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Plot by NX01A
Theme Song: Sting & Cheb Mami - Desert Rose
'Project Sulfur' Part 1 'Diabolique'
•Limbo is an Eden where happy demons frolic and play in meadow and forests with the entrails of their new master's victims, the newest being the late elder alien LAWBRINGER formerly known as AARP.
•Limbo's throne burns with alchemical fire, and upon it sits Esteban Corazón de Ablo. The power vacuum and time dilation created with the SCARLET WITCH stole MAGIK's power to fight off the Lawbringers created an opportunity, one which DIABLO couldn't resist!
•Naked with their arcana inhibited by magicalchemical agents in the garden of Limbo, AARKUS the VISION, DOCTOR STRANGE, DOCTOR VOODOO, ELSA BLOODSTONE, and AGATHA HARKNESS must find some way to dethrone Diablo before the next part of his nefarious plan begins. He didn't leave them alive for nothing.
•Illyana and Wanda finally throw down with fists and feet!
•Dr. Ted Sallis sacrificed his MAN-THING abilities in PSYCHO-MAN's weird-world to save his friends but he feels something similar to his former power in the plants of the garden. Out of a stream rises a voluptuous mass of moss and muck which claims to be his dead wife, Dr. Ellen Brandt... the WOMAN-THING!
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
Nomad has his orders from Fury! In two days he has to kill Sen. Susan Kelly! Rachel asks Jack is this something that he's ready for. He tells her what he told Fury, "This isn't my first kill and it won't likely be my last." He tells her that he's alright, all of his doubts have gone and he knows what they do is important. Let's just get ready to finish the job.
Agent 13 and Kasper Kole contact Fury and the Black Panther with the information that they've uncovered at the Wakanda-Stark Consortium. They know who the spy is and have given that info to Stark's people. The ask Fury should they take out the spy but he tells them no. He tells them to return to base. There's something going on in Antarctica that they need to check out.
Elsewhere at a lavish dinner, Aleksander and Alexandra Lukin are welcoming guests into their home, among them is Sen Kelly. The Lukins give her a warm greeting and introduce her to many of their powerful friends. They tell her that they support her ideas and would love to help in any way they can. America has a proud heritage and it should not change because of some bleeding hearts who don't understand what makes America great. Rikki Barnes, dressed as a server tries to listen in on the conversation but is escorted away by the Lukins security staff. She goes into the kitchen to talk to Lamar who is undercover as a cook. They need to get word to Nick that the Lukins are attempting to buy themselves a Senator!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
It's been weeks since their escape from New Caprica but the wounds for many are still fresh. Starbucks mourns the loss of a child that was never hers. Colonel Tigh reflects on his wife Ellen, whom he had no choice but to kill for her betrayal. There are so many others who left loved ones behind. But Sharon and Hilo lost their child Hera months ago, so why for the last few days has Sharon been hearing Hera's cries in her sleep? Her dreams have gotten so intense that she's starting to believe that their child is alive. She tells Adama and President Roslin and yet, no one believes her and she thinks that even Helo is wondering if she's okay.
Sharon knows in her heart that her child is still alive and she's going to find her! She waits until artificial light aboard Galactica goes to midnight as she heads to the hangar to steal a Raptor. But when she gets there Helo is there waiting. She tells him that she doesn't care if he believes her, she is going to find their child and he can't stop her. Helo smiles and tells her that he isn't here to stop her, they're going with her. Sharon looks to see Starbuck and Apollo waiting beside the Raptor. They all get inside as Helo says, "Let's go find our daughter!" As the Raptor leaves, Adm. Adama and Col. Tigh stand on the bridge looking on the radar as it slowly moves offscreen. He tells Tigh to let them go and get the fleet ready to jump! The story of Galactica is not over!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
The royal palace is stunned by the shocking news! The King of Wakanda has a son, an heir to the throne! But how? He was... careful during his time with Queen Zanda of Niganda so how could this be? The chief Wakandan physicians have finished their examinations and there is no doubt, the child has the DNA of T'Challa, this truly is his son! Shuri and Ramonda take the four-year-old T'Zari on a tour of the royal gardens leaving T'Challa and Zanda to talk alone. He begins with asking her how did this happen and she laughs saying that surely a super-genius would know how men and women make babies. Sensing that her humor is not reaching the king, Zanda tells him that he was careful, that he did everything right.
But she was careful too, careful to save what he thought was disposed of and used it to impregnate herself. Then Nigandan scientists accelerated his growth to what she believes to be an appropriate age. She has given him something that no other woman could, an heir! And she tells him not to worry, she is not looking to sit upon the throne of Wakanda as queen or wife. She has her own country and has no intention of giving up her rule. T'Challa is still stunned by the news when he gets a call on a private line. Tony Stark has requested a meeting with the king. A return in Stark's life has caused upheaval of it's own and it may be tied to recent events at the Wakanda-Stark Consortium! Next Issue: Your Dad, My Son.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

The year 2099. After he took down the Google Android, Steve Rogers became the “prime” target of the Amazonian and the other Corporate Avengers. Desperate to return to the current year and set things right, Rogers and his Free Radical allies finally locate a time platform. But as they begin to use is, the facility is attacked! Steve and Punisher 2099 find themselves hurled back in time… much farther than a mere 78 years!
”Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Hither came Rogers, the American, blonde-haired, proud-eyed, shield in hand, a soldier, a captain, an avenger, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his red-booted feet... and valiantly quest to find his way home.”
- The Nemedian Chronicles
Captain America has found himself in the Hyborian Age… and there may be no way back!
Meanwhile, in 2021 the Mandarin has been made aware that the latest reincarnation of the dragon Fin Fang Foom is in Asgard. Offended that the mighty instrument of destruction is wasted as a mere pet for Thor’s whelps, Magni and Modi (see THE MIGHTY THOR #18), he demands Foom’s return to China… and calls in favors owed. “Omega Cap” and his Dark Avengers are commanded to steal Foom from the gods themselves. So soon after the events of “Civil War,” will the new Captain America jeopardize the peace so costly attained?
Plus: A Frontlines Op-Ed by Sally Floyd, “Fact Check: Claims that China is Developing Dragon-based Weapons are Dangerous Conspiracy Theories.”
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by FFJAMIE94
Deadpool begins his new life on the road and he even meets a new friend, The Impossible Man.
What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like there’s a deadly cult chasing our new passenger. At least the locals and welcome Deadpool with open arms. Are those pitchfolks?
Well, at least you’re going to pick up this issue. You are aren’t you?
If not then the next issue would be 20 pages of Deadpool crying, and you wouldn’t want that.

F^2 (known as F squared) #1
Tonight on Network Four’s revival of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, an in-depth and brutally honest look at Johnny Storm. Mr. Storm has kept the intellectual properties of the former “Fantastic Four” and utilized them to build and create a new and more diverse and flexible group. This special episode of Lifestyles is narrated by acclaimed actor Jake Underwood.
Topics will include the decision to move from the mysterious Area 44 and the island of Californication to the midtown Manhattan Baxter Building. Perhaps Johnny Storm will let us know how he could afford such a purchase?
We will also seek more information on the whereabouts of former football star and member of the Fantastic Four known as the Thing. Grimm has been unseen since the end of the Negation event.
Even more important on out minds is the political future of Susan Storm, MD, and former US Senator. She is on a very short list of VP candidates and the security around her camp has been like a force field (do you see what we did there?).
Reed Richards, PhD is not the guest we hoped as his work is so far above our heads that we don’t have an idea of what it is until it actually happens. He’s the brainiest kid who make the brainy kid in your class feel stupid.
We also get a discussion with Jennifer Walters, Esq., the official legal counsel for Mr. Storm about how legal regulations for superheroing and advanced scientific research remain to be properly categorized.
Finally, we talk to Dr. Henry Pym and his daughter Nadia. Pym is an accomplished scientist who will remind us that even if all he’s done is to shrink and grow matter, it still is a major accomplishment which affects the fundamental rules of the universe. If only anyone could say that without an ominous threat being heavily implied.
To be clear, Network Four is a totally owned subsidiary of F Squared Incorporated.
32 PGs/ Rated T...$3.99
Plot by KALAI
Written by DAN WATTERS
Johnny Blaze's soul is trapped in hell!
In hell pits, all souls suffer and labor for eternity.
Until their hell lords burns their soul and make them fuel for the hell fire.
Blaze decides to escape such a fate by absorbing other sinners, and becoming a powerful ghost.
Johnny manages to escape the hell pit but he is still trapped in hell.
Most souls are trapped in hell forever, unless someone summons them,
or their soul is bonded to someone in the world of the living.
Only hell lords can travel between worlds of hell dimension and earth.
Mephisto finds out that Johnny Blaze is dead, but his soul is not in his hell.
The Devil always gets his due, so he sends his most powerful rider,
the Cosmic Ghost Rider to find Blaze in the other hell.
Zarathos believes it is time, so he uses a powerful magic to send Blaze's soul through a portal.
Danny Ketch wakes up with a cold sweat, as he feels a evil presence in his body.
Johnny Blaze is now a evil spirit and has bonded with Danny Ketch.
The Ghost Rider returns!
32 PGS./Rated M+...$3.99

Bruce Banner hadn’t become the Hulk since the events of One More Day. Since then, he went to Hell and got Negated. When he finally got angry… the unexpected happened.
“The Law of the street was take or be taken.” - Lucky Luciano
His name was Joseph Alfredo Fixitelli, but everyone called him “Joe Fixit.” He was one of them, whattayacallem, superheroes. At least, he was strong as one. Wasn’t particularly heroic though. Manfredi Family saw to that. Word on the street was the Don himself, “Silvermane” Silvio Manfredi, discovered the big bastard and personally brought him in. Loan-sharking, illegal gambling, narcotics, protection rackets, prostitution - Joe had his enormous grey fingers in it all. He was this close to being “made” - fully initiated into the Maggia. All he had to do was one special job…
There’s a group of no-good Mercs that specialize in cybernetics called “the Reavers.” Their leader just got taken down by the new Captain America (see CAPTAIN AMERICA #26), so they’re scrambling for “upgrades.” Well, Silvermane wants Joe to make sure a shipment of those upgrades don’t ever reach the Reavers. Bust up some metal-plated goons, steal the goods, badda bing, badda boom, Joe Fixit gets a seat at the Maggia big boy table. Easy peasy, right?
Wrong. The Don’s son “Blackwing” Manfredi don’t appreciate Fixit getting all the fatherly affection. The code says he can’t take Joe out once he’s a made man, so he’s gotta act fast and needs the right tool for the job. As it happens, Blackwing specializes in using mutated bats as weapons - and whatever made Joe so big might just work on them too…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
EROS QUEST conclusion
You did not see this coming!
Thanos tells Eros that Null Force is hidden in another universe.
Then the Mad Titan uses the Cosmic Cube to summon the Infinity Watch.
Eros, Angela, Hyperion, Genis-Vell, Thane, and Aleta are all summoned.
The Cosmic Cube opens a portal to the other universe and sends them all through the portal before they can react.
Just as the portal closes, Thanos smiles, and reveals his true face. The face of Death.
This is actually the Future Thanos, the Great Destroyer, Rabum Alal.
It has all been leading to this.
Revelations! In Infinity Ending, the Future Thanos manipulated Thanos to reach his goal.
When that plan failed, Thanos has been hunting the Future Thanos through the Multiverse.
But the Future Thanos arrived in this universe and helped Eros form a team "the Infinity Watch" ,
the mission is to stop any threats to the universe,
while the true goal is to manipulate the team to clear his path to victory.
To eliminate any threats to Future Thanos's plan.
The Badoons and the Starhawk Nation are threats to his plans, so the Infinity Watch destroyed them.
The Null Force cannot be harnessed by the living nor the dead.
So Future Thanos made Eros an Exile of Death's Realm, a being neither alive nor dead.
The perfect vessel for the Null Force.
Everything is going exactly as he had planned.
We asked the question, who watches the Infinity Watch, and the answer is Thanos, the Avatar of Life.
Now, another Thanos teleports to the scene, only to find that he is a little too late.
This is the second Thanos, the Avatar of Life, the one who has been hunting the Future Thanos.
Meanwhile, the Infinity Watch arrives into the other universe, the Cancerverse!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
For the first time in a long time, Tony Stark is stunned. For fifteen years he believed his parents were dead! Now out of nowhere his father shows up claiming to be alive and not only that, he was the one who took Arno! But all the tests that Tony's run prove one thing, that this is his father. But how? He saw the car explode with his parents inside. Howard explains that he and Nathaniel Richards were SHIELD agents. They made a startling discovery about a catastrophic event in the far future. They tried to warn their superiors but they were ignored. Soon, they were being cut off from their work Howard began to feel that he was being followed. He knew that his life was in danger so he started using an LMD as a decoy. He tried to get one in place for Maria but it was too late and she died in a car crash along with the LMD. So he hid in time, pretending that he was dead to find out who was behind the attack. After years of investigating he came across a name...The Maker!
Very little is known about The Maker except that he used to be a SHIELD scientist who worked in the Time and Space Division and worked with Howard and Nathan on numerous cases. On one of their missions in the future, they were attacked by an unknown force and the man who would become The Maker became lost in time while Nathan Richards was missing presumed dead. No one has been able to find The Maker. Howard continued searching for Nathaniel and The Maker but still came up empty. Suddenly a series of events began happening and the clues pointed to the event Howard and Nathaniel saw years ago. Everything about it pointed towards The Maker. He came out of hiding to get Arno and Tony's help against The Maker but now, Arno is useless and without his help, they don't stand a chance against what is coming! Next Issue: Who Is The Maker?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by ALAN MOORE
Gaea. Mother Earth herself. From this Elder Goddess, much divinity hath sprung forth - including the child she bore with the All-Father of Asgard, Odin. Yet now Gaea worries… for her brother, the wicked Elder God Chthon, invoked a rite that could see him liberated from his long imprisonment in the “world tree” of K’lay: Immortal Combat.
Gaea informs her son Thor that, to meet this threat, he’ll need to forge an alliance with other members of the second generation of gods. Specifically, the Olympians. This poses a problem, for bad blood remains from long ago… from the Pantheon War that an impetuous young Thor may have started…
1616 B.C. Odin asserts claim to Midgard, choosing the Northlanders of Europe to receive Asgard’s grace. His ravens, however, whisper that other gods already have a foothold on the continent. To the south, in Greece, the Sky-Father Zeus and his kin hold sway, with access to Earth via a portal atop Mount Olympus.
If these Olympians seek expansion, it could could pose a problem. Someone must convince them - diplomatically - to remain where they are. Odin selects his young sons, Thor and Loki, to do so. What could go wrong?
Now. The exiled half-brother of Thor, Balder the Brave, found his way to K’lay - and was brought before the unholy master of the Dark World Tree. Chthon, intrigued by the nigh-invulnerability spell that Balder’s mother Freyja cast upon him, sees untapped potential… and grants him a grim boon: knowledge. Knowledge most horrible. Knowledge attainable only through a tour… of the Dark Realms!
“I have such sights to show you!”
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writers: Christopher Priest, Malcolm Jones & Joshua Dysart
Artists: Stefano Caselli(pgs. 1-16), Adi Granov(pgs. 17-32) & Salvadore Larroca(pgs. 33-48)
Plot By Marvell2100
Thousands of LMDs have been sent out into the world to infiltrate all levels of society from business and entertainment to government and military installations. Max Fury, Coal Tiger and Iron Maiden are the only ones who can detect them using Brivanium. Now that their plan has been set in motion, it's time for them to fade into the background and let the LMDs do their work. They will meet again once the first stage is complete.
In the Arctic, Ahsana awakes with a rush to the same nightmare that's been haunting her for a long time. She looks around the room to get her bearing but finds very little of use. The door opens and enters someone bringing food. He tells her that his name is N'Do Xander(pronounced- Endo Zander) and he has been here for almost a year but she does not respond. He laughs and tells her that he doesn't know who she is but he knows what she is. Although it is a slightly different uniform from what he's seen, make no mistake she is a Dora Milaje. She looks in his hand to see her weapon, The Spear of Nehanda, like herself the last remnants of Wakanda. N'Do tells her not to worry as he collapses the spear and tosses it to her.
He says that he too is just a traveler, in search of those responsible for killing someone close to him. Perhaps they can help each other with their problems. Help him kill the man who killed his father and he will help her find those she seeks. Ahsana doesn't know if she can trust N'Do but does she really have a choice? She asks him how does he knows so much about Wakanda and he tells her that he should know, after all his father was M'Baku, King of Wakanda! Next Issue: Dark Intelligence begins a new arc with the return of one of AoM's most vile and dangerous villains!
48 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

Written by J.M.DEMATTEIS
The powers are back. The Amazing Spider-Man is once again swinging all over New York City punching out and webbing up baddies. Life is good. Wait, what? Corporate says we need to give Peter some challenges. Fine. Aunt May cooks dinner and she does a purely vegan dish which Pete dislikes. {Note from Corporate: Are you f*****g serious?} OK, OK, Adrian Toomes, the Vulture is a guest at dinner and Pete’s Spidey Sense is going off over-time. Happy, capitalistic overlords? {Note from Corporate: No.}
Peter goes to school the next day and his Spidey-Sense is again going off near the newly hired custodian who is really Rognar the stone age caveman keeping tabs on teacher Dr. Margo Damian and the unusually interested in Dr. Damian’s class student Mary Jane Watson.
{Note from Corporate: This is acceptable. Please continue.}
32 Pgs./ Rated T...$3.99

Written by JIM STARLIN
Plot by KALAI
Art by RON LIM
The NEGATION is over, the heroes have won and Adam Warlock is dead.
Adam Warlock wakes up in the Soul World, the paradise in Soul Stone,
he has sacrificed his everything to destroy the God-Kyln.
It is finally the time for Adam Warlock to rest in peace. Or is it?
Ciress, Peter Quill, Master of the Sun, feels something call out to him.
When Peter first became the Star Lord, he was bonded to a sentient ship by Ragnar, Master of the Sun.
But the ship was lost in his war with the Fallen One, and Peter was sent to prison.
Now Peter suddenly feel his connection with the ship once again,
Peter tracks the calling to Avaleen-4, and finds a young woman with no memories of the past.
It would seem, this silver girl is in fact his ship.
Chandilar, Magique, the new Star-Lord, is meditating, when Peter arrives with the silver young woman,
Magique need to bond with the ship in order for her to truly become a Star-Lord.
Suddenly, a dimensional portal opens before them and the Sorcerer Darklore falls through it.
Darklore's companion Meer'lyn explains everything to Gamora and Peter Quill.
Once, Abyss was banished from his dimension with the help of a Savior, and Darklore became King.
Now, after so many years of banishment, Count Abyss has returned to his reality.
They escaped to this dimension looking for the Savior, the fallen Adam Warlock!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Norah Winters’ embedded reporting on AKKΔBA goes from risky to perilous as she’s “invited” to join an inner circle called the Vanguards of Revelation. The induction ceremony just happens to include ritual branding. Her attempts to decline the honor are politely but firmly denied.
Things just keep getting weirder when Norah finds out that Ichisumi Worthington is personally leading the ceremony for Ramses. Turns out that the Worthington Widow isn’t just a stay at home mom. Just Norah’s luck, then, that AKKΔBA suddenly finds its headquarters assailed by Death itself.
And by that, we mean that as Moonstone was busy trying to reprogram Carnage, Archangel managed to undergo something of an awakening.
(Moonstone would like it to be noted that she warned Zemo that this might happen. And also that if there was a Noble Prize for (Evil) Psychiatry, she’d definitely win it.)
He might not remember everything, or even most things, but Warren Worthington III remembers enough to be seriously confused and *seriously* pissed off. You won’t like the rich white man when he’s angry.
And so the man with poisonous knife wings flies straight to the last place he can remember – and into the middle of the AKKΔBA compound!
Zemo sends the Thunderbolts after him, to save the day! Or rather, to save his own ass, because Archangel definitely witnessed a lot of criminal conduct that he could rat Zemo out on if taken into custody by somebody that cared.
It’s the Thunderbolts vs. Archangel vs. a cult that happens to include his estranged wife. Talk about a family feud.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by NX01A
Written by KURT BUSIEK
Theme Song: Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
•Magic. Mind. Machine. Mutant. The powers at the disposal of the X-Men continue to grow. Floating at the L5 Lagrange point beside Earth and the Moon, Asteroid X is a haven for mutants, and the MAGNETO-XAVIER psionic gestalt calling itself ONSLAUGHT looks down on Earth 384,000 kilometers away in preparation to save more.
•The United Nations tables a resolution to fully accept the personhood of mutants, a move similar to America's recent 30th Amendment, a move which could improve living conditions for mutants in the UN's 193 sovereign states.
•REV. WILLIAM STRYKER hasn't been seen since the fall of the Church of Humanity and its leader, the Supreme Pontiff. His sudden appearance to speak before the UN Special Committee on Mutant Rights shocks many even though his genophobic views do not. His new Restored Humanity Network offers humans a chance to compete with mutants, and his bodyguards are machine-enhanced survivors of the black budget OPERATION Z-TOL which the magic-amplified X-Men almost completely destroyed.
•Watching the address in a Düsseldorf apartment are NIGHTCRAWLER and X-23. Unaugmented by magic like CYCLOPS, JEAN GREY, STORM, and WOLVERINE, they remain skeptical about the way their friends have approached saving mutants. Can they only watch or is there something two ordinary mutants can do to stop the human-mutant arms race from spiraling further out of control?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99