Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Line: Supernatural
Status: Ongoing


 Plotter: Open
 Writer: Mike Raicht
 Artists: Clay Mann
 Tagline: Exposed to the world the Sons find themselves hunted and worshiped in equal measure, which side do they turn to?
 Location: Nexus of All Realities
 1. Brother Voodoo
 2. Man-Thing
 3. Gargoyle
 4. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
 5. Red Sonja
 7. Jennifer Kale
 Supporting: Living Mummy, Vampire By Night, Zombie, Glob, Topaz, Mobius
 Antagonists: Marvel Zombies, Marvel Werewolves, Demogoblin, Jason Macendale, Deacon Frost, Lilith Daughter of Dracula
 Reserve - Adversary, Zadkiel, Yandroth, Rachel Van Helsing, Lucifer


 Written by Mike Raicht
 Plot by Mcgaffer
 Art by Clay Mann
 Hollywood is an unusual setting for a voodoo priest, let alone the red carpet of a movie premiere but that is where Brother Voodoo finds himself and he doesn't know why! The premiere of the film documentary called Midnight Sons has the world excited and on edge, as occult secrets and practices are revealed to the world and monsters existence proved beyond a doubt. True, the film shows them doing good deeds but the calls for them to be held accountable for vigilante actions have already started. Do monsters have rights? But at the heart and soul of all of this is how has it happened? None of them have any memories of making this film nor of who has made it? One day they rested and woke up on this red carpet. Something powerful is at play and the Sons must now operate in a theatre they know nothing about, the cold light of day.
 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99