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Plot by NX01A
Writing & Art by ADAM HUGHES
'The Superman Challenge' Part 3 'AC/DC'
•Since citizens of Metropolis can't remember who Superman is, a red-caped saviour and a bat-like vigilante team up to protect the city in his absence.
•BIZARRA and WOMAN-BAT are on the job but their erratic and violent methods have a 50/50 chance of killing innocent New Year's shoppers while trying to save them.
•Enter a new Dynamic Duo! He was raised by lions in Africa! She's an Amazon with a bondage fetish from Earth-2's Damnation Island! Between his explosive catarangs and her Lasso of Domination, can Metropolis survive being saved by CATMAN and SUPERWOMAN?
•Continued in DETECTIVE COMICS #11!
32 PGS./Rated T...$3.99

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
After barely surviving an assassination attempt, Arthur Curry finally arrives in the capital city of Poseidonis - and in the Atlantan Royal Palace! His half-brother, the “Ocean Master” Orm, awaits him with grim tidings about the state of their once great Kingdom. Atlantis is fractured, with only Xebel and now, thanks to Aquaman, the Brine remaining loyal. Yet numerous other independent states are operating throughout the Underwater:
Tritonis, a city-state second in size only to Poseidonis, populated by mer-people with fishlike lower bodies.
Tuatha De Danann, eschewing technology in favor of natural magics.
Thierna Na Oge, an offshoot of Tuatha De Danann with a willingness to explore darker spellcraft.
The Fisherman Kingdom, its denizens more fish than man.
Idilyst, pacifists living in self-exile.
Hidden Valley, a technologically-advanced lot of rugged individualists.
Bazilia, named after the legendary shark-rider Bazil, proud warriors.
Maarzon, a largely barren territory inhabited by barbarians.
Oceanid, the only city-state not on Earth, originally a colony on a world completely covered by water.
Hy-Basil, icy cold-weather survivalists.
Khe-Wannantu, the ever dry-land.
Mu, the notorious “city of villains.”
And finally, the Trench, a monstrous collective of cannibalistic creatures that, if left undirected, consume everything in their path.
Each place has its problems. Each place must be helped and convinced to come back under Atlantis’ umbrella. The only question is, where does Aquaman start?
Across the world, in the nation of Khandaq, a spy cautiously whispers intelligence into the ear of the nation’s supreme leader. Black Adam understands a fractured Atlantis is better for his nation, and has already spent considerable money and influence to keep it that way. So if Aquaman threatens the prosperity of Khandaq... then Aquaman must die!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written By Malcolm Jones
Art By Ben Oliver
Plot By Marvell2100
10 years ago, David, his brother Isaac and other young boys were forced to become child soldiers in the African Revolutionary Militia. A select few among them were sent overseas to train with The Guild, a deadly assassin organization, to become even more proficient killers. Along with the two brothers another child named Diku Motan was sent to train with The Guild. There, they learned to become some of the deadliest assassins The Guild produced. However Diku was the best of them all, earning the nickname "The Red Lion" because of his fierceness. Years later after their escape from ARM, Isaac was missing presumed dead, David became an agent of the government of The Congo and Diku changed his name to Matthew Bland and became President of Buredunia.
Today, David has come face-to-face with Matthew for the first time since those many years ago when they were nothing more than killers on a leash. Back then, they were all close but now things are different. David looks to atone for his past, Isaac became a serial killer but Matthew hasn't changed. He still has that fierceness and even today, he calls himself The Red Lion. Now, he is the leader of country that looks to become a power in the world. And David knows full well that power and ambition is a dangerous combination!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Billy Badass vs Connor Hawke! Now that The Magus is dead, there's no one left to protect Connor and with his death, Billy will cement his place as The Guild's greatest assassin! Connor, still angry at The Magus' betrayal checks on the unconscious Jax and Naomi. Billy demands that he stand and face him as he flashes his sword. Unarmed, Connor tells Billy to walk away from both him and The Guild, there is no need for them to fight.
Billy calls him a coward and lunges at him with his sword, seeking to end the fight with a swift, brutal stroke. Connor calmly steps aside, easily dodging the blow but not striking back. Again he warns Billy to leave, he has no wish to fight him. However Billy continues his attack, determined to kill his rival. For what seems like an eternity Billy attacks Connor, who only uses defensive moves, never looking to strike back. An enraged Billy tells Connor unless he fights him, he will kill Jax and Naomi. Suddenly, Connor becomes angry as he looks at Billy with a stare that could kill death! As Billy rushes towards him, he executes the Zhang Zho maneuver, striking Billy on his spine, effectively crippling him. As he gathers his fallen friends, he listens as Billy curses him while lying helplessly on the ground. Connor walks away and thinks that this is another soul lost because of The Guild.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by NX01A
Writing & Art by MILO MANARA
'AC/DC' Part 2 'Variable Speed'
•The citizens of Gotham, unlike those of Metropolis, all remember their defender. Unfortunately, they all remember the dark knight dying in battle against suave sociopath BRUCE WAYNE! Wayne remains on the run while Batman's remains remain somewhere in Gotham Harbour. Who remains to save Gotham?
•With BIZARRA and WOMAN-BAT defeated and 2021 in Metropolis nearly ruined before it barely began, the new Dynamic Duo of CATMAN and SUPERWOMAN race to Gotham to catch bad girls who have all the ladies buzzing!
•The TOY MISTRESS, WHITE RABBIT, and LIVEWIRE have Gotham's social butterflies trembling with their exclusive electrostim X-mas gifts, and the devices have taken control of their users' bodies and minds!
•Can Catman's feline herding talents and Superwoman's shibari skills restrain the raunchy debutantes' debauchery long enough to destroy the master device wirelessly controlling their every lecherous move? Will commandos dressed as rubber rabbits hurling fragmentation eggs and leather-clad henchwomen firing hails of bullets stand between the Trembling Trio and vigorous punishment at the firm hands of the new Dynamic Duo?
•If Superwoman incorporates this villainous vibratory innovation into her experimental portal back to Earth-2, will Catman come with her when she finishes?
32 PGS./Rated M...$3.99

He was a general in the Great War of Northern Aggression, but neither his rank nor tactical prowess could save him when a yankee speedster struck J.E.B. Stuart with some kind of crazy lightning bolt. He knew not how, but whatever hit him ended up separating his “soul” from his body and sending it to a place he reckoned had to be Hell. But it wasn’t. It was the Savage World, a pocket dimension where time leaks out of the Speed Force... and he was a Speed Force ghost! Somehow, in this strange new land, he bonded to a World War II-era M3 Stuart Tank and endlessly battled incalculable enemies - until one day two new arrivals changed everything!
Flash Fact: James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart (February 6, 1833 – May 12, 1864) was a United States Army officer from Virginia who became a Confederate States Army general during the American Civil War.
Barry Allen and Valcan Scaramax, better known to history as the Flash and Claw the Unconquered, have been trapped by their arch-enemy Vandal Savage in a strange and violent world of countless anachronisms - only to find possible salvation in the Haunted Tank! J.E.B.’s got a plan: get the Flash to make the tank treads spin real fast, launch the tank into the air, and ride back out the sphincter-looking portal in the sky that everything on the strange island initially arrives through! There’s just one problem: Barry doesn’t have his speed. Good thing J.E.B. has a solution for that too...
The unlikely trio must fight against foes from throughout history to reach the top of the island’s great volcano. This particular volcano doesn’t erupt lava - it erupts Speedforce. If Barry can absorb it, J.E.B.’s initial plan is a go! And if Barry can’t, I guess they’ll all probably die?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Press Release, Oa. Ganthet: Hal Jordan of Earth and John Stewart of Earth have both been indefinitely suspended from the Green Lantern Corps. Any actions they may subsequently take, whether reflective of the ability to overcome great fear or otherwise, are not endorsed by and do not represent the position the Green Lantern Corps, nor of the Guardians of the Universe. We are currently conducting a full investigation into whether these actions warrant permanent termination. We will announce the results of that investigation when we have them.
Without Power Rings due to the Central Battery’s destruction, John and Hal leaned on a friend to acquire a spaceship, flew it to Kalanor, and attempted to rescue their old teammate Guy Gardner before his summary execution... just what Kalanor’s Prime Minister and religious leader, the three-eyed and vengeful Despero, wanted! But that obvious trap was obvious... so the former Lanterns didn’t just borrow any ship from any friend! They borrowed the Javelin-7, heroic vessel of the Justice League during the Starro Wars, and the ship was only made available on the condition that their friend could accompany them! Enter, the Martian Manhunter!
Despero versus J'onn J'onzz, two super-strong psychic aliens in one epic throw down! But empowered by the mysterious “Flames of Py'tar” and with half a planet zealously behind him, can even the Martian Manhunter dethrone the cosmic criminal turned divisive politician?
Meanwhile, the depowered Lanterns find support of their own. Turns out, the other half of Kalanor totally hates Despero! They think his third eye is just a mutation, not a messianic marker, dislike his policies that leave them largely unprotected from crime, and resent how he returned the planet to an age of superstition, tribalism, and fear! Can the humans stir a popular uprising? Vive la Révolution!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by TOM KING
Darkseid IS!
The reason Darkseid chose this Christmas to attack is so that he can affect the Earth in the year 2021.
2020 is the turning point in history for Earth according to the Dark Prophecy.
Right now, Blue Beetle, Mary Marvel and Supergirl is fighting Captain Pudding, a Pudding Warrior that absorbed the powers of Captain Marvel.
With Kara's powers being quite ineffective, Blue Beetle concluded that the Pudding Creature is immune to physical attack.
And the best possible way to save Captain Marvel is too risky.
Meanwhile, Dark Santa's Evil Christmas tree is nearing fruition, all the people in the city are feeling their happiness leaving their body.
Boom! With a boom, a boom tube opens, Mister Miracle and Big Barda arrives.
However, In order to save her brother, Mary Marvel decided to take the risk and let Captain Pudding absorb her as well.
At the moment she was about to be absorbed, she speaks the words "Shazam!", and the lightening hit Captain Pudding.
With great flash of lightening and thunder, Billy and Mary were returned to their teenage form and split from the Pudding Warrior.
Kara uses her freezing breath to freeze the Pudding and put it into Beetle's ship the Bug.
But there are still hundreds more Pudding Warriors.
Mister Miracle and Big Barda fights all of Santa's Para-Deers, but Dark Santa is already collecting his Anti-Happiness Equation from the Evil Tree.
When the clock reach midnight, Dark Santa will be able to strip all happiness from this world.
Will they be able to stop the Evil Christmas Tree in time and return Dark Santa to normal?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
It's been a long trip from New York City, but the Outsiders have finally arrived in Seattle. They arrive just in time, as hired assassin Cheshire makes herself known through several high profile hits across town.
Black Canary & Blackfire place themselves among the denizens of a protest going on downtown, something about a mysterious cult that has been making people disappear.
Meanwhile Black Lightning, Katana, and Bronze Tiger take positions at a nearby college, where many of the disappearances took place.
Finally, Huntress and Green Arrow infiltrate a high profile party, where the goal is hacking into the computer of the one of the building employees. The intent is to gather more information regarding the local disappearances.
In the end, Black Canary & Blackfire take on Cheshire as she attempts to assassinate the organizer of the protest in downtown Seattle. She leaves the team with a cryptic message that suggests there is more to come.
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Quo Vadis 6: How?”
The Aquarius Corporation is planning something big. Not only are Vic’s connections in the conspiracy theory world reporting all sorts of bizarre happenings, but legitimate business news is covering the mysterious happenings as well. Wesley Fermin’s gubernatorial bid is official as of last issue’s kickoff and the rocket base going up on Aquarius property is going a long way towards putting Wesley into state-wide office.
Why does Aquarius want to go into space? No one thinks it’s for a good reason, but what if it is the right thing? And how will our heroes (Vic, Vicki, Merry, Lee, Tot, and Myra) decide who to back in this conflict? Will it be the usually self-centered greedy Aquarius Corporation or the mysterious Edward Thriller? And how will our six-part opus end? Buy and read this book to find out!
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
The Teen Titans are on a lay over in Brisbane, Australia when Wally West has a horrific nightmare... Or is it?
It seems that Ghost Fox Killer left one last gift for the team, before she got her butt kicked. Unbeknownst to them, the entire team has been affected by a toxin that turns them angry and hostile to each other.
While everyone suffers, our main story revolves around Wally West. You see, the team lost a civilian last time - and Wally was this close to stopping the bullet. Duke tells off Wally, which sends him away from the team to collect his thoughts.
Away from the team, Wally fully succumbs to the toxin injected by Ghost Fox Killer. He loses consciousness and imagines a hellish world where his father - Daniel West - has regained access to the Speed Force and rules the world as the evil Reverse Flash.
Outside of Wally's dream, the team must work together to survive Wally and also capture him. This is so that the Accomplished Perfect Physician can administer her special antidote to the toxin.
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99