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Plaot by EXCITER
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Reunited with Mera, the “Aquagod” Arthur Curry has managed to staunch the overflow of all but one of the rivers of Hades’ Underworld. Oceanus, the largest and most dangerous, still imperils them all. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), Arthur thinks he’s located the problem’s epicenter: one recently arrived soul… Poseidon himself!
The God of the Sea’s son, Triton, went mad and waged war on humanity. Unable to slay his own offspring but aware of the need to stop him, Poseidon transferred his godly powers into Arthur to act as his avatar. Whilst in that weakened state, Poseidon was slain in an ambush (see AQUAMAN #9 & SENSATION COMICS #22). His restless and troubled soul went to Oceanus - where Poseidon’s latent aquakinesis has run amok and damaged the entirety of the Underworld’s ecosystem - drowning innocent souls in supernatural waters!
Arthur and Mera must now somehow restore sanity to a powerful lost soul… and punching Poseidon’s anguished spirit might not be enough to get the job done!
When the only solution appears to be to the restoration of Poseidon’s divinity, and thus his sanity, will Arthur be willing to give up his borrowed godhood and return to being just a mortal aqua-man?
He’ll have to hurry, because the overflow is bringing souls from other Underworld Rivers into Oceanus - effectively leaking watery Hell into Heaven - and Arthur sent a lot of the worst souls to Aqua-Hell himself!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Johannesburg, South Africa: The Brahm Institute is a place that rehabilitates child soldiers who were captured and indoctrinated by the many warring factions across Africa. This is where David is looking to find his brother Isaac, among the lost and broken souls that inhabit the institute. He meets Sidra Brahm, the woman who runs the facility started by her father years ago. She tells him that Isaac was brought to here under mysterious circumstances and that he's been working with their best therapist, Matu Ba.
David asks if he could speak with Isaac, but Sidra warn him that he does not remember who he is or have any memory of his past life. As he enters the room David speaks with Matu about his brother and how he is progressing. Ba tells him that he's been working with Isaac for weeks now and that there hasn't been much change. He approaches his brother and talks in a calm voice asking him if he remembers his family. However, Isaac does not respond as he stares off into the distance. Matu tells David that he should come back tomorrow and try again. Isaac looks on as they all leave the room and with what seems like a half smile, he whispers the word, "Massacre"!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Who Dat Is? That's Just My Baby Momma!
The Magus finally uncovers the truth! For so long we knew who Connor Hawk's father was, now we finally learn the mystery of his mother...Tasha al Asghul, daughter of Ras al Asghul head of the League of Assassins! It is a shocking revelation, one that makes the Magus rethink his plans of using Connor's previously unknown mother to force him to claim his rightful place and remove Richard Dragon as head of The Guild. If Ras al Asghul were to learn of the existence of another potential heir, then he would stop at nothing to bring his grandson into the League not to mention the war it would cause between The Guild and the LOA! However, Tasha tells The Magus she has no intention of helping him in his foolish quest. She abandoned her son long ago and his father is someone she never wants to see again. The Magus then makes her an offer, help him with his quest to turn Connor and he will give his life to her again and become her personal assassin!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Batman Year Negative 221”
Bruce Wayne’s research into his family’s history leads him to the American Revolution, specifically the year 1780. King George III is looking to advance on wins against the upstart colonists. He chooses the cesspool the rabble refer to as Gotham for his strike. He sends one of his finest, yet most dangerous operatives, Sir John (called Jack) Napier. Napier is a killer who is adept at using many forms of native drugs to intoxicate and poison his prey. The Royal order to Napier: “Bring Gotham to its knees. You shall be paid by the body.”
Gotham’s would be protectors, Thomas Haukins and a girl costumed like the American flag, fight valiantly, but are defeated, captured, tortured publicly and brutally by Napier. Gotham is on the verge of begging British troops for help and surrendering to the crown. The city’s leading citizen, General Anthony Wayne is off with Washington’s army while the Wayne residence is presided over by his son, Thaddeus.
Can the young Thaddeus Wayne find a way to save the heroes and his city against an entity as evil and deadly as Jack Napier?
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Here’s the scenario: There’s a knock at your door. You open it to find some unusual but respectable looking individuals with an even more unusual offer. You see, they’ve reviewed the results of your recent medical tests (which you recall taking) and it turns out that you are one of the very rare people whose genetic code contains incredible, untapped potential. You -yes, you! - could become the fastest person alive. Maybe even faster than the Flash himself! You’ve heard of the Flash, right? He has his own museum. And you could be like him. What an incredible possibility! We’re talking speed like you can’t even believe. It can be yours! These people at your door can make it happen! All you have to do… is get hit by lightning while holding a very precise combination of volatile chemicals. So… what do you say? Are you in?
Vandal Savage’s plan, thanks to his cohorts in the Light, is working to perfection. The mandatory Stagg Enterprises’ Human Confirmation Testing foisted upon most of the world’s population by their local governments and employers has yielded extraordinary results: a near complete list of everyone with a metagene.
The tricky part, however, is activation. Most people throughout history with a metagene never knew it. It takes exceptionally rare circumstances to activate the gene, and the manifestation is often unpredictable. Have the gene and crash into a radioactive tsunami? You might become the hydro-active Wave Man! Or you might just die.
Speedsters, however, have always been the most elusive and cherished of metas to Vandal Savage. They can defeat most opponents before those opponents even know they’re in a fight. They can tap into the mysteries of the Speed Force, facilitating myriad wonders like rapid healing and vibrating through solid walls. They can even travel through time and dimensions themselves! Ever since Savage’s first speedster descendant, Gragothor Adg of Pytharia, was slain in prehistory by Claw the Unconquered (see THE FLASH #7), Savage has been obsessed with birthing more speedsters - but he was heretofore unable to refine the process. Now, thanks to scientific advancement and the unwitting assistance of the World Organization for the Advancement of Humanity (W.O.A.H.), he finally has enough test subjects to make make it happen!
So… would you become Savage’s Flash?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Hal Jordan of Earth, you are considered an extremely dangerous planetary-level threat. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps’ most wanted list.
Captain Atom, Director of the World Organization for Advancement of Humanity, has an ultimatum for Guy Gardner and the Green Lantern Corps: turn over Hal Jordan for trial on Earth… or else!
Jordan was patient zero for the Doomsday Virus, which the one-time ace pilot inadvertently brought back from Earth-2. Now, W.O.A.H. is demanding that Hal be held responsible for the destruction wrought by the outbreak. Guy doesn’t like Captain Atom’s attitude, but can even the Corps’ most hot-headed ringslinger survive trading blows with the super-strong Dilustel skinned G.I. combatant that has quantum field and energy manipulation powers, just to name a few? He’s gonna have to, because Guy’s only stalling - the Corps doesn’t even have Hal in custody to turn over! And right now they don’t exactly want the Earth authorities to know they screwed up and let him escape…
Star-systems away, John Stewart and Jessica Cruz rush to track down the escapees from Prison Planet Takron-Galtos. Chief among them: Hal Jordan, still all huge, grey, and spiky - but supposedly with a mind that reverted back to normal from its Doomsday-infected state. So, if Hal’s mind is restored, why in the blue blazes is he on the run from the Green Lantern Corps… with his arch-enemy Despero?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Internal Affairs: Return to Thanagar!”
The battle with the Gil'Dishpan and the Hykraians was won. Because there was an altercation with another species, Shayera Thal and Katar Hol have been summoned back to Thanagar for questioning and debriefing. Also present is Captain Byth who adds his testimony. You will learn what the Thanagarian phrase is for “thrown under the bus”.
Carl Sands has become a true Shadow. He can turn himself into a pure black two-dimensional figure and slide through any possible crack. Was Major Zastrow’s escape attempt last issue successful? This issue we find out!
Chay-Ara has her first meeting with her Checkmate contact. This does not go well and Checkmate discovers what kind of skill the young Thanagarian has in martial combat.

“We’ll always have Thanagar” *Bonus Valentine's Day Story!*
by Ruby Dixon, Adam Hughes, & CaptCleghorn
Years ago, a young man named Katar Hol was smitten with the charms of a woman named Shayera Thal. The world of Thanagar was a straight forward logical place where art and music were of lesser importance than on Earth. Courtship was, however, a totally different manner. Thanagarian bipeds had long emulated the habits of birds and other avian lifeforms. Thus, where male birds went into intricate and colorful rituals to attract a mate, it followed that humanoid males would follow a similar route.
Observe, as Katar Hol strips naked and dances, covered in body paint, to impress his prospective mate. Will Shayera Thal accept the advances, or will she deny him, forcing him to go into solitude and regroup until he can summon the courage to try again.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

JLAlien #2
Plot by NX01A
Written by AL EWING
•As the Psion ship nears dying pulsar PSR J0108-1431 and the eldritch entities gathered around it, MAXWELL LORD and the other menu items must find a way to stop their food tray from arriving.
•Psion technological attempts to activate an ancient device they hoped to serve as an AI apéritif to their elder gods have so far failed. It is inert but the 5th dimensional imp whispering in Max's ear says it just needs the right impetus to awaken, casually mentioning the device is of ancient Kryptonian construction. Max and VOODOO project telepathic visions of the last son of Krypton, his cousin, his dog, and his fortress into...
•The ERADICATOR. Annihilator. Interrogator. Purificator. Saviour.
•If these aliens know where Krypton's last embers slowly grow cold, this ship will take it there to reignite the glorious inferno of Krypton! Overriding the vessel's psycho-processors, the Eradicator disintegrates every Psion aboard and sets a return course for Earth... but the Great Old Ones are upon them, mercilessly molesting Minkowski space-time, ravenously ravaging reality!
•Max can only look on in horror as local existence crumbles around him... and the Eradicator engages the hyperdrive!
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
'PROUD MARY' Part II: Mary's Got A Gun!
BEN agrees to help his old acquaintance MARK SHAW find MARY CRAY, the daughter of a friend. The problem is that the daughter went missing in Gotham where they have a severe Bat problem. In fact, BEN'S last encounter with a certain Bat had both men near death. MARK assures him that there won't be a problem with any blind, flying mammals. But then MARK neglected to mention that MARY isn't really missing, but that she has actually gone dark! Yes, MARY is a young assassin trying to make a rep for herself and if the last name sounds familiar, it should. Her father is another one of BEN'S "old friends", MICHAEL CRAY, a.k.a. DEATHBLOW! MARY has been contracted for a job, to kill HELENA BERTINELLI, the Gotham vigilante known as THE HUNTRESS! (Why doesn't anybody ever tell Ben the truth about these missions?) Next Issue: Tiger, tiger burning bright, are you gonna kick some ass tonight?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?”
Part 5: “Say, Don't You Know Me? I'm Your Native Child.”
Vic’s in NOLA, New Orleans, Louisiana. His Executive Producer, Cat Grant has booked an interview with him and the popular singer, the Siren, Lorelei Circe. Grant is unaware of the history between the Question and the Siren but because the entertainer is willing to tell her true life story to Vic on air, even Vic believes it would be an “interesting” show.
Circe was born in NOLA to less than fit parents. In her teenage years when Katrina hit, she was considered lost and wandered on her own making her way as best she could. She’s used the names Edith Keeler, Alexis Carrington, and Polyester Poontang (she was dancing then, what can we say?). Eventually she found herself a musician who grew to like the opulent lifestyle.
Can Vic finally peg her to her Illuminati contacts and position? He hopes so. But why is Circe telling her story and announcing her homecoming? Could it possibly be a nefarious plot?
We also see Vic touring the above ground cemeteries of the city and visiting the grave of Marie Laveau.
Meanwhile back in Hub City (you remember Hub City, right?), Tot welcomes Alice Tesla and Vic’s new 2022 Chevy Spark to his home. Alice has somehow (suspicious, we know) gotten her hands on a Koenigsegg Gemera 1700 Hp 3-Cylinder Engine which she is fitting into Vic’s new ride. Environmentalists will be glad to know that the engine is a hybrid.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Declan Shalvey
The night is over, and as the sun rises over Blüdhaven, there is peace, of a sort.
Marcus Moore is alive, taken into federal custody on weapon trafficking charges. The Nightwing Syndicate is in shambles.
Dick Grayson held the Dead Man’s life in his hands… but the bloodthirst of the Red X within him couldn’t win out.
Nightwing, after all, doesn’t kill.
Dick doesn’t find as much of a trace of Red X -- it seems they must have survived, only to slink back into the shadows. But thanks to them, Cheyenne Freemont is still breathing.
Nightwing is alive – and Red X saved her.
It’s been six months since Dick Grayson saved Blüdhaven. The city has moved on.
Nightwing, Cheyenne Freemont, survived the battle with the Dead Man… but her injuries were severe. The road to recovery is long, even for those in the Bat Family.
So, Dick called in some favors.
Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark, knows the struggles of recovering from a catastrophic beating. She hasn’t quite forgiven Dick — she might never — but she showed up to help Cheyenne with her rehabilitation.
While she recovered, the city needed a new protector… Robin, Damian Wayne, was more than willing to pick up the slack and protect his brother’s city.
Not that everything is going smoothly… Dick needs to find a new therapist. It seems that Dr. Madeline Le May has vanished. She hasn’t been seen or heard from in six months.
But it isn’t all bad news for Dick. Emily Sung has come back into his life. Things between them are… good. Better than Dick has had in a long, long time.
With Emily’s encouragement, Dick finally goes home to Gotham for a very emotional family reunion. Even a Batman can cry!
When he gets back to Blüdhaven, he finds that Damian has dropped off a gift. A new suit and a note. It’s time that Blüdhaven have its real hero back. It doesn’t need a Robin: it needs a Nightwing.
With Cheyenne’s blessing and Emily’s approval, Dick Grayson finally takes up the blue and black once more.
Red X hasn’t been seen in six months… in Blüdhaven. But across the country, in sunny California’s own Jump City, a number of crime scenes have been found littered with the telltale Xenothium crosses left behind. At home in a high rise apartment, Red X removes her mask to reveal a surprising face — Madeline Le May!
40 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99 / FINAL ISSUE

Written by VITA AYALA
The Sensation Challenge continues with...
Legends say that Barsoom, the world we know as Mars, is red because it is stained with blood. Those legends may be true, now more than ever…
The warlike White Martians have taken Helium. Diana and Tars Tarkas have escaped, battered and bruised. Their bodies ache, but their souls are hungry to redeem themselves. Still desperately needing allies, the pair follow an ancient Barsoomian legend of a lost city, wise beyond others and possessed of great scientific accomplishment. “There are reported to be tunnels,” Tarkas tells Diana, “that lead to a hidden land of wonders.”
After a long, relatively uneventful trip through tunnels, the two feel a warm breeze and discover wide open spaces outside a cave where the sky is still red as is the vegetation, there seems to be no horizon, and a small red sun burns overhead. While deciding whether they’ve been transported elsewhere, or if there is another world under the Barsoomian surface, the two are met by a small “welcoming party” who advise them to follow. Diana realizes they are speaking Russian. The creatures are bipeds who all look similar enough to be easily confused with each other.
The pair learn the city where the beings live is a technocratic marvel where people do the job they are best suited for. Individual accomplishment is included in the common good. Tarkas fidgets at this as his entire existence has been proving that he is better. Diana is taken by the total equality between the genders as well as an absence of any gender roles. She does get to the point, though.
“We desperately need your help,” she says.
The Trident of Poseidon is filling the sacred River Iss to capacity. For Barsoomians who struggle to grow any crops, this is truly a literal godsend. As a result of this, Clea is receiving kudos and offers of service. “Surely, the rising of the river will stop before it gets out of control” is the thought making the rounds on Barsoom.
Michael Carter has hit a slow streak in his career as adventurer Booster Gold. He’s kept busy investigating his family tree and in particular an ancestor name John Carter, who reportedly took a 19th century trip to Mars. On that trip he discovered a civilization of which there was no sign in either this 21st century, or in his present. “What the Hell?”, he figures, let’s go to Mars. All he needs to do is remember J’Onn’s access codes to get a ship.
48 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99