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Olsen Corp, Metropolis.
Jimmy Olsen welcomes Lana Lang to his headquarters. Lana Lang is the new CEO of the Olsen Corp. But she maybe facing a bit of trouble.
Jimmy is investigating lost Kryptonian technologies from their company. There was a recent theft from the Olsen Corp. The Enlarging Ray. The Replication Ray. Phantom Zone Projector. All these technology were recovered by Superman many years ago. And he has used the Enlarging Ray to restore Kandor to normal size.
But all these tech were stolen recently, and there are reports of scientists creating Kaiju with Enlarginf tech in their hands. Can Jimmy stop the mad scientist from unleashing Kaiju on Metropolis and who is pulling the strings behind the scene?
Cadmus Project, Undisclosed Location.
Conner Kent, the Superboy, is leading the clone project in the Olsen Corp. Lana Lang just walks in to see their new project, another Kryptonian hybrid. But there was an alarm, and the new project escapes from the Cadmus facility. Can Conner stop the new project and who just caused this outbreak?
Evil Factory, Undisclosed Location.
Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, is now leading the Evil Factory. The replication ray before him is repeatedly cloning one woman. The Ray has been stolen from Olsen Corp and improved so it creates perfect clones instead of Bizarro. There is now a legion of one particular woman, and Hank Henshaw put all these clones to experiment under solar radiation, but to what end?
Who stole all the Kryptonian Tech from Olsen Corp?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plaot by EXCITER
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
The “Aquagod” is no more. Merely mortal again, Arthur Curry returns to Atlantis alongside Mera and the divinity he restored to godhood: Poseidon. But Arthur finds an unexpected visitor awaiting him: the immortal Vandal Savage, whose words echo with history itself!
If Vandal’s story is to be believed, before recorded history he founded the original village that would one day expand into mighty Atlantis. It’s legendary first leader turned sorcerer, Arion, was Vandal’s child and heir. After the Great Upheaval sank the Kingdom, only those with a metagene - that is to say, those descended from Savage - were able to survive; the cataclysm triggered the first large-scale metagene activation, giving rise to the species of homo mermanus. Thus, he claims, Vandal Savage is the grandfather of Atlantis itself… and he wishes to re-embrace his grandchildren!
Vandal could have met with Ocean Master, but instead he believes Aquaman is the true voice of Atlantis. Savage saw him save the Earth in the decisive battle against Starro (see the now classic STARRO WARS #3-4). Since then, Savage followed his journeys as he sought to reunite the fragmented Atlantean city-states, resolved a war with the Amazons, battled Black Adam, and saved Hades from overflowing. Now, though, humanity is on the precipice of something truly great - and Savage wants Arthur to be a part of it; to be a part of his illuminati - the Light. What will Arthur say? What can he say?
Meanwhile, Corum Rath, leader of the collection of radicals known as the Deluge, hates Curry with a boiling passion. Will an explosive assassination attempt strike down both Aquaman and Savage?
Plus, the pinching question: is Crablad a metahuman with crab powers… or a metacrab with human powers?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
The Brahm Institute: After several days trying to re-connect to his brother Isaac, David still is unable to make a breakthrough. Matu Ba, the therapist working with Isaac tells David that he has gone through a lot of trauma and that he will have a long journey if he recovers. Suddenly, alarms sound off as the institute is attacked by a group of armed rebels looking to steal drugs and medicine. The staff has tried to help them before by treating their wounded but now, the rebels have become brazen. Their leader, Endeba wants everything of value taken as well as a few staff members to be used as hostages.
Director Sidra Brahm tells him that they are willing to treat their wounded be she cannot allow him to hurt her staff or take medicine away from those that need it. He laughs as he points his gun at her and tells her that he is not here to bargain and that he will kill her where she stands. At that moment, the sound of bat-a-rangs can be heard whizzing through the air as four of the rebels fall to the floor in agony. Endeba turns and hears a booming voice warn him to leave here and never return! This place and its' people are under the protection of Bat-Wing!
32 PGS/Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Kailua, Hawaii: After the events of the past few months, Connor and Avila take a much-needed vacation to reconnect and reflect on everything that has happened, including both of them nearly dying. Connor tells her that he's worried of something else happening to her if he continues to stay in her life. Avila tells him that she isn't afraid and that anything could happen to her whether they see each other or not. They both care about each other and should stay together. They embrace and share a kiss as the sun sets on the Pacific, an idyllic ending for such a serene and peaceful moment.
Rosario, Argentina: Naomi and Jax have been tracking Kilroy and Komodo, the assassins who nearly succeeded in killing Avila and they plan on making them pay for hurting their friend. Their trail has led them to Argentina, not that it was difficult since K&K post all of their activities onto social media. Their FaceTime account which has nearly 1 million followers, has posts of them bragging about their latest kill in Peru and how they are going to celebrate in Rosario. But Naomi and Jax will have to be careful! While it may be easy to track the two love birds, it's another matter entirely if they plan to confront two of the most dangerous people on the planet!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Bruce’s investigation into his lineage led to revelations concerning the founding of Gotham and the American Revolution, but it would go much farther than that…
Julius Caesar first led Roman troops to Britain in the year 53 B.C., personally subjugating the native Britons with his thirsty sword fabled to have been forged by Vulcan himself: Crocea Mors (Latin for the “Yellow Death"). This conquest began centuries of occupation. By 410 A.D., a Goth invasion forced Rome to pull back… and left Britain threatened by Picts, Scots, Danes, and invading Saxons, not to mention demons and monsters aplenty. It was around this time that a King arose to protect his people. His name was Arthur Pendragon, and he created the Knights of the Round Table to aid him! Amongst their number was Sir Gawain, master of the blade and champion of the downtrodden. Proving himself nearly unparalleled in martial prowess by defeating myriad knaves and brigands, Gawain’s heroic deeds in service to the throne and to Camelot would inspire legends… legends heard all the way to Rome.
Emperor Lucius Tiberius, wielding Ceaser’s sword and seeking to exploit his legacy, decides to personally force Britain to once again pay tribute. To that end, he seeks to send a message - by crucifying Gawain, who was questing in Gaul to bring the murderous, blood-drinking witch Erichtho to justice! And if Tiberius must put the witch down in the process of slaying Gawain, then so be it! Can Gawain defy the wrath of the most powerful Empire the world has ever known… and avoid having his entire bloodline cursed in the process?
Did we mention that, through the centuries, the surname Gawain would be shortened… to Wayne?!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Iris West’s investigative journalism leads her to suspect that Vandal Savage, Stagg Enterprises, and the newly-minted World Organization for Advancement of Humanity are connected. As such, she’s got a proposal for her fiancé: a little undercover work!
W.O.A.H. has had an influx of new metahuman recruits. They’re being trained and organized in divisions based on power archetype: Bricks, Blasters, Brains, Elementals, Ferals, and last but not least… Speedsters! Iris’ contact and spymaster extraordinaire, King Faraday, who knows Barry Allen is the Flash, helps craft a cover identity so that “John Broome” can pose as a newly activated metahuman and get intel from the inside!
Barry, as “John,” finds himself in W.O.A.H.’s SD-1 (Speedster Division 1), their first squad comprised entirely of newly activated speedsters. His teammates are green and propose codenames that might require some serious workshopping, e.g., Fast Foodie, Running Shoes, Ziplock, Jack-Be-Quick, and Breakneck, but they all seem to genuinely have good intentions. Although trying to hide his experience, “Marathon Man” John Broome naturally falls into a mentor roll… especially when they’re given their first field test: capture a hyper-fast roadrunner that escaped from the Speed Test facility and is now wreaking havoc on the coyote population of Arizona. Easy right? As it turns out, not so much.
Flash Fact: The roadrunner generally ranges in size from 22 to 24 inches from tail to beak.
Here, however, the Speed Force has unexpectedly hyper-evolved this Roadrunner into a 10 foot tall, uncatchable apex predator! Meep meep!
Can the Flash ensure his rookie team survives their first mission? And as he gains their trust, how will Barry feel comfortable lying to them about why he’s really there?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Valerio Schiti
For years, the world has known them only as the G-MEN! A brave, selfless band of Gen-Actives, protecting humanity from their villainous brethren! Defending a world that dreads and despises them!
The truth is hardly less strange! Secretly, the G-Men are the student body at the Gaunt Institute for the Exceptional. Under the tutelage of Professor Hiram Gaunt, or “Professor G” as the students call him, the G-Men learned not only the usual high school curriculum, but also how to use their powers to save others!
Graduation day has come and gone, but they remain G-Men! When Professor G detects a powerful gen-active signature on an island known to Americans as Kooey Kooey Kooey, he thinks he’s sending them an a breezy island adventure.
He was gravely mistaken.
What the G-Men thought was a welcoming paradise is actually KUANO, THE LIVING ISLAND THAT WALKS. The Gen-Active isn’t *on* the island — it IS the island!
Only Basilisk escapes! To rescue his friends, he and the Professor will have to recruit an ALL-DIFFERENT, ALL-NEW team of G-Men!
Hailing from the Canadian Wilderness, the bestial ex-mercenary known as PANTHA joins the team when Professor G promises to help her reclaim lost memories!
From Israel, the conscientious objector known as the FULL COPPER MAN is an outcast as much for his constantly metallic body as for his choices. He’s keen to take up the Professor’s offer at a chance to be a true hero!
Hailing from an Apache Reservation in the American Southwest, RAINMAKER, is hesitant to leave her land and people. But Basilisk’s pleas for the life of his friends prove impossible to deny!
From New Zealand, the flying powerhouse known as UNION is never one to shy away from a chance to be a hero! He accepts before Basilisk even finishes the offer.
Together, they form an uncanny new team of G(eno)-Men!
Time for a daring rescue mission!
68 PGs./ Rated T+…$3.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Press Release, World Organization for Advancement of Humanity: For an unknown period of time, an extraterrestrial self-styled law enforcement organization known as the Green Lantern Corps has engaged in operations within the borders of our sovereign nations. This organization simply presumed jurisdiction over our planet, without consent, and enforces laws that have not been ratified by any human government. Until recently, we have tolerated this incursion as the Corps operations have been largely benevolent. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. We have learned that the Corps, albeit inadvertently, was responsible for releasing the devastating Doomsday Virus. It further failed to detain the individual responsible for releasing it: Hal Jordan, the first human defector to the Corps. As a result, we have no choice but to ban the Green Lantern Corps from Earth.
Earth has a new emerald-colored defense squad: the Green Team, lead by “the Technocrat” Commodore Murphy. But his team’s not green for willpower - it’s green for money! Murphy’s unfathomably rich, righteously idealistic… and easily manipulated. Vandal Savage’s Light has him convinced that the Green Lantern Corps is legitimately bad, oppressive, and needs to go - and Murphy is going hard in the paint against them! He’s spent a fortune to get the public to support banning the Corps from the planet. As your can imagine, Guy Gardner isn’t too keen on that. Guy ducked out on his fight with Captain Atom to pay Murphy a visit - but is he underestimating the weapons that Technocrat’s money can buy?
Meanwhile, John Stewart and Jessica Cruz continue to pursue the escaped Hal Jordan and Despero. They’re about to get some unexpected help in the pursuit… from Sinestro?!?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
Shayera Thal and Katar Hol return to Earth, being dropped off after having their Cormorant, or “flying sub” confiscated. Christine St. Clair of Interpol contacts them along with the recuperating Major Zastrow. The mission at this point is to find and capture the superpowered Shadow Thief Carl Sands. The four work to try and pinpoint a quarry who can literally fade into darkness.
Chay-Ara’s second Checkmate contact is one with considerably more experience and she refuses to put up with Chay-Ara’s teenage antics. Her name is Carrie Kelley and despite her youth is a formidable agent. The mission Kelley is telling Chay about is one which follows a trail of the drug Venom which has been feeding a fight club where young people fight to the death and Venom has been making the rounds to make a fighter, faster, stronger, and more aggressive. Is Chay’s Thanagarian physique and training enough for her to stand against a Venom infused opponent?
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99
JLAlien #3
Plot by NX01A
Written by AL EWING
•Most of the Psion ship materializes from FTL near Earth's moon but it is coming apart at the seams. MAXWELL LORD knows he can't survive hard vacuum or a matter/antimatter explosion so he heads for the nearest escape pod, leaving the seemingly inert once more ERADICATOR device on the command deck tied into the dying ship. An exterior hallway ruptures, sucking Max out into the inky void!
•Warlady KOMAND'R of Tamaran. Outsider. Sororicider. Dictator. Bête noire. BLACKFIRE could ignore the human's telepathic demand for help and let him die but she notices something about Earth which she may need his help with.
•Energy hair flaming behind her, Blackfire streaks to Lord's aid, taking him to an escape pod launched by VOODOO. The bat-like form of shapeshifting Martian MA'ALEFA'AK rushes past them as all try to outrun the ship's explosion!
•As they drift toward Earth, the telepaths link the quartet and they see the planet's scorched black continents and blood red seas. Why can't Max feel the psychic presence of Earth's billions? And why is there a massive symbol carved into the moon's surface: a cross with arms of equal length and perpendicular to the adjacent arms, each bent midway at a right angle?
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

The Dominion, Expanse Outpost, Year 3022.
The Dominion Outpost is under attack from an armada of unknown allegiance. The drones attack and wipes out dominion bases in a matter of hours, and the armada didn’t even colonize the Outpost. They are going to cross the Dominion Space.
Legion World, Year 3022.
Brainiac-5 is aware of the invading armada from the outer rings of the universe into the Dominion Space. Even though United Planets and Dominion are not allies since the Dominator Wars, the Legion has one member from the Dominion. The Dominator, is a genetic enhanced member of the Dominator Race. Her genetic material has been altered and merged with Daximite Genetic, making her the most powerful Super Dominator.
The Dominator is going to try to help the Dominion and the Legion is going to help her.
Dominion Throne World, Year 3022.
War zone. The Dominator leads her people to defeat the invading forces. With the help of the Legion, the Dominion is able to turn the tide of the war. But Brainiac-5 is soon to discover that this was not an invasion. As he talks with a captain of the invading armada, he realize that they are simply scared.
The armada is made of ancient civilizations from the outer rings of the universe. They are running away from what is coming for them from the edge of the universe. Something ancient, something sinister, the Old Dragon has awaken once more. The Old Dragon is coming. War is Coming!
Data Page
Universal Empires
The United Planets
The Blight
The Dominion
The Khundian Empire
The Holy Empire of Machines
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Ben, with the help of the Manhunter Mark Shaw learns that the daughter of his old friend Michael Cray (Deathblow) has followed in her father's footsteps and has become the assassin known as Proud Mary! Her first assignment brings ger to Gotham City to kill Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress. But Ben knows that there is more than one Bat problem in Gotham, so he and Shaw want to get in, grab Mary and get out before anyone notices their presence. However, all of his plans seem to blow up in his face as he hears police reports about two costumed people, both female fighting across the rooftops of downtown Gotham!
He calls his handler David and tells him to be alert for any other Bats that maybe in the area. He tells Shaw to grab Mary and get her out of here while he deals with The Huntress. As Ben tries to explain what's going on to Bertinelli, he hears Mark shout out in agony with a blade stuck in his shoulder! Things have quickly gone from bad to worse as another player enters the game, the person who has been training Proud Mary to be an assassin: Nemesis!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?”
Part 6: “Who Says You Can't Go Home?”
Vic’s back in Hub City. At least for a visit as the national tour will continue after this. Basically, we needed a good stopping point for a trade. The hometown crowd is surprisingly supportive. Then again, Hub City local cable has put on Ron Troupe, a young go-getting reporter from Metropolis who is aiming to make his way by using his show as a stepping stone into 21st century American journalism.
Professor Aristotle Rodor (Tot) has had to clean out his garage to make room for not only Vic’s 2022 Chevy Spark but the workbenches of HCU (Hub City University) student Alice Tesla and Girl of a Googleplex of Gimmicks, Merry Pemberton. Where Alice has put a very powerful engine into the frame, Merry has loaded the car with a considerable amount of gimmickry herself. The problem is if Vic is using the car as the Question, wouldn’t it be identifiable as his car? The answer, of course, is yes. And there is where Tot comes in. The gas which causes the pseudoderm mask to stick to Vic’s face also change colors on treated surfaces as well so giving the car a new coating works. Continue reading us for more automotive tips.
On the Hub City political front, who will succeed Wesley Fermin? The actual Wesley is still missing after his double ran for governor. Getting notice is a man named Roland Desmond, whose brother Mark was killed in a senseless drive-by weeks ago. Desmond promises to make Hub City work again.
Are we done? Wait, Vic! Vic is caught up in a maelstrom of events and appearances which draws him away from a particularly grisly serial killer who defaces their victims with a question mark and an exclamation point. We all knew it had to happen as the killer calls themselves “The Answer”.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Krypton, 35 Years Ago.
After a conversation with time traveling Lara Lor-Van, Jor-El begins to scan all memory on Krypton, and make them into mind scans, Mind Crystals.
Before the destruction of Krypton, Jor El sends all the mind crystals into space in another rocket, as well as all the genetic data collected by Eradicator.
Earth, 30 Months Ago.
Superman recovered the rocket with all Kryptonian Mind Crystal and reconstructed the clone matrix of Krypton. This was the same machine used by Kryptonian to create substitute organs to become immortal. But Jor-El has improved the machine, to match the clone matrix of the scientist Bertron.
Europa, 8 Months Ago.
Superman and Supergirl has planted the Sun Stone crystals into the land, now he heat up the crust of Europa with their heat vision. The ocean of Europa become heated, as Volcanos erupts under the sea. And Superman planted the seed for Kryptonian Sea Plants in the ocean.
New Krypton, Now.
Superman and Lois Lane flies through the clouds to the Fortress of Resurrection, the clone factory. Clark has given Lois the Superman Serum which allows Lois to have Superpowers for 24 hours.
Beneath the waves, the sea forrest grows and provide the necessary gas for Kryptonian atmosphere. The organic material for cloning are taken from the sea as well. Now there are millions of clones in the cloning matrix. Floating in crystal bubbles beneath the waves of Europa.
Most of the science council are gathered in the fortress of the resurrection. Some in their newly cloned body, others in robots like Kelex, their mind can be transferred from Mind Crystal to the computer.
The science council congrats Jor-El for his plans, but they would advise against repeated clone of singular Kryptonian. It is advised that repeated clone be avoided, for that process was how Doomsday was created by Bertron. Jor-El’s new design bears similarity to that of Bertron. Some believe this resurrection machine may also be forcing evolution of Kryptonians, turning them into Doomsdays.
After the council meeting, The Wizards of Juru visit Superman and Jor-El to use the clone matrix to resurrect Bru-Al, their first leader, the ancient Kryptonian Necromancer. The Wizards of Juru were a group of Wizards hiding in the Valley of Juru, they were also the only ones who take Jor-El’s warning of Krypton’s destruction seriously. They traveled to another dimension to avoid the destruction of Krypton. They have now returned and stand as the Guild of Juru.
Superman agrees that there should be representative of every guild on the Council. Thus a clone was created for Bru-Al and his dark soul was summoned back from the realm of death.
On the next Council meeting, Jor-El, Dru-Zod and Bru-Al all sits on the Council.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99