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AGENTS OF A.R.C.A.N.A. #10 Written by GRANT MORRISON Plot by NX01A Art by JEROME OPEÑA Theme Song: Mariah Carey - Fantasy “X-CULT PART 5: I HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE CHANGE” •ELSA BLOODSTONE and DOCTOR VOODOO continue to work out their marital issues and seem finally close to a breakthr... No. That's not right. Or is that just the discomfort of the Saitama Commune's couples meta-cognitive therapy talking? •MAGIK and the SCARLET WITCH feel more at peace than ever, as though the trials and tribulations occasioned by being mutant sorceresses are being blissfully drained away in the heat of a psychic sauna. •And at the center of this Centre sits SELENE. Mogul. Immortal. Mutant. Magician. Vampire. It takes a bit of everything to look this good at 18,000 years old, but the signs of advancing age are showing more and more, and what it takes to banish them increases with each passing millennium. •DOCTOR STRANGE and PROFESSOR X can surely put a stop to whatever Selene is doing... if only their astral bodies can escape the psionic pleasure and pain webs they're become stuck in while trying to enter the Commune! •The story concludes in UNCANNY X-MEN #10 on sale now! 32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

ASTONISHING ANT-MAN AND THE WASP #9 WRITTEN BY CHRISTOS GAGE PLOT BY DEKU ART BY DAN MORA COVER BY DAN MORA Ant-Man and the Wasp storm Egghead’s base to stop his plan, There, they discover what he wants with Singularity and the insane lengths we will go to, to achieve his goals. 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

BLACK PANTHER: KING OF WAKANDA #2 Written by MALCOLM JONES Plot by MARVELL2100 Art by ADI GRANOV "TO THE VICTOR..." The world sits on edge as reactions to Wakanda's recent actions continue to reverberate around the globe! In Washington, the President calls his Cabinet together to discuss what their next move will be. Although there are those who hoped that it would never come to this, The POTUS declares that it is time to enact the Wakandan Protocols! In Wakanda, Queen Zanda of the recently defeated country of Niganda, is in a meeting with King T'Challa in his private chambers...working out terms of her surrender. Later, T'Challa gathers his Council composed of PM Shuri, General Okoye, Erik Killmonger,leader of the Hatute Zeraze(black ops), Nakia, leader of the Dora Milaje/Midnight Angels(elite forces) and W'Kabi, Defense Minister. T'Challa knows that other nations will make plans to act against them, many of them joining forces. After the meeting is over, T'Challa pulls one member of the Council aside and tells them that they must follow the plan to the letter, no matter how bad things will look! The next day, a Wakandan aircraft departs with three lone passengers on board, T'Challa, W'Kabi and General Okoye. W'Kabi asks the King where they are headed. T'Challa gives a wry grin, "Our enemies will gather many allies against us. We travel to gather the only ally we will need for the coming war!" Next Issue: Savage Days! Bonus Material: Somewhere in the future -With the stolen Vibranium now in his possession, he can finally begin to bring his life's work to fruition! He has sacrificed and lost so much! But, he is one step closer to achieving his ultimate dream and killing the two men he hates most in the world: Tony Stark and the Black Panther! 32 PGs./Rated M... .99 cents

CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 Plot by EXCITER Written by FRANK MILLER Art by SEAN GORDON MURPHY “BRAVE NEW M.O.D.O.K.” The year is 2049, and M.O.D.O.K.’s plan has succeeded... With mass-produced Super Adaptoids flooding the market, the working class have been essentially automated out of existence. Where once all anyone needed was a strong work ethic to succeed, now human labor is virtually worthless, and the vast majority of people live in poverty. M.O.D.O.K.’s Intelligentsia rules from ivory towers in coastal cities - and, he believes, does so benevolently. Inhumane meat and toxic gluten have been outlawed. Lines for the recommended daily allotment of nutritional soy-based foodstuffs are a reasonable four hours long on average. Dangerous instruments like guns and sharp knives can only be possessed by government agents. Potentially harmful ideologies and activities like Christianity and pro football have been criminalized. Predatory men who make unsolicited advances upon women are summarily executed. All is well! With celebrity now the most noble virtue, the public is largely mollified by streaming devices and social media. Sanitation squads are swiftly dispatched to cancel those few who vocalize problematic opinions. But not all bow. Those who can’t afford the crushing carbon tax face imprisonment for breathing and begin to resist. Many people want their precious freedoms back, and an elderly Steve Rogers leads the charge! But can even he combat M.O.D.O.K.’s brand of progress? If he couldn’t defeat one Super Adaptoid when he was in his prime (see CAPTAIN AMERICA #8), how can he possibly beat a national workforce of them now? Meanwhile, Mockingbird looks out upon the borderless land she effectively rules as M.O.D.O.K.’s domestic partner and thinks... What have I done? Her intentions were good, but somehow she didn’t see “George Tarleton” for what he was... a tyrant. He currently busies himself constructing a time machine because, in M.O.D.O.K.’s view, the continued existence of garbage people like Rogers is due solely to the fact that their current utopia was built upon the bones of the America that Rogers’ once captained - a fundamentally unfair, oppressive, and irrationally dangerous place. M.O.D.O.K. plans to change that by removing things from the past... but can Mockingbird execute her plan instead and get back on the right side of history? Plus: A Frontlines 2049 Op-Ed by Salvatore Floyd, “Notorious Fascist Racist Misogynist Steve Rogers Continues to Threaten the National Safe Space: Why We All Must Do Our Part to End his Macro-Aggressions.” 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE ENFORCERS #10 Written by GREG RUCKA Plot by LEE STONE Art by STEVE EPTING "DEAD SILENCE" The Enforcers are hired to protect a prestigious scientist aboard a top secret floating lab in the Pacific, but find themselves in peril when the it is targeted by terrorists that shut down the facility's power and disable the generators. The team has to race against time to defeat the terrorists while keeping a deadly mutagen contained. 32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

FANTASTIC FOUR #10 Written by KELLY SUE DECONNICK Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by TOM GRUMMETT “FOUR DEGREES FROM EVERYONE” Written by KELLY SUE DECONNICK Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by special guest NEIL ADAMS “THE BIG FOUR – O” Wendy Winter’s ex-roommate, a blind sculptress named Alicia Masters may have a connection with the mind control manifestation and the women need our heroes’ help. Can Ben and Johnny work with the often troublesome Ms. Winter long enough to help a damsel in distress? Reed Richards examination of the captured super-powered Vladimir the Chimpanzee, Leon the Orangutan, and Josef the Gorilla shows that the Fantastic Four’s powers may not be an isolated occurrence. It’s a shame the Red Ghost escaped last issue, isn’t it? And will Area 44 want to claim the apes from their stay on Califournication? The Thinker has gone off on her own and has found the mysterious person behind the mind control. This combination is not going to be a good thing (pun unintended). Who is this mysterious Puppet Master? And you also find out just who the mysterious Benjamin Franklin really is. Yeah, it’s tres awesome. In our special back-up story, it’s Susan Storm, MD, candidate for Senator, and the Invisible Woman with Oprah. 32 PGs./ Rated T...$2.99

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #2 Written by JOSHUA DYSART Plot by MARVELL2100 Art by SALVADOR LARROCA “THE TIN MAN HAS NO HEART” In the year 2515, Earth is a devastated world with only pockets of humanity left. The great cities are nearly destroyed. Young Tony Stark looks at the destruction all around him with the words of Kang Still ringing in his ears, "You are to blame!" As he asks what happened to Earth, Kang tells Tony that his dream of taking humanity to the stars was accomplished but it came at a terrible price! Contact with alien races led to Earth to becoming a target. Being a young race in a vast universe, it was no match for the older races who stripped of it's resources and left it as a broken husk. Earth's defenders fought valiantly but they were overwhelmed and died in defense of their world. You caused this Tony, Kang continues, because of your ego and pride believing that you could venture into the black and not escape the notice of the gods, tyrants and demons who inhabit the universe. As he prepares to depart, Kang leaves Tony with a warning: Stay home Earth man, you are not ready for the future. Do not let your foolish notions cause the destruction of all that you hold dear. Hours later, Kang reappears in another location in this timeframe. A figure hides in the shadows and asks Kang if he was successful. Kang tells him yes, Tony Stark will not be a problem and their plans can proceed. Here is the technology that you will need. Arno Starks steps forward to accept his prize. "You were always the favored Tony", he thinks to himself. "This time I will be the one to lead Earth to the stars and you will be nothing but a forgotten memory"! Bonus material: No one else saw it coming. No one else knew the devastation that would mark a major changing point in human history. She did. She tried to warn them. But no one would listen. The Iron Man of the 24th century Riri Williams looks and sees a world run by robots, where free will is dead and humans serve A.I. masters! And its all the fault of one man, her mentor Tony Starks! 32 PGs./Rated T+... .99 cents

MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #10 Written by CHIP ZDARSKY Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by KRIS ANKA "SWIM AWAY: PART THREE" - Three hours have passed since ALANI RYAN, and NORRIN RADD disappeared from the BLAZING PERSON festival. Or at least that's how it appears in the real world. In the undersea realm of LAMASHTU it's already been Three weeks, and every moment is terror. - Luckily the mysterious arrival of the RUNAWAYS might be a blessing in disguise. With the LIQUID MIRROR, and a little bit of ingenuity things will go swimmingly. Hopefully. - With half of his team missing, and his cousin being out of her mind NAMOR must look towards the sky in order to fill the void in the Earth. The only thing he knows for certain is that RICHARD FISK could bring the world to ruin, and not even realize it. - ANA KRAVINOFF loses her corporate sponsorship, and more. So much for nepotism in PART THREE of our thrilling story. 32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

THE MIGHTY THOR #10 Plot by EXCITER Written by ALAN MOORE Art by MIKE MIGNOLA “YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED...” part two “UNTIL DEATH” Well-wishers prayed it would be the happiest of days, but the Royal Wedding of Prince Thor and Lady Sif was fated to end in tragedy. As the All-Father Odin completed his grand speech, he was viciously stabbed in the gut by one whom he never believed would dare betray him... his wife and Thor’s stepmother, Queen Frigga! The All-Mother, a Vanir of Vanaheim, declared her actions taken on behalf of her people - to throw off the shackles of oppression long ago foisted upon them by the rulers of the Nine Realms - Odin’s Asgardian Aesir. And she wasn’t alone. Regicide was the signal to her rebel cabal. It meant “begin the attack!” The Draugr of Niffleheim under the skeletal undead King Thrain. The Dark Elves of Svartalfheim under their sorcerous master Malekith. The ever-burning warriors of Musphelheim under Aldrnari the Incinerator. The reptilian Jormungandi under their dragon overlord Fin Fang Foom. And the men of Midgard, under General Thunderbolt Ross, with his his newest recruit - Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut! These unlikely armies breech the walls of a distracted and unprepared Asgard, plunging the Realms into civil war! So begins the Götterdämmerung... Thor, a pregnant Sif, and their wedding party that includes Bruce Banner, new King of Jotunheim Loki, and the troll leader Ulik, are immediately placed on the defensive. Holding Asgard may be impossible, but can Thor even manage to lead a retreat and recover his father’s body? Plus, Balder the Brave is a god torn between two Realms. Unlike Thor and Loki, he is the blood child of both Odin and Frigga: half Aesir, half Vanir, with allegiance to both. Will he fight his own mother... or join her? 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

MOON KNIGHT #4 Writer: MATT WAGNER Plot by LEE STONE Artist: FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA "SHADOWS IN THE MOONLIGHT" Midnight returns to Marc's life, bringing Calypso with him! Fresh from dealing with the Gilded Lily last issue, Shroud gives Moon Knight a guided tour of Los Angeles and the last stop is death when Calypso crashes the party. The two heroes are forced into combat, each mistaking the other for a psychotic killer. Midnight will either break Moon Knight or kill him. Which will it be? 32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

OLD MOON CRONE #10 Written by AMY REEDER Plot by CAPTCLEGHORN Art by VERONICA FISH “THE TINY SHIP WAS TOSSED…” Beneath the Pacific Ocean lies the lost undersea kingdom of Lemuria. Unheard from for nearly two centuries, agents from the undersea realm have been alarmed by the arrival of the Badoon and the resulting increased actions from recently submerged behemoths. What do these blue-skinned warriors want with our brave crew? In order to find out what’s up (actually down, but hey, it’s the English language) with the Lemurians, Lunella and the Recorder take an audience with the current Lemurian monarchy. For those of you interested in the science Lunella whips up, she was creating devices to extract oxygen from water (she hated sim lessons as a kid) but can she come up with something to stop the bends? Yes, kids, STEM is important. Meanwhile on deck, Jim Hammond’s reacting poorly to the Lemurians, evidently having some history with water breathing beings. Can Killraven and the Torch manage to get the waterized Whiz Wagon to Monster Isle, or will our male crew members have to decide who plays Leo to Lunella’s Kate? 32 PGs./ Rated T...$2.99

RUNAWAYS #10 Written by KELLY THOMPSON Plot by PERSONAMANX Art by DAVID LAFUENTE "SWIM AWAY: PART FOUR" - TIGRA, and ROGUE are unable to dry themselves in what can only be described as a "fishy situation." - VICTOR MANCHA finally wakes up, but his assailant continues to deny herself as being LORNA DANE. It's hard to lie about green hair, but she appears to be just as confused as everyone else in DEATH VALLEY. - Having accompanied NAMOR, MOLLY, and GERT are having a rather awkward sky adventure. Thankfully DR. LANGOWSKI's patented fairy formula allows them to stay afloat. Along the way they meet a friendly vulture who sings a lovely song about magic. - Meanwhile CHASE, and ALEX get into a fistfight over a girl who isn't interested in either of them. They're really not helping anyone in this situation. - In a shocking flash-back that contains a flash-forward we discover NICO MINORU's dark ties to LAMASHTU. But will anyone besides KAROLINA even care? I mean, they haven't talked to anyone else in like 6 issues. - For all this, and more continue reading the crossover event of decade in MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #11. 32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #10 Written by CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS Plot by DEKU Art by GURIHIRU Cover by GURIHIRU -The Island of Manhattan might not have been turned into Dinosaur people, but Jennifer’s friends have. This is exactly the type of thing that she did not want to happen. Can Jennifer stop Stegron and turn her friends back? 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

SORCERERS OF THE STARS #4 Written by JEFF PARKER Plot by H-E-D Art by DUSTIN WEAVER "WAR?" On the advice of Adam Warlock, the Shi’ar Empire takes steps to increase it’s magical capabilities. Unfortunately for Ika, the Crystalline Conjuror, the first of those steps was the annexation of her homeworld Crystalium into the Shi’ar Empire! Nobody thought to ask her about that, of course. Or the people of Crystallium for that matter. As the planet descends into the chaos of resistance, Moondragon is determined to keep the Sorcerers of the Stars neutral. But can the team’s freshly forged bonds survive the strain of war? Those bonds are tested when they discover that one of their own is leading the charge! As a member of the Imperial Guard, and their sole sorcerer, Magique finds herself on the front lines of the Shi’ar conquest. Will Ika hold the peace, or join the revolution? Will Mantis follow the group, or her heart? Star-Lord trusts Adam, but he’s not sure how conquest squares with the Master of the Sun’s doctrine of balance. The people of Crystalium are hopelessly outmatched, even with their magic. How high a price is their prince willing to pay to regain his people’s independence? 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

THE ULTIMATES #4 Written by KIERON GILLEN Plot by H-E-D Art by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO (main story); ARIELA KRISTANTINA (backup) "THE SIX SIEGES” Part 1 – “DAMAGED LADY” With Nul vanished, and Imogen’s empire at an end, the Ultimates return to Earth – with an imprisoned Imogen in tow. No sooner than when Carol finishes processing the paperwork for Imogen’s imprisonment does Roma of Otherworld arrive to extradite the defeated warlord. She reveals that Imogen is actually a denizen of Otherworld. The daughter of Cymbeline turned criminal, she fled through the Siege Perilous centuries ago. Turns out that galactic warlords don’t just have the names of characters from Shakespeare for no reason. Carol definitely isn’t bitter about that wasted paperwork. (She is definitely bitter) The Ultimates accompany Roma as she drags Imogen kicking and screaming back to Otherworld – but with the Nul situation diffused, will the team even stay together? Karma begins to realize that this superteam business is going to really eat into the time she has to spend on her business business. Shevaun is a bit miffed that it’s taken a team-up with a bunch of Americans to get an invite to the collective magical subconscious of her homeland. She’s also annoyed by the fact that Jennifer Kale has apparently been so many times. After her adventures in space, Monica was hoping for time to ground herself again on Earth. Otherworld is not a great place for that. Blue Marvel believes that magic is nothing but science he doesn’t understand yet – can that belief survive Otherworld intact? When the Sentry notices Imogen becoming suspiciously calm, he dismisses his worries as paranoia – he is hearing voices, after all. But just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean he isn’t right. Imogen has lost everything – her power, her empire, her freedom. But a wounded animal is the most dangerous kind. What does she have planned? PLUS, find out what happened to Nul after he got his hands on the Crucible. Turns out it was not at all fine and holds many grave consequences for the future. We’re very sorry for the mix-up. Nul has used the Crucible to travel across dimensions and reclaim his Hammer, and thus his sanity. Now. he’s going to collect the Hammers of the rest of the Worthy. One down, seven to go… 32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

UNCANNY X-MEN #10 Written by KURT BUSIEK Plot by NX01A Art by PEPE LARRAZ Theme Song: David Bowie - Golden Years “X-CULT PART 6/FINALE: I AM BECOMING” •While CYCLOPS, X-23, STORM, and NIGHTCRAWLER deal with the armed guards, it's up to JEAN GREY and AGATHA HARKNESS to free the astral bodies of PROFESSOR X and DOCTOR STRANGE from the sybaritic psionicists restraining them! •Even with the combined resources of magicians and mutants, can they stop SELENE? Should they? In exchange for feeding her and keeping her youthful, Selene's patients and followers receive true enlightenment even at the cost of years of their lives. Would you rather be blissfully happy for a few years or miserable for a century? 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99