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Plotted by Deku
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gurihiru
Trapped by the Toyman! Superman has been trapped in a town of sentient toy people by the Toyman, which he rules with an iron fist. And even worse, the synthetic gold kryptonite which is keeping Superman there without his powers will also make him lose them completely. Can Superman escape the Toyman’s diabolical trap before he loses his power forever?
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

Written By Malcolm Jones
Art By Ben Oliver
Plot By Marvell2100
"Night of The Jackals!"
Midnight:Despite what most believe, there are many modern 21st century cities on the continent of Africa. Tinasha, a tech hub and the third largest city in the Congo is one of them with a population of slightly more than four million people. They have a skyline and commerce as impressive as any in the world. And as with most major modern cities, it has a crime and drug problem. Agents David Zavimbe and Kia Okuru have been tracking the criminal gang known as The Jackals for months. The Jackals are responsible for nearly half of the guns and drugs smuggled into the country and are as ruthless a their namesake. David and Kia have followed a lead to the port of Kimo(pronounced Kih-mo) where a shipment of hi-tech guns is rumored to be delivered. This could be the perfect opportunity to get dangerous weapons off the streets and bring down The Jackals for good. But an unexpected arrival has just put everything in jeopardy!
32PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Writer: AMY CHU
Batwoman arrives London and begins her mission to find that murderous copybat, only to be stopped by Knight and Squire, the Batman and Robin of London. With no chance of convincing them, do to a leaked video of the crime, Batwoman is on the run and has no where to go. Only one person can help her now, Jenny Sparks!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by Clark_Kent
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Dan Jurgens & Jay Oliva
Batman arrives in Monaco. Boarding Luthor's yacht, it appears Lex has evaded him. He checks the CCTV system to find Luthor had met with Lex putting together a team?
Following the events of AQUAMAN, Arthur Curry sits on the Throne in Atlantis. The Kingdom may be at peace, but there's much to be done now that Orm is in custody. First up: how to unite the kingdoms who had sided with Ocean Master? There's dissention in the sea, is the Aquaman up to the task?
In Metropolis, Perry White helps Clark Kent sell his story of faking his death. Perry has known since the Battle of Metropolis in MAN OF STEEL, and he's pleased to have it open between them.
Meanwhile, near Central City, Barry Allen toils away with the CSI department. His first assignment: wreckage of an Air Force transport plane has suddenly appeared in a field near the edge of the city, with one survivor on erratic Dr. Emil Hamilton! How did he return from the Phantom Zone? And are the exiled Kryptonians not far behind?
24pgs / Rated T+ / $2.99

Plotter: Marvell2100
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
"The Day I Tried To Live."
Queenstown, Singapore:No one in the small fishing town bothers him much. Some of the villagers even allow him to help them bring in their daily haul of fish. It's been two months since Connor Hawke has killed anyone. His mind has been quiet and he's been able to sleep with fewer nightmares. After escaping The Guild, he has taken a vow to never to kill again. He's made friends with many of the children and most of the people consider him harmless if somewhat odd. He would not say that he is happy but he has found some measure of peace. That's all about to change as he notices two young adults shoplifting in the town market. It's not his concern but then he sees four mysterious figures hiding some serious hardware following the two. As the armed group grabs the young couple and force them into a secluded alley, Connor is faced with a choice: does he turn a blind eye and forget what he saw? Or does he get involved and possibly be forced to break his vow and kill again?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotted by Deku
Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Michael Lark
The Riddler has found out about the new criminal (who has been dubbed “The Puzzler”) and he is not happy about them knocking off his gimmick. It is a race as Batman and Robin need to find the Puzzler before the Riddler does.
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, fancies himself a modern day Robin Hood - and his Merry Men are a street gang called the Rogues. They’re eccentric thieves with a strict moral code: no homocides. The Flash has had a few interactions with them, but mostly gave the Rogues a pass considering they kept other gangs that might engage in more serious violence, drugs, or sex crimes out of Central City. But now Mick “Heatwave” Rory has hooked up with them - and Barry feels responsible, since he’s the one that got Rory’s wrongful conviction overturned and put him back on the street. Any crimes Rory commits now are on him, so maybe it’s time to bring the whole gang to justice. They’re just normal, slow as $&@# people with tech, right? How long could it take?
Flash Fact: The effective corporate tax rate is 18%, whereas a citizen who only earns $38,701 a year pays 22%.
Snart knows who the real criminals are. Banks. Insurance companies. Huge corporations. They steal from normal, hard-working people and nobody steals back... nobody but the Rogues. Since the Flash started do-gooding in Snart’s city, a confrontation seemed inevitable - though a straight fight with the Flash is like getting hit by lightning: you’re beat before you know what happened. If, however, Captain Cold could lure the scarlet speedster into his absolute zero trap, dramatically slowing down his molecules through a “Flash-Freezing” process, their fight might just be a lot more even...
Meanwhile, the Central City Citizen’s ace reporter Iris West receives a request to meet from an old source within the CIA. This source thinks he’s stumbled upon a dangerous conspiracy that has influence within the upper echelons of the Agency. He’s willing to give her the story if she’s willing to secure him a meeting with the one man fast enough to help him: the Flash! But can Iris really trust King Faraday... or has the “White King” just put Barry in “Checkmate”?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter by EXCITER
Despero of Kalanor. You have reached the maximum release date for your sentence corresponding to convictions on twenty-three counts of Unlawful Mental Coercion and Psychic Domination. Welcome to discharge from imprisonment.
Never one to waste time, Despero gives a press conference at the spaceport leaving the Takron-Galtos prison planet and lambasts the Green Lantern Corps as usurpers of Kalanorian sovereignty. There is a sincerely held religious belief that rare three-eyed members of his species, like Despero himself, have the divine right and, indeed, the obligation to mind-control others. He believes the Guardians of the Universe have no right to criminalize and judge their faith based on alien norms and values! To combat this “oppression,” Despero boldly declares his candidacy for Prime Minister of Kalanor - and announces a platform centering on withdrawal from the United Planets and revocation of Green Lantern jurisdiction within their home solar system! The scary thing is... it looks like the ex-con might win!
Hal Jordan put Despero away five years ago. Despite knowing the fin-headed fiend oversaw a vast criminal empire, all the Green Lantern Corps could prove in Space Court was that he abused his psychic powers. Hal still can’t prove that Despero has blood on his hands... but a surveillance construct just might discover something he can use. Technically, as long as it only records movements in public spaces Hal doesn’t need a warrant. But will that technicality protect him when Despero learns he’s being watched??
Meanwhile, Jon Stewart picks up the slack in Sector 2814 by investigating the universe’s greatest act of vandalism. Who etched a continent-sized phallus and scrotum on Omnicron Ceti IV’s moon?
Plus, one of Guy Gardner’s informants tips him off about the location of a Khund fugitive. Unfortunately, intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo is already on the case! Will these two infamously foul-mouthed hot-heads clash violently - or is this the start of a brutal bromance?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Alice has made her way into The House of Mystery, only to get lost in its endless corridors. Lost, tried and hungry, Alice may suffer the same fate as the teens who walked in, stuck inside with no where to go. When things look so dark, the new house keeper shows up, Doctor Occult! And he comes bearing bad news. A killer monster has accidentally been unleashed in the House of Mystery and the beast lured in those teens to feed. Doctor Occult needs Alice's help to stop this hungry killer! But who is this beast that lurks in the shadows?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotted by Clark_Kent
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Kenneth Rocafort
"Reign" Part 2
Following Steel's attack in the heart of SteelWorks, Henshaw surrenders. Explaining that he is not here to fight, John Henry listens. Henshaw tells him of the Multiverse, of Dominus, of the scattered Objects of Power. He explains everything, except his desire to die...that secret he keeps for himself. John Henry suggests they leave the past buried, but Henshaw convinces him that they must find the Objects before Dominus returns. Steel buys the lie.
Together, they leave SteelWorks on a recruitment mission: 4 Supermen once attempted to replace a fallen Man of Steel, resulting in disaster...perhaps they can do it right this time? Cyborg Superman and Steel put aside their differences and head toward Hawaii, looking for the former "Metropolis Kid" and currently going by Kon-El: Superboy!
Elsewhere, in deep space near the edge of the Multiverse, an old being of power awakens...
24pg / Rated T+ / $2.99

Written by: JEFF PARKER
Plot by: LEE STONE
"Tamaran Run"
On their search for the Weird, Adam Strange and his group fall into a situation they didn't expect: Mr. Nebula has come to Tamaran!
Can Starfire and Blackfire put aside their differences long enough to protect their home planet?
Will Adam and the others have to protect Starfire? Or Blackfire?
Harbinger meets Pandora as they are both offered the opportunity to be Heralds of Nebula. Only one will be chosen. Which will it be?
And will the team be able to handle another force of opposition when the Herald is chosen?
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Written by: BRIAN BENDIS
Plot by: LEE STONE
"Highway Robbery"
The Outsiders delve deep into the city.
In a residential area recently effected by a villain's rampage, the citizens are isolated with only one way in or out of their neighborhood. A local street gang takes advantage of the situation and has set themselves up as the gatekeepers. If the people don't pay, they can't leave or enter.
Green Arrow, Black Canary, Black Lightning and Huntress arrive on the scene to restore order and give the thugs a lesson in brotherly love.
But when Black Lightning recognizes two of the gang members another crisis is discovered.
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Plotted by Lorec
Written by Mark Waid
Art by David Finch
Legacy: Prelude to The Path of Darkness Saga
In the New Mexico desert, dozens of men and women are excavating an old gold mine though everyone knows there's never been any gold there. However, the man in black pays them to dig, so dig they do. Then someone finds something. A mysterious sealed black box that no one can open with an inscription "The blood of my own" with the initials DJB. That's when the man in black appears, cuts his thumb, and applies it to the seal.
Two weeks later, New Mexico State Police are on the scene of the mine. All of the men and women are dead. They are dried husks, as if all of the liquid had been sucked out of their bodies. There's no sign of a struggle, just one set of footprints leading away from the site.
In San Francisco, CA, the man in black sits and reads from parchment. More than the words on the paper, he hears a voice in his head "Revive the cult, find the one. Revive the cult, find the one!" And suddenly, the meaning of the words sparks a revelation. He's going to need help, lots of help. And he knows just how he's going to get it.
32 PGS./ Rated T+…FREE

Plotted by Lorec
Written by Mark Waid
Art by David Finch
The Path of Darkness Saga: The Man in Black Part 1 of 3
Homelessness is a problem in nearly every major city, including Berkeley, CA. That is, until a mysterious man in black appears in the city. Slowly, night after night, the city’s homeless population dwindles, until none are left.
In the city of Oakland, a new drug has hit the streets called P&P. Someone is targeting young people, high school kids and young adults in college. Already the drug has spread to the UC Berkeley campus where a riot broke out at a football game between users. Those users suddenly collapsed, dying nearly immediately at the scene. And from a distance, a man in black smirks.
They’ve all seen OD victims before, but none quite like this. This is different, stranger, deadlier. Friends Virgil, Tim, Stephanie, and Rick make a conscious decision to investigate, quietly, without drawing attention to themselves.
From the diary of Tim Drake - September 20XX
It's been more than 2 years since Steph and I finally left Gotham to attend college. We had our choice of colleges, but we both decided getting away from Gotham and capes and cowls was the best idea. UC Berkeley was really the only choice, especially once I found out my good friend Virgil was also here. From our days as Teen Titans, I've always respected Virgil's sense of right and wrong and his intelligence. We've all enjoyed NOT being heroes, just being regular kids. But then those kids overdosed and we knew we had to do something. I only hope we can figure out what's going on before more people die.
32 PGS./ Rated T+…$2.99

Plot by CaptCleghorn
The Sportsmaster continues to excite and keep Hub City’s minds off their other problems. The talks for a minor league team are going well and Crusher Crock appears to be making a relatively honest man of himself. Vic’s beside himself at not being able to find anything on Crock in Hub City. Until a late night call to Vic’s show alleges a dog fighting ring is going on with some high-powered gamblers watching and making bets.
So Vic follows the clues. After some less successful attempts leading to some admittedly cool fight scenes, The trail goes to the mysterious high-tech Aquarius corporation. Now mysterious high-tech corporations are common enough, but Aquarius is a major employer in Hub City. However no one actually knows what they make. Will we find out what’s going on there, or will the creators keep you in suspense?
And be warned, the character find of 2019 will be introduced this issue with Bandit the dog. Bandit will melt your fanboy hearts with his robot parts, tail wagging, and his spoken 20 word vocabulary.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$2.99

RED X #2
Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Riley Rossmo
Sales of Xenothium have skyrocketed since Red X hunted down Nightwing on the streets of Blüdhaven. Naturally, when Red X approaches Meridian through Professor Chang, they’re interested in his services.
Of course, they’re unaware of Red X’s big secret: he IS Nightwing.
Before bringing him into the fold, Meridian has a mission for him. An audition, so to speak.
His mission will take him to the cyberpunk island city-state of Gamorra. His objective: capture the experimental physicist known as Kim Süskind and remand her to Meridian custody. Preferably alive.
Easier said than done when the physicist in question happens to have the power of invisibility and force-fields.
This is Dick’s first time using the Xenothium-powered equipment Chang made for him in the field. What is it capable of, and is it even safe to use? Can Dick convincingly play the role of super villain while keeping his moral code intact?
And, what does an arms dealer like Meridian want with an experimental physicist?
32 PGS./ Rated T+…$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Stephanie Hans
After the shocking destruction of the Amazonian Realm of Tartessos, a vengeful god imperils the Iberian peninsula!
Just as Thymescira is the prison for Ares, Tartessos was the prison for Nemesis, goddess of vengeance. Now she’s on the loose, looking to exact fifteen thousand years of unfulfilled revenge.
The mystery of how Tartessos fell must wait, or else Portugal might be the next to go! Wonder Woman has her priorities properly sorted.
Diana, joined by Etta Candy and Ferdinand the Kythotaur, unites with the other warriors who answered Amazonia’s call:
Akila-Artemis, the paragon of Bana-Mighdall known as the Shim-Tar.
Zannah, the Zealot of Tarhuntassa.
Reginleif, the Valkyrie of Ys.
Mererid, the Berserker of Cantre’r Gawelod.
Dihya, the Kahina of Cenculiana.
Maria Mendoza, the Wonder Woman of Manõa.
And, much to Diana’s surprise, Paradise Island has sent another representative: bearing the mantle of Troia is Kasia, the former lover whose heart Diana broke when she left for man’s world! (awkward)
Can Diana lead these Wonder Women to victory?
32 PGS./ Rated T+…$2.99

Signal Welcome to Freeland Vol 1 2

Cover Artist: VARIOUS
Secrets & Origins II
“HBCU - Blues” - SIGNAL's first outing didn't go as planned, him and the boys got their asses handed to them, but there's no time to worry about that now; it's time for some higher learning. It's Duke's first day at Dakota University, Georgia's top HBCU and the first university to offer programs encouraging and supporting an openly meta student body from all over the country. All of this spearheaded by City Councilman Leonard Smalls, but to what end? What does he stand to gain? is this a haven or a hub for metahuman trafficking? But first, who’s the shorty with the otherworldly glow flying around campus? SIGNAL intends to find all this out and more!
While Duke battles the perils of academia, Sideways and Kid Flash are doing some investigating of their own, on a quest to find out who the metahuman was that whoop that ass. Who is Holocaust!?
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

Plotter: YOHEI72
Written by TOM KING
14-year-old Kaira doesn't remember any world other than this one, where her small community ekes out a living in the ruins of a city, at the edge of the Great Southern Swamp. But her sleep has been haunted by visions of a lost world from before the ice melted and the ocean rose. And she knows these aren't just dreams. Kaira's mind is unique and mysterious – it can reach out to the plants, communicate with them, coax them to grow, to feed her people – an ability which makes her both a vital community member and a figure of some suspicion. But now another mind is reaching out to hers, and she knows where it is – inside the Swamp, in the domain of the “Green God,” where few humans dare to go. But Kaira has to. There she'll meet the Green God, and she'll plumb the depths of his mind for his secret past.
32 PGS/RATED T+... $3.99

Uncanny Depths Vol 1 1
Cover Artist: VARIOUS
Into The Deep
Kaldur’ahm has gone by many names, to some Jackson Hyde, to other’s Aqualad, but to face what comes ahead, he must take a new name.
Strange clouds have taken the skies, the sea tosses in turns with an existential dread that permeates the entire Life Force; arcane, esoteric forces threaten all life on Earth. Fleet Admiral Tyyde, a goddess to the sea of a planet somewhere in the distant cosmos, falls from the stars, deep below the waves, to the Kingdom of Atlantis. She warns of the intergalactic mass-enslavement of every sentient being by the insidious Controllers. Wielding powerful and ancient weapons, the Controllers have been operating under the radar of the Galactic authorities, accruing power from the shadows that threaten the freedom of all living things. In the face of this, Atlantis has risen to meet this looming threat, her Queen, Mera of Xebel, her Greatest Hero, Arthur Curry - The Aquaman, have chosen Atlantis’ new champion to be blessed by the council of Sea Gods and venture to worlds unknown to protect the Earth from this and any other threat that may lay beyond the stars; Kaldur’ahm!
Lakes of liquid-diamond below the waves of cosmic seas, space pirates, Sun Eaters, living planets and a sentient evil Star with petty ambitions, the universe is a strange place with many wonders but great horrors as well, and the Controllers are tapping into forces they could not possibly understand. The wardens of the cosmic deep, defenders of all life, interplanetary freedom fighters, The Cosmic Aquaman - Kaldur'ahm and the crew of the Manta of Thul, Jarro and Tyyde, embark on an odyssey into... Uncanny Depths!
42 PGS./ Rated M...$3.99

Plotted by Lorec
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Ed Benes
Recruitment Part 1 of 3
“I want to hire you to be my Head of Security to the world, but secretly I need you to eliminate targets for me, as they come up, 1 million per target. Here’s your list of the first 10”. – Lex to Deathstroke
Slade doesn’t like Lex. He’s typically the type of person Slade would murder for free. He’s intelligent to the point of condescension. Too rich to know what’s good for him and some would even say evil, but deep down, Slade knows Lex is just selfish. Nevertheless, when Lex has a contract, he pays before the contract, and after the job is done, and he pays well. So when Slade is approached by Lex, he knows something big is up. How big, time will tell. Meanwhile, it’s a steady paycheck.
Across the street, a shadowy figure spies the “secret” meeting from a rooftop. Not usually one to stay in one spot, this meeting catches her attention. Perhaps she lingers too long, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Afterall, Catwoman always lands on her feet.
From the files of Lex Luthor
Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Head of Acquisitions/Theft) – The charming, beautiful, seductive, and fearless Selina Kyle. Honestly, she’s not my type, but she IS the greatest thief in the known world. She’s relentless once she has her mark, with not even Batman able to stop her once she makes up her mind. Recruiting her could be tricky. She’s been known to spy for Batman, turn her back on him, then spy for him again. She could potentially be the most dangerous yet lucrative member of my organization.
32 PGS./ Rated T+…$2.99