Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Plot by EXCITER & H-E-D
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Atlantis versus Amazonia! War wages on the sea above Xebel. With Amazon reinforcements appearing, will King Orm have no choice but to... release the Kraken?
Or can an unlikely hero, Crablad, deescalate the situation?
Eight Others embarked upon their quest, only three returned. The Atlantean sorcerer Arion, the Amazonian kanga-rider Exposta, and the cursed human Claw the Unconquered emerged as heroes, having imprisoned the mad gods Triton and Enyo. Their fellows, Palardan, Killaristos, and the Green Lantern Garin Mar, were slain. Worse still, two of their number were betrayers: tide priestess Jarax and the archer Valari. Their shame would be hidden from history, as the survivors chose to omit that detail after imprisoning them with their masters. Arion, however, would never forget - and, with his magic, he ensured a few others never would either...
The Cerulean Lanterns of Triton and the Saffron Lanterns of Enyo gained the might of their Olympian benefactors... but also fell under their mental influence. How far has this cult’s corruption spread through both Amazonia and Atlantis? Too far. And they’ve been preparing for this day for a long, long time....
It’s Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Mera and Kahina in a creepy subterranean prison against an ancient cult that uses bootleg power rings amped up by divine energy from two insane Greek gods! In the chaos, not even the quasi-Justice League is fast enough to stop Jarax from using the Seal of Clarity to open the prisons...
After millennia, the God of the Depths and the Goddess of Bloodlust are free! Will the oceans run red?
Opening their cells, however, triggered Arion’s long dormant spell - a summoning of Others! The spirits of Arion, Claw, Exposta and her kanga Jumperoo, Palardan the man-of-war, General Killaristos, and Garin Mar arrive to aid the heroes in their time of need! Can the ethereal, original Others and the loosely aligned new Others together confront the existential threat before them?
Continued in SENSATION COMICS #21!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writter: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
There is a pipeline of weapons making it onto the streets of Tinisha leading to a rise of violence and Kia and Dawn are attempting to shut it down! But now they have drawn the attention of The Guild and one of their most ruthless assassins Rose Wilson, aka Ravager! Dawn is down so it's just Kia left to face a one of the most dangerous killers in the world! What are her and Dawn's chances of making it through this alive?
It's late in the evening high above in a high rise in one of the most expensive condos in the DRC. David is coming to pay a visit to Lena Killian. He wants to ask her about her new company OSIRIS and if it's connected to the flood of guns coming into The Congo. Lena stands in the doorway entry, dressed in a long see thru gown and asks if that's the only reason why David came by to see to her at such a late hour. Suddenly he hears a call over the radio about agents being attacked and quickly leaves. As she shuts the door, Lena turns to her hidden guest and tells him to stop being so worried. Agent Zavimbe suspects nothing and the operation will keep proceeding smoothly as long as he continues to be her spy. She tells Steve Trevor that he worries to much for someone who is getting paid handsomely as well as receiving other benefits!
32 pgs./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
Bruce Wayne of Earth-0 finds himself mysteriously warped to another world entirely : Earth-2! President Preston Rickards has tasked one of his top scientists (Natasha Irons) with establishing contact between the two worlds. Well, if these people would kindly let him return to Earth-0, Bruce could introduce Natasha to the Earth-0 scientist Karen Beecher and establish a cross-dimensional brain trust that could sort all of this out.
In the meantime, it's exciting and heartbreaking for our Earth-0 Bruce Wayne to go to dinner and the movies with his (living) Earth-2 parents. Earth-2 seems pretty nice. Does this mean Earth-0 is the "bad Earth"? Well, lets not dig too deep in that hole. I doubt we will like what we find. A welcome respite before he and Natasha return to Earth-0 - just moments after he had been warped away.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Cold Cut Turkey performs their hit single - "The Pursuit of Emptiness"
"We live our lives and know it's a lie,
We envy the birds as we watch them fly.
The world around us is a total mess,
As we drown in the pursuit of emptiness!"
Connor and Avila are headed home after the Cold Cut Turkey concert but's he's worried that he hasn't heard from Naomi or Jax. They all agreed to keep in constant contact with each other and he can't help but feel that something is wrong. The enter Avila's apartment and turn on the lights and are shocked to find them both tied up and beaten. Jax tries to warn them to get out but it's too late as Kilroy and Komodo slam the door shut behind them! Komodo tells them to smile as they are livestreaming this to hundreds of thousands of their followers! On tonight's video, Kilroy will show you how a propane grill can be used for steaks and as a flame-thrower while Komodo will teach you how to build a guillotine with from simple kitchen tools for slicing veggies and the occasional head! Be sure to click "like" on the bottom of the screen and subscribe to their videos!
On the other side of the world, The Magus has found his ex-wife, Akira Knight and has learned that his own child has grown to become an assassin and is living in the US. Will he continue his quest to find Connor's mother or will he search for his own child who he abandoned. No, he has to find Connor's mother and asks Akira for her help. Reluctantly she agrees but tells him she expect something from him in return, something that will cost him dearly!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

DETECTIVE COMICS #16 *Earth-2 tie-in*
Written by MARK MILLAR
Bruce’s interrogation of “the Joker” reveals seemingly intense delusion... or does it? The Clown Prince of Crime’s diabolical scheme was to trick Batman into a “boner” while trapping Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a giant cream pie. He thinks it’s 1942. Is he literally from another world?
Following the Joker’s trail back to an abandoned warehouse in Gotham, Batman is attacked... by Batman? This imposter feels as anachronistic as the Joker, though in the opposite direction. An advanced suit of armor with glider wings, thruster boots, and who knows what else. The fight ends when “Batman” recognizes Batman. “Bruce?”
Apparently, in another dimension, (Earth-2), Bruce Wayne lived and began his crime fighting career in 1939. As he aged, others took on the mantle while an older Bruce supervised from afar. In the year 2021, the cowl rests with Terry McGinnis, a handpicked successor. But why is he on this Earth?
Apparently, the Earth-2 Joker has a legacy too. His heirs are also in this universe, having travelled through a time-space device somehow first uncovered by the same Joker that Bruce has in custody. But who are the heirs of this Joker? What are they doing on Earth-0? And was capturing the original Earth-2 Joker all part of their plan, making it Batman’s biggest boner of all?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writing & Art by MIKE MIGNOLA
Earth-2. 1941.
Arthur Curry is an all-star water polo center at Hudson University. Little does he know, he’s also a very distant descendant of King Atlan - the one-time ruler of the lost Kingdom of Atlantis! The amphibious Atlanteans were possessed of fabulous, advanced technology. Long ago, prior to the last Ice Age, they left Earth in search of a new, more hospitable home amongst the stars. Now, however, their cosmic Kingdom is imperiled - and prophecy foretells that only the heir of Atlan can save them!
Aboard a spaceship that more resembles a whale, Arthur Curry is taken to the seven worlds of the Constellation Aquarius! Yet these stunning vistas and strange new worlds bring danger in myriad forms!
The current King - Orm - believes himself to be the rightful heir of Atlan and has no need for a pathetic old-worlder like Curry!
Nanaue, of the shark-like Carcharodon race, sees him as a threat!
And the mind-controlling Starro lurks just beyond the farthest planet, assembling a legion of starfish to descend upon Atlantis!
Against these impossible odds, all Arthur’s got is a space-seahorse named Storm, a trident that shoots lasers, and a beautiful redhead named Mera assigned as his bodyguard - so lets save the universe!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writter: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
The murders continue rise in the Congo and the pressure mounts! Kia and Dawn are no closer to finding the identity of the killer or killers and their boss, Commander Lena Killian wants this case solved asap! C.I.A Agents Dakota Johnson and Steve Trevor are profilers who have been brought in at the request of the Congo gov't. to help with the case. A reluctant Kia and Dawn agree to work with the agents but remind them that this is their case. They get a clue from one of Dawn's informants that points them in the direction of a major gang boss named The Red Lion! But to get to him, they'll have to go into the roughest area of Tinisha, where no police are allowed to enter! Matu Ba is a prominent businessman in Tinisha who has made billions in real estate. He is also suspected of being a former warlord who exploited children for his army many years ago. He knows exactly who the killer is and he hopes that the killing continues!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Earth 2: BRAVE AND THE BOLD, “Law and Order” #2 (of 4)
Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Who Am I? Why Am I Here?” Part 2
Detective Renee Montoya managed to get herself and the other occupants out of her building when it was torched by the drug gang last issue. The GCFD did a fine job. But as a result of the blaze, evidence was lost. She’s been pulled off the case for being “too involved” but we all know that is not going to happen. But while the Question is on the warpath, her ally Jill Carlyle, the Crimson Avenger has seemingly forgotten all about the gang situation and has monopolized her time with the mysterious I Ching and the mirror that shows what the missing for decades Lee Travis sees.
As a special added bonus, we see the origins of our heroes as Renee searches for a spare Pseudoderm mask and the origins of the Crimson Avenger as Jill and I Ching discuss Lee Travis.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Written by CHUCK DIXON
Art by JAE LEE
Earth-2. 1943.
On an alien planet of living machines, J.E.B. fought a civil war for independence- and lost. His only hope was to flee into uncharted space and look for a new home. He found... Earth!
Taking the guise of an M3 Stuart Tank, he forges an unlikely bond with a tank crew - Arch Asher, Rick Rawlins, and “Slim” Stryker - as they fight the North African Campaign during World War II! The good-hearted G.I.’s think he’s a ghost in the machine, and since that’s an easier explanation, J.E.B. “rolls” with it! With his extraterrestrial assistance, they’re nearly unstoppable and kicking major Italian ass!
Until, that is, J.E.B.’s oppressors find him. The Robots from his homeworld that were victorious in their civil war, the Stel, arrive seeking to subjugate him once more - and while they’re at it, they might as well claim Earth too! Aligning with the German Afrika Korps commanded by “The Desert Fox” Erwin Rommel, there are now alien robots disguised as a Panzer VI Ausf. E "Tiger" tank, a Leichter Panzerspähwagen light armoured reconnaissance vehicle, a Focke-Wulf Ta 152 high-altitude fighter-interceptor, and a BMW R75 heavy motorcycle!
Can the “Haunted Tank” and crew defeat the combined threat of Nazis and aliens to save the world and the war?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
The Guild, led by it's enigmatic leaders The Magus and his wife Akira, have staged a serious of attacks around the world targeting government officials from all countries! Their next target is Matu Ba, the Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of the Congo who has been accused of committing war crimes as the notorious Hang-Man. John Diggle and his team, The Long-Bow Hunters must stop The Guild before anymore innocent blood is shed. But Connor and Avila wonder why they are protecting the life of a war criminal who used child soldiers? Diggle tells them that if they start choosing who gets to live and who gets to die, then they are no better than The Guild.
Elsewhere, The Guild has another, much higher profile mark on their list and they want their best to handle this assignment. Rose Wilson, Komodo and Kilroy are the The Guilds' most dangerous and effective assassins. They have never failed to execute a kill in over fifty missions and they will need to be on their best to carry this out. Their target is high value, wealthy and very well protected and is expected to be on a private jet headed to Europe. The Guild will have their best kill ever if they take out the corrupt American multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by NX01A
Written by JIM ZUB
"Rage of Consent"
•The teen SUPER SONS are in love!
•LAYNE aka ROBIN is attending poetry slams with mild-mannered maiden MARY while LOUIS aka SUPERBOY is knocking down walls and breaking beds with the Amazonian FOXY SHAZAM!
•When obsessed super-fan SUPERBOY SQUARED sends his fractal duplicates to kidnap Mary and Foxy as a means of getting the Super Sons' attention, he discovers that the two ladies are the same lady!
•Will the Super Sons stop Foxy Shazam from murdering her way through the fractal duplicates to the prime Superboy Squared or help her kill him?
•More importantly... Now that the Super Sons know they're dating the same girl, what will they do about it? What if Mary/Foxy wants to share?
32 PGS./Rated M...$3.99

Earth 2: SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY, “Truel” #2 (of 7)
Plotter: CaptCleghorn
Green Arrow and Speedy: “42”
April 1947. The start of another season of baseball is a veritable holiday in many areas of the USA. But this is a season unlike any other as the Boston Braves visit the fan-favorite Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers’ rookie First Baseman, Jackie Robinson is the first black man to play in a Major League baseball game.
The Acrobat, Japanese gymnast and Fausta Grables, German athlete had met at the 1936 Olympics and formed a fast friendship. Neither wants to see Robinson do well, or even go unpunished for their perceived insolence. Now, over a decade later, as part of the “Kinder von hitler”, they have a chance to exercise their racist hatred. But the Soviet Geroi Budushchego have sent Mariah Romanova, world class swordswoman, and their muscle, Nicodemus, the NKVDemon. The question is how do the Soviets stand on this?
Green Arrow and Speedy hope that all that will happen is they get to see a hard-fought ballgame, but somehow they suspect it will not be. Can Ollie convince Mariah to aid the archers in letting the game be played. Or will he fall prey to her lithe, athletic body and stunning beauty. And will Speedy’s mind get back on business and not on his admission to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology doctoral program?
32 PGS./ Rated T+ for Older Teen Readers...$3.99

Earth 2: SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY, “Truel” #3 (of 7)
Plotter: CaptCleghorn
The Crimson and Wing: “Roswell”
July 1947. Is there intelligent life out in space? Silly question! Of course there is, We’ve seen examples over the last few years so we know they exist and they are very aware of us. But when initial reports of crashed saucer in some place called Roswell, NM arise and are quickly glossed over by military intelligence, it attracts the attention of the Seven Soldiers, Geroi Budushchego, and the Kinder Von hitler. Alexei Luthor, highly placed operative with the Soviet Intelligence Services and trusted ally of Josef Stalin think a nation that has already used atomic weapons in war should not be allowed access to superior alien technology. Paula Von Gunther, leader of the KVh agrees with Luthor.
The Crimson and his sidekick Wing are tasked with protecting America’s interest in this restricted technology. But does the usually loyal Wing have his doubts? Does Lee Travis stand alone in fighting FOR America?
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Thousands of years ago, Bru-Al of Earth-2 and other black wizards waged war against the science guild.
They led many ancient magical creatures of Krypton in to battle, goblins, ogres, trolls, and even dragons,
but they were defeated and their forces fall back to a magic dimension, the Grimmworld, a dimension of barren wasteland.
Hundreds of years ago, the Magic Guild of Earth-0 was banished by the Church of Rao, so they escaped to another dimension, a dimension ruled by magic where no science powers work, the Fairyland, a world of flowers, fairies and elves.
But the truth is, the Fairyland is connected to the Grimmworld.
Thirty Years ago, an army of undead, goblins, ogres marched onto the Fairyland, the Magic Guild ran again, but this time, they found themselves on Earth-2.
Powered by the yellow sun, these Kryptonian Wizards wield Superman-like powers as well as magic powers, they held off the forces of the Evil Kingdom in the magiclands for thirty years. But Bru-Al and his House found out about the yellow sun, and they intend to claim Earth-2 as their own.
After defeating the Kryptonian Zombies, Kal-L meets Jenny Olsen and Lena Lang,
granddaughter of Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang, they have been chosen by the Wizards to become monster hunters of Earth-2.
They have been travelling around the world, hunting down magical creatures who are trying to help the Evil Empire enter Earth-2. And there is another familiar face, a young Lex Luthor, he has been using the Powerstone to absorb powers from the Kryptonians and keeping himself young, he is working with the Wizards to stop the forces of Bru-Al.
Suddenly, a new army of Kryptonian Goblin, Trolls and Ogres flood through a new dimensional rift,
these creatures grow strong under the yellow sun, even Superman and Power Girl have a hard time fighting them.
But these were all a ruse, as another dimensional rift opens, and an ancient Kryptonian Dragon flies through the rift,
it breaks through the defenses and bathes in the yellow sun, and old man Kal-L flies up to stop it.
The Last Knight of Krypton vs the Super Dragon?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

THE FLASH #23 *Earth-2 Tie-In*
Earth-2. 2021.
The God of Speed, Mercury, died. His powers passed on to forensic scientist Barry Allen. But the one murder Barry never thought to investigate... was Mercury’s. Until now.
After defeating the high priest of Chione, killer Goddess of Frost, Barry begins to suspect a cross-pantheon conspiracy at work that may have also been responsible for slaying his speedy benefactor!
Flash myth: Mafdet (also Mefdet, Maftet) was a goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion. Depicted as having the skin of a Cheetah, Mafdet was the deification of capital punishment.
Fast as hell, the Cheetah-looking goddess Mafdet is a retributive executioner - kind of like a divine bounty hunter who always brings ‘em back DOA. As enemies of the Egyptian Mafia in Central City start turning up dead - and partially chewed - it appears that prayers for vengeance are being answered. Can the Flash stop these killings and find out why gods are coming out of the woodwork?
Usually he’d ask the ghost of Mercury, but he’s gone incommunicado. Is he just busy running circles in the Elysium afterlife, or something more nefarious? Is he unable to manifest on Earth... or unwilling?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

GREEN LANTERN #23 *Earth-2 Tie-In*
Written by MARK MILLAR
Earth-2. Boston, Massachusetts. 1983.
Mafiosos have infested the city, scavenging it’s wealth and forcing its people into a life of fear. Only one hot-headed, hard-nosed cop stands in their way. He’s Guy Gardner and he never plays by the rules!
Traditional gangsters he can handle, but when the crime families start leveraging magic from the cult of Qward, Guy is in over his head! That’s when Vietnam veteran Hal Jordan recognizes that Guy is uniquely possessed of great will... and welcomes him into the Green Lantern Society!
Guy’s first foray into the esoteric world of emerald magic is a continuation of his current gig. The mob needs to be busted, and one mobster in particular. One who has bedeviled the Green Lantern Society since 1901. One uniquely suited to exploit the Lantern’s singular weakness: wood. A carving imbued with life in Tuscany, 1881, embittered by time and inclined to organized criminality.... Pinocchio is back, and this time he’s pulling the Mafia’s strings! Can Hal and Guy bring down the puppet master? Or will they both be pumped full of mahogany?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Statute of Limitations”
Shayera Thal and Katar Hol start their work on Earth by dealing with some historic situations and helping one of their Earth contacts solve a case. Christine St, Clair of Interpol has been dealing with a supposed ghost, named the Gentleman Ghost.. The spirit purports to be James Craddock, a man executed in early 19th century England for a crime he did not commit. However, the Ghost is currently causing havoc all over Europe and his escapades have crossed into Russian territory, bringing in Major Zastrow, another of the Hawks’contacts.
Can James Craddock (don’t call him Jim!) be stopped, and if apprehended, can he be held? Earth laws apply to the living which our heroes find somewhat innocent and misguided.
Meanwhile, Shayera and Katar’s supervisor, Byth, is conversing with some aliens who aren’t from Earth about the Thanagarian officers.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
“The House that Lara built”
Brainiac's evil has been vanquished!
As the millions of nano-Super-Bots defeat the millions of nano-Metallo,
their program also invade the system of Brainiac's ship, destroying the consciousness of Brainaic-12.
Superman and Zod emerge from the Phantom-Zone victorious, the scientists of Futuresmiths taken prisoners.
Jor-El smiles as he walks into a secret chamber to inform his wife, Lara Lor-Van.
For over thirty years, Lara has planned for this.
When Krypton exploded, Lara was sent through time, and she has been trapped in time, the Time Trapper.
The Eradicator of Krypton was re-designed by Lara so that it can collect the genetic material of Kryptonians before Krypton falls,
The Phantom Zone projector was re-designed by Jor-El so that it can also collect lost souls of Kryptonians when they die.
New Krypton is a plan in the making for many years.
When Jor-El was resurrected with the mind crystal and his genetic material,
he reclaims control of Eradicator and Phantom Zone projector so he may restore all minds back into their bodies,
even the tiny people of Kandor can be restored into cloned bodies at their proper size.
As Lara has been the Time-Trapper for many more years, she has traveled many timelines,
fought the Legion of Superheroes, witnessed the end of time, and survived so many Crisis.
Every-time, she takes the information collected from the last timeline,
and she prepare for a better new timeline,
when Jon and Cir-El were defeated in the last timeline, they gathered enough information
enough to destroy Brainiac-12 before his birth in this new timeline.
This timeline is the one She has been searching for, and they are victorious.
Jor-El believes this is the time for celebration,
but Lara knows this is not the final victory, as each change to timeline lead to another.
Nano-Metallos are free of Brainiac's control and begin to build a kingdom of their own inside the Phantom Zone.
Kryptonites in Lex Luthor's labs begin to move as these Kryptonites become sentient and a new type of Kryptonite Men is born.
And Cir-El is sent through time back to the House of S with a piece of Brainiac's consciousness in her body?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by TOM KING
“Rise of the Ice-Cream Man”
An ordinary boy bites on an ordinary Ice-Cream, and he is transformed into the Ice-Cream Man.
Never heard of him, don't worry, neither have we.
With a huge ice-cream as head, this being has the power to control all ice-cream in the world!
The Vanilla Ice-Cream Man is attacking a vanilla ice-cream factory, absorbing all the vanilla ice-cream into his body.
Captain Marvel and Supergirl came to stop him, but they are both trapped in mountains of vanilla ice-cream.
Things got more complicated when another Ice-Cream Man appears in China.
The Wonder Woman of China, Peng Deilan and the Flash of China, Avery Ho, tries to stop him.
But this Chocolate Ice-Cream Man summons to him, an army of Chocolate Ice-Cream Soldiers.
Thing got even worse when five other Ice-Cream Man of different flavors appear in five different countries.
Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Avery and Deilan come together to find a solution.
This is when Sensor of the Legion of Superheroes arrives from the future with a warning,
this is a battle of succession from the Ice-Cream Universe, a Universe made of Ice-Cream.
They have chosen Earth as the battleground, in the end, only one flavor will be standing.
That Ice-Cream Man will become the Ice-Creamonitor, and he will turn Earth into Ice-Cream?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

OUTSIDERS #20 *Earth-2 Tie In*
Plotted by randomideaguy
Our two Mr. Terrifics arrive in the Aleutians and meet another gang of Earth-0 superheroes: the Outsiders! It's a good thing they got here, too. While the Outsiders were close to defeating the Brain and Monsieur Mallah (two Earth-0) villains, they have now teamed up with several Earth-2 villains to form the Brotherhood of Evil. Their goal? To bring two worlds to their knees.
They have been testing for months trying to connect the two worlds - hence the litany of prisoners here that the Outsiders initially assumed to be clones of some sort. For their part, the Outsiders are welcome to the extra hero help, considering there's extra bad guys running about now. What did they stumble into, anyways?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Do You Know Where You're Going To?”
Vic has found himself being held in a secure hospital room run by Edward Thriller. If you read last issue, you saw his incredible escape into the night. His interrogation consisted mainly of being asked where his fellow space travelers were, particularly Valentina Vostok. However, being unconscious during the crash inhibited Vic’s ability to gather details.
Luckily only a couple of days had passed and Vic was able to get back into his life. See Vic actual squelch a conspiracy theorist about a mind controlling satellite on air. But while the satellite remains a generally suspect urban myth, the Illuminati have sent Lorelei Circe, the Siren to investigate the situation. The Aquarius Corporation uses their personal cyborg Ronin, Billy Challas to defend their right to secrecy.
Despite both Merry Pemberton, the Girl with a Googleplex of Gimmicks and Lee Travis, the Crimson being located by Vic, Valentina Vostok is among the missing.
And Wesley Fermin is a debate master, rising to lead the polls in the governor’s race with the election only a few weeks off. And Myra is positive that the candidate is not her husband after she finally allowed him back into her bed.
32 PGS./ Rated M...$3.99

Writer: Vita Ayala
Art: Rod Reis
The forgotten gods cut a bloody swath through the forces of Amazonia and Atlantis, but for the moment, there is peace. Or at least something resembling it. The Others, Old and New, are left to ponder their failure.
Enyo and Triton are on the warpath towards Olympus, bent on finishing what they started so long ago. Their Lanterns followed them. The armies of Amazonia and Atlantis meant nothing to them; they simply left the battlefield behind.
Even Orm cannot dismiss their threat, much as General Ocina, de facto leader of Venturia now that the treacherous Queen Clea has absconded, might urge him to press the advantage against the Amazonians.
Following the truly virtuoso diplomatic appeal of the young Crablab, King Orm declares a ceasefire and calls for a summit between the leaders of both nations, to be held on a glacier in the North Atlantic.
The Fenris Glacier Summit promises to bring Amazonia and Atlantis together to solve the problem they unwittingly caused... or to push them even further apart. Crablab will need to be on his A-game.
Meanwhile, the Others know that a head to head confrontation with Enyo and Triton is likely to end in failure. Kahina comes up with a promising, if risky, gambit.
What better way to confront Enyo... than with the advice of her sisters. Deino and Pemphredo have long become accustomed to the Graeae being a duo. They offer secret knowledge to aid in defeating their rogue sister. All they ask for in exchange is the return of their eye, which happens to be the Seal of Clarity.
Jarax absconded with the Eye when the dark gods departed.
Diana stands ready to travel by Starlight, to the Saffron Warcamp at the base of the very real Mount Olympus, and bring Arthur, Mera and the other Others along. But can the Graeae really be trusted to betray their Sister?
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

Plotted by randomideaguy
It's the start of a brand new era for our band of teenage heroes! Donna Troy leads the team into space on their very first mission assisting the Guardians of Oa restore peace to the galaxy. Their first target is a short trip to Alpha Centauri where the Martian villain Malefic has been sending out a psychic call to assemble an army of evil aliens to finally destroy that pesky Earth.
There's certainly a lot of new problems to conquer for our Titans as only two of them can breathe unassisted in space. Something as simple as a tear in a space suit can spell death. And that's before we consider the danger of sending hormonal teenagers against a mind reading psychopath.
Donna is experienced in handling stuff like this, but can she coach her team into navigating these challenges? Or perhaps their weakness (intense feelings) might be the key to toppling this psychic villain?
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99