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Plot by NX01A
Theme Song: Faster Pussycat - Poison Ivy
'Project Sulfur' Part 2 'Attack of The Giant-Size Woman-Things!'
•With the help of the resurrected ex-wife of former MAN-THING Ted Sallis, dread DIABLO recreated the SO-2 Serum which made Ted into a shambling horror. Esteban Corazón de Ablo didn't stop there, amplifying SO-2 with his abstruse alchemy to create an invasive floral species able to swallow an entire ecosystem... or dimension. And so Diablo became the ruler of Limbo, its now sylvan demons at his command.
•Dr. Ellen Brandt awoke in muck, a vegetable monster who knew itself to be human, whose will and genius were suborned to those of Diablo. She is no more able to help Ted and his companions than she is able to stop herself from helping Diablo in the next step of his plan.
•Every garden has a serpent. After beating each other senseless, MAGIK and the SCARLET WITCH are approached by two serpents! S'YM and N'ASTIRH may be infected with Diablo's verdant agent but they're still demons, and they offer the powerless heroes a chance to free themselves and damn themselves at the same time. While N'astirh works with AARKUS the VISION, DOCTOR STRANGE, and DOCTOR VOODOO on the base spell for a paranormal paraquat, S'ym infects Wanda, Illyana, ELSA BLOODSTONE, and AGATHA HARKNESS with a weakened version of the SO-2 Serum not bound to Diablo's will.
•While the sorcerers work, the denizens of Limbo and Diablo himself must brace themselves for the attack of the GIANT-SIZE WOMAN-THINGS!
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
Today is the day! NOMAD has been given his orders by FURY. SEN. SHARON KELLY(last issue was a typo. It's Sharon, not Susan Kelly -Marv, who has a red face!) must die tonight! There are rumors around the Senators' camp suggest she might be ready to announce a Presidential run later on tonight at a rally in her hometown of Leavenworth, KS. But that doesn't matter to FURY, he wants her dead!
Elsewhere, SCORPIO and ROZ return from their failed attempt to kill VIPER. FURY wants them to provide back up for JACK and RACHEL. Its' all going to go to hell once the Senator is dead and he wants to make sure that everyone gets out clean.
Meanwhile, AGENT 13 and KASPER have exposed the mole at the Wakanda Stark Consortium and are on their way to the Arctic Circle to check out a disturbance at an abandoned SHIELD station. It seems that there is some kind of activity going on at what is supposed to be a dormant site(see: Negation Dark Intelligence #1-4 -Marv again).
In Kansas, a large gathering has converged at the childhood home of SEN KELLY where she is expected to make a big announcement. All national news media are in attendance and it's widely speculated that KELLY will kick-off her bid to become President. RACHEL is on the ground close to the crowd while nearly 150 yds away, JACK sits in the snipers' aerie waiting for his moment. His mind is clear, he has no doubt and he will do his job. RACHEL calls him and he tells her that she needs to be ready to move.
A roar erupts from the crowd as KELLY makes her appearance. She stands before them, embracing their raucous applause. She takes to the podium and talks about her promise to bring back American jobs, the American workers and most importantly the American dream! JACK patiently waits for his moment as his crosshairs are squarely on the Senator's chest. Then, the moment that everyone has been waiting, Sen SHARON KELLY has announced that she will run for the President of the United States! But her next announcement shocks everyone and is received with even greater applause! Her running mate will be former U.S. Sen. and world-renowned FANTASTIC FOUR member SUSAN STORM! Next Issue: Does NOMAD take the shot?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by FFJAMIE94
“Alien vs Guardians of the Galaxy”
The Guardians venture into the dark parts of Space, where they must fight the Xenomorphs to survive. It’s a battle of wits as Star Lord has to defend himself against a lethal enemy, one which he may not live through. But if he is going out, then he will go out with a bang.
Meanwhile the other Guardians have to find their lost leader as they are stranded in the middle of Space against a terrifying foe, the Face Suckers. Get ready for the most explosive comic of the year in this action packed thriller.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
After meeting with TONY STARK in Chicago to discuss recent events involving spies at the Wakanda-Stark Consortium, T'CHALLA'S thoughts return to his son T'ZARI. There is doubt in his mind but every test has proven that he has T'CHALLA'S DNA. He allows himself to think, "A son!I have a son!". He is then reminded of his own father and how he lost so much time with him after his death. Can he be the kind of father to T'ZARI like T'CHAKA was to him? He moves on from those thoughts as the Wakandan jet lands in NYC. T'CHALLA is here to meet an old friend and make them an offer.
ORACLE Inc. is one of the largest clean energy companies in the world and its' owner is one of the richest. But the King of Wakanda isn't here to talk business, he is here to talk with his old friend MEDUSA, former Queen of the INHUMANS and to make her an offer: a seat in the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club Europe as its' RED QUEEN!
In the country of N'Gabo, MOSES MAGNUM and MARKUS ZULU have been accelerating the country's investment in technology in an attempt to rival Wakanda. A mysterious benefactor has provided them with a new, highly adaptable resource that has astounding applications! With it, they have been able to revamp the nation's entire infrastructure and military facilities. Could they soon be on a pace to rival Wakanda? Their benefactor surely hopes so! Next Issue: Royals!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

The Hyborian Age. Steve Rogers and Jake Gallows, a.k.a. Punisher 2099, struggle to discover when they are. Although Jake’s universal translator allows them to communicate with the barbarian locals, nothing seems familiar. Textbooks never mentioned a brutal land called “Cimmeria.” They’re in an era of sword and sorcery lost to history that may be very, very long ago.
Have they any long-lived friends alive in this time period? Thor? Or perhaps Odin? Deciding the Asgardians are their best chance at returning home, they set out to find them… but discover lethal threats along the way. Marauding bands from Nordheim to the north and Picts from the west threaten the frigid land, but more insidious are the cults dedicated to the long-forgotten Elder Gods, the most menacing of whom… is Chthon! Can the heroes from the future save a Cimmerian village from a Chthonic necromancer and his undead minions? What consequences will Steve’s attempt to do so have?
Meanwhile, in the current year, Chinese forces that were sent by the Mandarin into Madripoor to help fight the Negation Wave (see NEGATION: THE HOME FRONT #4) still haven’t left. Madripoor’s Chancellor, Tyger Tiger, in the past would have reached out to “Captain America” Steve Rogers for help. But the loyalties of “Captain America” Arkady Rossovich are far more dubious as she suspects he is in the Mandarin’s pocket. Who can she turn to?
Plus: A Frontlines Op-Ed by Sally Floyd, “Do You Know Anyone that Supported the Winter Soldier’s Failed Attempt to Steal the Mantle of Captain America?: Why You Should Report Them Immediately.”
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
“Something Evil This Way Comes, Part I.”
LILI CROMWELL sits alone in an empty castle. She thinks of BARON BLOOD and how she has failed the legacy he left behind. BARONESS BLOOD has inherited his name, his home and wealth but it all means nothing. Every attempt to make her mark upon the world has ended in failure, even her alliance with the dread-lord Dracula ended in disappointment. She looks at the wooden stake on the table to her right and contemplates. She sees no future for herself. Maybe tonight will be the night she finally ends her misery.
She holds the stake in her hand, staring at it, ready to plunge it into her heart. But before she can take her own life, she hears footsteps walking down the long dark hall coming closer. She tenses herself, ready to face whatever walks thru the door. She's surprised to see a well dressed, middle-aged man enter the room. She moves with lightning speed, ready to deliver a killing strike! But with a single wave of his hand, he freezes her in her in mid-air.
He talks to her in a calm, soothing voice telling her that he is not here to fight. He releases his hold and tells her that he wants her to fulfill her destiny, to help him usher in a new age. LILI laughs and tells him that he is no different than the others who have approached her before with grand visions of world domination. He looks at her and smiles and tells her that he has no interest in ruling this Earth or any other. No, he has a much simpler goal in mind. He intends to bring fear, chaos and sheer terror to every living soul on the planet! And once they are done, then everyone can die! Next Issue: Welcome to Hell!
32 PGS./Rated M....$3.99

Plot by FFJAMIE94
Deadpool and Impossible Man’s journey takes them to Washington DC where they bump into The Maker of all People. But that’s not so important. What is important is the special bond between Impossible Man and Government agents, all of whom think he is up to no good. Is Deadpool a political assassin? He hopes not.
Will this Comic even reach issue 4 at this point? The most important chapter of Deadpool’s life begins today.

F^2 #2
Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Jamie McKelvie
Special Schematics by Eliot Brown
“Screw the Benefits, I Want My Powers Back!”
F Squared is settling quite well into their new digs in the Midtown Manhattan Baxter Building. New York’s Senators, relieved that Dr. Storm will not be seeking a statewide office, welcome our team to the Big Apple. Reed and Hank have set up their respective laboratories and have started work while Jennifer Walters flexes her legal muscles in making sure F^2 Inc. maintains full compliance with NYC’s ecological guidelines.
Jenn’s legal muscle are all she currently has as her Gamma induced alter-ego She-Hulk has been out of her system since “One More Day”. We published a trade PB and everything. However, she had considerably more control over her larger, far more powerful body than her cousin did and she is pressing Reed and/or Hank to “Pump Me Up” (kids, google this).
As for our fearless leader, Johnny Storm, he’s touring Jack Kirby High School, Ben Grimm’s Alma Mater on the so-called mission of telling students about the new team and its mission, but is really trying to dig up clues as to where Ben Grimm might be. Ben’s monstrous transformation at the end of Negation left him totally deflated and depressed causing him to go off on his own. While finding some clues, he does find another genius to bulk up his fantasy comicbook superteam roster. Lunella Lafayette, a nine year old girl of incalculable (well, off the scale, anyway) intelligence and a personality that makes Sheldon Cooper (google him too, kids) seem actually personable.
“But wait, there’s more!” (yep, another google assignment) Nadia Pym is on patrol as the Wasp and comes across Paste Pot Pete. Pete received a pardon for his role in the Negation event, but is close to veering off onto another dark path. Other teens bring home stray dogs, Nadia Pym brings home stray super-villains.
32 PGs/ Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by DAN WATTERS
DANNY KETCH, former Ghost Rider, has been bonded to the evil spirit, former Ghost Rider, JOHNNY BLAZE!
New York, SISTER SARA, the Caretaker finds Danny and tells Danny that she can't find Johnny's body, it seems when Blaze's soul is damned to hell, something or someone has taken his body. But for what?
To make things worse, MEPHISTO just send his best rider to take Johnny back to hell, his Hell.
The COSMIC GHOST RIDER, Frank Castle from another timeline, is hunting for the Ghost Rider。
As Cosmic Ghost Rider busts into Danny's apartment, Johnny transforms Danny into the Ghost Rider!
Ghost Rider vs Cosmic Ghost Rider?
Danny and Johnny both struggle to take control, and they fail as Danny transforms back into human form. Johnny Blaze is not a real Spirit of Vengeance, so it's up to Danny and Sister Sara to keep Johnny out of Hell!
The other side of New York, Johnny Blaze, or at least his body, is sitting in a dark apartment with a evil smile on his face, as he devours the souls of family living in that apartment, hellfire burns bright in Johnny's eyes!
32 PGS./Rated M+...$3.99

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opena
Plot by FFJamie94
“Agents of SHIELD Part One”
A message from the future comes with a dire warning: “Submit or Die.” Hawkeye and Spider-Woman are brought together to investigate this chilling message. But first they must find a time machine.
Meanwhile, Ultron begins his destruction of New York. Our duo must work together to take Ultron down before he can cause any more damage. But will it be enough? And why is he attacking New York now?
Meanwhile, a back-up story with Venom on the hunt for Scream. But that is on hold as Eddie gets a call… from SHIELD.
The start of a new era begins here!

“Judges, lawyers and politicians have a license to steal. We don’t need one.” - Carlo Gambino
Joe Fixit is livin’ large, literally and figuratively! The gray goliath ordered a record-setting amount of Prosecco and scungilli at the Legitimate Businessmen’s Social Club to celebrate being formally “made” by the Don. It seems “Silvermane” Manfredi was quite pleased with the cybernetics Joe jacked from the Reavers. Good thing the Don don’t know Joe had to smash his son, “Blackwing” Manfredi, while on the job. Hey, the kid came at him with gamma-enhanced bats, what was he ‘sposed to do? Hammerhead and the boys helped Joe dispose of the evidence, and their lips are sealed. That means Joe’s future in the Maggia looks bright!
Little did he know that he was about to experience an intense restaurant standoff. “Captain America” and his Dark Avengers, including a Red Hulk, just walked through the door. Joe’s racket has somehow come to their attention. Question is, who squealed? More immediate question is, can Joe fix his way out of this one and avoid arrest by these g-men mooks?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by MARVELL2100
“Who Is The Maker?”
1980: He blames them for what happened, it could have been a lot different if only the listened. They were three young SHIELD scientists on the verge of a breakthrough in temporal resonance velocity when the unthinkable happened! They achieved time travel! This was a huge development for SHIELD and the implications were unimaginable! But one of the scientists didn't want their work weaponized and he turned against the others. There was a fight amongst them. One died, one was lost in time and the last, Howard Stark, left SHIELD and went on to build Stark Industries.
But Howard knew that his life and the life of his family was in constant danger. One of his former friends was now his sworn enemy, an enemy who could strike at any moment. One such attack took the life of his wife Maria and nearly his own. He faked his death and went into the shadows but Arno's severe injuries forced him to come out of hiding.
Now: In his hidden base at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, The Maker thinks back on the events that happened so many years ago. He was betrayed by his brothers. Now the last of them will pay. He looks at the huge monitor and wonders to himself, where is Stark? He can't hide forever and once he reveals himself, The Maker will finish the job he started with Maria and end the Stark family forever. He has to end it soon because if he fails again, the one person he must answer to will not be pleased!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by ALAN MOORE
At the behest of his mother, Thor arrives in Olympus. His quest: to forge an alliance between the Greek and Norse gods necessary to defeat the elder god Chthon. Yet when All-Father Thor meets Sky-Father Zeus, old memories render the encounter volatile…
1616 B.C. A young Thor and Loki were sent by Odin to secure Midgard’s Northlands against Olympian influence. It didn’t go well. Ares counseled Zeus to immediately go to war. Zeus heeded other advice. Now, Thor “God of Thunder” Odinson, with Loki in his corner, finds himself in a wrestling match for control of the European continent against “the Lion of Olympus,” “the Prince of Power,” the undefeated 12-time Labor champion and he who put the “glad” in gladiator: Hercules! Can Thor possibly hope to best the god that literally invented pankration when they meet inside an adamantine cage!?. And how will this good-natured contest of skill… go horribly wrong?
Today. Chthon personally gives his guest, Balder the Brave, a tour of the Nine Realms that make up the Dark World Tree of K’Lay. The first: Dhampiraj. This dark, gothic world is populated by Chthon’s most loyal creations: the Ampir, from whom all the Earthly strains of vampirism are bastardized. But will Balder survive his interview with the first of Dhampiraj, the patriarch of the vampire pantheon - the All-Sire Vanthirius?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Where did it begin?
The Worthington Family goes way back. Old name, older money. Warren, third of his name, grew up with everything he could have wanted.
Boarding school in Westchester, summers in the Hamptons and Bali, ski trips to the family mansion in Colorado. Dates with wonderful girls: Cressida Desford; Bera: Avia; Amanda Cobb; Candy Southern.
He wasn’t even a normal human. He was born different. Special. Mutant. And beautiful. Gorgeous wings, the gift of flight. The stuff of dreams
Ivy League university. When he roomed with Cameron Hodge, their dorm bore his family’s name. Semesters abroad in Paris, Barcelona, Osaka. He had it all.
When you have everything you could have ever wanted before you even knew you wanted it, what is there to dream of?
The thought struck him at a young age. He didn’t let people know. He tried to keep the truth even from himself. To all who knew him, he was the golden boy, the angel with his head in the clouds and a smile on his face. But when he lay in bed at night, unable to sleep, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it:
Akkabatology, like all cults, targets the vulnerable. Vulnerability comes in many forms. For the shining Warren Worthington, his vulnerability was the shadow behind his smile, the sadness in his eyes. When Ozymandius saw that void in the heart of the billionaire Scion, he sensed opportunity.
Have you ever had the sense that something is missing from your life?
The Angel took to the teachings like a moth to a flame. “The void in your heart,” it said, “is not your own. We will fill that void. Give of yourself, and we will give unto you.”
There’s someone I’d like you to meet...
Warren was introduced to Ichisumi Kishi early on in his Akkabatology journey. She recognized his sadness for it was her own. She too was born to old money, wanted for nothing. Life had seemed nothing but a plague, a pestilence forced upon her. But then Ozymandius had found her, had shown her truth of Akkabatology, the Revelation.
Anything for the cause...
To the outside world, it seemed a whirlwind romance. But where Ozymandius’ plans ended and their feelings began was unclear. Millions of dollars from Warren’s private holdings were already being funneled annually into Akkabatology by the time they were married. By the time their twins, Uriel and Eimin, were born, Ozymandius owned more of Warren’s life than the man himself. Ozymandius used that money to fund the rebrand of the cult into AKKΔBA, as well as his own transformation into Ramses.
It wasn’t enough for AKKΔBA. It never is for people like them. All Warren wanted was something to live for. And so he gave of himself his mutant body. And so they made of him:
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by J.M.DeMatteis
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Sara Pichelli
“Vacation Planning!”
Rognar has been spending more and more time with Dr. Damian and her science classes. And although Peter’s Spidey-Sense went off big time when Rognar was introduced as a possible survivor or descendant of a heretofore unknown species of prehistoric man, Peter happily videoed the entire event for exclusive rights to the Daily Bugle website. The credibility given to Steve Ditko High with Dr. Margo Damian’s work may actually keep NYC from closing it down at the end of this school year.
But the big decision is, can Margo Damian pull off an Antarctic trip to investigate clues of Rognar’s people? And will her students Peter, Gwen, and Mary Lane go with her? Will Christmas at the South Pole be a thing now?
Outside of school, Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, having been released from prison has a position as a spokesperson for Fisk spices. His slogan, “In my long life, I’ve never seen anything make things happen like Fisk. Lawyers for the man known as Vermin, the human rat, argue for his release based on the fact that he was brought in as human, but is not a humanoid rat creature who was not responsible for his actions. Wait, Spidey’s foes are getting sprung from jail? This ain’t good, pilgrim.
32 Pgs./ Rated T...$3.99

Written by JIM STARLIN
Plot by KALAI
Art by RON LIM
Adam Warlock is dead.
Warlock was created as Him, the Adam of the perfect human race,
a creation of human trying to become god.
Warlock became the Warrior-Hero on Counter-Earth, sacrificing himself for the humanity,
and reborn to defeat the evil Man-Beast.
Later Warlock committed cosmic suicide, killing his future self to defeat his dark self,
the Magus, only to die again in order to defeat Thanos,
He was reborn again in the war against Thanos, and saved the universe once more.
He always dies, and he always lives.
With each rebirth, a new body, a new power, and a new Adam.
Recently, Adam sacrificed himself to break the seal, to stop Negation.
Now, The Soul World,
Adam travels through this paradise where all souls can live in peace.
Except the Soul Gem is not only a paradise, but also a prison.
Adam's good self and evil self are suppose to be imprisoned here, after Infinity War and Infinity Crusade.
But both the Magus and the Goddess seem to be missing from this paradise.
Adam soon learns that when Syphonn used the Soul Gem, he unknowingly freed the Magus and the Goddess,
now the universe is in great danger from both his good will and his evil desires.
Adam decides that he must leave the peaceful paradise where he can finally rest,
and once more embark on a journey of life and death.
Adam cast a powerful spell and enter the Kismet Trail.
Adam Warlock's Karma and Nirvana, his own inner Timeline,
where all his past selves exist after their death, and all his possible future selves exist before they can come into being.
Him, the Warrior-Hero, the Suicide, the Sorcerer, and the Anti-Hero.
All one person, all the same, and all very different.
Now, the Kismet Trail,
Adam finds himself in a weird city full of churches, the City of Warlocks.
All the past and future iterations of Warlock live in this City.
Revelation! The City is created by none other than the Goddess, the good side of Adam Warlock!
40 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Vita Ayala
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Peach Momoko
“Entropy” - Part One
After a stint with the New Annihilators, saving the universe from the forces of Charon, JENNIFER KALE is going back home to Citrusville, Florida.
Or, as the Daily Bugle headline puts it: “The World’s Most Hated Woman returns to Earth!”
That might be a bit of an exaggeration... but thanks to SPELLBREAKER’s illusions, the whole world saw Jennifer commit heinous crimes as the leader of the Dark Ultimates!
The heroes of Earth have tried to spread the news of her innocence... but to a lot of people, it just sounds like a lousy cover-up.
As the SPELLBINDER, Jennifer was used to working out of the spotlight... but after years with the Ultimates, she’s a genuine superhero. Fame isn’t just affecting her day job — her little brother Andy and their Grandpa Joshua didn’t sign up to be public figures, let alone pariahs!
Joshua especially doesn’t appreciate all the nosey out of town reporters trying to publicize his formerly secret business as the leader of the Way of Zhered-Na.
Jennifer, meanwhile, is about to dragged into the middle of the family drama, as she’s attacked by an old rival of the Cult’s: THE ENTROPIC MAN!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Ozymandius — or Ramses, as he rebranded himself — is beginning to realize that all the money in the world won’t do him any good if he’s decapitated.
And unfortunately for him, Archangel seems intent on doing just that.
The only thing standing in his way is... Ichisumi, his estranged wife.
The Thunderbolts are under orders to calm things down, but AKKΔBA’s armed guards don’t take their word for it.
As you’d expect from a cult leader, Ramses has no hesitation using his followers as human shields. But Moonstone and Carnage have no compunctions about shedding blood.
Melissa and Chen Lu do their best to incapacitate Archangel, but the Death Seed in Warren makes him more than a match.
The Death Seed. The priceless artifact that Ramses used to transform and empower Warren. The trauma of the process sent Warren into a frenzy and cost him his memory. Now that he remembers, Warren has had an epiphany.
AKKΔBA took everything from him. If he can’t take it all back, he’ll burn it down.
As, one by one, each Thunderbolt falls, stopping Death seems hopeless. Then Ramses pulls out the last trick he has up his sleeve.
He shows Archangel the one sight to bring him out of his murderous haze: his children, fetched by a handler from the depths of the AKKΔBA Compound.
A moment of calm descends... but for how long?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by NX01A
Written by KURT BUSIEK
X-23 & Nightcrawler Variant by JEFF DEKAL
Theme Song: Warren Hue & Seori - Warriors
♫I don’t cook, I don’t clean, but let me tell you how I got these ten rings!♫
•Mutants have started assembling at telepathically designated areas for transport to Asteroid X which floats at the L5 Lagrange point beside Earth and the Moon. While one magically-enhanced mutant, whether demon-mutant or X-Man, guards each site, some mutants are waylaid on their way there. Humans augmented with nano-machines, the ever-evolving spawn of OPERATION Z-TOL, have easily maimed or killed several terrified mutant refugees... until now.
•X-23 has done most of the dirty work since NIGHTCRAWLER has been nearly unconscious from teleporting them both across Europe. Their attempts to reach the X-Men living beyond the sky have proved futile, and they're on their own. Now in Macau, the duo face both Kurt's near-fatal exhaustion and the threat of Chinese authorities.
•When a potential benefactress walks through a sparking teleportation circle to calmly put the Chinese officials into nightmare-filled sleep using one of her ten rings then crush the man-machine killers in rainbow energy via another, Laura and Kurt wonder if they have any choice but to accept LADY MANDARIN's offer to join her organization.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

A spooktacular holiday anthology where creative teams might just be from beyond the grave!
Written by MARY SHELLY
At the behest of Chthon himself, Balder the Brave was afforded a tour of the Dark Realms (see THE MIGHTY THOR #34-35). How appropriate, he thinks, that this tour coincides with the Norse equivalent to Halloween: Alfablót. For his next stop is the horrifying Allograft, home to the Fleshcrafters who create golems from parts of the dead. It is from this world that Dr. Frankenstein drew his inspiration - an entire realm of mad scientists and their reanimated monsters.
Unfortunately for Balder, body-parts from a Vanir/Aesir hybrid like himself are highly coveted in Allograft’s fleshcrafting circles. Even with Chthon’s stamp of protection, some unscrupulous harvesters are willing to take a chance… because they want your body!
Moon Girl in “I’m too old for this $#!+”
Written by Amy Reeder
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Veronica Fish
The dream team from the critically acclaimed “Old Moon Crone” series brings the genius girl to present day AOM-NU land. Lunella Lafayette by the calendar has a few years of prime Trick or Treating left and her parents want their girl to earn them fun sized 3 Musketeers. The truth is no one on Yancy Street dares to give out anything sub par as there are comments made regarding the Necco Wafers given out in ’04. By comments we mean near nuclear retaliation.
Instead of heading out and hunting the best path for the optimum take within the allowed timespan and accounting for the relative family value placed on type and size of candy, Lunella has been raking in over a dozen Reeses Cups a year. But she has decided to retire and give it out for a change. After all, she IS graduating from Jack Kirby High School any day now. Sound chips, projectors, and remote sensors have been placed all along the building so that every pedestrian is followed and welcomed to the neighborhood.
It’ll be fun. It’ll be interesting. It’ll cause the city of New York to rewrite Trick or Treat rules for Yancy Street next year.
Written by MARIO PUZZO
Every year, little scamps knock of your door, all unsolicited and such, and ask for a treat. You don’t make with the candy, maybe that means you get a trick. So why can’t Joe Fixit do the same thing?
Of course, the treat he’s looking for ain’t candy - it’s cold, hard cash. And the trick if you don’t make with the cash? Well, that might be something… very unfortunate. For you.
It’s called the protection racket, and this Halloween, more than pumpkins might get smashed if you don’t pay up!

Written by JACK VANCE & NX01A
As the dark sun prepares to wink out at last, the ultimate All Hallows Eve falls. In the Anthropocene Arena of Grander Motholam at the ends of the Dying Earth, the finest magicians of the 21st Aeon have been forcibly summoned for the Final Thaumatic Velitation: to battle each other for the entertainment of Earth's last humans and hemi-humans who await the sun finally growing cold and dark. With liberal applications of Javanne's Enervation of Will by mages Rhialto the Marvellous and Ildefonse the Preceptor to render them compliant, the first four contestants take to their rings: bog god SWAMP THING vs giant-size MAN-THING, and immortal DOCTOR MIST vs necromantic DOCTOR VOODOO! From the shadows, the first two contestants watch other mages being summoned, correctly identifying the use of Manly Lieber's Marvelous De-Causalization to break temporal determinism, then King Kurtzberg's Timely Decalcomania to transport targets across epochs and dimensions. The greatest wizards of this fallen age thought the young women a mere pre-show match but their wills were too strong for the Enervation, and they helped each other escape. Now MAGIK and RAVEN will show them who the real arcane heavyweights are!

  • The story concludes in NEXT DAWN HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #3!*[/QUOTE]

Plot by MARVELL2100
Listen closely to the story I tell, to heed my words you would do well!
When the hour is late and the night is black, the horror will arise behind our back!
An evil is reborn one that we all forget, returns to this Earth to make us all regret!
There will be much fear, blood and death when they are done, remember my words 'Something evil this way comes!'
66.6 PGs./Rated F for Fear...$6.66