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Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Shiruta, Kahndaq.
Regent-Protector Teth-Adam, more infamously known the world over as Black Adam, receives a distinguished guest in his desert palace: one who claims to have knowledge that will change the hierarchy of power in our world….
The immortal Vandal Savage had his most-generous offer to join the Light spurned by Arthur Curry, temporarily thwarting his plan to bring the meta-human nation of Atlantis under his thumb. He now executes his contingency plan. Black Adam is a man Savage can respect. Although not technically metahuman, he nonetheless steals his power from several gods… proving humanity’s superiority. He is a worthy addition to the Light, and Savage knows how to persuade him.
As every school child knows, Atlantis was once a mighty surface power until the Great Upheaval sank it. Most Atlanteans died, but those fortunate enough to have the cataclysm activate their metagene became homo mermanus, adapting to life underwater. They slowly rebuilt their kingdom below the waves. But not every Atlantean was claimed by the rising waters…
In fact, the human King of Atlantis and most of his royal court evacuated, surviving the Great Upheaval and establishing a new settlement in the area known today… as Kahndaq! That King’s line of succession leads directly to Black Adam.
This means that Black Adam, supported by irrefutable historical evidence provided by Savage, has a legitimate claim to the throne of Atlantis. King Orm will refuse to recognize that claim.
Of course, you know… this means war!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Bat-Wing battles an army of rebel soldiers attacking the Brahm Institute where his brother Isaac is being treated! Meanwhile, the institute's Director, Sidra Brahm and Matu Ba the therapist working with Isaac are trying to help their patients escape the violence, Although David has taken down many soldiers, he can't be everywhere so when he hears someone scream in pain, he can't help but wonder if a patient has been hurt or killed. So when he rushes into the room where the scream came from, he's stunned to see one of the soldiers dead on the floor next to Isaac, who still has the same blank stare on his face when David first arrived! He checks Isaac to make sure that he's okay and finds no injuries or blood anywhere on him. He then realizes that there was no one else in the room! Is it possible that Isaac did this, after all, he was the serial killer known as Massacre!
Elsewhere, in Burendia, The Red Lion sits in his chambers watching the events unfold on the monitors that he had placed in the Brahm Institute. He watches intently as one of the soldiers he hired to attack the institute enter the room where Isaac is kept. Theree are no cameras in the room for him to view but he can clearly hear the audible sounds of the soldier screaming in pain and the crack of a neck being broken! He sits back in his chair and allows himself a smile. Perhaps he can use Isaac after all, maybe he isn't as damaged as everyone thinks!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Livestreaming now on TikTak:
Kilroy: Hey everyone, it me Kilroy and the lovely Kimodo here on a beautiful summer day in Rosario, Argentina! We're just kicking back catching some rays and waves and having a good time but then two lame-wannabes decided to crash our party! They call themselves Naomi and Jax, what losers! Anything you want to say babe?
Kimodo: Yeah baby, Naive and Jackass should have stayed home in Lametown but instead they wanna come here and try to catch our fame but they don't have the clout and style like we do! I just checked, we have more than 15,000 likes and 10,000 new followers have signed up in the last hour! Oooh... baby! Did you see that? I just kicked Jackass where he makes babies if he could find anyone that wants his swimmers!
Kilroy: Haha! Yeah that was fire babe! Whoops likes like you done made ol' Naive mad now! They can't have babies if you kickin' the swimmers!
Kimodo: What the hell is she complaining about? I just did her a favor! Does she want her minions to look like him? Oops, I did it again! Down goes Jackass! Down goes Jackass!
Kilroy: Watch out babe! Looks like Naive is out for blood when she should be out to get her man a doctor! She don't know no good!
Kimodo: I ain't nevah scuurrrred. Tell the heffa to bring bring it, don't sing it and if she's really nice we might ding-a-ling-it!
Disclaimer: TikTak does not endorse any of the actions or beliefs that you may have seen in this video and it is not a representation of our values.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Barry continues his undercover work as “John Broome: Marathon Man” in the World Organization for Advancement of Humanity’s SD-1 speedster division. It seems his leadership in handling the Roadrunner incident has brought him to the attention of the Director of W.O.A.H. himself: Captain Atom!
W.O.A.H.’s responsibilities include keeping humanity safe from all potential non-human threats. This means investigating all extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Cap has some intel about a possible incursion from planet Savoth. Problem is, the dog-like Savothians seem to have woven the Speed Force into their culture. They’re too fast to apprehend! This is where “Marathon Man” comes in…
Barry teams up with Captain Atom himself (along with his speedster trainees: Fast Foodie, Running Shoes, Ziplock, Jack-Be-Quick, and Breakneck) to find out what the Savothians are doing on Earth.
In the process, Barry learns that Cap has honorable intentions and, although he’s a bad dude, he really isn’t a bad guy. Might Captain Atom not be involved in the grand conspiracy that Iris West believes was behind W.O.A.H.’s formation? Is there a dark motive driving the atomic hero or is he just being unwittingly manipulated by Vandal Savage like the rest of the world?
And what happens when it turns out that the Savothians are on a pilgrimage to see the birthplace of their messiah… the Flash?!? How, exactly, did he become a religious figure to these fast, shaggy aliens? And why does one of them call himself… S'kidd-Flash?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
All Points Bulletin: Former Green Lantern Corpsman Hal Jordan of Earth has escaped custody at the Takron-Galtos Correctional Planet. Last seen in the company of Despero of Kalanor. Infected with a non-transmissible strain of the Doomsday Virus. Must be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
You may be asking, how did this happen?! At last: answers!
Hal and Despero were bitter enemies. In fact, Hal put Despero in space prison… twice! Yet as always, the psychic Despero’s greatest currency is information. With the help of the Green Lantern Corps Rapid Medical Response Team, Hal concocted a plan to both cure himself and stop Doomsday’s endless rampage… but only Despero knew where Doomsday went after the massive joint attack on Oa! (See GREEN LANTERN #21). The only solution for the greater good… was jailbreak!
Now the unlikely duo are approaching the remote galactic rim, where communication is difficult and for months Doomsday has been laying waste to entire planets! Can Hal complete his mission to cure himself by transferring the lingering Doomsday-molecules in his system back into the original source… while also stopping Doomsday with a virus of his own? You see, Doomsday is a beast of mindless, uncontrollable rage. The only hope to stop him is Hal’s hail-Mary bio-weapon… the Willpower Virus!
Meanwhile, Sinestro has forged an uneasy alliance with Jon Stewart and Jessica Cruz as they pursue the escapees. But despite promises, he’s not planning on bringing Hal back alive…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Valerio Schiti
Lead by Basilisk, the All-New G-Men have rescued the original class from the clutches of KUANO!
Two more of Basilisk’s old team mates decide to join him on this new squad: LEVITATION LASS and WINTER WONDERLAD.
Professor G is proud of his new team, but there is a question whose answer evades even him... Who woke up Kuano?
The G-Men will have to worry about that later... first they must face THE PACIFIERS!
Created by the paranoid Dr. Quintus Thump, the Pacifiers are machines designed to detect and detain any Gen-Active metahumans... like the G-Men themselves!
When Thump loses control over his machines at a consumer electronics expo, the G-Men will have to come to the rescue!
Will they survive the experience!?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
Carl Sands, known as the Shadow Thief, is deep within the government records of Moscow. Major Zastrow suspected Sands was looking to acquire Russian government and military secrets to sell to the highest bidder. A spy who can literally fade into and become the darkness is a threat to anyone and ultimately, everyone. Hawkwoman and Hawkman find themselves in a situation where doing their jobs strongly affects the Earth’s political structure, a point impressed upon them by Thanagarian Internal Affairs a few issues ago.
Checkmate’s connection to Chay-Ara sets off a few red flags when director Amanda Waller personally becomes involved. With Chay-Ara’s parents being unofficial interplanetary ambassadors, the value of the young Thanagarian as an asset not only increases tremendously, but develops a great sense of risk. Can ambitious handler Carrie Kelley keep her boss at a distance while using her connection with Chay-Ara to advance her career? Plus, we see Chay’Ara’s first fight in the Venom sting.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

JLAlien #4
Plot by NX01A
Written by AL EWING
•It was HITLER VI who ordered a Nazi swastika carved into near side of the moon but it wasn't until after HITLER X's execution that its half-mile deep lines became a mass grave for over ten billion humans.
•KARL ELL was a successful reporter for the metropolitan Daily Star when America officially entered World War II but he had long grown since disillusioned with truth, justice, and the American Way. So Karl became a Nazi agent, a saboteur. Using powers catalyzed in his posthuman body by a yellow sun to undermine the war effort in many ways, Karl singlehandedly crippled the Pacific Fleet and obliterated the Manhattan Project. Once Germany and Japan had defeated their enemies, the FIRST FÜHRER christened him ÜBER in a ceremony broadcast around the world, and Karl became the symbol of perfection all would be forced to strive for... despite his black hair. At least his eyes were blue.
•The sea was red. The land was black. The moon was Aryan. Über was almost content. There was still so much more to accomplish. Perhaps the odd sensor contact near the moon would be an interesting diversion from his work: the founding of the ÜBERREICH!
•Floating in the void between Earth and the moon, MAXWELL LORD, MA'ALEFA'AK, BLACKFIRE, VOODOO can't be sure but they definitely suspect they're in for a dead world of hurt!
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Things have gone from bad to batsh!t crazy! Ben and Mark Shaw came to Gotham to stop Mary, the daughter of their former teammate Deathblow from killing The Huntress! But now Mary's mentor Nemesis, has arrived and attacked Mark! So now, Mary wants to kill Huntress, Ben wants to stop Mary, Nemesis wants to stop Ben, Mark wants to stop bleeding and Huntress is like "what?" It's the unlikeliest team up of The Huntress and Bronze Tiger vs Nemesis and Proud Mary! It's not exactly a Final Four but the madness continues! (Kilroy and Kimodo want to take on the winners!)
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“How Many Deaths Will It Take 'Til He Knows
That Too Many People Have Died?
The Answer, My Friend…”
When we left Vic last issue, he had found the killer terrorizing Hub City. The meeting did not go well and Vic found himself fighting for his life. We do find out the origin of the killer, who calls himself “The Answer”. He is Charles Victor Zsasz, an alternate version of Vic who had made it here through Baron Winters’ mysterious mansion (remember that?). Now, the simple solution would be to return to the mansion and get back to one’s home dimension, but after the Earth 2 crossover event, the mansion has vanished. Let’s hope Vic can resolve this quick as next issue we go back to the “Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?” story.
And Bandit is back!
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99