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Line: Supernatural
Status: Ongoing


 Plotter: Mcgaffer
 Writer: Stephen King
 Artist: Leinal Francis Yu
 Tagline: Damnation or salvation, either or will do!
 Location: Mojave Desert
 1. Eve (Teenage daughter of Doom, Banner and Roland somehow survived the upheaval)
 Supporting: Echo, Jaine Cutter, Carlos Lobo
 Antagonists: Adversary, D'spayre, Dusk, Hangman, Dwarf, Scarecrow, Jack O'Lantern
 Reserve - Jinx, Vermin, The Lurking Unknown, Thog, Deathwatch, Gabriel Devil-Hunter


 Written by STEPHEN KING
“First Steps”
The hot desert sun glints of the blue steel of the heavy Sandalwood guns. They sit comfortably on her hips, despite their comically large size, and she knows how to use them better then all but save maybe one. This teenage girl has inherited gifts from her mother and all three of her fathers. She has her mother's mimicry abilities, if she she's it she can do it, which is how she became a Gunslinger at such a young age as her last father Roland Deschain taught her everything he knew. From her second father, Bruce Banner, comes her intelligence, an innate ability to absorb knowledge. And from her biological father, the one she never knew comes the unwelcome gift of the supernatural. The child of Victor Von Doom has become a prized must have Familiar and the mystical world is intent on dragging her to hell. But as long as she has her fathers guns at her side she knows she has more then a fighting chance. Her dusty well worn boots enter the ghost town of ghouls and demons, her fingers itching at the handles of the guns, her green cloak billows around her in the hot air and her wide brimmed hat casts a shadow over her face as she faces the damned "The names Eve! Any y'all got a problem with that!"
 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99