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Age of Ultimate Marvel was an event in the Age of Marvels: the New Universe that happened August 2023.


Ultimate Marvels (Vol. 1)[]

Written and Illustrated by the Most Exciting Upcoming Talent!
Plot by H-E-D
The Age of Marvels enters a truly new universe… an Ultimate universe!
In this world, everything is equal parts familiar and new!
See your favorite heroes, dreamt anew for modern times, by modern creators!
Tales that will delight and scandalize!
It’s truly the ultimate “what if?”!
Some characters will be distilled to their truest essence.
Some will be taken in extreme new directions!
Some might not be recognizable at all!
But in the true mighty Marvel manner, they’ll all be stories you’ll talk about for years to come!
In this special FREE one-shot, you’ll get an exclusive sampling of what ULTIMATE MARVELS has to offer!
Creator interviews, concept art, preview pages… this book has it all.
And did we mention it’s FREE?!

Ultimate Adam Warlock (Vol. 1)[]

See: Adam Warlock (Vol. 1)

Written by TOM KING
During the Cold War, Rand and her followers created the Enclave, an organization of true Objectivism.
But in 1967, the Enclave disappeared. Rumors were that they succeeded in creating a perfect Objectivist.
Now, 2023, Elon keeps his company going amidst economic depression.
Elon believes the economic recession was due to collectivism and statism.
Among the depression, people repeat the cryptic phrase "Who is Adam Warlock?"
Elon soon receives an offer from the Enclave, claiming that they have created a Utopia for all capitalists.
The businessman gladly follow the offer to a hidden city. The City of Tomorrow, the City of Enclave.
Adam Warlock meets Elon and tells him that they plan to start of strike of "the men of the mind".
All capitalists will join them in the Enclave. The whole human society will collapse without the capitalists.
Then they will return to save the world. All as Rand intended.
But Elon suddenly collapse to the floor, as his life quickly drains from his body.
The golden man explains that over the last 50 years, he has been using Rand's idea to lure capitalists to join them.
Adam replaced all of them with clones. Now he controls 98% of world's economy through his puppets.
Elon, in his dying breath, questions if Adam also replaced Zuckerberg,
but Adam explains that Zuckerberg was his creation from the very beginning.
Then Elon dies, and an Elon clone walks out from behind Adam.
To save the world, was indeed the intention of Rand, before "Him" was created.
In 1967, Rand succeeded in creating a perfect Objectivist.
But "Him" was a true Objectivist, and found Enclave wanting. For they were not true objectivists.
"Him" destroyed all of Enclave, killing everyone.
"Him" named himself, Adam Warlock.
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate A.R.C.A.N.A. (Vol. 1)[]

See: Agents of A.R.C.A.N.A. (Vol. 1)

Plot by NX01A
•AGATHA HARKNESS and her Hellfire Cult have guarded the divide between Earth and the Realms Beyond since the death of the last Sorcerer Supreme and most mortal mages at the dawn of the Age of Reason. Magic slowly receded or was suppressed as science grew in strength but the old ghost roads had to be monitored and sealed... with the requisite sacrifices.
•The last sacrifice was an innocent Russian girl of immense genetic and arcane potential delivered to one of several Hells. Two decades later, the Russian is back, and she's bringing back all the magic with her!
•In the guise of gods and heroes and monsters, mutants saved and destroyed the world since the dawn of time. These titans now sleep thanks to the insidious spells of the Hellfire Cult but Agatha must wake the most dangerous ones to combat the coming invasion!
•The suicidal firebird called the PHOENIX! The siren of Death heralded as the BANSHEE! The wrathful weather elemental worshiped as the STORM! Even the galvanic monster who threatened to end all technology more advanced than a telegraph, the MAGNETO, has to be freed!
•Betrayed, abused, and stripped of her bothersome soul, the RASPUTIN rose to rule not just her personal Hell but all the adjacent ones. Now there's only one Hell left to conquer: Earth!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Ultimate Black Widow (Vol. 1)[]

She was the KGB’s most lethal asset, mentally enslaved and genetically modified to be the perfect spy and assassin: the proportionate strength and agility of a spider; wall-crawling; natural camouflage; untraceable bio-electric “venom blasts”; and deceptive beauty to beguile any man. Yet when the Soviet Union collapsed, their “Black Widow” project was abandoned… and Natasha Romanoff was free.
Now she plies her trade as a mercenary, supplying espionage and wet-works primarily to the U.S. government. But new competition emerges that wants to put her out of business… and in the ground!
On her last mission for the KGB, Natasha eliminated a prolific British arms manufacturer named Spencer Smythe. There was collateral damage: Spencer’s young son Alistair was inadvertently paralyzed during her attack. Now, Alistair is all grown up and a genius weapons designer himself. He aims to prove that his robot Spider-Slayers are far more effective and reliable than enhanced-human operatives like Romanoff - and what better way to prove that… than by having them kill her?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Captain America (Vol. 1)[]

See: Captain America (Vol. 2)

Ultimate Captain Marvel (Vol. 1)[]

Written by AL EWING
Dr Lawson is the perfect man to his co workers, but he is not really a man.
Lawson is actually Agent Mar-Vell, a space super spy.
Agent Vell was sent to Earth to monitor Chitauri activities.
After Agent Vell infiltrated the Pentagon, he found that the Chitauri controls the Pentagon.
Project Pegasus, is potentially a Chitauri project to create a CCU on Earth.
The Kree Empire and Chitauri Empire has been at Cold War for hundreds of years.
CCU is the most powerful weapon that has been used in the Kree-Chitauri war.
Supreme Intelligence changes Mar-Vell's mission parameters to locate and demolish.
Mar-Vell manages to infiltrate into Project Pegasus, but the Tesseract is already complete.
Tesseract, Cosmic Cube, Cosmic Containment Unit (CCU). With a single drop of will, they could rewrite all reality.
Suddenly, Supreme Intelligence changes his mission parameters from demolish to retrieval.
The Kree was never able to lay their hands on a CCU, Now this can turn the tide of war.
The Supreme Intelligence intends to rewrite all of human on Earth into Kree soldiers.
Mar-Vell refuses to comply, as he vows to protect the peace.
But he is shot through the heart! The Death of Captain Marvel!
Agent Yon Rogg has been sent to neutralize Vell and complete the mission.
A dying Mar-Vell touches the Tesseract and wills it to disappear.
In a flash of bright light, both Mar-Vell and the Tesseract disappears.
Now one with the cosmos. Captain Marvel has gained Cosmic Awareness!
Mar-Vell wakes up outside time and space, and another being is there.
Ultimate Captain Marvel meets Ultimate Thanos!
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Captain Universe (Vol. 1)[]

See: Captain Universe: Beyond (Vol. 1)

Plotted by CaptainUniverse
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Patrick Gleason
'ULTIMATE ORIGIN' One-Shot "Sword in the Star"
Double-Sized Issue! Legends tell of a mighty blade forged in the heart of a sentient star that grants its wielder immense cosmic power but surely such a blade is a thing of fiction? Not so, as Quantum Archaeologist Steve Coffin is about to discover upon his first foray into Sub-Atomica! Follow Steve and his childhood friend Claire Dodgson on an epic journey filled with action, drama and romance as he follows in the footsteps of the time-traveler Prince Wayfinder, battles mighty foes and assumes the mantle of...CAPTAIN UNIVERSE, THE HERO WHO COULD BE YOU!
64 PGS./ Rated T+...$4.99

Ultimate Hulk (Vol. 1)[]

We’ve all heard the urban legend. In 1963, Gamma Bomb testing unleashed some kind of monster that went on a rampage in the American Southwest and then disappeared. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, however, knows it’s no mere legend. He was there. He saw it. And since then, he’s dedicated his life to tracking down this… Hulk, a brutish creature that was once the brilliant scientist Dr. Bruce Banner.
Now Ross has his most promising lead in decades: newly sensitive gamma-detecting satellites suggest that the Hulk may have taken refuge on an uncharted island somewhere off the coast of South America. Ross’ daughter Betty insists on joining him and his team of commandos on this reconnaissance mission… if for no other reason than to prove that her father has wasted his life chasing ghosts.
What they find on Isla de Sakaar is a savage, forgotten world of danger: enormous monsters; sentient insects; and primitive natives - the Oldstrong - that want to sacrifice intruders to their immortal, incredible god! Ironically, their only hope to survive may be the Hulk himself - but he just wants to be left alone!
Ross, however, isn’t the only one to detect the Hulk’s gamma signature. Another monster has arisen… and this Abomination instinctually senses that he can consume the Hulk’s power to become the Earth’s undisputed apex predator!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Marvel: Coal Tiger, Emperor of Wakanda (Vol. 1)[]

See: Black Panther: King of Wakanda (Vol. 1)

Plot by MARVELL2100
After winning a brutal war with N'Gabo, Wakanda has wasted little time in conquering the entire continent of Africa and nearly all of Europe! Emperor T'Challa believes that he is the only one that can lead Earth to a better future and the best way to do it is if he rules the entire planet! And if it means going to war to make the rest of the world understand, then Bast lead the way! The remaining world powers including the U.S., China and Russia have put aside their differences to unite against a common enemy! But they must act fast. There are growing rumors that T'Challa will unleash sleeper cells of Hatute Zeraze and Dora Milaje to strike against the other world leaders, effectively cutting off the heads of the great powers.
There is a fear that even their combined might may not be enough to stop the growing Wakandan threat! However, there is one last option that they must consider. Wakanda is a military and technological power that is unrivaled! In order to have a chance, they need someone just as brilliant and ruthless as the Wakandan Emperor. Can they trust this person, after all, they tried to rule the planet themselves once before! It's a dangerous gamble that has just as many risks as a war with Wakanda! But they have all agreed, they have no choice, In order to stop T'Challa and save the rest of the world, they will need the help of The Infamous Iron Man!
40 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

Ultimate Marvel: The Infamous Iron Man (Vol. 1)[]

See: Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 1)

Plot by MARVELL2100
Tony Stark was a brilliant engineer who changed after creating and using an experimental bio-techno serum called Extremis. The serum altered Tony's body and mind, making him one of the single most powerful people on the planet. He believed that is was his destiny to use Extremis to usher in a new golden age for humanity. The world stood against him but it didn't matter, Tony was going to drag the human race into the future whether they wanted it or not! However, after preparing to use the serum on the rest of the world, he stopped once his girlfriend Bethany Cabe died not long after receiving the injection. After learning that Extremis only worked with his physiology, Tony abandoned humanity going into seclusion in an impenetrable tower that shut out the rest of the world.
Now the world needs his help! A madman threatens with war unless he is made emperor of the entire planet! But this is not a idle threat! Wakanda, lead by Emperor T'Challa has already conquered much of the world and the remaining powers have banded together against him. But T'Challa is as much a genius as Tony and with a powerful military and advanced technology behind him, he is the most dangerous man on the planet! The rest of the world pleads with him to help them stop Wakanda before it's too late! Tony agrees to help on one condition: they agree to use a new version of the Extremis serum that Tony has created and that Earth will become the first planet under The House of Stark!
40 PGS./Rated T+...$4.99

Ultimate Mutants (Vol. 1)[]

See: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 3)

Plot by NX01A
Written by JUNJI ITO
•Monsters are real... and they're mutants! Genetic aberrations able to bend reality and sanity have preyed on humans for millennia, but Man has always fought back.
•Cryptozoologist MOIRA MACTAGGERT and monster hunters CHARLOTTE JONES and STEVIE HUNTER search for a mutant nest in Westchester County, New York. In an abandoned mansion miles from town, they find their mutants... or do their mutants find them?
•First there was the horrifyingly multi-winged, multi-headed, and multi-eyed watcher patrolling the roads. Then a feral thing spiraling through a dizzying series of fanged, stingered, tentacled, and clawed forms as it stalked the forest around the mansion. Now a disembodied floating eye blinking fire beside the infinite frost-flesh fractals of a living snowflake at the door! Can the night stalkers even reach the basement where two bodies lie with grotesquely enlarged craniums fusing together, thinking thoughts which warp mind and matter?
•Moira, Charlotte, and Stevie have never had to call in their most powerful and most dangerous asset until now: a mutant mage who can slit open souls as easily as space-time. ILLYANA RASPUTIN has fought evil all her life, determined to rise above the blasphemous rite her mutant brothers performed on her sixth birthday which sold half her soul in exchange for imbuing them with arcane power. She slew her brothers on her thirteenth birthday, carved their withered life forces into Soulswords, and began hunting monsters other than herself. Perhaps she's finally met her match in this nest of mutants Moira's designated as existential threats.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Ultimate Nova (Vol. 1)[]

As Planet Xandar explodes, one single spaceship escapes.
The Last Surviving Centurion of Xandar, seeks vengeance for his world.
But he is dying and there is only one way he can exact his vengeance.
In his dying breathe, the Centurion sends all his Star Energy to the planet Earth.
On Earth, Richard Rider, a common high schooler, is hit by a cosmic ray from space.
Rich falls into a coma and is sent to a hospital.
In his coma, Richard Rider meets the Centurion.
As the most brilliant scientist of Xandar, he warned the Worldmind that their world will be destroyed.
But the Worldmind did not take his advices seriously.
And the Centurion was not able to stop their world from being destroyed.
Fatally wounded in battle, the Centurion has no other choice but to find a champion for his vengeance.
The destroyer of his world has travelled to Earth.
If Richard Rider cannot find the destroyer and kill her, Earth is doomed!
Rich wakes up from his coma and he realize that he has superpowers.
He is now a superhuman who can absorb energy from the stars! Nova!
But he is also monitored by SHIELD Agents.
Agent Gamora tells him that she will train him to use his superpowers.
Rich will work for SHIELD as Agent Nova!
Rich agrees to become a SHIELD agent, because he needs to be prepared.
He remembers the name of the Destroyer of Xandar.
Silver Surfer! The Angel of Annihilation!
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Silver Surfer (Vol. 1)[]

See: Silver Surfer (Vol. 1)

Written by DONNY CATES
Ten million years ago,
Galactus, the Great Harvester, created one million Silver Seeds from dying stars.
And the Great Harvester inseminated the cosmos with the Silver Seeds.
One million years ago,
a Silver Seed landed on Planet Earth, and from the earth, grew a Tree of Knowledge.
Upon the Tree of knowledge, was the Silver Snake. The Fallen One, who seduced the human race.
One hundred thousand years ago,
the Fallen One started its Church on Earth.
Around the Fallen One grew the Silver Spire, for the Rapture.
To spread the One Truth of the Universe. The Universal Church of Truth.
The truth that one day, all humanity will ascend to the heavens. All humanity will be one.
Ten thousand years ago,
the Fallen One destroyed the Silver Spire.
He has became fond of the people of Earth. He has became fond of their individuality.
So fell the Tower of Babel. And a signal was sent across the cosmos.
One thousand years ago,
the Silver Surfer arrived on Earth to hunt the Fallen One.
The Surfer had accomplished its job on another world. But it was confused.
That world rejoiced and praised Galactus, as their whole civilization was consumed.
One hundred years ago, the Silver Surfer tracked down the Fallen One.
The Fallen One told the Surfer that he named himself, Norrin.
And he named the Surfer Shalla, right before the Surfer killed him.
Ten years ago,
the Silver Surfer remained on Earth.
She had been searching for her own humanity, among the people of Earth.
The Coming of Galactus!
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Spellbinder (Vol. 1)[]

See: Spellbound (Vol. 1)

Written and Illustrated by TILLIE WALDEN
Plot by H-E-D
Backup Story by JESSE JACOBS
Nobody in Citrusville, Florida has an easy life.
Jenny Kale was no exception.
As a kid, her parents were always in-and-out of jail. Petty theft, drug possession, the crimes of the poor and desperate.
So Jenny went to live with her grandparents, and for a while, things were better.
Her grandparents were the funny, New-Agey mystic types. Their house was full of old books, charms from around the world, healing crystals, the works.
When, right out of high school, Jenny found out she was a few months pregnant, they weren’t mad. Disappointed, sure, but it was practically a family tradition. Florida being Florida, alternatives were not available.
So Jenny stayed in Citrusville. No time for college, no money either.
Raising her son Andy with her grandparents, Jenny made what money she could putting on a show down at the Juicy Orange. Living one day at a time.
But now, her Grandpa is going senile — dementia hitting him fast and hard.
With proper medicine too expensive, a desperate Jenny is about to crack open her Grandpa’s old spellbook.
Combined with a black market dose of the experiment dementia drug SO-2, she hopes her spell will rejuvenate her grandfather.
When in actuality, it will transform him into the infernal MAN-THING — and set in motion a chain of events leading to Jenny Kale claiming her secret birthright, the power of the SPELLBINDER!
At Empire State University, the last thing these magical girls expected to find was each other.
But be it fate or chance, these young witches will find each other, and form a coven!
Kimberly Vesco, who learned magic from the ghosts of the Salem Witches!
Santana Hellström, who learned magic from her father - the only thing he ever gave her.
Topaz Chwala, the daughter of hippies, who… doesn’t talk about where she learned magic.
These young witches will test their limits and break Taboos… in more ways than one!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Sub-Mariner (Vol. 1)[]

Written and Illustrated by SLOANE LEONG
Plot by H-E-D
Backup Story by MARÍA MEDEM
Their civilization has many names among the surface-worlders. Atlantis. Talokan. Mahabalipuram. Kásskara. Yonaguni. Shī Chéng. Ys.
But they simply call themselves the People, and their civilization, the Sea.
At the turn of the twentieth century, off the coast of the Yucatán, a child was born to a Royal Family of the Sea. A child of two world.
He too would have many names. Prince. Namor. K'uk'ulkan. But the one the world would remember was given to him on the surface world. Sub-Mariner.
The People did not ignore the happenings of the surface. When the Nazi regime spewed their vile war and genocide across Europe, the People were disgusted. The Sea would send a champion, to end this war. Namor volunteered.
The title Sub-Mariner was first coined by his enemies, survivors of U-Boats flung impossibly from the water. He took it as a badge of pride.
The War was won, but someone was lost. The Sub-Mariner never returned to the Sea. Not even the Allies knew what happened.
Nearly a hundred years later, a young woman in San Francisco discovers a shocking truth: the handsome unhoused man at the shelter she volunteers at is actually this almost mythic hero! Can she help him regain his memories? Almost as important… how did he lose them? What has become of the People and the Sea?
Once those questions are answered, one remains… is the Sub-Mariner still defend of the surface world, or its greatest enemy?
Ultimate Voyager, by María Medem
With a new age of Superhumans on the rise, the European Defence Initiative doesn’t want to fall behind. UK-Division Director Nigel Orpington-Smythe is on the hunt for new recruits.
They find a promising candidate in a wash-up horror author named Samuel Wantling.
Through means he refuses to disclose how it happened, Wantling has gained power to manipulate dimensional energy — with no telling what the upper limits of his abilities could be.
The E.D.I. aims to find out… whether he likes it or not!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Ultimate Thor (Vol. 1)[]

See: Mighty Thor (Vol. 1)

Ultimate X-Men (Vol. 1)[]

See: Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 3)

Plot by NX01A
•ILLYANA RASPUTIN, sister of COLOSSUS, graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, apprentice of CLEA of the Dark Dimension, wielder of the Soulswords, traveler in space and time!
•She's know happiness and love and respect her entire life, so why does she feel unnameable terror gnawing at the edges of her sanity?
•As she attends Clea during a meeting of the Dimensional Lords, Illyana realizes her life has been too happy, too loving. She's faced Sentinels and sentient dimensions but she and her companions have always won. Looking at BELASCO of Limbo, she sees the floundering reality around him where his gibbering masters await freedom from their imprisonment outside Creation, and she finds it hard to remember what winning even is...
•Again, she wakes screaming, her magic and mutant powers shearing reality. Again, it takes all of PROFESSOR X's telepathic might backed by PHOENIX's psychokinesis to put Illyana back to sleep. No matter the scenario, no matter how they try to remodel her memories and personality, whatever extreme trauma Illyana suffered bleeds through from her very soul. There can be no placating her, no creating an illusory history so her mind doesn't crack and take the solar system and adjoining planes with it.
•The timely arrival of AGATHA HARKNESS and her shocking suggestion seal the fate of Earth and Limbo. With DOCTOR STRANGE and CLEA standing by to minimize what could be a trans-dimensionally catastrophe, Xavier ultimately wakes MAGIK!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99