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DAWN OF THE BRAVES They keep our cities safe, our world unharmed, they are our greatest heroes!

NEW WATCHMEN #9 Written by ED BRUBAKER Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by NICK DRAGOTTA Cover by BRIAN BOLLAND "Some will win. Some will lose. Some were born to sing the blues..." The President has been assassinated on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. New elections to be held this year in hopes of restoring order to this great land. But as of now, civil unrest runs rampant. Trust is all but lost. Hope is following closely behind. Even our so called heroes are looked upon with suspicion. The candidates have declared their intentions. Adrien Veidt is among them. The media sensation, the self made superhero with a billion dollar bankroll promises to lift America on his shoulders back to greatness while bringing its costumed heroes in under his cape. And like Teddy Roosevelt before him, he claims to carry the biggest stick - the universe's most powerful game changer, Doctor Manhattan! General Frank Rock recovers from his gunshot wound while attempting to save the president. The ol' Sarge doesn't like what has been going on in Washington and isn't sure who he can trust. He doesn't fully believe the intel he is receiving about rogue Kryptonians and their plan to overtake the country. To get to the bottom of it, he himself declares his candidacy. Sometimes to get the job done right, you have to do it yourself. Meanwhile famed gonzo journalist Jack Hunter publishes an editorial on the Rolling Thunder website warning Americans to not trust what they are being told by their government or mainstream media. That the aliens aren't the bad guys. The true super villains are the powerful manipulators in dark offices in D.C and the Pentagon. He may be labeled as a crazy conspiracy theorist, but he is certain that a Comedian is trying to silence him. And until he feels safe, he is staying hidden. But before the Comedian can find Jack Hunter, he himself has been found. In a dark tenement in Baltimore, the Spirit tracks down the man responsible for the murder of Central City's mayor, of the Octopus, and even his own! Finally he will get answers. But what he finds is a desolate Edward Blake. Resigned to his own end. "You see Colt, it wasn't personal. I am simply a dog at the mercy of his master. I sic on command. A rabid dog perhaps, but with good breeding and well trained. And it is time to let this dead dog lay. You never did see it coming did you kid?" And with that, two shots scream through the night. The first puts Edward Blake's head on the table. The other, a hole through the Spirit's gut as his body hits the hardwood floor. His last vision will be a smoking gun from the shadows and those beautiful red lips. He should have listened to the Spectre. Who can you trust? Don't forget to vote in this month's Democratic Primary!

32 PGs/Rated T+...$3.99

GREEN ARROW #10 Written by JH WILLIAMS III Plot by BANEOFKINGS Art by ANDREA SORRENTINO “Adrenaline” Part Five of Six – THE ARMY OF COUNT VERTIGO PENULTIMATE ISSUE OF ADRENALINE!! Oliver Queen is one of the candidates for Presidency. But how can he have a hope of running for the top job when he can’t even keep his own city safe, let alone his entire state? Count Vertigo couldn’t have chosen a worse time to unleash an army of crazed, Vertigo-enhanced madmen onto the streets of Star City. And to make matters worse, Felicity and John Diggle are in serious trouble - and they might not have long left to live! 32 pgs/Rated T $2.99

AQUAMAN #18 Written by JOHN ROZUM Plotted by SOBEK Art by DARWYN COOKE Alongside our own Earth is an infinite number of parallel worlds, occupying the same physical space, yet inhabiting different planes of existence, with each Earth altering slightly in its history and form. It’s from another Earth that Aquaman must face his newest challenge. The British Protectorate of Atlantis, from an Earth in which Atlantis is a colony of the British Empire, and the Atlantean’s subjects of the crown, has declared war on the Atlantis of our world! Aquaman must plunge his subjects into a war with another Atlantis, as the British Atlanteans seek to spread the Empire’s influence beyond their own dimension! But is he ready to face the Imperial version of himself? 32 pgs/Rated T $2.99

SHAZAM! FORCE #3 Written by WARREN ELLIS Plot by KOSMO Art by BECKY CLOONAN "SECOND COMING” Part 3 of 5 Black Adam. Teth-Adam. He is known by several names, but this day, he will be known as this world's any means necessary. More powerful than ever, he's now making his way to finish off the only ones able to stand in his way, once and for all. The Wizard muses about the strength of Adam's newfound power, and even as Captain Marvel and his allies train on, it may not be enough to stop the oncoming destruction. It may be time to call onto outside forces, this time. The clash between the chosen ones of Shazam's magic draws near, and Fawcett City may not survive the experience. Unbeknownst to Billy and the others, however, other things are brewing in the background. In the chaos of their last battle, Dr. Sivana managed to take a sample of Billy's blood. Question is, for what purpose? 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

CODENAME: V #18 Written by DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING Plot by HIGHWAYGUY Art by CARLOS EZQUERRA "VENDETTA" Part One "THIRD COMING" Remember, remember, divide and dismember! Red Riot of the Guy Fawkes Knights terrorizes downtown Capital. When Codename: V appear on the scene, the villain is quickly apprehended. However, little to the UK’s finest heroes realise is that it’s all part of a devilish master plan. In his holding cell at the Bridge, Codename: V’s headquarters, Red Riot releases a wireless "databomb" into the computer systems. The result, a complete security meltdown. Top secret military and government files released to the world. And that is only the beginning. For Reich Jr., the pint-sized master Aryan, has a few choice words to say to the British public! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

JUSTICE LEAGUE #23 Written by GRANT MORRISON Plot by SHAGGYDOO Art by JIM LEE "INJUSTICE" Pt 2 of 4 With half the JL off fighting Brainiac, former League allies Plastic Man and Snapper Carr lead an all-out assault on the Justice League Satellite of the Leagues worst enemies. Armed with the the Doc Savage protocols "Injustice" knows how to defeat every member. However, can the the defeat the creator of the protocols himself in his new guise as the Justice League's Batman?!? He's less grim/dark, but he's alot stronger and has a utility belt chock full of kick-ass high-tech weapons the likes of which the world has never seen! Richard Dragon is ready for his first League nonstop action and look out Skeletor...She-Ra is back! On Brainiac's Skull ship, Superman, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter and Skyrocket begin their assault, but they are not prepared for Brainiac unstoppable newest ally Amazo! Meanwhile, Cyborg surrenders him to Brainiac to save his sister Cyborgirl. Brainiac, wants more than just Cyborg, he wants all his tech. Her method to obtain is complete surgical separation with no anesthesia . The result, is the creation of Brainiac's brother from another mother...THE GRID!

42PGS./Rated T...$3.99

THE LEAGUE 2034 #11 **BatWar 2034** Written by GEOFF JOHNS Plotted by SHAGGYDOO Art by JEROME OPENA "INTER-LEAGUE PLAY" The Wayne Tower has fallen, the Kirby bridge between Gotham and Metropolis has been destroyed, the Batman/Damian's general is dead, Dark Claw has descended to his berzerker/beast mode and now a new chaos has revealed itself. Enter, the Bat-Mites! A brood of magic-based impish juveniles from the 5th dimension who idolize the Bat. They travel in pacts relentlessly causing chaos everywhere they go with one objective destroy all Batman enemies. Look out Jokerz, Sons of Arkham, Bianca Steeplechase, Commisioner Barbara Gordon and Jason Tood...the Bat-Mites are coming for you! The League has decided that members who are part of the Bat-War are no longer part of the team. With Martian Manhunter, Dark Claw, the Question, Hawkman and Atom out, the League needs more firepower. Tim Hunter, Superwoman, Lex Luthor Jr and Red Tornado (Traya) decide it's time bestow the "Forbidden Weapons" on new worthy heroes. To do so they head to the Fortress of Solitude and it's eternal guardian...the Red Devil!?!

40 PGS/ Rated M $2.99 DAWN OF TOMORROW Birds?! Planes?! No! In the sky of Metropolis, flying is the gift of a single family!

KID SUPERMAN #2 (of 6) Words by GRANT MORRISON & SEAN MURPHY Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by SEAN MURPHY "Escape from Star City 2.0" The Kid's (the only name he's ever known) whole world is going to change. The walls literally crumbling down around him of the underground facility, aka Star City 2.0, that has been his home since *birth. He's never felt the sun on his face and boy is it going to be a surprise. But first he has to escape the destruction that surrounds him in one piece. Star City 2.0 is imploding. The only living beings left inside are The Kid and two researchers, who he refers to as the "Lab Coat Twins." He never really liked them much, but to be honest..The Kid doesn't really like anybody. Everyone else - the security officers, project directors and top scientists who usually populate the facility haven't been seen since yesterday. It all seems so strange. What is going on and will Star City 2.0 be their tomb? Feverishly searching for an exit, the three discover abandoned labs, most everything is just gone. Computers, files, equipment...vanished? The doors are sealed off with fallen debris. The only way out is straight up. Then sunlight breaks through the cracks. And something inside of The Kid awakens. Today, whether he wants it or not, he will be a hero. They will survive. They will escape...alive. Hello real world! Next Month: Kid Superman walks among us!

32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

SUPERMAN #15 Written by JOSS WHEDON Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by OLIVIER COIPEL "Superman: Public Enemy #1" Thanks to their Kryptonian abilities on Earth, Kal-El and Zod can hear...well, just about everything. Including what General Sam Lane has planned for them once his team has them captured. No thanks indeed. Superman must work together with Zod to avoid capture, and somehow keep his aggressive new partner from slaughtering their pursuers. General Lane leads an all out super-manhunt. Someone killed the president, and America's most distinguished soldier has made it clear that the two aliens seen around Star Labs that day are his top suspects. Public Enemy #1 and #2. Can Lois Lane get to the bottom of this assasination conspiracy before her own father makes a villain out of Superman? And what really happened in Star Labs? The facility is empty, abandoned. Whatever it was, the tracks have been well covered. If only Lois had a little help. Chloe Sullivan joins up and by the way, "Jimmy, have you seen Clark? Tell him I need him in D.C. pronto!"

32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


  • The Architects look on at the destruction that the insane Kara has wrought and realise that they have no option left. Kara continues tearing through an interstellar armada with ridiculous ease as the Architects use the Seed's of Life to once more create pure Kryptonians. Once more they must protect the universe, but this time from one of their own. Three pure Kryptonians launch themselves at Kara and the shockwave of their initial clash is enough to knock a small planet near by out of orbit and send it spiraling through space.
  • Kara see's the doomed planets plight and screams in frustration, she desperately fights her own mind in an attempt to try and save the planet and it's inhabitants but the Red Queen has Kara chained down and is dragging her back to the rainbow, too late Kara realizes that the rainbow isn't safety from her madness but a prison in which she'll lose herself forever.
  • The Red Queen falls back under the vicious assault of the Pure Kryptonians, trading vicious blows all the while, and then she see's them. The Architects, in the distance, holding the Seeds! What she could do with those, all of her wildest imaginings come true and the universe's worst nightmares!

40 PGS/ Rated M $2.99

THE MAN OF STEEL 2034 #5 Written by MARK WAID Plotted by SHAGGYDOO Art by NICOLA SCOTT "Metropolis" Part 1 of 4 First there is light from above and then in an instant there is chaos all around. You plunge thousands of feet into a dark, cold abyss that feels like shards of thickest glass upon impact. You are entrapped in twisted metal and surrounded by pitch black rapidly descending further into a watery grave. That is where Aiden Siegel aka "Superman" finds himself after the destruction of the Kirby Bridge. He must not panic and use his formidable Navy Seals and survival training or else it will be his end. Adding to his problems are echoes of unknown sounds all around him. He must make it to land, to city he was always told NEVER to enter....Metropolis. The other survivors of the bridges destruction navigate the damaged Super-mobile also headed towards what used to be "The city of tomorrow". Can both Prof. Hamiltons and "Krypto" survive an assault from Darksied's underwater strikeforce, Deep Six. An armored savior arrives in the form of Lex Luthor Jr. , the commander and chief of the League, but also the son of Superman's greatest enemy. With one statement they must make a vital choice of trust: "Come with me if you want to live".

32 PGS/ Rated T $2.99

H'EL #9 Written by CHUCK DIXON Plotted by SHAGGYDOO Art by KEN ROCAFORT "H'EL ON EARTH" Part 1 of 4 Guest-Starring SUICIDE SQUAD! H'El and Faora are determined to take down the mechanical plague that is Brainiac. They have unwanted help in the form of Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Zoom, Spidercide, Ebon, Lady Shiva, and the Atom (Rhonda Pineda)..the Suicide Squad. However, can a team function when everyone is a criminal and nobody can be trusted. It's 3 part plan: Zoom and the Spiderman clone Spidercide must distract Brainiac. The other Squad members must face Brainiac minions while the living computer viruses/suicidal siblings Bug and Byte enter her main server. Finally, H'El must rip the head from the snake in an all-out throwdown with Braniac, too bad his partner Faora has her own agenda and Deadshot is ready to blast either or both Kryptonians with a Kryptonite laced explosive shell without hesitation!

40 PGS/ Rated T $2.99

LEX LUTHOR & THE LEGION OF DOOM #21 Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by FRANK QUITELY "Spin the Bottle" Selina Kyle is being held for questioning by the mysterious Men in Black. How did she come in to possession of the lost city of Kandor? Where did she find it? Did she shrink it to this size?....Who? What city? What the heck are these guys talking about? Catwoman must endure interrogation, gather clues, escape the secret facility, steal back that beautiful bottle, get out of Europe and figure out just what the hell is going on. This black suited goon's name tag reads Mr. Smith, Star Labs...what do they want with her puuuurfectly pretty little bottle? One thing is for sure - it must be worth a fortune! Meanwhile, Faora and H'El see no choice but to confront Brainiac herself. The bottled city is nowhere to be found. She must have the answers. And if it means starting intergalactic war, then so be it. LexCorp receives strange visitors indeed. Metron is in the building. This isn't the first time Lex has faced the Gods. Will Luthor give up his right hand man? What if the price was a Mother Box? Have fun in Apokolips, Tess Mercer! The news breaks that President Horne is dead. New elections to be held. Which makes owning your own media empire the best press that money can literally buy. And finally, The Wizard has welcome news for Luthor: The Reality Gun is operational! Next Month: It's a different world, than where we come from.

32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

DAWN OF LIGHTS Away in the deepest corners of space, a battle of destiny for supremacy!

CRUSADE #4 (of 6) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Plot by WHITORO Art by LEINIL YU The Green Lanterns are shattered, the Sinestro Corps blocked whimpering on the ground, the Blue Lanterns have simply give up. Only Atrocitus’ soldiers of Agony fight like they always had. The King of Tears prepares his final strike by gathering his forces. He doesn’t want to rule the universe, he doesn’t want to sit on a throne… he wants to annihilate all living things, he wants oceans of blood and skies of fire, he wants life as people know it to cease to exist… it’s about time to start a long march through the galaxy… a march of death! The milky way is once again the target, and around Mars, the fire is starting… The Hellbringer brings Hell! The full might of Kheran’s two houses of killers, the CODA and the Brotherhood, is unleashed for the first time in three hundred years. The deamonite worlds are attacked as Nemesis confronts in a furious duel the Burning Messiah Helspont… he believes himself to be a god, but she isn’t afraid! She has slain gods before! 32 PGS./Rated T 2.99$

LANTERN WORLD #2 **CRUSADE TIE-IN** Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN Plotted by SHAGGYDOO Art by IVAN REIS "New Frontier" Part 3 of 4 During the epic battle against the Guardians creation Invisible Destroyer, worlds were destroyed, but also new life was started. One of "Genesis" planets was Mars. In the midst of Great Inversion, Mars new hero the Green Beetle arrives in the mysterious town of Green Lantern. His objective to destroy the giant GL power battery that runs the town. However, to do that he must go through John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, the Predator, N'Teaus and Aya! However, the rebel GLs have another problem due to the Inversion their personalities and traits have been completely switched and their powers are completely out of control! The planet Mosaic, a jigsaw of various planets co-existing and one of the last Guardians experiments. During the Great Inversion it has descended into a world of chaos with only Kilowog available to save the world. Until he receives the unwanted help from Teen Lantern! A legendary lost "living" ring has waited decades for the Crusades prophecy to reach fruition and the Great Inversion. THAT TIME IS NOW. 48 PGS/ Rated T $3.99

GREEN LANTERN #14 **CRUSADE TIE-IN** Written by GREG RUCKA Plot by WHITORO Art by ESAD RIBIC Hal Jordan, now powered by the corrupted green light of ambition, is a ferocious beast obsessed with the idea of dominating all other living things. He fell so far. He was a hero, now, once more, he find himself in the role of the madman. Emperor of an army of assassins, husband of a lunatic, he has betrayed family, friend and loved one. Is this really what he wants? Is this really what he wants? Is this really what he dreams of? No… Hal Jordan’s prophecy is completed: The Lonely Emperor, the crusader that will understand. Regretting his actions, he’s free from the ring ambition. And in their final confrontation, Mongul can’t hope to defeat him. Who is the Ruler?! His true identity is now at hand… 32 PGS./Rated T 2.99$

RISE OF THE LANTERNS #28 **CRUSADE TIE-IN** Written by RICK REMENDER Plot by WHITORO Art by SARA PICHELLI It’s the Battle of Mars! Larfleeze saves the life of Simon Baz and the whole of the Blue Lanterns thanks to the help of the antigun, a powerful piece of tech he stole over a century ago from a scientist. The forces of the silver lanterns are scattered. But now, how to save Baz from the brainwashing caused by the great inversion?! Carol Ferris and the Star Sapphires of Hate slaughter their way through the Interrupted armada, coming head to head against Relic himself. The giant wasn’t expecting such an offensive, and quickly forces his warriors on a rapid retreat, going back outside the limits of the known universe, in their impregnable lair… The Colossus, the crusader who managed to escape! Jessica Jordan, girl from the future, guides now the Star Sapphires towards planet Oa. The showdown with the clan of Agony is at hand! 32 PGS./Rated T 2.99$

SINESTRO CORPS #14 **CRUSADE TIE-IN** Written by JASON AARON Plot by WHITORO Art by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO Sinestro powered by Parallax and the space samurai Rao Rong fight off the invasion of Korugar by the army of the crimson lanterns of agony. The brutal battle leaves thousands on the ground and the entire planet burns like an infected scar… His Corps defeated, his Planet in ruins, his body wounded, Sinestro finds himself incapable of controlling Parallax. The entity of fear, corrupted into the living embodiment of cowardice, abandons its user and runs away, hiding in the darkest corners of the galaxy. Sinestro is the Master of Fear, the crusader that lost everything. 32 PGS./Rated T 2.99$

SPACE GHOST #14 **CRUSADE TIE-IN** Written by MICHAEL GREEN & MICHAEL JOHNSON Plot by RED FALCON Art by PHILIP TAN Space Ghost joins the Crusade! As his new partners Jan and Jayce return to Earth for the first time in years, the group discovers a city that is powered by a giant Green Lantern Power Battery. And trying to steal it is. . . . Brak!? Who is he working for, and why are there an army of red warriors heading towards Earth? 40 PGS./Rated T...$2.99

LANTERNS FROM HELL #22 Written by JASON AARON Plot by SOBEK Art by SEAN GORDON MURPHY In a war for the fate of the cosmos, what will win? Wealth or heroism? Now nearing the end of their quest for the universe’s greatest bounty, the Lanterns from Hell are granted a choice between claiming the bounty and its security, or fighting the conspiracy they have uncovered. What will they choose? The blissful ignorance and security of wealth, or the long hard road to heroism? What we do know is that the ring wielders still have fire in their veins, and for murders and bandits that they are, the choice seems clear! Thrills trump peace any day! Meanwhile El Diablo has sought a new power, and a new purpose! Welcome El Diablo, to the Black Lantern Corps! 32 PGs./Rated M...$2.99

JADE:EMERALD WARRIOR #1 ***New Series*** Written by: GAIL SIMONE Plotted by: TheElongatedManFan Art by: NICOLA SCOTT ALL NEW EMERALD DAWN BEGINS HERE! Alan Scott, the emerald guardian known as the GREEN LANTERN, fulfilled a prophesy dating back to the dawn of civilization in China when he wielded the mystical green flame into a mighty lantern. With his trusty power ring, he tamed the wicked and fought those who would seek to oppress the innocent. However, the 21st century is a new beast all together, and after an invasion of the Rust Belt by Evil Star which left Milwaukee burned to the ground, Alan Scott decided the Midwest does not need an Emerald Guardian, but rather an Emerald Warrior! And who better to turn to then his own daughter, teenager Jennifer-Lynn Hayden? Witness the birth of JADE and the fall of the Midwest! What will happen if Jade is not able to tame her wild new powers in time to stop Evil Star and his Alien armada from destroying the entire country? 32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

DAWN OF THE BATS Today Gotham, tomorrow the world! For Batman and his army the war on crime knows no limits!

BATMAN 2034 #22 **BatWar 2034** Written by GRANT MORRISON Plot by GLOBAL HONORED Art by JIM CHEUNG "Night in the City at War" We begin with the funeral pyre for Damian's fallen general, the man once known simply as The Mutant Leader. The first great casualty of the war. The Disciples of the Bat gather to mourn while they boil with anger. Gotham will pay. Damian vows vengeance and assures his army they will retake the city, no matter who stands in their way - enemy, friend or even family. Cassandra Cain and Carrie Kelly expect to take the open spot as Damian's right hand. That is until he introduces his shocking new war advisor to his followers....Talia al Ghul! There is no limit to what price man will pay for victory, and this isn't his first deal with the devil. Meanwhile, Commissioner Barbara Gordon is introduced to The Resistance. In the long abandoned subways below Gotham, Dick Grayson and Selina Kyle have the makings of their own army, formed to stop Damian once and for all. Familiar faces of days gone by. They are so much older now. Do they still have what it takes to play the hero? To fly? Cyborg has learned of Wayne Towers destruction and despite The League's position of non-interference, he will not let his friend fight this battle alone. But first they must mend the fallen Grayson's wounds. Terry McGinnis moves through the night like a shadow. His new costume is all he ever dreamed of. Jason Todd is making those dreams possible. His cowl is destined to rise as the pieces of the city fall around him. But they also will need pawns in this game. Terry's mission tonight is to track a forgotten metahuman with the power to upset the balance, and an addiction that makes him controllable. The pliable prankster himself, Plastic Man has seen better days. Time to pay the piper! Anarchy grows while insanity follows suit. Bianca Steeplechase makes a proposition to the Sons of Arkham. The joke may be on us all.... Next Month: Man your battle stations, Gotham will explode in War! 32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

NIGHTWING #9 Written by JEFF LEMIRE Plot by BANEOFKINGS Art by DAVID AJA REMEMBER ME? Part Two of Five – YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN If Oswald Cobblepot is running for President, what plans does he have for Nightwing? And more importantly, is it really the Penguin after Dick Grayson – or just a doppelganger? A doppelganger with as much power and influence as the real one? Nightwing’s about to find out – but first, he must launch a raid on NEXUS’s main breeding ground for captured Metahumans – in order to stop them from putting the final stages of their plan into motion – and he’s going to be bringing in his allies in the form of the BCPD Commissioner, Laura Barrows – and the father/sister team of Blitz and Michael Court! But not everything is as simple as it first appears, and Nightwing might have overestimated the strength of NEXUS and what they are capable of. 32 pgs/ $2.99

NIGHTWING & THE OUTSIDERS #6 Story by SCOTT SNYDER Plot by BANEOFKINGS Art by SEAN MURPHY A TALE OF TWO PRISONS **ONE-SHOT** At another request of Batman, The Outsiders are ordered to split in two. One group, Spoiler, Black Bat, Nightwing and Talon have to investigate a murder inside Arkham Asylum itself. And The Huntress, Batwing and Batwoman have to infiltrate Blackgate Prison to uncover the mystery behind a planned, but failed - copycat assassination attempt on its Warden that happened mere hours after the Arkham one. But things will never be as simple as they sound, right? 40/PGS | Rated T | Price: $2.99


  • Half of Gotham is infected with insanity and the other half with pure sanity as the dark liquid flowing from the Tears runs through the streets. Cold Justice holds one of the Tears, forcibly taken from the Erasmo Family, and struggles to understand which half he falls into. As he looks through the Tear he can see all the possibilities that each second can take and it threatens to draw him into it's endless existence until a door opens in his mind. For a few minutes Cold Justice was dead, a bullet from his father's gun lodged deep in his brain, and he suddenly remembers his time on the other side and his mind gladly escapes back to that existence.
  • Jerald Dante watches as the Harbingers retrieve the Tear from the ruins of Arkham, the Tear still calls to him though and he must somehow reach it. But how can he get past these strange beings who now wield it?
  • years ago Delirium cried tears in sadness at the departure of her brother Destruction, tears which called out for her brother and set out in search of him. Destruction though is no longer Destruction, he cast aside his responsibilities, and the Tears have fallen to call forth his son instead, Jerald Dante. Not that Delirium remembers this, at the moment she senses someone walking in a realm that only she and Death know about "How rude! Who the hell is Joe Chill anyway?"

32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

BATWOMAN #18 Writer: Scott Snyder Plot by The Animal Man Artist: Greg Capullo "Batwoman 3000 Part 2 of 2" Talia and the Teen Titans Vs Brainiac And Darkseid In The 31st Century!!! But even if they win how can Talia hope to ever be considered a hero...knowing that her family staged the apocalypse 42PGS/Rated M/$3.99

DAWN OF THE DAMNED They walk the line between good and evil…they may save the world, or doom it forever!

JUSTICE LEAGUE ELITE #2 Written by TOM TAYLER Plot by LOREC Art by PATRICK ZIRCHER Absolute Power Part 2

  • In the FBI field office in Houston, Texas, Special Agent Amanda Price preps prisoner Larry Keats for transport. Flight 583 has been hijacked and the hijackers want to exchange the passengers for Keats. The hijackers have claimed to be part of Red Freedom, a mysterious organization that has been rumored to be involved in extortion, theft, and even murder internationally.
  • Having arrived at George Bush International airport, the android known as Indigo overhears Special Agent in charge Graham Taylor say their orders are to destroy the plane if they can’t get control of it. Now Gangbuster, Bennett, Argent, and Indigo must decide if they are going to let the FBI conduct negotiations or should they rush the plane as soon as it lands. Meanwhile on the plane, Josiah Power and Maxwell Williams have decided to act on their own once the plane lands. They both know the authorities aren’t going to let the plane take off again.
  • To make matters worse, news breaks that Josiah Power is supposed to be in Houston to announce his intent to run for President of the United States.

32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #10 Plotted by: VICVEGA Written by: GREG WEISMAN Drawn by: DARICK ROBERTSON “Infection in the System” Part 2 of 3 The offensive team starts to feel the effects when unknown assailants begin to attack their physical bodies while the Doom Patrol is launching a simultaneous psychic attack! How will they survive? The Blueprints Dr. Cyber stole are actually for the building of a nano-sentient computer virus that has corrupted Dr. Cyber’s mind. What is the virus’ plan? 32 pgs./ Rated T $2.99

RENEGADES #4 Written by ED BRUBAKER Plot by LOREC Art by MARCUS TO Awakenings Conclusion

  • After the second explosion, the city of Hampton is in a state of panic. People are trapped in

buildings, cars and buildings are on fire, and some buildings are near collapse. Chaos and Siphon arrive on the scene and begin helping with rescue efforts. At the same time several blocks away, Mia, Anna, and Cedric also arrive to help with survivors. Some of the survivors though, are affected much like Cedric and Anna were. Some transform into monsters, others can’t control their various powers and begin attacking anyone in their path. With no way to reverse the effects, a pitched battle ensues. As the group is finally able to subdue the more aggressive members of the mob they let the police take over and disappear.

  • Anna, Cedric, Mia, and Chaos reveal all that has befallen them. That’s when Chaos notices that Siphon has disappeared during the battle. He doesn’t remember seeing her fall, but wherever she is, she has the Amulet of Hadier with her. And in the shadows, Alexander Ruiz realizes that his family’s death grip on all criminal activity in Hampton Roads may be coming to an end if these individuals decide to be “heroes”.

32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

WW #10 Written by JAMES ROBINSON Plotted by WHITORO Art by CLIFF CHIANG Chaos Arena Round 1 The final tournament to obtain control over all the pantheons, sees the eight chosen warriors of the multiverse's gods pitted one against the other in the Chaos Arena at the edge of reality. In the very first battle, Diana, the original Wonder Woman, has to fight off Tormenta, first born daughter of a supernova and a black hole, powered by a cosmic energy so strong that it could obliterate a galaxy. This is the level of the competition of this contest… can the ambassador of truth survive the greatest battle of her life? 32 PGS./Rated T $2.99

RELENTLESS WONDER WOMAN #30 Written by PETER MILLIGAN Plotted by WHITORO Art by DAVIDE GIANFELICE Chaos Arena Round 2 As Diana fights Tormenta, the Relentless sneaks within the darkest corners of the Arena, trying to find an way to escape the infernal trap. The Queen of Lies is tired of being a pawn, of fighting a battle that will give her nothing at all. Too bad one of the contestants wants to have a personal word with her. Outside of the ring, the Relentless meets Warracce the Eater. He swallows the souls of those who has killed, obtaining their life force, growing stronger and stronger with each murder… and the number of people he killed? One billion… 32 PGS./Rated T $2.99

LADIES OF LIBERTY #11 Writer: Cullen Bunn Plot by The Animal Man Artist: Rich Elson "Frozen Part 1 Of 2" Killer Frost's Powers have gotten out of control leading the rest of the ladies to imprison her...but how can you contain an elemental?! 40PGS/Rated T+/$3.99

DAWN OF THE FORGOTTEN The weird, the unknown, the obscure, at the edge of sanity and time!

NEW GODS #6 WRITTEN BY JIM STARLIN PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY PARIS CULLINS Orion begins his sentence on the penal planet Prometheus for his crimes against New Genesis! Highfather imprisoned him there before he could disrupt the peace and begin a new war with Apokolips! But in his heart, Orion knows that he's right despite the pretense by Steppenwolf and his new advisor Thanos! Forager and Lightray enlist the aid of Lonar as they secretly investigate Orion's claims and they begin on the planet Karbonus, a planet that Apokolips has taken a sudden interest to! But they aren't the only ones with concerns as Commander Gideon is very upset about Orion's imprisonment and New Genesis' lack of preparation for an attack! And he is becoming more aware of Izaya's odd behavior! Is there something more to Highfather's actions than meets the eye? 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

THE HUNGER DOGS #6 WRITTEN BY JOHN OSTRANDER PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY IVAN REIS "Trial By Fire!" Part 4 Barda battles Haedes and Minerva as she buys time for the rest of the Hunger Dogs to flee the crumbling weapons facility! Oberron gathers up the rest of the team, fighting Parademons along the way as they make their escape! But Vykin stays behind, to help Barda, knowing that she won't survive against the two powerful children of Darkseid! And Steppenwolf, monitoring the whole battle sees this as an opportunity to be rid of a thorn in his sides, orders a powerful negaton bomb be dropped on site, a bomb that would annihilate everything within a 5 mile radius!! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

THE FOREVER PEOPLE #6 WRITTEN BY JAMES ROBINSON PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY J G JONES Guest Starring Lex Luthor! Metron travels alone to retrieve the next member of the Forever People and that involves a meeting with Lex Luthor, in many ways the most powerful person on the planet! He knows that it isn't a physical encounter but more of a chessmatch. What is he willing to give in order to acquire their newest member and what will Luthor give in return? Will the price be too high for both? Elsewhere Midnight and Desaad have located the final member of the Forever People to activate, a man dangerous in his own right, the black ops agent known as Xero! 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

JACK KIRBY'S FOURTH WORLD #6 WRITTEN BY MARK EVANIER PLOT BY MARVELL2100 ART BY LADRONN "Skyfathers" Part 3 Serafin and Brunhilde escape Loki and the hellhound Garm with the Runes of Odin safely in their possession! But unknown to them, they've left one Rune behind, perhaps the most powerful of them all and it is now in the hands of a smiling Loki! Baldaur sits before the Council of Skyfathers as the judge whether the Aesgardians should be allowed to remain in this realm. Highfather makes the case for the return of Aesgard but many argue that their time has passed and that they should return to the Nether Realms! However the Council is shocked when another Skyfather makes the case on Aesgard's behalf, Steppenwolf of Apokolips! Why is Steppenwolf defending Aesgard and what is his ulterior motive? 32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

MYSTERY MEN #18 Plotted by: VICVEGA Written by: MATT WAGNER and DARWYN COOKE Drawn by: FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA “Phantom of the Fair” Part 2 of 4 The Phantom killings just won’t stop! A week has passed and the Mystery Men still have not found a way to catch and/or stop The Phantom. However, the Sandman’s prophetic dreams may be the clue needed to discover the key to defeating the Phantom! And what does it have to do with Dr. Mid-Nite’s Blackout Bombs? Jim Corrigan has finally mastered the spirit within himself, and has learned its name. What is….THE SPECTRE?!? 32. Pgs./Rated T $2.99

XANADU #15 Writer: Rick Remender Plot by The Animal Man Artist: Mikel Janin "The Wedding Of Roy Harper Part 2 Of 2" Roy Harper The Hero...The Former Junkie...The Husband...The Clone?! 32PGS/Rated T/$2.99