Line: SciFi
Status: Ongoing


 Written by Jonathan Hickman
 Art by Nicola Scott
 Plotter: Marvell2100
 Reed Richards
 Susan Storm Richards
 Johnny Storm
 Ben Grimm
 Supporting: Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Wyatt Wingfoot, Agatha Harkness, Alicia Masters, Nathanial Richards
 Villains: Doom 2099, Council of Reeds, Frightful Four (The Wizard, The Sandman, The Trapster, Thundra), Abraxas, Annihilus, John Storm*, The First Four(Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Madame Curie, Galileo, Leonardo DaVinci).
 Reserve: Mr. Spock(Star Trek), Bently-23, Onome, The Moloids
 Concept: The team that started it all in the AoM universe, the Fantastic Four are a family of adventurers and explorers who travel around the world and beyond in pursuit of knowledge. They face challenges beyond the scope of most people and while they may have fantastic powers, their greatest strength lies with their strong family bond.


 Plot By MARVELL2100
 "The First Four"
 The Heart of Darkness may be over but it's effects are still being felt by the Fantastic Four! Learning the truth about Abraxas, that he's an alternate reality version of Franklin has both Reed and Sue on edge and worried. Franklin's immense powers have been halved but could he grow up one day to be just like Abraxas? Johnny returns from the Negative Zone a changed man but is it for better or worse? What could have happened to him there that has such a strange effect? And Ben's own return from a dystopian 25th century has him more concerned about his future with Alicia! With the FF at their lowest, now is not the time for Nathaniel Richards to show up with a dire warning....about the past?!? Next Issue: The Original Four.
 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99


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