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Zero Month Solicitations

Plot by nx01a
'Har Megiddo'
•As demons pour through a portal on the hills of Megiddo National Park in Israel, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are slaughtered by the dozens. A red-skinned, one-armed devil and his blonde, eldritch armor-clad handmaiden command the armies of Limbo to establish a permanent base on the Earth as the first stage in an all out invasion.
•Old witch AGATHA HARKNESS is not at her Salem home to answer the frantic calls of a S.H.I.E.L.D. metahuman liaison. She's already in Israel with monster hunter ELSA BLOODSTONE and mystic physician DOCTOR VOODOO but their firepower won't be enough to turn back BELASCO's brimstone siege engines.
•If only they can get through to the young woman at Belasco's side, the Russian whose mutant teleportation disc is letting Limbo's legions bypass Earth's dimensional defenses. The Right Hand of Belasco was a girl named ILLYANA RASPUTIN before he kidnapped and raised her in his version of Hell, her sorcery and mutant power now his to command. Agatha realizes the girl may be gone but appealing to the entity created in her place and its dark desires just might work. Bloodstone and Voodoo are skeptical but if there's one thing Harkness knows, it's MAGIK!
40 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE!

Theme Song: The Clash - Guns of Brixton
Jessica Jones is surprised to find out that she has been called to London by Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, an AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – who needs her to run an off-the-books mission deep into the heart of its criminal underworld in search of Carnage, the evil symbiote who has gone missing during a prisoner transfer. But Jessica soon finds herself distracted by a series of seemingly random explosions that are going off around the city - starting in Brixton - in the run up to Guy Fawkes Night, November 4th – and she also finds herself a target of an assassin who may or may not be employed by MI5. But why do MI5 want Jessica dead? Or is she about to uncover a conspiracy that runs right to the heart of the British Government?
20 PGs./Rated T...FREE

Plot by MARVELL2100
A prelude of things to come:
The United Kingdom of Wakanda!
Hellfire and Brimstone!
They Come to Hunt the Panther!
Heir to the Throne
Sturm and Drang:War Child!
Who's Afraid of the Panther-god?
Last of the Wakandans!
20 PGs./ Rated M...FREE

Written by TOM KING
Let me tell you about my friend, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Buck. He's been through a lot. Buck was a child soldier, a troubled orphan, a street kid really that was selected for a top secret black ops unit back in WWII. I know, how old is this guy, right? Bare with me, we'll get to that. But yes, contrary to the narrative, we noble Americans had expendable kid warriors at that time and Buck was one of them. That is until he caught the eye of one Captain America, Steve Rogers, on the battlefield. Steve took Buck under his mask wings so to be speak, taught him how to control his anger, to direct his rage at the right targets, taught him right from wrong, and those two fought side by side against the Axis Forces, helping the good guys, our side win the war. But Buck did not make it back from that war. And may be he never really has. See, he was lost in a terrible accident during the waning days of the conflict. He fell from an airplane helping Cap stop a bomb. He lost his arm. Everyone thought he drowned. Heck, he has sacrificial medals of honor for dying on the field of combat. But he did not die. What we do know is the Russians found him, recovered his body, did some sciency sh*t to him, fitted him with cybernetics, injected him with their own super soldier serum which evidently slows down the aging process, they brought him back, and while they were at it, they messed with his head. They used him. We aren't really sure to what extent. Buck tells us that those years, those decades are a fog. The records are as broken and buried as the old Soviet infrastructure. But Buck is back with us now, he's alive, and he's not finished winning our battles for us. Now I fight by his side, well we do. We do not have an official name, Dum Dum calls us "The Sidekickers," like he should talk. We work for S.H.I.E.L.D. It's me and a bunch of old fogies that look crazy good for their age. There's Dum Dum of course, he's our ranking officer, getting orders directly from the top. I am not sure what serum he drank to stay so young but it smells a lot like Scotch The Black Widow helps us out from time to time. She and Buck have a strange connection besides both being former commies. She is dangerous. I like her. There's Toro, he's part android and lights up like a torch. Buck and Toro go way back. He's a good guy for a robot. Then there's Peggy Carter, director of intel who manages our missions from our D.C. Warehouse HQ.....and she's a vampire, a friendly one but nevertheless. Buck and Dum Dum assure me she wasn't always that way. Who am I? I am The Falcon. Consider me the air support for this outfit, and the one person on the team that knows what hip hop is, but has no idea about Mel Torme. This is his story. Not Mel's, I mean Buck's. It's his story. A soldier's story. Heck, it's our story, a story about America, what it is, what it isn't, and what it can be. It's about second chances, righting wrongs, brotherhood, about sacrifices and what it takes to be a' know what, don't take it from me, just see for yourself. You'll want to read about Bucky Barnes and starting next month, you'll get that chance!
- Sam Wilson
20 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE

Two men, both transformed into super soldiers by and for their respective nations. One given an unbreakable vibranium shield, the other indestructible carbonadium tendrils. Both were incredibly effective weapons against their homeland’s enemies, and through happenstance both ended up frozen for many decades. But when Steve Rogers woke up, he found the country he fought for had thrived. It became the world’s sole superpower and, despite some hiccups, it still overwhelmingly stood for truth and justice. His American Dream was alive and well. When Arkady Rossovich awoke, he found the nation he fought for no longer existed. It had crumbled into the dust of the past, murdered by weak-willed and incompetent leaders and replaced with a despicably corrupt kleptocracy. He wasn’t there when his beloved U.S.S.R. needed him the most, but Rossovich will never abandon his Soviet Dream. He will take Steve Rogers’ country from him and he will do so in the spirit of a true revolution. If all goes according to plan, the people will break Captain America... and then Omega Red will finish him off!
20 PGs./Rated T+…FREE
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Default Zero Month solicitations continued...
"Welcome to Philly"
Philadelphia. The home of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, Rocky, Dr. J, the Broadstreet Bullies, delicious cream cheese and now the world's greatest crime fighting archer himself! My pal Bill has been trying to get me to move down for over a year now. He lives here with his lady friend, doing real well as a big shot software developer for his own company, Goliath. He tried to teach me coding but it didn't take. Besides, someone cool once said "A man's gotta have a code" not a man has to write code. But if this crimefighter-for-hire gig doesn't pan out then learning to nerd isn't a terrible fallback plan. Plus my old mentor, Jacques, set himself up here nicely ages ago, running his own thriving business empire and establishing himself as a true pillar of the community. Good on him. He left behind the unscrupulous world of carnivals and crime and found the straight and narrow, and it paid off, literally. Just like I left behind the midwest and the orphanage and that same life and more recently the Big Apple and a bad breakup. But I digress. Plus I get to see Tash more often. I am not sure what's going on with us. I am definitely in to her, but she's hard to read. And then there's that other guy down in D.C. she hangs out with. What's their connection anyway? Sure he may be cool and ride a motorcycle and he's all "enhanced" with a cybernetic arm and well, he doesn't seem to age, but that has to get old. Yes he's a former war hero that was Cap's number two (hehe, number two) and I am just a former carny kid who lives above a cheesesteak shop, but still, I stop bad guys with trick arrows. I mean, how much cooler does it get?
Let's just say the timing was right for a move. Crime in the so called City of Brotherly Love is on the rise. Costumed baddies are springing up all around and if you read the fishwraps, a violent gangwar is playing out in the city's darkest alleys. The cops need a hand. The people need help. This city needs a hero. That's where I fit in. They call me Hawkeye...and sometimes Hawk Guy,..actually way too often and I am not really sure why, it's HAWK-EYE damnit! And I am DECLARING this town's INDEPENDENCE from evil. - Clint Barton
20 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

-Years ago, the premiere heroes of Earth-1610 were nearly defeated by the might of their world's Ultron, their only means of defeating him being a portal to another universe...And now, the Ultimate Nick Fury must pay the price for his unknowing role in Ultimate Ultron's multiversal conquests!
-Facing a lifetime of imprisonment, the only way he can appease A.R.M.O.R. and liberate universes from the might of the Ultimate Ultron is to form a team of the multiverse’s most dangerous criminals with the help of high-ranking A.R.M.O.R. official Blink of Earth-65.
-A team that consists of the a Punisher with the powers of both a Spirit of Vengeance and a Herald of Galactus known as the Cosmic Ghost Rider... Old Man Logan, who contains one of the multiverse’s most dangerous biological weapons in his veins, the Spider-Man of 2099, guilty of massive altercations to universes’ timelines, the Nighthawk of Earth-31916, who escaped a desolate world only to terrorize another, and a Deathlok formerly known as Luther Manning, who might unknowingly bring about the apocalypse.
-This team certainly doesn’t consist of heroes, but none of them are villains... So why does the mutant known as Cable want them dead?
20 PGs./Rated T...FREE

“Richards Four – the Movie”
The problem: a rogue meteor or comet is going to eventually strike Earth causing an extinction level event. However, there is a solution. A device has been created that can adjust the direction of meteors or comets to make them miss the planet. But it needs to be tested and an asteroid is passing close enough to Earth to test the device on without danger to the planet. But a cosmic ray storm is coming and all space flight has been cancelled for the duration. Because adhering to the ban would allow the asteroid to escape the test of the device an alternative plan is needed.
The plan: Dr. Reed Richards, smartest man on the plan, inventor of the asteroid defense device is going to steal another of his great inventions, the space going Pogo Plane. Richards, in order to get access to a protected spacecraft and take off with it needs a crack team of experts to help him do this.
Richards’ girlfriend, the beautiful Dr Susan Storm, a first year resident at Central City Med and expert on the effects of cosmic rays on the human body will accompany Richards.
Storm’s younger brother, the precocious and handsome Johnny Storm, a veritable child prodigy and the only man capable of operating the asteroid defense device goes along for the ride.
An old college friend of Richards, the brutish Ben Grimm, giving up joining the NFL draft for a career as an Air Force pilot rounds out the crew for comedy relief.
Stealing the ship and taking off goes well for our team, but the cosmic ray storm has unknown effects on them. What price will they pay for finding a way to save the planet?
So goes the movie proposal, titled Richards 4, Johnny Storm makes to a big wig studio executive. How did it really happen? You’ll have to read this issue to find out.
20 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

Written by DAN ABNETT
Theme Song: Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure
The Guardians have received a distress call to the planet that is simply named Seven, claiming to need them personally and be a distant figure from their past. But they soon discover it is a ruse, lured into a trap by Ebony Maw, who has decided to take them out of the game for good with his army of mercenaries that he has recruited for the job! The Guardians – hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned need the help of the local residents to make it long enough through the night for the Nova Corps to arrive and save the day, but the residents are a peaceful people who have never fired a gun before or for that matter, wielded a common weapon. In fact, their planet has gone one step further and banned the use of weaponry entirely!
And the only Guardian who can understand their native tongue is Groot. So naturally, things just got a little bit harder. Especially when the Nova Corps might not even be coming at all (you can blame Rocket for royally pissing off their current commander!), and their only way out may be through a black hole…
20 PGs./ Rated T…FREE

Plot by MARVELL2100
Forged in Fire, Honed by Time!
Two men defined by the armor they wear will soon vie for control of the future! One fights for a future where humanity takes to the stars and explores a universe filled with wonder and awe. They will bring hope and light to the cosmos. The other fights for a future where humanity takes to the stars and explores a universe filled with wonder and awe. They will bring light and hope to the cosmos, all under the rule of a tyrant with an armored fist!
20 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE

“Beach Bodies: Prologue”
- On the Eighteenth of November, 1929 a tsunami devastated Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula. It caused a considerable amount of property damage, and 28 people lost their lives. That much is public knowledge.
- What isn't commonly known is that there were two unaccounted, amnesiac survivors. Discovered by Dr. Maurice Smallwood, they were quickly nursed back to health. What the young man, and woman knew is that they were family. What Dr. Smallwood quickly discovered is that they were anything but human. Displaying tremendous strength, and a plethora of aquatic abilities they were integral to the rebuilding effort.
- Then one day they vanished, never to be seen again for Eighty-Nine years.
20 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE

Written by ALAN MOORE
The Nine Realms - worlds of infinite majesty and mystery, cosmically bound by Yggdrasil the World Tree and watched over by the gods of Asgard. The king of these gods, the All-Father Odin, strives to maintain peace yet is unflinching in his administration of justice and retribution. The Rock Trolls of Rike Nedenfor, or “the Realm Below,” recently attempted an uprising. They stormed the Realm Eternal but were turned back, at great cost, by the brave warriors of Asgard and their prince, the mighty Thor! To make sure they were no longer a threat, Odin dissolved the Trolls’ clans and banished them to internment camps scattered across the green world of Vanaheim. Beaten, the brutish race has languished in despair. Yet one of their kind refuses to yield. Somehow, this Troll has obtained what resembles brass knuckles made of enchanted uru, and his fists have broken the barriers holding back Trollkind. Several camps have already been liberated. If he can rally his people, this Ulik could be a significant threat... and that is why Odin sends his son Thor on a quest to stop him!
20 PGs./ Rated T+…FREE
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Default Zero Month solicitations continued...
Written by AMY REEDER
“This Time, SHE’S the Dinosaur”
The smartest person in the world grew up. She saved the world a few times and had plenty of adventures, some fun, some poignant, others unbelievable and many of them with her best friend, a giant red dinosaur. But she faced the greatest challenge of her long life: a fatal medical condition she couldn’t cure. So the smartest person on the planet figured that given enough time, a cure would be found. She programs a cryogenic chamber to keep her frozen until such time as her condition can be treated and resolved.
Sure enough, the programming and smart tech of her chamber works, keeping a watch over various signals and broadcasts and when the cure is found, her chamber enacts the cure. But she has woken up in a world where most everything has changed and she discovers that much of the world has left her behind. Her first new friend is the strapping young Killraven, a hero with great courage, a long sword, and very little clothing.
Join us as Jonathan Raven and Lunella Lafayette head across what used to be the United States of America in quest of Devil, the big red dinosaur. But first the pair must get past a band of marauding Badoon, an alien race at war with the planet Earth. Yep, things have most assuredly changed.
20 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

- In the far off land of Los Angeles, California an allegiance of criminals, and businessmen was formed. In 1998: The Pride, the Fisk Mafia, and Kravinoff Industries came together to rule the city. In secret they would have complete control of all criminal enterprise while posing as the idle rich. They would rule together for nearly Twenty years, but it was supposed to be for an eternity.
20 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE

"Three Spiders One Web"
ONE WEEK AFTER THE BITE: Gwen Stacy loved playing with her band, but lately she had been distracted with her newfound powers. It was hard for her to concentrate on what she had to play that night. She refused to tell anyone about her powers, not even Mary Jane Watson. She was worried about being judged. She hoped that someone would call in sick or maybe the venue would move their date back, but of course they played and she ended up loving it. She rocked harder than she ever knew she could. After the gig was over the venue refused to pay them. Before being able to do anything about it a thief waved a gun in the air. Gwen knew she might be able to stop him, but she was afraid people would find out what she could do. Later that night Gwen discovered that the mugger had killed Ben Parker. Gwen hasn't told Peter the truth about that night.
TWO WEEKS AFTER THE BITE: Peter Parker is in grieving. His uncle died and he doesn't have any answers, not any he's satisfied with. Peter has sworn to seek vengeance on whoever did this. In the last two weeks he's created a suit, developed web shooters, and has tested them both for the chance to swing around the city and fight crime like others in New York. Peter finds a man named The Prowler robbing a bank. Peter and Prowler fought for hours, with Prowler getting the upper hand throughout most of the battle. Peter lands a blow that knocks Prowler to the ground. He picks up his fists and starts reigning them down on the grounded villain. He has flashbacks he created in his mind. He's convinced he's Uncle Ben's real killer. Without proof. Without evidence. Without cause. A police officer named Jefferson Davis pulls Peter off the ground and starts yelling at him to stop. Peter starts weeping and remembers what his Uncle Ben had always tried to teach him... With great power, comes great responsibility.
TWO MONTHS AFTER THE BITE: Miles Morales had always been shy. He wished to be greater, someone people liked, or at least tolerated. He felt like the world was against him at times. His only friend was Ganke Lee. He was glad to have him, but he wished he didn't tell him about his secret. Ganke was pressuring him to fight crime. Miles wasn't brave like other Spider-People, he wasn't perfect like them, he wasn't heroic like them... or at least that's what he told himself. Ganke meant it this time though. He made him a costume and everything. Almost like clockwork a villain calling himself Hobgoblin attacks Midtown High. Miles runs into the bathroom and changes. When he comes out the other spiders were already fighting the Hobgoblin. He could hardly believe it. Miles jumped into the action. Hobgoblin quickly escapes and Ganke says they should form a team. Gwen laughs but the two Spider-Men agree with him. She reluctantly agrees and Ganke formally announces them as THE SPECTACULAR WEB WARRIORS!
20 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

Special double-size preview issue, featuring THE DEFENDERS and THE ENFORCERS!
“Of Knights and Knaves”
The Jack of Hearts arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum with a dire message for Dr. Stephen Strange: Something is materializing in the Earth realm and only he can see it.
In an effort to determine the root of the silent invasion, Clea Strange discovers the original source to be the Dark Dimension, where Dormammu has recently acquired fragments of the Badlands, a short-lived dimension created by the Demon Bear.
In Dormammu's haste in stitching the pieces of the expired dimension into his own, one fragment splintered and was flung into the void where a group of minor demons quickly laid claim to it.
Now, this 'Shadowlands' is intent on building itself up by infiltrating Earth and taking control of people with criminal intentions and dark motivations.
The Stranges, with the help of Jack of Hearts rallies together a group of Defenders to fight off the invasion, including Hercules, Sersi, Moon Knight and Andromeda.
But things may already be taking a turn for the worse when Andromeda is wanted by Atlantis for a crime she didn't commit. A crime fabricated by the Shadow Demons!
And that's just the first 20 pages of our exciting special preview issue...
“Turn, Turn, Turn... Once More!”
After Nick Fury leaves SHIELD for some time away from covert action and impossible missions, he stumbles upon a case of mistaken identity that leads him into a bigger plot.
One that's already being investigated by Silver Sable and Misty Knight.
A small coastal town appears to be hiding a few dark secrets, including a murder, an imposter and a complex series of cover-ups.
Together with Doc Samson, Wonder Man and Dominic Fortune, the heroes go undercover to unravel the mystery of Port Gloriana.
But it's easier said than done when no one can be trusted and it seems that the entire town is involved!
Get in at the beginning as we gear up for the launch of two new titles coming your way next month!
This issue also features profile pages on the two teams and their members, as well as special, exclusive pin-ups!
And all for free!
40 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

Written by KURT BUSIEK
Plot by nx01a
•In the beginning...
•Homo superior. Hated. Demons. Feared. Mutants. Geneticist Professor CHARLES XAVIER devoted his life to studying mutation, and now he has walked the Earth long enough to witness the next stage in human evolution go public as superheroes for the first time!
•Shapeshifting ALLURE, precognitive KISMET, tactile power duplicating RASCAL, kinetic energizer RUSE, and teleporting acrobat DARKWALKER are MUTANT FORCE!
•Xavier feels something is wrong about these masked mutants in flashy costumes even if they are stopping bionic bank robbers. Xavier is a mutant himself, the most powerful telepath on Earth, and he has been secretly training mutants at his School For Gifted Youngsters for months now to stop evil mutants. His trio of teen students aren't ready for this, not yet.
•Despite the danger, Professor X walks into Mutant Force's New Orleans base to uncover their secrets before they give humans another reason to distrust mutants. Little does he know that someone won't be walking out!
•Even with Professor X off on a business trip to New Orleans, his students don't have any down time.
•Aloof weather manipulator ORORO MUNROE, sullen psychokinetic JEAN GREY, and cocky optic force blaster SCOTT SUMMERS run the training gauntlet Xavier left programmed for them in the high tech battle simulating DANGER ROOM!
•When something or someone ramps up the program to maximum level and turns off the safety protocols, the X-Teens must fight to survive the experience and become X-Men!
40 PGs./ Rated T+...FREE!

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