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"The Incredible Jimmy Olsen"
As night falls upon Metropolis, a Green Giant suddenly appears on the main street.
The monster runs berserk through the City of Tomorrow. And Clark Kent has to stop it.
Superman flies in, only to come face to face with a new "Kryptonite Man" whose powers immediately drains Superman of all his strength. Without the yellow sun to replenish his powers, Superman is getting beaten to a bloody pulp by the Kryptonite Man.
However, Lois Lane is able to convince Bizarro to save Superman from the Green Giant.
Unaffected by the Green Kryptonite, Bizarro saves Superman with ease. Using his fire breath,, Bizarro sends the new Kryptonite Man running.
But as Bizarro flies away from the scene with an unconscious Superman, Bizarro is spotted by the Metropolis police.
Believing Bizarro is trying to abduct the Man of Steel, the police officers shoot Bizaro with Blue Kryptonite bullets.
Screaming from pain of Blue-K poisoning, Bizarro drops Superman and flees the scene.
The next morning, as sun rises in the City of Tomorrow, Jimmy Olsen wakes up in his apartment in cold sweat.
He just had a nightmare of himself beating Superman violently and being attacked by a bizarre version of Superman.
As he looks into the mirror, he seems to see a green Jimmy Olsen smiling menacingly back at him.
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
The Table of Elements is a secret society… an environmental illuminati, if you will. They come together to address atypical ecological threats before the public knows about them.
The Seat of Earth: occupied by Brion Markov, “Geo-Force,” earth manipulator and new King of Markovia.
The Seat of Air: occupied by Red Tornado, air controller and hyper-advanced android.
The Seat of Fire: occupied by Mick Rory, “Heat Wave,” advanced pyromaniac and founding member of the Rogues.
The Seat of Water: now occupied by the Table’s newest member, Arthur Curry the “Aquaman,” King of Atlantis.
In extreme cases, it is said that the Table can summon a Lord of Order to impose nature’s laws on the unnatural - but this is a power that has never been used. And hopefully today is not the day that it must be…
Mr. Freeze has duped an international coalition into giving him billions of dollars to built a gigantic freeze-cannon in the name of combating polar icecap melting. He’s about to use it near the North Pole, directly above the former Atlantean colony of Hys-Basil. If he succeeds, every Atlantean below the waves will be flash-frozen - and he’s already put Mera and Crablad on ice! Worse still, the man once known as Victor Fries secretly doesn’t plan to stop. He will run his freeze-cannon until all the world’s oceans are ice and freeze the very blood of anyone that tries to stop him!
As Aquaman rushes to confront this frigid threat, his table-mate Heat Wave offers to procure the services of a specialist… it’s Captain Cold versus Mr. Freeze in the hottest (and coldest) battle of the summer!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Odunba, The Congo: Kia and Rick are looking into reports of children being abducted in the Congo, but they learn that it's much bigger than that! It's happening all across the African continent and in other parts of the world! There are rumors that a secret organization is turning children into killers(It's no rumor, check out Deadly Hands of Connor Hawke!)Now it's become personal for Kia as one of the missing is her niece Nala. During their investigation, there is one name that keeps up coming up over and over - Father Lost!
Elsewhere standing on a rooftop, Bat-Wing is in the city of Jarmun looking into the death of a Chinese businessman. It seems that there was a lot more going on than many realized. Ken Yao's death wasn't about a robbery gone wrong. It turns out Yao was a spy for a foreign gov't who was in The Congo looking to trade secrets. So now, there are more questions that need answers: who killed Ken Yao, what did he know and who was he working for?
Suddenly, a swift moving figure grabs David, slamming him against the side of the building and putting a gun in his face! He demands answers from David quickly or he'll put a bullet through his brain! Through the haze and the pain, a face comes into focus, a face that David recognizes. He is one of the most dangerous people on the planet, Michael Cray, a.k.a. Deathblow! Next Issue: Bat On A Hot Tin Roof!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Perhaps for the first time in his young life, Connor has chosen his own destiny! He will build a team to oppose The Guild, now led by Billy Badass and Anita Ass-Kicker! The Guild has been "recruiting" children to it's ranks, remolding them into ruthless killers! So far he has Richard Dragon and Avila and is looking to add more! And he knows just the person he wants on his team, leader of the Left-Hand Clan, Shiva! Can he convince her to leave her clan and join his fledgling team?
Elsewhere, Billy and Anita continue to rebuild the organization that they now run. They will make it bigger, better, more dangerous than anything Richard Dragon ever have imagined! They are getting in new members by the hundreds and are working on a deal to get weapons and backing from a new benefactor, Lena Killian CEO of Osiris Inc.! With new members and a wealthy backer, Billy will make The Assassins' Guild into the most feared organization on the planet! And they've just taken on a new client! Victor Darque, the Prime Minister of Uzikstan would like The Guild to eliminate his rival, the new President, Illyana Khisnov!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Barry Allen is gone, his body possessed by the Black Racer. We now live in the…
In the tongue of its denizens, the isolated city-state in Africa’s Congo Basin is Uhuhahh. We call it Gorilla City, and it is finally rebounding after the late Vandal Savage orchestrated its fall. In fact, the intelligent primates are holding their first democratic election!
Former leader Solovar has been declared the candidate of the more conservative Silverback Party, whereas the progressive Gigantopithecus Party has nominated Grodd! The mememtic “In Grodd We Trust” slogan echoes throughout Uhuhahh, but some doubt Grodd’s ability to deal with a crisis… just as a crisis arises!
Uhuhahh’s champion and Solovar’s son, the albino meta-ape Kolovar, has been kidnapped by the mad scientist known as the “Ultra-Humanite.” Worse still, the frail Ultra-Humanite has taken Kolovar’s body as his own, transferring his consciousness into the super-strong and durable frame.
The calculating Grodd sees an opportunity: in one fell swoop he can defend Gorilla’s City’s sovereignty, prove his leadership capabilities, and magnanimously reach across the isle to help Solovar (in the process, perhaps capturing the hearts and minds of some undecided or Silverback voters). He may even be able to repay his debt to the Flash if he can uncover the methodology used to possess a host body - and how to expel the possessor. All Grodd has to do is defeat a madman with both an unparalleled intellect and the body of the world’s strongest and most invulnerable gorilla…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
New leader Hal Jordan has promised a different direction for the Green Lantern Corps: they will not just enforce the law, they will be a force for good and a symbol of hope for those in need. That’s why Hal is personally supervising the Corps’ humanitarian mission to the planet Savoth, which was recently devastated by the New God of Death: the Black Racer (see THE FLASH #45).
With most of the Savothian population killed, Hal and his team prioritize locating and rescuing survivors. Upon discovering the local hero S’kidd-Flash, Hal learns his friend and Justice League ally Barry Allen is the Black Racer’s new and unwilling host! Hal vows to dedicate all of the Corps’ resources to stopping the Black Racer and preventing another genocidal rampage from occurring. If possible, he also swears to rescue Barry. Unfortunately, Hal and S’kidd have more immediate problems…
In the wake of his devastation, the Black Racer seeded Savoth with a plague of insectoids: a viscous, carrion-eating offshoot of the “Bugs” that inhabit New Genesis. Their patriarch, the vile “energy vampire” Mantis, sends his newly hatched swarms of warrior drones to eliminate Savoth’s remaining survivors. He claims the planet as a colony world… the first of many!
It’s up to the Green Lantern Corps to fumigate!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

JLβ #5
Plot by NX01A
Written by RAM V
•While JASON BLOOD helps with the spell to permanently transform EXTRAÑO into a woman, a higher power plots to stop the reassignment. CARDINAL VIRTUE has always taken his angelic role a bit too far. If Extraño succeeds, magic-aided gender affirmation might sweep the planet! ETRIGAN's hated Cardinal for millennia, and it looks like The DEMON will have to violently get the angel to calm down.
•Preteens possessed by the Still Force demand WILL WALKER surrender himself to them. Will's barely begun experimenting with his own Still Force abilities; should he go to them? STEEL and the ÜBERADICATOR don't have much time to figure out what's really going on before the SLOW CHILDREN lose patience and storm the lab.
•The lightning storm that blacked out Fawcett City is over but a supernatural darkness blots out the dawn. Will the city ever again see the light of day? (See Captain Marvelous #1 on sale ext month!)
JLβ Profile
Name: Gregoria de la Vega
Affiliation: JLβ
Powers: •Magic
Intelligence: •••
Strength: ••
Speed: ••[•••••] *Teleportation
Durability: •••
Energy Projection: ••••
Fighting Skills: •••
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Dancing With The Stars!
While searching for his ex-wife Flo so that he can kill her, Ben finds himself back in Uzikstan as the guest of their new President, Illyana Khisnov. She has invited him to be her date at a prestigious social gala for dignitaries and CEos from around the world! Political leaders have gathered to celebrate Khisnov's election win and her promise to bring democracy to her homeland. Ambassadors from the U.S., UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia have come to celebrate and acknowledge her Presidency!
As they mingle with the crowd, Illyana introduces Ben to the former Prime Minister and her chief rival Viktor Darque, a handsome man with the charm of a snake. Standing next to Darque is someone that Ben is very familiar with, Matthew Bland, a.k.a The Red Lion President of Burendia! As they walk away Ben tells Illyana that she should be concerned if Darque and Bland are working together. Bland is one of the most ruthless and dangerous people alive and should never be underestimated.
Suddenly a tall, athletic woman with dark hair and fiery eyes walks up to Illyana and asks her to introduce her new friend. She tells Ben that the woman id Lena Killian, head of Osiris and a big investor in Uzikstan. Lena wraps her arm in Ben's and whispers something in his ear, "I know how to tame tigers!" Ben gives a slight smile and continues to walk with Illyana. Meanwhile, a team of assassin's have made their way onto the palatial grounds, hunting for their next target! They've been hired to kill someone attending the gala! But who?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Frank Quitely
“Look, Don’t Touch”
[Note: this issue is set before Uncanny G-Men #16]
Kitty Sandsmark, aka Wonderkat, is invited to tour the prestigious Cardy Boarding School, located in Four Heroes, Maine!
So is Runaway, the young ward and provisional member of the G-Men!
Headmistress Lia Briggs promises to give them a personal escort across the grounds.
But, secretly, Briggs is the telepath known as LOOKER, aka the SWORD OF FORTUNE, seemingly loyal servant of the maniacal gen-active warlord known as Damocles!
Professor G has long suspected Briggs to be a criminal, and thus gave Runaway his blessing to investigate.
When neither Wonderkat nor Runaway are heard from again… Professor G sends Rainmaker to the rescue!
She finds herself in a surprise team-up with Wonder Woman, who is investigating on the request of Kitty’s sister Cassie, aka Wonder Girl!
Will the Lasso of Truth and the forces of nature be strong enough to counter Looker’s mind powers?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by BrotherHerb
Written & Drawn by Daniel W Johnson
'IVO ISLAND' Part 1 of 2
Everyone's favorite squad of criminals, assassins & thieves are back! Emilia Harcourt, a former understudy of the great Amanda Waller is now in control of Task Force X. Infiltrating the strange island of Professor Ivo to extract Merlyn from an undercover mission gone wrong. He was left for dead by the old regime and now Harcourt has to pick up the pieces. The only thing standing in their way is an army of killer androids.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

"Invasion of Insect Imperial"
Smallville is under attack of Alien Insects!
When Lana Lang was a teenager, she rescued an alien insect in Smallville.
And Lana Lang was given a bio ring which give her the powers of insects. She briefly became a superhero called Insect Queen. But what Lana doesn't know is that she rescued the emperor of the insects and the ring was actually the ruling ring of the Insect Imperial.
And now, the Inheritors of the Imperial is here to steal the ring in order to become the one true ruler of the Imperial.
Superman flies back to his hometown, and tries to save Smallville from the alien insects.
Clark soon discovers that there are two warring factions of the insect imperial.
One faction is trying to take the ruling ring from Lana, whereas the other faction is trying to make Lana their queen.
The Insect Imperial is an ancient civilization that existed for millions of years, and expanded across many galaxies.
All of the different Insects species were tied together by the emperor of insects, who went missing after a coup.
And that's where Lana comes in.
Meanwhile in Smallville, Lana has no choice but to become the Insect Queen to stop the invasion. But what Lana doesn't realize is that her mind is already under control of her Insect followers, who only intend to make her a puppet queen.
Can Superman save Lana from becoming the new Insect Queen? And can Superman stop the Insect civil war?
30 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Pepe Larraz
The winds of fortune have brought the team back together again. After saving the day in Argentina, the G-Men are world famous heroes, leading everyone to converge back at the mansion!
PYRA and BASILISK are thrilled to be reunited, while a jealous PANTHA has mixed feelings witnessing it.
(Pyra, meanwhile, is still plagued by the dark side awakened by Ohmen and Looker. And for reasons she can’t explain, she doesn’t tell anybody about the return of Unity!)
Young love rejoices as well, and RUNAWAY and FULL COPPER MAN embrace! Even RAINMAKER sheds a tear.
WONDERLAD is also there, feeling a little left out, if they’re being honest.
After losing his daughter Ace, after barely having known her, PROFESSOR G is thrilled at the survival of his adopted family.
But celebrations are cut short when the OMEGA MEN recruit them!
Well, more of an abduction, they weren’t really asking.
At the request of High Mor Thandor Vat, one of the few kind hearted leaders of the THANAGARIAN EMPIRE, Hyacinth and her allies must stop the Mad Lord Tros, her brother, before his experiments on the SOURCE WALL destroy everything!
As freedom fighters, the Omega Men were more than willing to help!
But can their combined forces stop the might of an Empire?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Valerio Schiti
The THANAGARIAN EMPIRE, ruled by the mad Shadowlord, experiments on the sacred SOURCE WALL, hoping to use its power for conquest!
But their experiments have fractured it, dooming all the universe!
To save everything, the G-Men must get inside the Wall before the Shadowlord.
But first, they have to get past its guardians, the Omega Titans!
And when they get there, PYRA will have to push her ascendant powers to unseen heights!
As team leader, and lover of Pyra, BASILISK has his reservation… but with the stakes this high, he can’t refuse!
Nor can he shake the strange feeling that he knows PRIMUS of the Omega Men from somewhere…
The telepathic Pyra sees the truth — Primus is Basilisk’s long lost father! But there’s no time for a family reunion.
Primus hopes to explain everything to Pyra — later. But with his new lady love Felicity at his side, and brothers in arms Tigorr and Doc as well, he’s moved on. Better to let his son do the same, he thinks!
As Hyacinth fighters both of her mad siblings — Shadowlord and Darkwing — for the throne, the Omega Men distract the Empire’s forces.
It’s down the the G-Men. Do or die.
The PYRA SAGA ends here…
As Pyra’s powers go beyond cosmic, what emerges from the inferno?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99