Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Arthur, Mera, and Crablad continue their quest to unite a fractured Atlantis. Their next stop is the Fisherman Kingdom - an aquatic locale where the denizens are more fish than man. There they learn about a unique culture and how it developed since the realm’s connection to Atlantis dissolved.
Despite its name, the Fisherman Kingdom is traditionally one of Atlantis’ most democratic states. They select their leaders by consensus - usually the largest and strongest rule. Their current leader more than fits that description. His name is Nanaue, but he’s better known as King Shark! His slogan, “Always Move Forward,” combined with an anti-surface platform, make him wildly popular with many of his constituents. To them, every week is Shark Week.
Yet, King Shark has a secret... a secret that Aquaman’s marine telepathy inadvertently leads him to discover. While Nanaue’s father is Chondrakha the God of all Sharks, his mother is... a normal human woman. Like Arthur, he’s a half-breed - but unlike Arthur, he’s decidedly unwilling to embrace his dual nature. In fact, he’s willing to do anything to keep his human lineage a secret... and he’s got 3,000 serrated teeth to help him do it! Can Aquaman convince King Shark to accept himself and embrace his personal and cultural heritage, or has he triggered a feeding frenzy and made Atlantis a deadly new enemy?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written By Malcolm Jones
Art By Ben Oliver
Plot By Marvell2100
Steve Trevor hits David with the shocking statement that he knows who Bat-Wing is! David's thought begin racing, trying to figure out what to say when Steve tells him that he thinks his partner, Kia Okura is Bat-Wing! He wants David's help bringing her in or if necessary taking her out! Over in Luago, a city 30 miles outside of the Capitol, Kia and the vigilante Dawn, have broken up another drug smuggling operation, their third in as many weeks. During these arrests, a single name keeps coming up: Father Lost!
Elsewhere in a high rise apartment suite, Lena Killian is meeting with her new partner, someone who will help bring in more HTWs to Africa and spread them across the entire continent. A new alliance has been formed between Killian and Tasha as Ghul and to accomplish their goal, they will have to kill the thorn in their side known as bat-Wing!
32 PGS./Rated t+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Billie Badass lies in his bed healing from the injuries suffered against Connor Hawke! He's had many weeks to think about his fight with Connor and what he did wrong. He thinks back to his training with the Masters of the Guild, how he was groomed to be the best. He remembers standing before the leader of The Guild, Richard Dragon and receiving his blessing. The door to his room opens to reveal Dragon and Billie profusely apologizes for his failure to kill The Heretic. Dragon tells him to rest and recover. He will have another opportunity to prove himself once he heals.
Elsewhere, The Magus arrives in Hong Kong. He is searching for Connor's mother and the clues have led him here. But it is a dangerous thing that he is doing. His own history with her is quite volatile and she would not be happy to see him, especially after he left her when she was six months pregnant with their child!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
Written by ED BRUBAKER
“With Family Like This, Who Needs Enemies?”
The arrival of a doppelgänger has helped the real Batman. But to help prove his innocence, Bruce will have to turn himself into the GCPD. Now who will cover for him as Batman?
Usually he would ask Dick to fill in, but since Dick is officially dead (unless you're a reader of Red-X) that leaves it up to the second son - Jason Todd! Can the infamous Red Hood play the part of Batman without giving up that the man behind the mask has changed? At least he gets to hunt down a guy who looks just like his (adoptive) father.
Alfred and Jason thus have the unenviable task of trying to keep Van Wayne feeling important but also making sure he stays away from anything actually important. And keeping him from getting killed by the “wrong” Bruce!
In prison, Gordon interviews Wayne and has to lock down the precinct to stop corrupt cops and bold assassins from fulfilling the price on Bruce's head. Bruce is meanwhile trying to solve the case - did Mary Sue Parker fake her death? Where's the proof!?
All groups converge on the police station as Bruce thinks he may he finally cracked the case!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

While the Flash is still unstuck in time with Claw the Unconquered and the Haunted Tank, 2021 continues on. Dangerous enemies take advantage of the Flash’s absence, and unlikely allies step up to oppose them.
Vandal Savage has been shepherding humanity for thousands of years - a ruthless guiding hand leading mankind unendingly towards power. He and “the Light,” his Illuminati organization, believe metahumans, all of whom can trace their lineage directly to Savage, are the key to the planet’s survival in the face of myriad non-human threats: aliens, demons, and more. With the meddlesome Flash out of the way, now is the time to begin Operation Humanity First: a full purge of non-human powers from Earth!
Flash Fact: The issue-based strategic model is oriented in the present and projects into the future, aiming to identify the major challenges your organization faces now and to resolve those issues before expanding or shifting your strategy.
Step one: Animal Control. Dismantle the dangerous Gorilla City. Savage’s ally, Cheetah, already defeated their warlord Gorilla Grodd. The only obstacle now is Solovar, the so-called wisest of his people, who persists in an effort to rally the other advanced primates!
Step two: Legal Aliens. The U.S. Director of Homeland security John Jones isn’t a human - he’s a Martian Manhunter. This unforgivable intrusion into humanity’s security will be dealt with violently and with intimate knowledge of Martian vulnerabilities... unless CIA agent King Faraday can extract Jones from DHS headquarters in time!
Step Three: Insurance Adjustment. Should the Flash return, Savage needs leverage. He sends his meta minion Killer Frost to abduct the Flash’s fiancée Iris West and his father Henry Allen. But there’s only room for one ice-themed rogue in Central City - and Captain Cold isn’t going to allow kidnapping on his turf!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
They don’t have powered rings, but they’re still a Corps. Hal Jordan, John Stewart and a crew of former Green Lanterns have successfully stolen the Central Power Battery from the Red Lantern’s planet Gofuckyaself - and they did it with just a spaceship and their inherent power to overcome great fear. Their mission now? Empower it with the green Light of Will. Restore the Corps. To do that, though, they’ll need to rely on the beings who empowered it in the first place: the Guardians of the Universe.
Problem: Ganthet and the Guardians chose to dissolve the Corps after caving to intergalactic pressure instigated by Despero. Sure, Hal and John can take on an army of mind-controlling starfish or beat down a squad of half-Kryptonian insects, but can they possibly convince the oldest and most stubborn beings in existence to change their minds and see the value in rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps? Time to twist some tiny arms!
Meanwhile, at least one Red Lantern isn’t letting his Central Battery go that easily. Dex-Starr, a rage-filled house cat, stowed away on the Javelin-7 spacecraft. Prowling in the shadows, he plans to claw out a victory... and prevent any possible Green Lantern Rebirth!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
It was a spark that started the fire.
Some believe it began the moment a rocket escaped the dying planet.
Others say it was when the Kryptonian clone war began.
Many more think it was when House of El invented the machine.
They were all wrong.
As it happened before the rise, before the war, and before the fall.
It started with two Kryptonians.
It started with an idea, Kryptonian Resurrection.
When the ancient Kryptonians invented the machine, it was used to pursue immortality.
But the last sons and daughters of Krypton will use the machine to restore their people.
Krypton, House of El, 35 years ago,
Jor-El placed a crystal with his message in the baby rocket he is sending to Earth,
but it was more than a message, it was a copy of his consciousness.
And as the rocket escaped Krypton, the planet died.
Earth, Fotress of Solitude, 1 year ago,
Superman shook hands with General Zod, agreeing to a treaty.
He fixed the Clone Matrix, and placed the crystal into the machine.
As a genetic copy of Jor-El emerged from the machine, his consciousness entered his new body.
And Jor-El was reborn.
Jupiter, Europa, 8 months ago,
Jon Kent and Kara Zor-El flew across the Solar System, and into the frozen oceans of Jupiter's second moon.
They are carrying Sunstones Seeds in their hands, and planted these seeds into the ice,
Earth, Metropolis, 4 months ago,
Jimmy Olsen is the CEO of Olsen Corps which sells Kryptonian technology to the public.
He soon bought out all of Lexcorp and restarted Cadmus Project on the Moon.
Superboy Conner Kent is the new director of Cadmus Project, and he is making some new clones.
Jupiter, Europa, now,
Europa has been terraformed into the New Krypton.
Sun Stones has grown into Continent of Solitude and the people of Kandor are moving to this new Krypton.
Earth, Metropolis, now,
Superman declares the existence of New Krypton to the people of Earth and he promises that he will keep the peace.
The Still Zone, Brainiac's ship, now.
Lex Luthor and earth's greatest scientists are on the ship, and they are building a new version of Metallo.
This is the War for the Dominant Species of the Solar System.
Brainiac's ship is now a factory for the most advanced army of Metallo,
with all the resources provided by Earth's governments.
With his level of intelligence, Lex calculated the only outcome of New Krypton 12 months ago.
Human Extinction, and he will stop it at any cost, but he may have overlooked something.
There is always someone smarter, and all is going just according to the plans of Brainiac?
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Writer: TOM KING
The United Kingdom of Great Flowers is at War. Four Great Kingdoms, Four Different Kings.
Royal Kingdom of Roses, Republic of Shamrock, The Principality of Daffodils, Kingdom of Thistle.
Once the Rose King united all the Great Flower Kingdoms, now the Rose King is dead.
The Rose King is Dead, long live the King. But which King?
The Realm of Flowers falls into the chaos of war, and they didn't notice an invader.
In the Heartlands in the Realm of Flowers, an impossible tyrant rises, King Black Mercy.
Capable of grating the sweet dreams of anyone it touches, the Black Mercy begins its domination.
Now King Black Mercy sits on the throne of the Rose Kingdom and prepares for a greater battle.
Black Mercy enters the Rose's Forge to forge a Weapon to conquer not only other flowers but also the Earth.
And the legal heir to the throne, the Rose Prince is on the run.
Luckily for the prince, Ice and Fire are buying roses for the Valentine's Day,
and the Rose Prince might be able to rally just enough of an army to take back the kingdom.
The Rose Prince leads Ice, Fire and Tawky Tawny into the Realm of Flowers,
but will it be so easy?
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
The team is hiding out in their bus. Turns out, attacking a public tech mogul on TV is not good publicity for a vigilante team. The spin is predictably off - they think the Outsiders are a gang for Blackfire, notorious villain.
Bronze Tiger takes the confusion and such among the team to finally quit, he's done with this group. Green Arrow and Black Lightning argue about turning themselves into the police.
Black Lightning says of course the rich white guy thinks he can get a fair shake that way. This gives Ollie something to think about instead of immediately turning himself in.
Blackfire and Katana spend some time together, as Katana is quiet enough to not tell Blackfire to immediately shut up. (Blackfire wants to just fight the police directly, too). Ultimately they see a crime going on television and decide to head out on their own to enact justice.
Blackfire does successfully stop the bank robbery. But when the police arrive to snap up the baddies, they start going after Katana and Blackfire thinking they are just leading the robbery. This devolves into a stand off between Blackfire & the police.
Of course this is all made worse when the rest of the Outsiders arrive - and ask Blackfire to turn herself in before the team gets any further bad publicity.
Blackfire proceeds to lose her mind. How dare the Outsiders go against her after she has helped and tried to learn from them all these months? Clearly the Earth needs Justice. And only Blackfire can enforce it. A big battle is set between former friends - who will win?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“WWSD? (What Would Superman Do?)”
Aquarius is starting to implement their plan to use Brother Eye to collect data on everybody it can and to maintain that data beyond the cloud to Earth orbit in order to escape numerous national and international laws. Aquarius’ project manage for Brother Eye, Carleton Cerebrus (Adm. US Navy Ret.) has managed to stockpile more than a few weapons onto Brother Eye which no one knows about.
Edward Thriller has recruited one more person to help our heroes stop this threat. Valentina Vostok former Russian Cosmonaut. Now if anyone had predicted Vic would be part of a team of four led by a Russian Cosmonaut to steal a rocket and fly it up to Brother Eye before it’s too late, you would have said that was … fantastic.
Wesley Fermin’s latest plan to hire a supposed hitman to try but fail to assassinate him went off perfectly. Wesley got time on major networks. His wife Myra has found that even though her husband’s schemes have certainly not been below his moral standards, the plots are far more intricate and detailed than her thuggish husband has ever been capable of pulling off. It’s almost as if Wesley wasn’t really Wesley.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Declan Shalvey
Caught in the crossfire of Daizo’s security team, Dick is unable to prevent the escape of Red X.
He was able to track down Red X once – but there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to again.
Sinking back into the shadows, he returns home to find an irate Emily waiting for him. She’s willing to give a relationship with Dick a try – but only if he’s taking care of himself.
Sneaking off in the middle of the night with no equipment, no plan, no backup, months out of training – that doesn’t strike Emily as self-care. Even Dick can admit that she has a point.
Dick is seriously considering giving up the search, when he learns a shocking piece of news.
Uehara Daizo is dead — and Red X killed him!
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Written by Kieron Gillen; Vita Ayala
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Stephanie Hans, Christian Ward & Ryan Kelly; Rod Reis
The war is over... but what is the fate of Diana?
In the throneroom of Ys, Wonder Woman challenged Woutan. A duel to end the debate between Conquest and Peace.
Diana, while extolling the virtues of peace, let Woutan strike her down. In that moment, he won the battle – and lost the War.
The other patrons of Amazonia, dismayed at his dishonorable conduct, intervened at last. Woutan was imprisoned in the bowels of Ys.
The word of the Patrons brings the fighting across Amazonia to an end. Enemies are sisters once more – on paper, at least. But blood was shed, scars left in body and mind. Can the Realms be whole once more?
The call goes out to rebuild the realms, undo the damage wrought upon themselves. Eyes drift towards the Territories, long since Realms in the name only. Thalarion, Kera, Zarikan, Ilandia, Sareme, Rykorn, Venturia, Aurania.
But, back to the first question – what of Diana?
Her death at Woutan’s hand sent her to an unexpected destination – Valhalla! (A plot point that, I promise you, I had in mind before details of Infinite Frontier were revealed!)
To return to Earth, Diana will need to acquire the aid of the True Valkyries. But considering her antagonism with Reginleif, their Earthbound member, that’s easier said than done.
By the end of this issue, Diana will be back on Earth – but how will she have changed?
PLUS: a bonus story from the incoming creative team of Vita Ayala and Rod Reis! It’s a world tour as Diana, now the Celestial Wonder Woman, uses her new ability to travel by starlight to keep the night safe the world over!
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
Tim Drake has made his way to Honolulu. You see, Bruce Wayne has temporarily lost control of Wayne Enterprises, which leaves Tim to pick up the financial pieces and keep the company together. It's just happenstance that he happens upon the distraught Kong Kenan & Shado Fei after the rest of the Titans got kidnapped!
Tim has some experience with teen heroes - even teen superboys (and their dreamy eyes, jawline, etc...). And it's certainly more interesting than yelling at board members to stop dancing on Bruce's (financial) grave.
While Tim commands the Teen Titans into battle, Donna tries to calm the scared teens looking up to her for an escape plan. The clock is ticking, as August General In Iron plots to siphon their powers into creating a new generation of Chinese super heroes.
Things pull together into a two way battle aboard a submarine in the Pacific Ocean. Can the Titans Together defeat the evil August General In Iron? And who is the man holding the purse strings for his evil actions?
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99