Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Supernatural
Status: Ongoing


 Plotter: Mcgaffer
 Writer: Neil Gaiman
 Artists: Clayton Crain
 Tagline: The world is saved - Doom is here!
 Location: Latveria
 1. Doctor Doom
 Supporting: Black Host, Satana, Marquis of Death, Black Swan
 Antagonists: Eternals, Chthon, Lilith Mother of Monsters, Kierrok, Victoria Montesi, Margali Szardos
 Reserve - Exemplars, Mys-Tech, Clea, Fear Lord Minions (Paranoia, Phobia, Cobweb etc.)


 Written by NEIL GAIMAN
“Vitruvian Man”
Heaven burned as Doom finally faced him, The One Above All. The multiverse was collapsing into itself as Doom, powered by the energies of thousands of harvested universes, unleashed his might on TOAA. He didn't even blink, he merely looked sadly at Doom and a second later Doom ceased to exist. The plan had worked perfectly. Doom had grown increasingly frustrated with the faults of the Creator. If Doom had truly been made in the image of the Creator then Doom would show Him how it was really done. The second that TOAA took to look at Doom in pity was all Doom needed to create a life, a new body for himself. He let TOAA erase the mistake he had made and gladly excepted his new existence, he would show the Creator how it was truly done, Doom made in the image of Doom! But things still aren't perfect, true he is, but their are other Doom's out there in alternate realities who now are inferior copies. TOAA's creations, Doom can not allow this insult to continue, there is only one Doom!
 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99


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