Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Writer: Torunn Grønbekk
Plotter: H-E-D
Artist: R. B. Silva
Concept: Namor's kingdom comes under siege from the forces of Zemo!
Location: Take a wild guess.
1. Tamara Rahn
2. Kymaera (Namorita Prentiss)
3. Namora (Aquaria Neptunia)
4. General Attuma
5. Grand Vizier (Vashti Cleito-Son)
6. General Krang
7. Andromeda Attumasen
8. U-Man (Meranno)
9. Vyrra aka Dr. Lemuel Dorcus
10. Sub-Mariner / Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss)
11. Shark Girl / Mako
12. Stingray / Doctor Hydro (Herman Frayne)
13. Nerkkod


Written by Torunn Grønbekk
Plot by H-E-D
Art by R. B. Silva
As King of Atlantis, Namor has come to expect stupidity from the surface world… but Zemo’s declaration of war surpassed even his expectations.
He’s not sure what’s more embarrassing — that Zemo is declaring war over somebody who isn’t even in Atlantis anymore… the fact that America has been taken over by white supremacists.
After all… once upon a time, he put a lot of effort into helping the Americans beat the Nazis.
History repeats itself in more ways than one as Zemo sends Meranno, the vile U-MAN, to lead his attack on Atlantis!
U-Man delusionally believes that Atlantis is the heir to a lost Aryan utopia — one he is destined to restore!
And he’s brought REDEEMERS like Doctor Hydro, Mako and Tiger Shark with him to topple Namor’s regime!
Even with trusted allies, like Tamara Rahn and Andromeda, and beloved family, Namora and Namorita (no longer the gestalt being called Namorella, don’t worry about it), at his side, Namor’s advisor Vashti urges him to take Meranno’s threat seriously.
Namor makes some dangerous alliances — can Attuma and Krang be trusted?
And what is Meranno planning with the turncoat known as Vyrra, better known on the surface as Doctor Dorcus?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by H-E-D
Art by R. B. SILVA
Atlantis is in chaos as Vyrra, aka Doctor Dorcus, unleashes one of his many traps!
He transforms Namorita into the violent KYMAERA, activating the same genes with which he created the deadly Redeemer Mako!
Namor will do whatever is necessary for Atlantis — will his family pay the price?
As Namor and Aquaria face a monster inside the city, defense of Atlantis’ boarders is left to ATTUMA and KRANG!
Will these two, frequent enemies of not just Namor but each other, be able to repel a new assault by TIGER SHARK and MAKO?
The oceans are already thick with blood spilled, and the sharks are circling.
But Namor is no fool — he has the alien Tamara Rahn and the fearsome Andromeda infiltrating U-MAN’s command vessel!
Can they cut off the head of the snake?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by H-E-D
Art by R. B. SILVA
Good news: Tamara Rahn and Andromeda killed Meranno the U-MAN.
Bad news: something else came to life.
Vyrra’s contingency plan springs into action as Meranno, mortally wounded, lifted the Hammer of Nerkkod!
In eons past, Nerkkod was a fossegrim, a water troll, who served the Serpent as one of the Worthy.
He was slain (see: ULTIMATES #13
for details), but Vyrra, ever curious, recovered his Hammer. Now, with his power, Meranno is reborn!
Andromeda and Tamara try to return to reliever the grave news — but Nerkkod moves faster.
Attuma is the front line of defense, in a twist of irony for a man who once wielded the Hammer himself!
And what became of Namor, Aquaria and the newly transformed Kymaera?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by Torunn Grønbekk
Plot by H-E-D
Art by R. B. Silva
It’s Namor, King of Atlantis, against Nerkkod, Zombie Mer-Nazi once known as U-Man!
But Namor is not alone — he’s got his family and his people behind him!
Aquaria, his cousin, has helped her daughter Kymaera master her new form!
Andromeda and Tamara Rahn, having captured the traitorous Vyrra and sent Zemo’s forces packing, join the fight as well.
Five against one… Nerkkod likes those odds.
The spirit of the Fossegrim and the sinister Fear magic of the Serpent push Meranno far beyond his old limits.
But while the King of Atlantis may be headstrong... he is no fool. Meranno can't quite say the same.
Namor calls upon the great Atlantean sorceress Tareva and her Logomancers to aid him… but it’s the arrival of the pre-Cataclysmic band known as the CRUX that turn the tide!
When the waters clear… Atlantis stands victorious!
But there’s little rest for Namor and his band — it’s time for justice. He rallies his allies to the surface, to take the fight to Zemo!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99