Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Plot by KALAI
It was a spark that started the fire.
Some believe it began the moment a rocket escaped the dying planet.
Others say it was when the Kryptonian clone war began.
Many more think it was when House of El invented the machine.
They were all wrong.
As it happened before the rise, before the war, and before the fall.
It started with two Kryptonians.
It started with an idea, Kryptonian Resurrection.
When the ancient Kryptonians invented the machine, it was used to pursue immortality.
But the last sons and daughters of Krypton will use the machine to restore their people.
Krypton, House of El, 35 years ago,
Jor-El placed a crystal with his message in the baby rocket he is sending to Earth,
but it was more than a message, it was a copy of his consciousness.
And as the rocket escaped Krypton, the planet died.
Earth, Fotress of Solitude, 1 year ago,
Superman shook hands with General Zod, agreeing to a treaty.
He fixed the Clone Matrix, and placed the crystal into the machine.
As a genetic copy of Jor-El emerged from the machine, his consciousness entered his new body.
And Jor-El was reborn.
Jupiter, Europa, 8 months ago,
Jon Kent and Kara Zor-El flew across the Solar System, and into the frozen oceans of Jupiter's second moon.
They are carrying Sunstones Seeds in their hands, and planted these seeds into the ice,
Earth, Metropolis, 4 months ago,
Jimmy Olsen is the CEO of Olsen Corps which sells Kryptonian technology to the public.
He soon bought out all of Lexcorp and restarted Cadmus Project on the Moon.
Superboy Conner Kent is the new director of Cadmus Project, and he is making some new clones.
Jupiter, Europa, now,
Europa has been terraformed into the New Krypton.
Sun Stones has grown into Continent of Solitude and the people of Kandor are moving to this new Krypton.
Earth, Metropolis, now,
Superman declares the existence of New Krypton to the people of Earth and he promises that he will keep the peace.
The Still Zone, Brainiac's ship, now.
Lex Luthor and earth's greatest scientists are on the ship, and they are building a new version of Metallo.
This is the War for the Dominant Species of the Solar System.
Brainiac's ship is now a factory for the most advanced army of Metallo,
with all the resources provided by Earth's governments.
With his level of intelligence, Lex calculated the only outcome of New Krypton 12 months ago.
Human Extinction, and he will stop it at any cost, but he may have overlooked something.
There is always someone smarter, and all is going just according to the plans of Brainiac?
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
On New Krypton, in the City of Kandor, Jor-El told Superman about Lex Luthor and the scientists of Earth.
The Futuresmiths are forging an army of Metallo, but it will lead to the rise of Brainiac-12.
Clark is uncertain how Jor-El got this intel, but the readings of the Still Zone seem to confirm it.
Superman and Zod assemble a team of Super-Robots and enter the Still Zone from the Phatom-Zone Projector.
Meanwhile on the Moon, Jimmy Olsen takes Lois Lane through a tour in the New Cadmus Project.
The Cadmus Project was initially created to make clones for different environments.
Now, Cadmus Project focuses on Bizarro, all the Bizarro Workers are created for specific tasks, they grow up in designed environments and have different roles in the project.
The whole Project is now run by Bizarro Workers while Conner Kent is working on Kryptonian Hybrid projects.
As Superman and Zod enter Brainiac's ship, Zod decides the most efficient way is to destroy the whole ship, but Superman stops him, as the destruction of the Ship would kill all the scientists.
Clark believes letting them live is the only way forward.
This, however, gives time for Lex Luthor to activate the army of Metallo.
They were all designed to be able to transform into weapons and phase through the wall, each unit was constructed by millions of Nano-Metallo, all powered by Kryptonite Radiation.
Superman and Zod were both wounded, but they will finish the mission.
A glimpse into the future, the Time Trapper arrives in a future ruled by Brainiac-13.
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"Trapped in Time"
Superman and Zod keeps fighting in Brainiac's ship, just as a fragment of Brainiac-12's mind awakens.
Metallo-1000, these metallo are made of nano-metallos, they are basically liquid metal,
Superman and Zod cannot destroy them, and there's something worse about these nano-metallo.
The Metallo-1000 model was designed to infect human and make them Metallo.
Superman came prepared, because his Super-Robots are also made of nano-Superbots,
it's a million micro-Superman vs a million micro-Metallo.
In the future, 1000 years from now, the universe is ruled by Brainiac-13, every human on Earth is now cybernetic beings controlled by Brainiac,
Jon Kent and his sister Cir-El, lead the last resistance against Brainiac's science police.
The resistence were Kryptonian hybrids created by Conner Kent many years ago,
human-Kryptonian, Amazon-Kryptonian, and even New God-Kryptonians.
The legends are that a thousand years ago, the Futuresmiths unleashed nano-metallo on to the Earth,
and these nano-metallo infected every human on Earth, transforming all of humanity into Metallo to fight the Kryptonians.
But that plan failed when a fragment of Brainiac's mind awakens and takes over all their bodies,and Brainiac-12 was reborn.
Jon El and Cir-El lead the final charge to steal the information about the rise of Brainiac, where the Futuresmiths build the nano-metallo.
After an impossible fight, Jon was able to obtain the information and take it back to the Time Trapper.
"This timeline is over, Brainiac has won, you must take this information to my father, grandmother!"
And the Time Trapper reveals her face, Lara Lor-Van, the mother of Superman.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
“The House that Lara built”
Brainiac's evil has been vanquished!
As the millions of nano-Super-Bots defeat the millions of nano-Metallo,
their program also invade the system of Brainiac's ship, destroying the consciousness of Brainaic-12.
Superman and Zod emerge from the Phantom-Zone victorious, the scientists of Futuresmiths taken prisoners.
Jor-El smiles as he walks into a secret chamber to inform his wife, Lara Lor-Van.
For over thirty years, Lara has planned for this.
When Krypton exploded, Lara was sent through time, and she has been trapped in time, the Time Trapper.
The Eradicator of Krypton was re-designed by Lara so that it can collect the genetic material of Kryptonians before Krypton falls,
The Phantom Zone projector was re-designed by Jor-El so that it can also collect lost souls of Kryptonians when they die.
New Krypton is a plan in the making for many years.
When Jor-El was resurrected with the mind crystal and his genetic material,
he reclaims control of Eradicator and Phantom Zone projector so he may restore all minds back into their bodies,
even the tiny people of Kandor can be restored into cloned bodies at their proper size.
As Lara has been the Time-Trapper for many more years, she has traveled many timelines,
fought the Legion of Superheroes, witnessed the end of time, and survived so many Crisis.
Every-time, she takes the information collected from the last timeline,
and she prepare for a better new timeline,
when Jon and Cir-El were defeated in the last timeline, they gathered enough information
enough to destroy Brainiac-12 before his birth in this new timeline.
This timeline is the one She has been searching for, and they are victorious.
Jor-El believes this is the time for celebration,
but Lara knows this is not the final victory, as each change to timeline lead to another.
Nano-Metallos are free of Brainiac's control and begin to build a kingdom of their own inside the Phantom Zone.
Kryptonites in Lex Luthor's labs begin to move as these Kryptonites become sentient and a new type of Kryptonite Men is born.
And Cir-El is sent through time back to the House of S with a piece of Brainiac's consciousness in her body?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"The Bizarro World"
Wars never change.
Fire and Ash. Blood and Death.
As the war in heavens get an upgrade, so does the war on earth.
REPORT: Bizarro Weapons sighted in East Europe.
REPORT: Bizarro Soldiers sighted in North Korea.
REPORT: Metallo Virus used to create Super Soldiers.
JIMMY OLSEN and LOIS LANE begin to investigate the weaponized Bizarros over the world.
It would appear that the Bizarro workers of Olsen Corps have been stolen by many countries and used as soldiers.
LOIS finds out that Bizarro soldiers are popular on the black market and many countries are using the same tech to create their own Bizarro Weapons.
The argument is simple, with New Krypton on Jupiter's Moon, Earth will need more weapons to defend against the Kryptonians.
China has been developing in secret, an Bizarro Justice League,
while in East Europe, Bizarro Soldiers are already used in many civil wars.
Olsen Corps decide to send their Bizarro agents to one of these black site Bizarro Factories in Africa to find out what they were developing.
The Bizarro Agents soon find that both United States and Russia have decided to use Africa as a testing ground for Bizarro Weapons.
They have been selling Bizarro Weapons to the local warlords.
The latest Lex Bizarro product, Bizarro Bomb, when detonated, can turn a whole village into Bizarros,
made from the same material as the Bizarro World.
And the latest Russian Bizarro product, the Titan Bizarro, where a pilot can be placed within a giant Bizarro to control the bio-armor.
A Bizarro War will soon break out between two African warlords.
It will be up to LOIS and JIMMY to stop this from happening?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"Bizarro of Tomorrow"
In Africa, JIMMY OLSEN turns into the Turtle Man to stop the Titan Bizarro bio-armor. While LOIS LANE jumps into a Kryptonian mecha-suit to deactivate the Bizarro Bomb. At the same time, the original Bizarro at Olsencorp makes a speech to the world.
"Bizarro do not have a dream that one day Bizarros will look after each other."
"Bizarro do not have a dream that one day Bizarros will rise up."
"Bizarros do not have a dream that one day Bizarros will live happily on the Moon"
"Olsencorp will not offer any health care and insurance policy."
"Bizarro do not have a dream today."
And with that, from around the world, thousands of Bizarro Workers flies up to the Moon.
Jimmy takes the new comers on a tour through the Bizarro Society. Bizarros can become Farmers, Builders, Artists, Musicians, and Teachers. They are free to pursue their own dreams.
Olsencorp is also building Titan Bizarros for space exploration. The Bizarros are heading towards a brighter tomorrow!
Meanwhile, in Europe, Superman discovers a new superhuman academy, the K-Academy.
But what does the K-Men has to do with Superman and what's their relationship with Kryptonite Man?
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Plot by KALAI
"Whatever happened to the Man of Kryptonite"
When the last son of Krypton arrived on Earth, the last metal of Ktrypton followed.
That was the first seed to the greatness.
K-Metal was unstable, just like the spark that started the fire.
At first, it was one alien kid with Green K-radiation.
Then, others followed, Red-K, Blue-K, Golden-K.
Krypton Rock Creature, Human Scientists, and Living K-radiation.
Many years have passed, and those who carry the same radiation have formed their own alliance.
The K-Academy, the School for the K-Men.
During his visit, Superman finds out that over the years,
the K-dust from Krypton's explosion have touched many across the cosmos,
now these K-Kid join the K-Men under the teachings of the first K-Kid.
K-Man tells Superman that he senses another new type of Kryptonite has awaken.
Lex Luthor has been experimenting with Kryptonite for years,
and after years of Yellow Sun Light, Kryptonite has become so unstable,
that it created the impossible isotope, an organic Kryptonite.
A new race is born, from the ashes of the Futuresmiths,
in Luthor's lab, the first Sentient Kryptonite opens its eyes.
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Plot by KALAI
"The New Guild of New Krypton"
With fire and lightning, a group of Kryptonian travelers arrive from another universe, Earth-2. They were the secret protectors of that world for many years, keeping the forces of Bru-Al of Earth-2 at bay. But recently, Bru-Al got a major power boost under the yellow sun of Earth-2, and he is using necromancy to resurrect his sons and daughters, the House of Al of Earth-2, who have been dormant in the the Grimmworld, Kryptonian Werewolf, Kryptonian Vampire, and Kryptonian Mummy.
Meanwhile, Lara Lor-Van discovers that Cir-El carries a piece of data from Brainiac-13. And the Religion Guild and the Magic Guild are starting a war on New Krypton.
Kal-L, Superman of Earth-2, must team-up with Jor-El of Earth-1, to stop them before they make a big mistake. To make things more complicated, Jon Kent discovers that there is yet another cult rising on New Krypton,
believing that Rao the God of Sun has abandoned them in their hour of need, they turned to Apophiso, the forbidden and apocrypha God of Black Hole.
Good thing that Black Hole God doesn't really exist, right?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

"Times of Change”
Superman confront the Church of Black Hole, which is the polar opposite of the Church of Rao, and he will be shocked at what he finds. For there actually is a god in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy, and this being had been reaching out across the stars to the Kryptonians on New Krypton?
To make things worse, the Guild of Magic reveals to Superman that the belief system of New Krypton has shifted and experiencing a rebirth. All the gods of Krypton are experiencing new forms and new powers and that includes a newly reborn Rao?
The data of Brainiac-13 has transferred from Cir-El to another host on New Krypton and is heading towards Earth. Lara-Lor Van, the Time Trapper, must come out of her hiding place and face the nightmare of Brainiac again?
And a Kryptonite-Sunstone hybrid has been growing in the center of Earth, increasing the mass of the core of Earth to a dangerous point. And something is stirring in the Kryptonite-Sunstone structure.
Can the Dinosaur People living in the center of Earth solve this problem, or is it up to Jimmy Olsen to save the day?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

“Now It Ends”
Superman vs General Zod!
Superman, Kal-L of Earth-2, has been possessed by the Brainiac-13 from the future! It’s up to Jor-El, Lara and Zod to stop Superman!
Superman, Kal-El of Earth-0, is investigating the God in the Blackhole and he finds out that it was actually Brainiac-13! Can he stop Brainiac-13 or will the Machine God destroy New Krypton?
On the Moon, Conner discovers that the Kryptonian-Hybrids he has created for the Cadmus Project have been secretly corrupted, now they are under control of another mind, Brainiac-13?
Jimmy and Lois enter the growing Kryptonite-Sunstone Hybrid inside Earth’s core, and they discover that there is a Kryptonite World inside, with not only Kryptonite Men and Kryptonite Dogs, but other animals as well. And at the heart of all these, is an Kryptonite World Engine created by Brainiac-13?
Brainiac-13 has laid his trap from the future, now it all ends!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99