all the fallen Accusers.
Mar-Vell leads the resurrected Accusers and destroys their enemies.
But what could this possibly mean for the team in the future?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by MARK MILLAR
The Event of Negation has left the galaxy broken, Shi'ar has fallen, Kree has fallen, Skrull has fallen.
But the Guardians are here to help the galaxy rebuild.
HIGH EVOLUTIONARY and EX NIHILO are developing a new kind of cosmic crop. They evolve every plant in Kree Empire and now they have a garden. But they have yet to test this new cosmic crop that can grow anywhere.
The Guardians decide to ask a favor from an old foe, EGO THE LIVING PLANET.
But something is wrong with Ego, Negation has also had its effect on this cosmic being.
When Negation Wave arrived, the Anti-Magic negated all powers, including Egros.
He was separated from his celestial body, and the planet went unconscious.
But someone else has taken an advantage of the situation, and uploaded its mind into the celestial brain.
As PHYLLA-VELL and QUASAR approaches the Living Planet, they see its face change, and from the mouth of the planet floods millions of cyber-insects. Arthrosians from Negation infected with Ultron-Virus, except there is a twist.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

NEGATION: WAR #4 (of 4)
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front
“Unfinished” - Part Four
Written by Tony Bedard
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Paul Pelletier
The meaning of justice changes in a revolution. And so too does it change in peacetime.
In the aftermath of the Negation Wave’s defeat (see Negation #4, on sale now!), the Lawbringers’ empire of prison states has come to an end.
Oberon Kaine was a man fighting a war that would never end, that he could never win. But now the war has ended. He won.
What place does a freedom fighter have when the fighting stops?
A story 20 years in the making finally comes to a close.
“The First Negation”
Written by Al Ewing
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner
So, Negation’s finale didn’t have enough backstory for you, hmm?
Then you’re in luck, because here we present a tale from the dawn of time: the First Negation!
When our universe began, the last survivors of what came before were “upcycled” into the Proemial Entities. Galactus. Charon. Solusandra. Brio. Antiphon. Aegis. Tenebrous. Diableri. Phoenix. Others whose names and deeds are lost and forgotten.
All had their part to play in the game of Cosmic Consonance. Some, like Galactus, set about fulfilling their purposes with steadfast obedience to the dictates of Eternity.
But many, too many, grew dissatisfied. To have the power of gods but no agency of their own did not sit well with them.
Charon, intended steward of the Negative Zone, burned a swath through his realm, consuming worlds indescriminately, leaving the barren waste you can recognize the Negative Zone by today. Converting their life into the Force Opposite, his counterpart to the Power Cosmic, he created his army of seekers, his heralds, the Lawbringers.
Others, like Aegis and Tenebrous, followed suit. And so began the great Titanomachy of the Proemial Gods.
For most of these rogue entities, the Incubators that birthed them became their prisons. Collected upon the border of the Crunch, in time these prisons became known collectively as the Kyln.
But Charon was more difficult. He destroyed his own Incubator. It seemed as though he was destined to roam free, when Solusandra the Lifebringer sacrificed herself. To defeat Charon, she sealed herself in her own cradle, and took Charon with her.
In the chaos, the incubator, this Empyreal Prison, was lost in the wastes of the Negative Zone. And though Galactus did not realize it, the Lawbringers survived. They rallied around this Incubator, making the first of their eventual prison empire.
They could not release their god, no, but they would find a loophole. Even if it took eons.
Negative. Negation. Negated. It was all too much. Imbalanced. All and everything shifted toward the (-). It should be more… in between.
The In-Betweener is the embodiment of duality and balance (+/-). By his observation, the Negation Wave has tipped the scales too far… it is time to intervene!
And there is an army to back him up. Two armies, more accurately. The Regimented Forces of Order and the Confederate Horde of Chaos. These white and black clad fighting units have been cultivated separately by the In-Betweener for some time. When unleashed… which will prove more affective?
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Written by J.M.DeMatteis
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Sara Pichelli
“You and Your Little Dog, Too!”
Peter has been doing what he can to help his Aunt May financially since losing his most lucrative video subject. Namely, himself dressed in a superhero suit beating up bad guys. See Peter looking for work after school and not having much luck with businesses not hiring due to near constant Lawbringers creative havoc and general mayhem (promoted from colonel mayhem for exemplary call to duty).
Powerless, but still with an in at the Bugle’s webpage, Pete figures that somehow busting the thugs who were hassling Flash would be a great way to get some bucks with a story exposing a gang related gambling operation based on high school sports. Join the NooScoob gang (Pete = Shaggy, Gwen=Velma, Flash=Fred, and Mary Jane=Daphne) in their latest adventure.
And who is the mysterious shadowy friend of the Vulture working on his release from prison?.
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UNCANNY X-MEN #33 *Negation Tie-In*
Plot by NX01A
Written by KURT BUSIEK
Theme Song: Space Oddity (Cmdr Chris Hadfield cover)
•Claws able to slice through steel and soul. Psychic fire housed in a form whose mere touch is death. Unstoppable force coming from an unstoppable body. A storm goddess wielding the thunder and riding the lightning. Mutant magic is here, and it has turned four X-Men into the eschaton-level threat the enemies of mutantkind have always warned about. Luckily, that power was turned against the invading alien LAWBRINGERS, not humanity.
•Having dispatched YOLO, IIRC, and TLDR, a telepathic summons draws CYCLOPS, PHENEX, STORM, and WOLVERINE to the old Westchester School for Gifted Youngsters where the XAVIER-MAGNETO gestalt known as ONSLAUGHT has bested OMFG. The five know humanity will do its worst against them, that alien threats will always bombard Earth, and that there is only one alternative to ensure mutant survival.
•With the help of the demon-mutants, the X-Men combine their powers and magic with stolen Lawbringer knowledge and technology to teleport the island of Krakatoa 384,000 kilometers to float in the L5 Lagrange point beside Earth and the Moon. Krakatoa is no more. Introducing Asteroid X!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99