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Written By Malcolm Jones
Art By Ben Oliver
Plot By Marvell2100
Those Who Hunt Heroes! Part 4: Bat Soup
There's a superhero serial killer on the loose! All evidence points to Bat-Wing! Bruce Wayne is in The Congo! There will be a FRIENDS re-union! Chaos in the Congo as more vigilantes are turning up dead! Bat-Wing is the prime suspect but a clue left at the last crime scene has given David an idea of who the true killer may be! But Bruce Wayne is in town and David and Kia along with Steve Trevor and Dakota Johnson have been assigned to provide security for one of the richest men in the world! However David has to wonder, is Wayne here on business or has Batman come to clean up a mess and protect his image?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by R. A. SALVATORE
Art by JAE LEE
Know, oh princes, that between the years when the immortal Vandal Savage led nascent humanity in his campaign against the Neanderthal, and the years of the rise of the daughters of Themyscira, there was an Age undreamt of... an Age of myth and legend, when sword and sorcery ruled and the Lords of Order and Chaos competed for the souls of men in their burgeoning kingdoms. Hither came Valcan of Pytharia, a warrior touched by both good and evil, cursed at birth with a demonic right hand yet taught by holy priests never to yield to its corruptive influence. After many adventures, he became known throughout the land... as Claw the Unconquered!
Yet it is said that Claw nearly met death in the form of vile Prince Gragothor Adg, a royal sadist with preternatural speed (see THE FLASH #7). It was only through the intervention of his demon hand that Claw survived. But when that hand took Gragothor’s life with a magic spell, it thereafter seemed... emboldened. Troubled by his hand’s strengthening influence over his mind, Claw resolved to exorcise himself of the cursed appendage. As it could not be removed by conventional means (if cut off, it merely grew back), only a wizard could hope to cure him - and, in his travels, the most powerful wizard affiliated with Order that he’d heard tale of was Arion, Mage Lord of Atlantis!
Claw’s quest to find the fabled sorcerer has begun... but it will be fraught with far more peril than he can imagine! For the slaying of his favored son, King Vandar Adg (Vandal Savage) seeks revenge! In addition to declaring Claw a fugitive, he’s sent his personal assassins to claim his head!
Moreover, a demon from the underworld has arrived in Pytharia... his name is Etrigan, and he knows to whom the cursed hand really belongs!
All this plus shadowy thieves, mysterious elves, and an enchanted sword!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by Clark_Kent
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Dan Jurgens & Jay Oliva
"Krypton Rises" Part One

  • Note: This issue takes place concurrently with Diana & Victor on Apokolips*

Clark Kent has grown quite fond of his time spent with Barry Allen. Barry has been a big help to him as they tried to unravel the mystery behind Dr. Hamilton's surprise return from the Phantom Zone. Though Hamilton's condition has stabilized, he's still communicating through an unrecognizable language.
In Atlantis, Arthur grows weary of the day-to-day grind of running the Kingdom. Though he defeated Orm and took his rightful place as King of Atlantis, he still worries he may be unworthy. Mera suggests they travel to his fathers home for a visit, where Atlanna now lives with Arthur's father, Thomas.
In Gotham, Bruce Wayne has been running Hamilton's writings through the batcomputer, trying to decypher the language. He runs it through LexOS, the pirated operating system he stole from Luthor a year ago, and finally gets a hit: the language is Kryptonian! And the message reads: "The ship has the answers you seek..."
24PG / Rated T+ / $2.99

Plotter: Marvell2100
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Someone to Watch Over Me
Connor has been in San Francisco for weeks now and his problems seem so far away. He has a job working in a floral shop and the owner has been very kind to him. She even lets him rent a room above the shop. But when you've been a killer for most of your life, problems can find you when you least expect them. The three men came into the store and it didn't take long for Connor to understand what was about to happen. One puts a gun to Avila's head and demands her phone, rings and much more. The other two snatch money from the register and approach Connor, the grim looks on their face making clear their intent. Then with blinding swiftness, he moves, the two disarmed and unconscious before they even hit the floor. He turns to the third man, who holds Avila close with his gun towards her and tells Connor to step back or she dies. Avila looks in stunned silence as Connor is quickly on the third man, snapping his wrist and ready to deliver the killing blow before he regains himself and simply renders him a crumpled mess on the floor. Afraid to look at her, Connor is about to leave when she grabs his arm and asks him to stay with her and have tea. Outside, a lone figure watches them both. He thinks to himself, "The boy is good but he's not good enough!"
Elsewhere hidden in the mountains of Tibet away from prying eyes, they gather once again as they've done for thousands of years. Richard Dragon, leader of The Guild has chosen a new master assassin. His name is Billy Badass and his first assignment is to bring home Connor Hawke dead or alive and to kill anyone who gets in his way! Next Issue: Three men walk into a bar.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

The Flash’s “conversation” with Vandal Savage nears its conclusion - and Barry doesn’t need detective skills to know that Savage truly believes he is humanity’s savior. For nearly half a million years, Savage orchestrated global events to ensure mankind’s dominance. This included the proliferation of the metagene through his offspring. But of all the potential abilities a meta could manifest, access to the Speed Force was always the greatest prize...
The late 1970s. Savage believed the Speed Force could accelerate human evolution and make the species more powerful - but needed to test his theory. He did so... on gorillas. The Speed Force evolved the beasts’ minds quickly. Too quickly. Once they began developing psychic powers, “Gorilla City” became the very threat to human dominance that Savage always fought against.
This, he tells Barry, is why they must work together to fix his mistake. A common enemy, born from the Speed Force and Savage’s own hubris. Will Barry join him so that Grodd may be defeated?!
And how does Barry’s family fit into all this?
The early 1990s. Nora Allen, née Thompson. Genius biologist. Traitor to humanity? Alongside certain anti-Illuminati elements within the CIA, Nora worked on “Operation: Humble Pie” - a project to “cure” the metagene, to strip human DNA of the gift inherited from Vandal Savage! And why? Because her father was the speedster who helped accelerate the gorilla’s evolution! She feared the same power was in her. Was in her son...
Vandal explains why Nora had to be stopped, why he had to send Cheetah to kill her. But Barry doesn’t have to make the same mistake. Will the Flash work with Savage as his grandfather did? And if not, how will he escape when the walls of Savage’s mansion are lined with speedster-slowing Suspendium?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Attention, an all points bulletin has been issued for Non of Krypton. Suspect is humanoid bipedal, 6’6” tall, 280 lbs., brown eyes, brown hair and beard. Last seen on Circadia. To be considered extremely dangerous. Wanted for 3,216 counts of Failure to Pay Space Court-Ordered Child Support.
Most regarded him as nothing more than General Zod’s muscle - and perhaps he did lack his General’s devious intellect. But Non was a Kryptonian who understood his strengths: he could fight, and he could f@$&! And once he found himself on his own, he quickly put both of those skills to use. Finding many willing lovers among the insectoid Circadians of Circadia, Non was able to father multiple clutches of half-Kryptonian eggs... hatching into an army of half-bug super-boys! And let’s just say that Non isn’t the most positive role-model... with many of his children scattering to the stars, forming gangs, and engaging in all manner of crimes, can Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps do some community intervention and reach out to these super-powered at-risk youths?
Meanwhile, all galactic prognosticators believe a massive Starro invasion is imminent. In the spirit of cooperation, many unlikely worlds are working with the Green Lantern Corps to facilitate system-wide evacuations and organize defenses. The most unlikely of those new allies? Warworld! Will Mongul and his new lover, the Star Sapphire Carol Ferris (see NEXT DAWN VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1), help these desperate refugees? Or is a distrustful John Stewart right about their ulterior motives? And how long can John prevent Hal from learning that his ex is now hooked up with a space tyrant?
Plus, Guy continues to thrive within the Red Lantern Corps - and takes out his rage on the cosmic equivalent of Jeffrey Epstein! This guy definitely didn’t kill himself...
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by Clark_Kent
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
"The Slayer of Earth 4" part 4
Henshaw throws off Vampire Harley. After being bitten by her, his organic system feels as if it were on fire, his cybernetics the only thing keeping him conscious...for the moment. He knows he must return to the others.
The Blood Force, coursing through Vampire Flash, proves too fast for Superboy. As he absorbs every blow, his face becomes battered & bruised. Luckily, Eradicator finally catches up to them...his hands ignite like burning suns as he fires energy blasts at the Flash. Knowing Eradicator has power to match Superman, Flash runs away to fight another day but Superboy is badly hurt. Eradicator picks him up, and flies him back to the others.
Vampire Victor's cybernetics tear into Steel's armor, destroying his helmet in the process. John Henry knows he can't fight this undead monster without his suit, and he begins to think of his neice as his armor powers down. However, just as Victor is about to land a killing blow, he stops! His body begins to seize and jerk, and suddenly his organic matter turns to dust! As Victor's machine parts crumple to the ground, John Henry looks around to see who has saved him...what he finds is a woman, mid 20's, blonde hair. She's holding a wooden stake that she had managed to poke in between Victor's robotic & fleshy parts. John Henry Irons is shocked and amazed. He asks her name, and she gives him a funny look. "Vicki Vale. I'm the Vampire Slayer. Duh."
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by: JEFF PARKER
Plot by: LEE STONE
Adam and the rest of the heroes arrive at the source of the Energon Wave.
With the Weird prepared to wipe out the being with the help of Mr. Nebula and Pandora, the team looks like it may finally save the galaxy.
Until Byth and Kanjar Ro show up with their own ideas of how to save the universe.
And it requires the blood of Adam Strange!
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Written by: BRIAN BENDIS
Plot by: LEE STONE
"G is for Grundy, T is for Traitor!"
A monster is terrorizing a local museum and the Outsiders go to investigate.
With tension between several members, will they be able to focus on dealing with Solomon Grundy?
As someone, or something, begins taking members out one by one in the museum, will one of their own turn out to be more of a threat?
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Who’ll Stop the Rain?”
Vic, Merry, and Vicki have managed to take control of the plane holding them and the trafficked women hostages. Next step? Take the plane back to Hub City International Airport and free the women. But nature has a different idea. Hurricane Chris is bearing down on the Caribbean and the plane has no choice but to land at Santa Prisca as soon as possible. Chris has been upgraded to a category 3 storm and due to the damage caused the plane from last issue’s battle, dealing with a hurricane is out of the question (pun unintended, but awesome).
A full size cargo plane landing in the airport of a hurricane ravaged island leads to a mob of people anxious to take the plane out of the storm. Plus, there are a few crooks captured and a couple of dozen panicking kidnap victims on the plane making Vic and company’s lives more interesting. Can our heroes hold out until the weather improves?
Back in Hub City (overcast and drizzling), Tot and Prof. Jason Woodrue (both PhD) are working on a device which uses plants and algae to clean the water pipes currently poisoning Hub City’s public water supply. Their efforts are those of top research scientists eager to experiment and find a new and better way of solving the problem.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

RED X #8
Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Riley Rossmo
Emily Sung analyzes the data Red X recovered from Marcus Moore’s system; but more questions are raised than answered.
981 BCE - Starheart, contained within a comet, lands in China, and is retrieved by a man named Chang.
Meridian sends Red X to find and eliminate Armando Guitez, who escaped in the chaos caused by Wonder Girl’s interference. Alone. Meridian knows Red X is secretly a hero; what are they planning?
1932 - Alan Scott is mortally wounded in a train crash. His life is saved by Chang, a fellow passenger. Scott gains possession of the Starheart.
Sung finds test records of Jade and Obsidian filed by their father, Alan Scott. What is their connection to the Starheart?
1958 - Construction of abnormality containment site, Náströnd, completed by Soviet Recon teams. Entity known as Meridian established to study the site.
The location of Meridian’s base was chosen for a reason aside from isolation. What is the “abnormality”?
1971 - Meridian becomes functionally independent from the USSR. Moscow is unaware of this. Meridian reorganizes leadership under the Prime Meridian; also known as the Five Dragons. First among equals is the Green Dragon.
In all her years working at Meridian, Sung has never known who called all the shots. Who is the Green Dragon?
1981 - Alan Scott is recruited by Leonard Lewis, an accomplished mythologist, into Meridian. Meridian’s mission to study the abnormality, what Lewis terms “the Root”, shifts to focus on Instrumentality.
1992 - Additional “Root” sites are discovered in Peru (Hvergelmir) and the island of Gamorra (Mímisbrunnr).
Red X finds Guitez holed away in a slum of Rio de Janiero. Dick’s actions here will shock everyone; including himself.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: YOHEI72
Color Artist: F.C.O. PLASCENCIA
..ITEM! Tinseltown reels from shocking disappearance of veteran filmmaker Austin Butler! ITEM! Shamus-to-the-stars Jack Vincent hired by studio, will cover Butler case for new season of reality hit “Uncovering Hollywood”! ITEM! Silver screen deity Kyle Mason steps into “Night Ranger” director's chair, seen canoodling with co-star, rumored to be buying antacid tablets in bulk! ITEM! Mason pal Godfrey Gloriana officially onboard as Exec Producer, rumors fly about Apokoliptian cultists on set! ITEM! “@mrmiracle” Instagram blows up after racey pic slip-up, “The Miracle Family” reality show announced!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Stephanie Hans
There was an island. It’s name was (Themyscira / Gamorra)
Upon this island, there was a civilization of advanced (magic / cybernetics).
It’s people lived under the (loving care / iron grip) of it’s ruler.
One day, the ruler of the island realized that outside world required (saving / subjugation).
They (blessed / twisted) their daughter, (Diana / Yumiko), into a champion of their cause.
Now (Wonder Woman / Cybernary), in the rainforests of South America, will find herself face to face with a strange mirror.
Thymescira and Gamorra.
Meanwhile, in Bana-Mighdall, Artemis tells Zealot and Troia that she suspects a traitor within their ranks.
But can the source of her suspicion be trusted?
For Artemis had consulted with Osira, the twin sister of Horus – Bana-Mighdall’s prisoner.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: YOHEI72
Writer: TOM KING
The village now belongs to the Swamp Thing: he commands the horde of Gigglers; food, houses, and defensive walls spring from the earth at his command, and the villagers bow to him as to a god. At his right hand is his friend and former protector Kaira. But he is disturbed. Though his memories of his past are still hazy and fragmentary, he suspects these humans are the beings who despoiled the world. So he is beginning to wonder: what possible use could the world have for them?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by KC
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gurihiru
The two Superboy’s have punched their way into the main ship of the Alien invaders and now they need to stop them and make sure they never come back.
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

Plotted by KC
Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Michael Lark
Undercover- Part 3
Bruce and Jason have enough evidence they need to take down the Penguin but they are trapped in the Iceberg Lounge without their costumes and gadgets. They now need to escape and bring the Penguin to justice.
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99