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• New boss, same as the old boss? Not this time. Meet the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Along with top agents Phil Coulson and Maria Hill, she has put together a team of the top operatives in the agency. They are the deadliest of the species, they are equipped to handle the most dangerous threats to our world, they are....the Ladies of SHIELD!
• Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 is more than Captain America's former girlfriend. She is the best tactician in the agency, highly skilled in weapons, combat and tech. She is our eyes, our ears, our conscience.
• Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman is superhuman with shocking fighting skills and handy pheromone control to stir up the enemy. Jess has a dark past, but she's finding a home and a family within our organization. Don't corner her, she stings.
• Daisy Johnson aka Quake has recently graduated to our program. Hand picked by Nick Fury himself. This firecracker can hold her own under any circumstance and has the ability to generate earth shattering vibrations, literally bringing down the bad guys.
• Melinda May aka The Cavalry is our hardened veteran. Years of field experience, risking her life more times than we can count with the scars to prove it. Hand to hand, she has no equal. Contacts galore. If you need backup, if you need assistance...just call in The Cavalry.
• Barbara "Bobbi" Morse aka Mockingbird is one of our brightest and most versatile operatives. She's an acrobat, a martial artist and biochemist all in one. In the middle of a mission we often find the need to defuse a bomb, find an antidote, or understand the scientific ramifications of a particular situation. That's when Bobbi saves the day.
• Natasha Romanova (among other aliases) aka the Black Widow has defined the role of double, even triple agent. Thankfully, she is our asset. Look up super spy in your SHIELD Handbook and you'll see this red head. The Widow can get us inside...anywhere. Need access to The Avengers, call Natasha.
• The World Security Council's Alexander Pierce has commissioned SHIELD for a top secret mission. We have solid intel that representatives from the world's most dangerous rogue agencies and terrorist organizations have gathered in Madripoor. Madame Masque, Lucia Von Bardas are among those spotted in the vicinity. What purpose? Why would these villainous groups work together when many are fighting over the same pieces of the pie? Who could get them...or force them together? We need answers. We need in there. Ladies of SHIELD, gear up. You're headed for Madripoor, the worst place on Earth!
• Play the spy game this month with the most deadliest of the species, only in LADIES OF SHIELD #1!
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