Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Plot by EXCITER & H-E-D
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
“AMAZONIA-ATLANTIS: WEIGHT OF THE WAVES” the penultimate chapter: part seven “GOD DAMNED”
Fenris Glacier. Once, long ago, the stewards of Amazonia and Atlantis met for a summit here. It failed, and a Great War erupted. This time, however, in the ruins of what came before…. things are different. The nations currently share mutual enemies in Triton, Enyo, and their ring-wielding devotees. Oh, and they also have Crablad, the shockingly diplomatic crustacean that has done the impossible - and forged an alliance between the two Kingdoms! They both now sail to defend Olympus itself from the mad gods!
General Ocina leads Venturia after the former Duchess Clea’s shocking betrayal. She should be focused on the war effort, but her heart pulls in another direction. We know the King of Atlantis is the Ocean Master, but is Orm also the master… of Love?
The goddess of bloodlust, Enyo, now has the Graeae’s shared eye - the Seal of Clarity - and the vision it bestows makes her exponentially more deadly. True to their word, the other Graeae reveal why Enyo was able to defeat the combined might of the multi-era Others - Enyo also possesses their shared “tooth” - a sword forged from the tooth of Cetus, Zeus’ favored Megalodon. Remove these two artifacts, and she’s just another goddess…
There may be only one way to make that happen. Wonder Woman recently had a power-up, and it is Aquaman’s time to follow suit! The God of the Seas, Poseidon, feels responsible for his son, Triton, allying with Enyo. As penance, he agrees to give his powers to the one individual who can stop Triton once and for all… all hail AQUAGOD!
Concluded in SENSATION COMICS #22!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
David hears the alert over his iPhone! "C.I.B. agent down in the Silk District! Repeat! Congo Intelligence Bureau agent down in the Silk District!" Officers are on the scene to help get civilians to safety as Dawn holds the semi-conscious body of Agent Kia, protecting her against the onslaught of Ravager! Rose Wilson, one of The Guilds' deadliest assassins has been hired to kill Dawn and Kia for their interference in the gun-smuggling trade secretly run by Lena Killian!
She's about to finish the job when suddenly she gets hit with a blow strong enough to send her smashing to a row of cars! Ravager pulls herself from the wreckage to see Bat-Wing standing between her and her targets! David tells Dawn to get Kia out of here, he will handle this! But before he can finish that sentence, Ravager has pulled her sword and is already swinging to cut off his head!
Earlier: FBI Agent Dakota Johnson is in her office in Tinisha looking a a series of photos, reports and news footage. She's been studying them for hours and she still can't believe what she's seeing! She's discovered that someone has been keeping a dark secret and she wants to know why? Suddenly she gets a call about a metahuman brawl in the Silk District! She grabs her jacket and gun and heads out into what will become the most eventful night of her life! Next Issue: I Know What You Did!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Cold Cut Turkey performs "Waht i lerned in sKool too-day"
"Geometry! Geography! None of that @!#t means a thing to me! Teacher had me learning about constellations! How is that helping my ejumuhcation?
Eleven o'clock! Time for PE! Where all the jocks just f&ck with me! Push-ups! Jump rope! Now dodge-ball! But all the cool kids are smokin' in the hall!
Sex Ed class talks about birth control! But all I wanna do is stick it in the hole! Trying to hide a boner, teacher walking my way! That's what I lerned in skool today!
Kilroy and Komodo have just ambushed Connor and Avila at their apartment after capturing Jax and Naomi earlier! Connor is trying to fight both of them and protect Avila at the same time but he can't hold them off forever! Suddenly Komodo grabs Avila and tells Connor to surrender or watch her die! Connor looks at Avila and sees how afraid she is and stops fighting. Kilroy and Komodo grab him but before they leave, Komodo pulls her dagger and stabs Avila in her chest! Horrified, Connor tries to rush to her side but is being held back by Kilroy. He asks why did they hurt her, she had nothing to do with this. They laugh and tell him that they just went viral and earned over a million likes!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

DETECTIVE COMICS #17 *Earth-2 tie-in*
Plot by KALAI
Written by MARK MILLAR
"Batman's Biggest Boner"
Bruce is too busy dealing with the villains of Earth-2, so it's up to CARRIE KELLEY and CASSANDRA CAIN to find the Heirs of the Joker, with the help of Terry. The girls will have to work out their differences while working together against the dangerous enemy.
Cassandra soon finds a mysterious new villain, "THE MEMER". On Earth-2, in the year 2021, jokes are outdated, comedies are overrated, but memes grow ever so popular. And there comes a villain, who believes himself to be the spiritual successor to the Joker, while the Joker created Jokes with Crimes, he creates Memes with Crimes. And the Memer's latest invention is a "Meme Virus" that will infect everyone to become Memers. If the "Meme Virus" goes viral on the internet, it will infect everyone's mind.
Carrie discovers that the trigger word for this virus is "Batman's Biggest Boner"! The Memer has been planning this the whole time, and bringing the Joker from the Golden Age of Earth-2 is all part of the plan, as when the Joker begins his plans for "Batman's Biggest Boner", the meme will go viral!
Can Carrie and Cassie stop the Memer?
Can Terry create the "Antimeme Vaccine"?
And the other Heirs of the Joker are not happy with this plan?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writter: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
The Dark Night!
Kia and Dawn along with CIA agents Dakota Johnson and Steve Trevor are still on the hunt for the serial killer terrorizing The Congo! To do that they must go into a place where no law enforcement allowed, The Crucible! The area of The Congo controlled by the ruthless warlord The Red Lion! Matthew Bland runs The Crucible, nothing happens here unless he allows it. So when he grants a meeting with Kia and the other agents, they're stunned to learn that there isn't just one serial killer but two! He's laughing as he tells them that they need to hurry! Right now he knows that someone is about to have "justice" served!
David and Isaac Zavimbe like many other children in The Congo grew up as child soldiers. Some escaped to a normal life and some died. The brothers are among the few who lived but their lives became far from normal. They were taken in by the mysterious Father Lost who became their mentor and give them a new purpose. David has become The Jackal and Isaac is now Massacre and they have brought Father Lost's brand of justice to the streets of The Congo, killing those who profited from the works of those child soldiers. Next on the list is billionaire Matu Ba. Massacre and The Jackal have entered the home of Ba ready to put an end to his life. But Ba is not afraid, in fact he is expecting them. Why should he be afraid, after all he is the one who turned them into killers!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Law and Order” Part 3 “Seeing Red”
Detective Renee Montoya is following the drug gang trying to kill her and ADA Jill.Carlyle. As the Question, faceless adventurer, she also tracks but like any masked hero worth their salt, bends a few rules. Jill Carlyle is with the older Asian mystery man known only as I Ching. The small mirror I Ching has shows what Lee Travis, the missing hero known as the Crimson is seeing. Did we mention, Travis disappeared mid 20th century?
All roads and clues lead to a mysterious, almost invisible manor house, belonging to a man known only as Baron Winters. Jill and Renee are increasingly frustrated with the plethora of mystery men popping up. I Ching, however, takes it all in stride, looks Winters in the eye (but isn’t I Ching blind? I know, right?) and asks where the Crimson (Lee Travis’ identity) is.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, big penultimate issue cliffhanger with shock revelations.
Buy this issue or next issue won’t make any sense at all.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Written by JOE KELLY
Earth 2.
Legends say that demons once threatened the world. Nature, in response, sent forth a grizzly protector. Watching over nascent humanity in their caves, a huge bear with a red paw fought off any foul hellspawn that would invade the Earthly realm. The great ursine defender’s name… was Claw the Unconquered!
It is said that, beyond his protection, Claw gave humanity three great gifts: Honey, which he released to the world after storming the fabled Hive of Apis Florea; Salmon, which he carved from the savage sea monster, Salmo; and most of all, caring - which he personally taught mankind through his selfless acts of heroism. These are his journeys…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Guild assassin Billy Badass is in the African nation of The Congo to kill Prime Minister Matu Ba who is accused of being the notorious Hangman who is responsible for the death of thousands!
Ravager, Kilroy and Komodo are headed to Prague to kill the American businessman Bruce Wayne who has been branded by The Guild as a climate killer, destroying the planet!
John Diggle and The Long-Bow Hunters have to find a way to prevent both from happening!

John Diggle, Black Orchid, Naomi and Jax are in Prague to shadow Bruce Wayne who's in Europe to launch a new business venture! However, Diggle is slightly distracted, concerned about Connor and if he could be losing faith in their mission to stop The Guild. As Wayne enters the Prague Maritime Trade Center, Ravager, Komodo and Kilroy begin their attack! Diggle and his team lose track of Wayne as they fight against the assassins but everyone is soon shocked when The Batman arrives on the scene!
In The Congo, Connor still has his doubts about protecting the life of a mass murderer who turns kids into child soldiers. Avila reminds him again that they have to stop The Guild even if it means protecting someone like Matu Ba. The Prime Minister is leaving his residence with his bodyguards when the lead car suddenly explodes after being hit by a grenade launcher! Billy Badass leaps from the rooftop of a nearby building, drawing his sword and gutting another guard! He pulls Ba from the car when Connor and Avila arrive with Connor tackling Bill and Avila grabbing the Prime Minister to safety! They battle as Billy asks Connor why he would risk his life for someone like Ba, who has ruined or murdered so many! If Connor had any doubts before, they are gone as he noticed that the assassin had no regard for innocent lives when he attacked! They lock in combat, both evenly matched, no one giving an edge. However, a second team of Guild assassins arrive on the scene and have captured Avila after Matu Ba escaped!
32PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Earth 2. 2021.
He’s 35 years old, has no job, collects enhanced unemployment, lives in his parents’ basement, sleeps until 4:00pm every day, and plays video games all night. His name is Rudolph "Rudy" Jones but his dad calls him… the Parasite!
While brainstorming how to avoid earning a living, Rudy discovers that he ate a Hot Pocket contaminated with cosmic radiation - and, along with some serious heartburn, he’s been given the incredible ability to absorb the powers of others! He could use this gift to fight villains! To save the world! But, jeez, that sounds like a lot of work…
Too bad deep-state operative King Faraday isn’t willing to let Rudy just chillax. The Parasite is going to work for the CIA’s “Checkmate” division… or else!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by NX01A
Written by JIM ZUB
•Metropolis University's Pride celebrations are marred by a racist attack on Davood and Hassan, step-brothers from the Middle Eastern nation of Qurac. The two don't want to press charges, and their mysterious attackers haven't been caught. This looks like a job for SUPERBOY and ROBIN, and some snooping by Robin soon reveals the Nassurs are the sons of the recently married Quraci king and queen, Shahryār and Shahrazād, respectively! Unfortunately, upon realizing this, the SUPERSONS are driven by a maddening rage to kill them. Fortunately, that may be more easily said than done.
•Davood transforms into SHARIF, his telepathy keeping Superboy punching mental shadows with each titanic leap while his telekinesis keeps their fight high in the air over the university.
•Hassan becomes SINBAD whose danger sense and teleportation keep him several steps ahead of Robin's claws and catarangs.
•Floating inside a cloaking field, the agent of Qurac's rival neighbour, Bialya, noticed too late that the other SuperSons were using their battles to triangulate where the telepathic rage transmission was coming from... and the would-be assassin floats revealed with a stray catarang to the exo-shell!
•The ENGINEERED GESTATIONAL GUERRILLA FOR USURPATION aka E.G.G. F.U. has been stimulating and magnifying its victims' feelings of dread, fear, and anger to insane levels then directing them at the Nassurs. Now exposed, it plans to self-destruct its quantum computing ytterbium yolk, killing itself, its targets, and everyone on campus! Looks like a job for two sets of SuperSons!
32 PGS./Rated M...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"Flamebird and Nightwing"
Dragon Fire and Heat Vision.
Kal-L battles the great Kryptonian Dragon.
But as the dragon starts using heat vision and become invulnerable, Superman finds himself overpowered.
The Magic Guild informs Powergirl that there is a secret weapon that they can use to defeat the dragon.
Kara goes with them into the depth of their temple, where they find the Flamebird entity, the Magic Guild had saved it and taken it with them.
Powergirl merges with the entity and emerges as the Flamebird.
But before she can burn away the Kryptonian Dragon, Bru-Al arrives through a dimensional rift, leading an army of Kryptonian Death Knights.
The Kryptonian necromancer grows ever more powerful under the yellow sun, but Superman sacrifices himself and pushes Bru-Al back through the rift before he can reach his full power.
They arrives on Necro Krypton, a Kryptonian colony where Bru-Al uses necromancy to resurrect Kryptonians, a dark reflection of New Krypton.
This is the moment Kal-L of Krypton is chosen by the entity Nightwing.
Powergirl and Superman is the new Flamebird and Nightwing.
But will the powers of Nightwing and Flamebird be enough to defeat Bru-Al?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

THE FLASH #24 *Earth-2 Tie-In*
Earth 2.
Flash myth: Ngi the Strong is a Gorilla God, son of creator god Zamba once worshipped by the Yaoundé people of the Cameroons.
In America, he prefers to be called… Grodd. He has stolen from Elysium the soul of Jay Garrick, a.k.a. the original Flash, a.k.a. the god of speed Mercury! He intends to add Jay’s speed to his strength and become unstoppable. The only problem is, Jay already transferred his speed powers… to Barry Allen!
With Jay’s very soul threatened, Barry refuses to abandon his mentor to oblivion. But is there any way to defeat Grodd? Perhaps…
Kim Qui is a Golden Turtle God from Vietnam. In a story parallel to King Arthur and Excalibur, Kim Qui famously gave Emperor Le Loi a magical sword bearing the inscription “The Will of Heaven.” It enabled him to defeat the invading Ming Chinese armies in 1427. Now, Kim Qui lives in the Little ‘Nam section of Central City… and he just might be willing to lend Barry the Will of Heaven sword to help rescue Jay. All Barry has to do… is beat Kim Qui in a race?!?
It’s the Turtle and the Flash! But Turtles are usually slow, right? There’s going to be some kind of twist here, isn’t there?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

GREEN LANTERN #24 *Earth-2 Tie-In*
Written by MARK MILLAR
Earth 2. 2021.
Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner. John Stewart. Fools, the lot of them! None are worthy to wield the ancient magic. None have devoted their life to the flame as I have! For only I, Xìng Sinestro, am worthy! It was my ancestor who first fashioned the lantern before it was stolen away to America. It is my lineage that truly understands what it is... the key to unlocking the Empire of Tear’s greatest creation... the unstoppable judgment of humanity... the demon Doomsday WILL rise again to purify the land! And from my position among their ranks, a wolf among the sheep, I will make sure that happens!
Unaware of Sinestro’s conspiracy, Jessica Cruz fulfills her duties as the most recent Green Lantern Society inductee, using the emerald magic to protect the planet from evil! Yet during a battle with a band of urban anarchists empowered by magic from the Cult of Qward, Jessica encounters the unexpected. A guy who purports to be some kind of cosmic law enforcement officer with a sci-fi ring. Says he’s from another Earth. Looks a lot like a younger version of the Green Lantern Society’s elder statesmen, Hal Jordan. And, oh yeah, he calls himself… the Green Lantern!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Self Defense”
The Gentleman Ghost has been caught and shown to be a fraud, faking the spectral effects of being a spirit while using them to rob and plunder. However, in the ensuing battle, James Craddock was killed by one of his malfunctioning devices. As a result of the death, Shayera Thal and Katar Hol sit through a responsibility hearing where the cause of the suspect’s death is finalized. Now those who read last issue know our heroes are not at fault by any stretch of the imagination. Even though the hearing is considered a formality, held only to cover details for the Thanagarian goal of studying earth’s techniques of Law Enforcement. Shayera feels slighted however, and assembles a detailed defense challenging Craddock’s death, holding that he is now an actual ghost. As the hearing begins, the hawks get word their supervisor, Captain Byth is coming to Earth for undisclosed reasons.
Also, Chay-Ara discovers Disco. Be warned now.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"The Bizarro World"
Wars never change.
Fire and Ash. Blood and Death.
As the war in heavens get an upgrade, so does the war on earth.
REPORT: Bizarro Weapons sighted in East Europe.
REPORT: Bizarro Soldiers sighted in North Korea.
REPORT: Metallo Virus used to create Super Soldiers.
JIMMY OLSEN and LOIS LANE begin to investigate the weaponized Bizarros over the world.
It would appear that the Bizarro workers of Olsen Corps have been stolen by many countries and used as soldiers.
LOIS finds out that Bizarro soldiers are popular on the black market and many countries are using the same tech to create their own Bizarro Weapons.
The argument is simple, with New Krypton on Jupiter's Moon, Earth will need more weapons to defend against the Kryptonians.
China has been developing in secret, an Bizarro Justice League,
while in East Europe, Bizarro Soldiers are already used in many civil wars.
Olsen Corps decide to send their Bizarro agents to one of these black site Bizarro Factories in Africa to find out what they were developing.
The Bizarro Agents soon find that both United States and Russia have decided to use Africa as a testing ground for Bizarro Weapons.
They have been selling Bizarro Weapons to the local warlords.
The latest Lex Bizarro product, Bizarro Bomb, when detonated, can turn a whole village into Bizarros,
made from the same material as the Bizarro World.
And the latest Russian Bizarro product, the Titan Bizarro, where a pilot can be placed within a giant Bizarro to control the bio-armor.
A Bizarro War will soon break out between two African warlords.
It will be up to LOIS and JIMMY to stop this from happening?
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by TOM KING
"The Swim Suit Special"
Superheroes in Swimsuits against Sentient Ice-Cream!
Costumes get sticky with Ice-Cream, so they change into Swim Suits.
The Seven Flavors:
Vanilla-Ice-Cream Absorber
Strawberry-Ice-Cream Alchemist
Chocolate-Summoner of Ice-Cream Soldiers
Green Tea-The Popsicle Samurai
Taro-Creator of Ice-Cream Constructs
Rum Raisin-The Rum Controller
Oreo-Rider of a Huge Oreo
Supergirl and Captain Marvel tries to stop Chocolate and Rum Raisin from destroying the city.
Chocolate has been summoning an army of Chocolate Ice-Cream from their universe,
while Rum Raisin controls a city's population with the power of Rum.
Wonder Woman of China negotiates with the Vanilla Ice-Cream,
who offers to help them defeat all other Ice-Cream Men,
in exchange, when he becomes the Ice-Creammonitor,
he will not transform Earth to a huge Ice-Cream.
Avery Ho tries to find a way into the Ice-Creamverse, a universe made of Ice-Cream.
She sails across the Chocolate Sea on the Banana Boat until she reaches the Kingdom of Ice-Cream.
Green Tea, Taro and Oreo become allies to defeat Strawberry,
but Green Tea betrays his allies and back stabs them, Game of Cones Red Dressing style.
One flavor to rule them all, one flavor to find them, one flavor to bring them all and in the sweetness bind them!
32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99

KAL: THE LAST SON #1 *All-New Limited Series*
Plot by atomicskull
Written by Matt Kindt MATT KINDT
Ever since he was a boy, Kal always heard stories about the infamous Mobius Chair, a chair that granted an individual with unlimited knowledge in exchange for their soul. Years later, Kal received a vision one night from a woman who simply called herself "Thirteen" and in this vision he was shown. He saw his uncle, Dru-Zod enslaving various lands and villages across Gaia's Planet before moving on to other planets all thanks to what ever knowledge the chair gave him. Thirteen claimed she had the power to destroy the chair once and for all. But all she needed was for Kal to free her from her captors and escort her to the chair's location. With his meta-beast companion, Krypto and his drunken marksman comrade, Oliver the Bowman. The trio make their way to the Field of Nekron to retrieve Thirteen.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“When Did I Get, Where Did I, How Was I Caught In This Game?”
The war between Edward Thriller and the Aquarius Corporation reaches its denouement. Final battles happen both in the business world as well as on the ground when Thriller’s faceless Global Peace Agents storm the Aquarius compound. Valentina Vostok makes a bizarre return after absorbing data directly from the Brother Eye system. She now calls herself Oracle and may be the only way to keep innocent casualties down as war is happening at Aquarius. Can Vic Sage and Merry, the Girl of a Googleplex of Gimmicks find a way to convince Valentina, no, Oracle, to help them save thousands of innocent lives in surrounding areas? Good question!
And it’s Election Day! Wesley Fermin has picked up endorsements from both the far right and the far left. The latest polls have him well within striking distance of winning the gubernatorial election as an independent. Can Myra live as her state’s first lady while leaving her city in a shambles? Another good question!
And one more question, Whatever happened to Lee Travis?
48 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
Star Spangled Kid and Stripsey: “Radcliffe”
August 1947. The British Empire is fading into history and like America before it, India is also gaining its independence from Britain. As a result, Pemberton Industries CEO John Pemberton is spending considerable time and effort trying to keep his company’s interests active and profitable. Pemberton’s young adult son, Sylvester accompanies him with Syl’s driver and partner Pat Dugan. Syl and Pat are also known as the Star Spangled Kid and Stiripsey.
Although seemingly on the wrong side of history, the Pemberton’s seek to keep India a British possession. Stripsey’s issues with the split are far more personal. The newly independent areas shall be two nations, the Muslim Pakistan and the Hindu India. Stripsey’s Catholic mother and Protestant father emigrated from Ireland to escape the religious strife there in the early 20th century.
And our heroes also must watch out for the Kinder von hitler with Princess maru (aka Dr Poison) and Ingrid Weiss, a genetically enhance nazi superwoman. The Geroi Budushchego, the Heroes of the Future, bring Fraulein Hitla, a Soviet agent who attacked the nazis from within during the war, posing as agolf’s daughter and Comrade Communa, a media personality selling the Soviet way to anyone swayed by her words and looks. These enemy agents, however, are posed to make sure that Britain is weakened by the loss of so many subjects and despite the joy of independence, the other teams feel independence best suits their causes.
Will Sylvester and Stripsey get over their feelings and allow the nations to be born without strife, or will their greed and personal prejudices control them?
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
Shining Knight and Vigilante: “Family”
November 1947. King George V! has invited the Shining Knight and a guest to the wedding of his daughter (and immediate heir to the British throne), Princess Elizabeth. Although post-war Britain has practiced severe austerity and very few Knights of the Realm were invited, Justin got an invitation due to the history he and Elizabeth had built up during the War having served as a frequent bodyguard to her and her sister Margaret.
The Geroi Budushchego with its brother sister team of hammer and Sickle as well as the Kinder von Hitler with their father/son team of Grösshorn Eule and Fledermaus. The nazis and Soviets see Philip’s former titles as signs of a Europe once again aligning against them and a move towards strengthening the thoughts the supremacy of royalty over the commoner.
Justin is taking his task of protecting the Princess and her happiness to heart, as is the Vigilante. The Vigilante may actually discover which member of the Royal Family likes his singing.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99