Publisher: New Dawn
Line: Heroes Dawn
Status: Ongoing


 Plotted by KINGKASARA
 Written by JASON AARONS
 Art by JAE LEE
 Concept: Oliver Queen may be taking a road trip with John Stewart, but Star City isn’t undefended. John Diggle, former Special Forces, former Queen family bodyguard, and eternal badass, is picking up the slack. Aided by Felicity Smoak and the rest of his support team, he’ll be taking on the triads, criminal masterminds, and mercenaries, all to clean up the city. They won’t know what hit them. They’re expecting a man with a bow. What they’re not expecting is a man with a whole Arsenal.
 Cast: Arsenal (John Diggle), Felicity Smoak, Wendy Harris, Marvin White
 Villains: China White, Sin Tzu, Clock King, Professor Ojo



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