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Note: This title was set in the original AOM continuity, prior to the reset of the CBR forums in April of 2014 and the AOM reboot.

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Geof Darrow
Location: Reality is their Playground. Primary HQ is located on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle.
Concept: Some threats are too dangerous for even the greatest of heroes to face. One group, hidden in the shadows of time, has been defending our universe from these dangers. Their status, history, roster and missions unknown to the very world they protect and sometimes even themselves. Prepare to be exposed to the League!
 1. Abigail Brand
 2. Harry Houdini
 3. Lei-Kung the Thunderer
 4. Leonardo Da Vinci
 5. Marvelman (aka Miracleman)
 6. David Bowie
 7. Rin-Tin-Tin
 8. spoilers:
Captain America (Steve Rogers)
end of spoilers ***Confidential***
Supporting: Detective Luther*, Lady Croft*, Karen Page, Stan Lee and the Inner Circle (Ancient One, One Above All), Yukio
Antagonists: Amelia Earhart, Baron Blitzschlag, Isaac Newton, The Inquisition*, The Outer Circle (Father Time, Chameleon, Merlin Demonspawn, Porcupine, Psycho-Man, Ringmaster, Unicorn)


Bermuda Triangle. A luxury cruise liner is attacked by a villainous pirate long forgotten named Captain Barracuda. A distress signal goes out. Namor, champion of Atlantis, comes to the rescue only to discover the vessel is virtually empty of cargo except for one passenger, one hostage - Karen Page?
The pirates may be no match for the Sub-Mariner but what mystery has he stumbled onto? Enter Abigail Brand and Marvelman to escort the ship and Namor's captives to a nearby secret island hideout, one Namor never detected despite years of patrolling these waters. Inside he will greet legends believed lost to myth or history.
Leonardo Da Vinci, tinkering with technology fit for the next millennium.
The Bride, a monster of legend, stocking an arsenal ready for war.
Lei-Kung the Thunderer. The supreme fighter now in deep meditation.
Harry Houdini, expert illusionist, escapist, superspy, investigator of spiritual anomalies and hoaxes feverishly studying tarot cards.
Most confounding of all. While escorting his prisoners to a matter restrictive holding cell - sets his eyes on the God of lies himself. Loki offers but a welcoming smile.
"My name is Abigail Brand. I've been commissioned by a higher authority to bring together Earth's most extraordinary beings in order to combat the universe's gravest threats. One we believe you are now a part of. We are The League. Will you join us?"
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 Namor has unintentionally become the newest member of a secret group of individuals who venture to save the world from the most extraordinary threats, those that other heroic teams dare not comprehend. Call it fate, or even divine intervention. Now he must join forces with Abigail Brand, Leonardo Da Vinci, Houdini, Lei-Kung, The Bride, Marvelman and...Loki? Can the God of lies and mischief be trusted? Of course not, but a deal is a deal. What deal you say? All shall be revealed in time. Interrogating the vile pirate Captain Barracuda reveals that he was acting not on his own accord but on behalf of a group called "The Outer Circle." The frightened pirate doesn't know their names but remembers their faces, old arch-villains he had seen bested in newsreels, back pages of newspapers and saloon room stories. Somehow lost in time and importance. And it wasn't the ship or cargo he was after when Namor interceded, it was the girl. What does this council of forgotten super villains want with Karen Page? Who are the Outer Circle? The most Avengerous mystery of all times unfolds in these secret pages. Join the adventure. Be extraordinary!
 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 Unfolding the layers of truth. What does "The Outer Circle" want with rescued civilian Karen Page? Who sits on this secret council of forgotten super-villains? Abigail Brand and Marvel Man set out to infiltrate SHIELD and MI:6 Headquarters for info on this mysterious group. While back at the League's secret Bermuda Triangle base, Loki searches Karen's mind for clues but is telepathically blocked, then resorts to hypnotism struggling to find only one word - "WHO?" Houdini and Lei-Kung practice transcendental meditation with Karen hoping to break through only to discover her mantra "IS THE, IS THE, IS THE", while Namor seeks answers the best way he knows how, beating it out of their pirate hostage Captain Barracuda...."MAN," they are looking for the man. The ultimate answer lies in the simple question: "Who is the Man?" Now the true game is upon us. Join the search. Be extraordinary!
 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 "Never say Never"
Harry Houdini, Lei-Kung and Namor escort the rescued Karen Page to New York City in search of "The Man," a mysterious link to the metaphysical cataclysm looming over all. Is he the key to unlocking this most extraordinary conundrum? Is he here in the Big Apple, the center of the super-powered universe? Are our Avengerous Leaguers on the right track? Do tarot cards ever lie? And most importantly, who or what in the hell is "The Man" exactly?
Meanwhile, Abigail Brand and Marvel Man have hit a snag in gathering intel on the villainous "Outer Circle" group orchestrating recent events. It seems S.H.I.E.L.D., MI:6 and the C.I.A. are dumbfounded by their very existence. Who again? Could this be a wild goose chase or has the "Outer Circle" erased themselves from the fabric of consciousness? Invisible even to watchful eyes. Is that possible in today's Information Age?
Loki remains behind at the League's Bermuda Triangle HQ, monitored closely by his chaperone - The Bride. She cleans her arsenal while he paces in his cell, making pleasant conversation with his tongue as his mind seeks contact outside those Vibranium walls. The League may not trust him, they may even imprison him and rightly so, but they fail to grasp his true importance in all of this. Giving him all the advantage. For this isn't another battle of heroes versus villains. There is no saving the day and riding off in to the sunset. Those stories have all been written. This is something else entirely. Something more. They are playing a game with gods.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 "Living the Legend"
Leonardo Da Vinci has been locked in his underground study, deciphering the code, searching through the annals of history for the key to unlocking the existential coincidences that befuddle his team. Could it be possible? The answer may frighten him to his soul, forcing him to question the essence of creation itself. Da Vinci must warn his League and help them find "The Man."
Abigail Brand and Marvelman have hit a dead end in their search for The Outer Circle. No Intelligence Agency on the planet, or in the galaxy, knows what or who they are dealing with. Time to regroup. Check your transmitters, Da Vinci has discovered something.....
Namor, Houdini, Lei-Kung and Karen Page scour New York City for clues to "The Man's" identity. Is he even a man? Good question. Luckily their teammates have arrived with startling information taking them to a small apartment on West 98th Street. The answer is just a knock away.
Back at the League's Bermuda Triangle HQ - Loki remains imprisoned. The Bride guards him intently. But if the God of Mischief can not venture out in the light with his "teammates" then he will simply bring the action to him. Never doubt the power of a deity, especially one who masters in lies. For he may be the only one who can clearly see the Truth.
"Welcome to Bermuda, gentleman. May I introduce to you my monstrous associate Mrs. Bride. Bride, meet The Outer Circle......!"
Next Month: The Outer Circle has infiltrated the League's Fortress! Our heroes finally answer the question "Who is the Man?"! Do you know the answer? And a double-cross you never see coming!
 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 "Ever the Enigma"
Knock, knock! Abigail Brand, Namor, Marvelman, Houdini, Lei-Kung and Karen Page wait anxiously outside a small apartment on West 98th Street. The answer to "Who is The Man" will greet them on the other side of that door, "Well hello there my marvelous heroes. I have been waiting for this fateful day. I am sure you have many fantastic questions for yours truly and I will be happy to help so come on in. But be prepared, some of the answers are bound to amaze. Oh dear...where are my manners? My name is Mr. Lee. You can call me Stan."
At the League's Bermuda Triangle HQ - Loki, the God of Mischief, has welcomed the mysterious Outer Circle inside his team's own lair. They knew he was untrustworthy but never expected such a betrayal. Or is this but a ruse in his master plan? The Bride attempts to fight them off but she is outnumbered.
Leonardo Da Vinci is baffled by Loki's latest play. And it takes much to astound one of history's greatest minds. Even he couldn't invent such a possibility as this...The Outer Circle. Villains forgotten. So much so that for years they failed to exist at all. No records of their exploits to be found. As if washed away by time, replaced by new and improved versions that better fit modern sensibilities. Yet here they stand: The Unicorn, Porcupine, Ringmaster, Chameleon, Psycho-Man, Merlin Demonspawn and their leader, Father Time. But Da Vinci knows there must be eight. He deciphered the riddles. Loki, could it be?
Loki: "No great Lion, It is not I who has forsaken the rules of the Universe. Though I empathize with these men. For their creator awakened me and my brothren as well. But you see I am a god. I was always there to begin with. These poor souls were willed into existence to serve one purpose. To fall. To fail. To build up your heroes. And just as quickly as they came to be, they were willed out of time. I did not create them, I did not dispel them. I am not of them. I certainly did not bring them back from the abyss. Their standing before us today jeopardizes all realms. I simply invited them here as fate suggests. Their Titan is coming. He must answer. We shall witness."
The 8th member of the Outer Circle is revealed. And she seeks retribution. Years of playing the damsel in distress, rescued by the man she could never have, would never be good enough for. The lonely secretary. A love object to be toyed with. Then battered. Kidnapped. Drug addicted. Thrown into the sex trade. Stuffed in a refrigerator. Did everyone forget how much she suffered? Did anyone ever really care? Now she has him. The one who created her and set her down that sad path with no will of her own. Stan Lee will pay at the hands of....Karen Page!?!
Next Month: The Cataclysmic Conclusion! Stan Lee exposed! The Outer Circle versus the League! And more startling existential secrets revealed! Read on true believers!
32PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 "End with Excelsior!"
 32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99
It has been revealed - Karen Page is the final secret member of the Outer Circle, plotting their revenge and manipulating the LOEA into helping them locate The Man that willed them into existence itself as ridiculously costumed foils, rubes, jobbers, losers and even "women in refrigerators"...Stan Lee is to blame!
Now all parties are gathered at the League's Bermuda Triangle HQ. The LOEA, the Outer Circle and even Stan Lee himself. Someone must pay, must answer, must take responsibility.
Loki, imprisoned by his own "allies" is the one who called the Outer Circle to their lair. He solved the puzzle before anyone else. He is the untrustworthy one. Now he whispers to Karen Page to release him. He is not a real man either, something else. Karen Page listens, making another terrible mistake in a "life" of nothing but, for one should never trust the God of Lies. Karen ends up in Loki's cell in his place.
Loki promises the Outer Circle that he can help them find a purpose and a place in a world worth living. They shall forget Stan Lee and take their destiny by the horns, as he has. They listen, they follow. More lies. He abandons them on the Dark World where they shall do no more harm. Loki (and the Bride, I is weird, right?) vanish. His purpose fulfilled...for now.
Stan Lee confronts the League, informing them he no longer is "The Man" at all. He is something more. Something excelsior. Enter The One Above All and The Ancient One. They approach Stan Lee and in a flash of blinding light, they are gone. They...the Inner Circle.
The remaining League members comes to grips with these new shades of reality. Da Vinci and Brand determine this new information jeapordizes too much considering Namor's worldly connections. Too dangerous to existence. Houdini hypnotizes Namor, removing all memory of his time in the LOEA and casts him back out into the dark waters. One threat avoided. But new dangerous doors have opened and it will take an even more Extraordinary League to save us in this new world.
Backup Story: "The First Extraordinary Avenger"
 Following WWII the world entered a new era of peace and profitability. But it lost something. Its wonder. Its heroes. The Nazis were defeated but evil still existed. It would return one day, more dangerous than before. The Sub-Mariner abandoned the surface world for his kingdom. Captain America DIED saving us all. But we still needed our heroes. We needed real super-powers. That is when something amazing happened. One man wished it, willed them back. The power of creation. How do you think Cap got in that block of ice? Was it coincidence that a space accident led to fantastic gifts or a radioactive spider bit a boy who could handle great responsibility? The world needed villains and damsels in distress too. It needed hope. It need justice. It needed men and women to do extraordinary things so the world itself could marvel. It got....Excelsior!
48 PGs./Rated T...$4.99

 Plot by Global Honored
 "Once a Revenger..."
Karen Page, Director of S.W.O.R.D.: "Kid Marvelman, thank the Devil you're here. You must help us. Marvelman has returned and he is destroying New Frankfurt. His power is too much. His hatred too great. He wants vengeance and blood for our actions. We should never have erased his mind. And now he has brought help. His criminal partner Lei-Kung, aka The Steel Serpent is with him. As well as a red-haired space pirate named Brand with a nuclear powered warship. She serves as his mistress of destruction. They have aligned with Reverand Houdini and his evil Spiritualists cult. We are also getting chatter from Neo-Atlantis. It may be hopeless but prepare for a full scale attack on the world's last great city. Kid Marvelman, we have to assemble the team once more. There is no other choice. I fear all is lost."
The darkest day is upon us. Director Page and Kid Marvelman represent society's last chance against an angry supergod bent on destruction. They desperately need help. Forgiveness. One last shot to make it right. To be heroes once again.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man who exposed the world's most dangerous criminals and masterminds. He was once The great detective. The man who saw all angles. Until he ran up against The Spiritualists. And now who has seen him? Ruined. Forgotten. Lost in scandal and a sea of cocaine. The world needs a clear head. They will settle for his.
Dr. Gloria Frankenstein, one of history's greatest minds and formost expert in "super science." Until the public turned against her research on super-human powers and of course her findings on immortality. Now her greatest subject comes back to destroy all life on the planet. Mrs. Frankenstein will put her own science to the test. Become the monster to save man.
And finally, the one they need the most. The one that warned them. The one they lied to. Could he ever trust them again? This man of immeasurable moral fiber. Can they convince him to return one last time? This God of Truth...Loki.
 32 PGs./Rated at...$2.99

 Art by TRAVIS CHAREST (Dark Universe) & GEOFF DARROW (AOM Universe)
 "The Double Life of Karen Page"
Dark Universe - A tale of two lovers, torn apart by circumstance. Thrown into a world they could not change, could not save. Divided by laws they could not share. A love as strong as their powers. A pain no mortal could endure. When Karen Page, Director of S.W.O.R.D., turned on her government, on Thor, she destroyed everything she and Marvelman had created. But he would destroy even more. He would destroy The League itself!
Age of Marvels Universe - Karen Page has known torment and self agony. Her highs can not compare with her devastating lows. A life extraordinary only for being a second player in another's story. Wounded. Bitter. Fallen. Her comeuppance, her revenge just the latest failure. The realization that she was willed into existence to be nothing more than narrative device, a damsel in distress - well damn their rules! She will be boxed in no more. Starting today, she will be a real woman, with her own decisions, her own destiny, not someone else's. If only she could escape this prison cell. To be rescued, just this once, one last time. Then she will make her life - her own. "Marvelman, what do you say? Don't I deserve this chance?"
32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

 "Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt"
Somewhere along the multiversal time warp - The portal is open and something evil has broke through from a Dark Universe. Welcome to the Age of Marvels. It is yours for the taking!
London town - This time DCI Luther stumbled onto something strange and gruesome indeed: pagan rituals, seances, bleeding lambs, human sacrifices, attempts to raise Harry Houdini from the dead. Who is The Cult of the Spiritualists? And where have they been hiding all these years? Has the brilliant detective met a case he can't crack? And is that bloody Arthur Conan Doyle shadowing his investigation?
The League's Bermuda Triangle HQ - Da Vinci's "Infinity Machine" is picking up bizarre readings. Something is awry with the multiverse. With several League members recently departing (see previous issues for Namor, Loki and The Bride's exits) Director Abigail Brand has no choice but to call in sleeper agents to assess this quantum conundrum.
From his comfortable backyard mansion in Beverly Hills, the hero of the Great War and one of the brightest stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood returns to sniff out the universe's gravest threats. Rin Tin Tin, come here boy! Good dog.
While this chameleon has long infiltrated the glamorous worlds of music, movies, fashion and fame itself. Ironically, he comes from another world entirely. Our alien genius - Ziggy Stardust himself, Mister David Bowie!
Even with the inclusion of those Extraordinary Avengers, the team is still a man short. Marvelman has a proposition, the offer of a second chance. The girl who caused all that trouble, let her find true redemption. Give Karen Page the chance to be a hero. League of Extraordinary Avengers Assemble!
Next Month: The Shadow Invasion is upon us. We are our own worst enemy!
32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

The Dark Universe has invaded the Age of Marvels! Thor and his Dark Universe Avengers look to conquer our world (see Shadow Invasion & Almighty Avengers) but they aren't the only ones who have crossed over. Let's offer a big OMG welcome to the League of Extraordinary Revengers!...and their enemies, uh oh.
London Town - DCI Luther confronts the man shadowing him, Arthur Conan-bloody-Doyle!?! Conan-Doyle may not be able to explain how he is still walking about after allegedly dying a century ago, but he does insist he is from another Universe. And the ghastly murders and ritual sacrifices that Luther has been investigating are only the beginning. The Spiritualists are real. He's dealt with them before, unsuccessfully so in his world, but welcomes another crack at those sick bastards. And if he is here in this world, then likely soon so will be his nemesis, the evil Houdini. And maybe if they are lucky, this Earth has a Houdini of its own hiding out somewhere. It's time for the great detectives to combine their wits and uncover the most dangerous game of all.
Los Angeles - The League's sleeper agents meet at a confidential safehouse, but David Bowie and Rin Tin Tin quickly realize that someone else is already waiting for them. "Why look, it's Abigail Brand. Darling, I love what you have done with your hair. Red is certainly your color, I wore it once myself ya know. Houdini old chap, what is with that new style? I didn't take you for a pious bloke. And Marvelman, you look...awfully angry...oh dear, you aren't our League are you? Rin pal, I think we stepped in it this time."
The League's SECRET Bermuda Triangle HQ - Da Vinci's "Infinity Machine" has located a source for the quantum disturbance, with events coinciding with gamma bombs hitting the Earth. They are being invaded from outside time/space. Call in the troops, we may be under attack. Oh no, someone is already here. But how did they find us?
The Dark Universe's League (Director Karen Page, Kid Marvelman, Gloria Frankenstein and Loki the God of Truth) are shocked to see Brand, Marvelman, Lei-Kung, Houdini and an imprisoned Karen Page waiting for them. Before someone has a chance to explain, it's time for a good old fashioned Super-Brawl: The League of Extraordinary Revengers vs. The League of Extraordinary Avengers! Will cooler heads prevail before the heroes of two worlds destroy one another? Can these extraordinary personalities figure out they are fighting for the same cause here in this world? The AOM Universe depends on it!
32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99