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Plot by EXCITER & H-E-D
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Aquaman, along with Wonder Woman and their allies, were victorious. The two mad gods Enyo and Triton were slain and imprisoned, respectively. Now Arthur Curry wants nothing more than to continue his quest to reunite the disparate kingdoms that once compromised greater Atlantis. He’s not a shark, however. He can’t only move forward. First, he needs to get his own house in order.
There remains significant fallout from the “Weight of the Waves” event…most significantly the death of Poseidon and Arthur’s own ascension to “Aquagod.” Worship of Poseidon was prevalent among numerous Atlantean religious sects. Many see Arthur as having assumed Poseidon’s place and become their new divinity - confirming that he was, in fact, the one spoken of in Arion’s prophecy, destined to reunite the Underwater (see AQUAMAN #1). How will he handle… being worshipped?
Others, however, find the very concept of “the Aquagod” heretical and blame him for Poseidon’s demise. Among them are Corum Rath and the hardliners that comprise “the Deluge.” They reach out to an enemy of Aquaman that has the power of not just one god, but six: Black Adam! With his ego challenged, will Adam finally face Arthur directly?
Plus, the fact that Triton had a secret cult of Cerulean Lanterns was a revelation that shook the seas. Crablad and Mera are seek to root them out… but is the Cult more deeply entrenched in Xebel than anticipated?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Initial Investigative Report by Dakota Johnson:

Where to start? The entire scene was chaos. The medics had just loaded the severely injured agent KIA OKURA into the ambulance and on the way to the hospital. The injuries were considered life-threatening and her chances of survival look pretty grim.
There were plenty of police, lot's of gunman, a team of...ninjas(?), some kind of assassin and two vigilantes in what could only be described as a warzone. On one side there was DAWN fighting off a new gang in town called THE PRIDE who were looking to get their hands on HTWs. On the other, the enigmatic BAT-WING was single-handedly fighting off the ninja squad who were led by someone calling herself RAVAGER. BAT-WING -we still don't know his identity- held his own against her and the ninjas while still protecting innocent bystanders.
Speaking of innocents, STEVE TREVOR was on the frontline, getting civilians out of harms way and taking out a few gang members. He even took down a ninja or two. I can't can't the number of lives STEVE saved that day. So it is with great regret that I must inform you that STEVE TREVOR died in the line of duty at the hands of RAVAGER while saving others. He went out a hero.
But I must also report that I recently found out that agent STEVE TREVOR was on the payroll of a suspected criminal mastermind whose name is [redacted]. For months he has been feeding [redacted] information on police matters and has even killed on the behalf of [redacted]. In other words STEVE TREVOR was a dirty cop!

End Report. Next Issue: Meet [redacted], Dakota Johnson's new partner!
32 PGS./Rated T+...#3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
KIMODO and KILROY have delivered CONNOR to THE GUILD so that he can face judgement by their leader RICHARD DRAGON! DRAGON has waited a long time for this wayward son to be brought before him to face punishment and it will be severe! But CONNOR doesn't seem to care. AVILA is dead because of him(we know better, see last issue) and he deserves whatever happens.
Meanwhile, THE MAGUS has learned the whereabouts of CONNOR'S mother from his ex-wife AKIRA at a very high cost, the location of a hidden Lazarus Pit! But he learned something else as well. He has a daughter that he's never met. Does he try to find a daughter that he doesn't know or does he continue on his quest to find CONNOR'S mother?
Elsewhere, NAOMI and JAX find themselves working with someone they've never met in order to rescue CONNOR. Whoever this person is, he seems to know a lot about THE GUILD, CONNOR and even them. He tells them that they have to travel fast if they want to save him from certain death. But after a few minutes, NAOMI tells him to stop, that they aren't following him anywhere until they know who he is and what they're getting into! Finally he stops and tells them that a long time ago, he made a promise to CONNOR'S father to protect him. He's been...occupied with other things but now he's back. "My name is JOHN DIGGLE, that's all you need to know. We don't have much time so shut up and let's go!" Next Issue: Family Business
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Shadows of Venom” part 1
Carl Sands is a thief with a national reputation and is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. While being an accomplished thief isn’t enough for inclusion on the FBI list, his penchant for being a modern-day Fagin corrupting and turning children into his criminal minions has. His latest plan is to take possession of a liter and a half of venom, a drug known to cause powerful addiction as well as probable damage to the body and psyche. But venom does increase the human body’s strength and stamina many times over making it a very valuable commodity.
Hawkwoman and Hawkman’s police contacts all have the planned theft on their radar as the path of the drug has gone through Russia, Western Europe and the United States. The likely location of the theft is a branch of star Labs located in … Gotham City. When Shayera and Katar arrive to speak with GC Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, he listens politely but basically states that the GCPD can handle it. Watch as the Hawks meet Gotham’s protector, the Batman.
And the listening devices Captain Byth gave CAW (Collective Assistance for Worlds) so they could clandestinely listen in on our heroes works perfectly. Thanagarian electronics are the best, no doubt about it.
To be concluded in Detective Comics #18
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Shadows of Venom” Part 2
Batman’s notes: “A shipment of venom is coming to Gotham’s Star Labs. While a major event and threat under normal circumstances, Commissioner Gordon has given credibility to two alien dilettantes who fancy themselves law enforcement officers. The Thanagarians, Hawkwoman and Hawkman, seek to learn from Earth about their law enforcement techniques. Their desired lesson is the protection of possibly the most dangerous non-radioactive substance on the planet from a thief with few peers worldwide. The thief, Carl Sands, wants to use his crew of child thieves with venom filled insulin pumps in order to avoid notice and to strengthen the youth enough to give any adult a run for their money. Will the aliens be a help or a hindrance? And care must be taken not to disturb any other work or experiments at Star Labs going on.”
Continued from Hawkwoman and Hawkman #4
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Vicki Vale has pulled off the greatest exclusive in all of Gotham, an interview at midnight with the mysterious Batman! The Dark Knight vigilante has terrorized Gotham's underworld for nearly a year and still no one knows who he is or what motivates him! Now, Gotham will finally get to learn about it's self-proclaimed protector! But there is one catch, she must be alone and wear a black and white dress! At Wayne Manor, Alfred questions Bruce about the interview, asking why he would talk to anyone in the press as Batman! However, Bruce is stunned when he hears about it! He hasn't planned any interview with anyone and this is the first that he's heard of this. He's been spending most of his time in the new Bat-cave training his young ward Dick Grayson!
As the twilight hour grows near, Vale, wearing a black and white dress, sits in her office alone waiting when receives a gift of roses from "The Batman" and a card with a strange message that reads:

"Riddle me this! What is Black and White and Red all over? Hint: It's not a newspaper!

She grabs her purse and gets ready to leave when suddenly the door opens to reveal two strange figures: one dressed in a green suit with purple question marks that calls himself The Riddler and the other in a frighteningly garish costume calling himself The Scarecrow. She manages to push thru them and run out into the hall towards the elevator frantically pressing buttons! The two figures close in on her when suddenly the elevator doors open to reveal...The Batman! Next Issue: Fear Is A State Of Mind. Until You Get Hit!
32PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
But everything isn't black and white. Bat-Wing and Dawn are at the palatial home of Matu Ba to bring him to justice! Another group led by Connor Hawke are here to do the same. However Ba has his own protectors, the serial killers The Jackal and Massacre: David and Isaac Zavimbe, former child soldiers who served under him and are now under his control again! Kia doesn't want to hurt them but they have to get to Ba. Connor on the other hand will use any means necessary to get to Ba no matter who gets hurt or even killed! But David and Isaac quickly prove how dangerous and deadly they can be when they kill Black Orchid and Dawn leaving Kia, Connor and Avila to face the brothers! Who will walk away in the end and why could Matu Ba already the winner? Next Issue: Hush!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
John Diggle, Jax and Naomi return from meeting with the elusive Oliver Queen. John knows the truth, that Oliver is Connor's father and promised to keep that secret. Oliver gave John a gift to give to Connor, an emerald bow and quiver. Queen tells him to keep Connor safe and to keep his secret no matter what. Now it's time for the team to get back together and take down The Magus and Akira. However, Diggle has just received stunning news! Connor, Avila and Black Orchid went after Matu Ba! Orchid is dead and the others are in danger along with Bat-Wing! They have to get to Connor and the others before anyone else ends up dead! Next Issue: Arrow!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Flash Fact: Sun Tzu wrote “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
He took that lesson from Vandal Savage. The immortal’s Illuminati, the Light, have been manipulating world events since time immemorial. It continues to do so, with tendrils in global and local politics, media, tech, industry, academia, and everywhere else influence is exerted… but exactly who is part of the Light? And who is just being manipulated by them? Because if you’re not one… you’re almost certainly the other! And they’ve got big plans.
Meanwhile, the Flash succeeded in returning Claw and the Haunted Tank to their respective time periods and got himself back to 2021… at just the wrong time!
Barry’s old Justice League buddy, J’onn J’onzz, is in trouble. With the best of intentions, the Martian Manhunter masqueraded as a human to function as U.S. Director of Homeland Security. His unexpected public outing, however, has caused alarm. The media, with the public still reeling from the Starro Wars, has put J’onn on full blast: framing him as a nefarious and dishonest alien infiltrator. He asks the Flash for help… but for how long can even he outrun the law? Especially when the individual chosen to enforce the law is the supremely powerfully U.S. Air Force asset, Nathaniel Christopher Adam - Captain Atom! The Manhunter has become the Manhunted!
Plus, distracted by Barry’s return, Iris West nonetheless pursues her investigation into Stagg Enterprises and rumors that they’ve fast-tracked development of a “human confirmation test” to screen out those who may not be what they appear…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
In brightest DOOM...
With an assist from our Hal Jordan (and Batman), the Justice Society of Earth-2 defeated Doomsday and saved their world! Hal, however, had to quickly enter the portal back home or risk being trapped on Earth-2 forever.
In blackest DOOM...
Finding himself back on his own Earth for the first time since defending it from the Starro invasion, he should be happy… but instead he feels irritable. Aggressive. Violent…
No evil shall escape my DOOM...
Too late, the ring confirms it. When Doomsday died, the creature stealthily infected Hal with spores. He’s now a carrier of the Doomsday Virus that mutates the infected… into Doomsday!
Let those who worship evil’s DOOM...
Not even Hal’s legendary willpower can keep the beast inside him in check! He’s got to isolate himself… Got to warn someone…
Beware my DOOM...
Hal’s intergalactic warning reaches Oa. John Stewart and Jessica Cruz race back to Earth to subdue a friend. Will they be fast enough?
Hal’s local warning causes the U.S. Government to release its own solution to potential Doomsday attacks: U.S. Army solider Ethan Avery, codename: Damage! For one hour, once a day, Ethan can transform into a behemoth on par or stronger than Doomsday himself. That hour starts now… and he’s not looking to waste time!
DOOM Lantern’s Light!
Doom Lantern is upon us! Can he be stopped? And who else has he infected?
32 PGsw./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
"Whatever happened to the Man of Kryptonite"
When the last son of Krypton arrived on Earth, the last metal of Ktrypton followed.
That was the first seed to the greatness.
K-Metal was unstable, just like the spark that started the fire.
At first, it was one alien kid with Green K-radiation.
Then, others followed, Red-K, Blue-K, Golden-K.
Krypton Rock Creature, Human Scientists, and Living K-radiation.
Many years have passed, and those who carry the same radiation have formed their own alliance.
The K-Academy, the School for the K-Men.
During his visit, Superman finds out that over the years,
the K-dust from Krypton's explosion have touched many across the cosmos,
now these K-Kid join the K-Men under the teachings of the first K-Kid.
K-Man tells Superman that he senses another new type of Kryptonite has awaken.
Lex Luthor has been experimenting with Kryptonite for years,
and after years of Yellow Sun Light, Kryptonite has become so unstable,
that it created the impossible isotope, an organic Kryptonite.
A new race is born, from the ashes of the Futuresmiths,
in Luthor's lab, the first Sentient Kryptonite opens its eyes.
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Written by Ram V
Art by Mike Allred
Plot by atomicskull
'Dinosaur Island' Part One
Waller sent a team of Deadshot, Razer, Livewire and Divine to retrieve blueprints of an Amazo android at a secret bunker located on Dinosaur Island. Surprisingly the mission goes well....a little too well. The Squad comes across a group of teenagers who've been trapped here for weeks. Razer wants to get these kids off the island. But Waller and Deadshot advises against it since it wasn't the mission. It's three against one when Divine and Livewire sides with Deadshot. But Razer likes those odds. Will his rage be enough against a Kryptonian clone and a electrokinetic?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by TOM KING
Revenge of the Turkey
Death and scream. Blood and bones.
Their lives taken, their flesh consumed, and their vengeance draws near.
They are massacred in the million each year on Thanksgiving,
and this Thanksgiving, they are here to return the favor.
It's time for Turkey Dinner!
With the power of Black Lantern, Darkseid summons all the souls of dead Turkeys on Halloween,
and prepare for the Blackest Night on Thanksgiving.
The army of Necro-Turkey will take over the planet, and Darkseid will rule a planet of Turkeys?
Maybe that's not his final plan, but right now, millions of Necro-Turkeys are rising from the ground.
It's time for all our heroes to come together and face the Great Darkness in the Final Season of the year!
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Tonci Zonjic
Plot by atomicskull
After a brutal battle with The Blackest Knight. Kal, Thirteen and Oliver continue on their journey to destroy the Mobius Chair. With Lady Thirteen now able to sense the location of the chair, things are beginning to look hopeful. Unfortunately, it's shattered when they find themselves in the middle of two deadly fractions. The Wolf Spiders, a clan of highly skilled thieves and The Legion of Assassins who are at war with one another. Oliver is shaken to his core when he sees someone from his past has joined the Legion. A girl he trained: Artemis Crock
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
Everything begins with an IDEA. The Controllers created the great machine.
The Machine that gives idea form, making it reality.
The Miracle Machine, the God Weapon, Geh-Jedollah-The-Absolute.
But we created a greater Machine.
There was nothing, followed by everything, then we raced towards the dying of the light.

There was one EQUATION, but two SOLUTIONS.
Everything ends. Nothing ever ends.

The Human Machine is ready, all there is left is the IGNITION.

Earth,Year 3036, IGNITION
An energy wave swept across Earth, transforming humanity into something else.
The energy signal came from Mars.
The Legion of Superheroes were the first to react.

Mars, Year 3036, REACTION
Controller and Sun Eater had invaded Mars, the Science Police were defeated.
And they were creating something else using the Miracle Machine.
The Legion battled Controller and Sun Eater, the Night Machine.
That was the day Legion fell, that was the day Cosmic Boy returned alone.

Legion World, Year 3036, SUMMONING
Brainiac told Cosmic Boy to wake the Machine, and so he did.
Cosmic Boy was our best, so when he called what hero would not answer?
Everything begins with an IDEA, our leader spoke and gave the idea form,
he said the words and made it real.

Data Page
The Legion Machine Schematic
Brainiac-the Processor
Cosmic Boy-the Mechanism
Saturn Girl-the Circuit
Lightning Lad-the Engine
Dream Girl-the Path
Ultra Boy-the Adapter
Phantom Girl-the Navigator
32 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Ben Turner walked away from his former life but he knows that it's not that easy. You can't do what he's done and expect to walk away clean. He has a target on his back. Former clients, victims, any newcomer trying to make a name for them self and even friends are looking to enhance their rep by scrubbing(killing) him. His handler David asks him again if he is prepared for what's coming next. He just put a marker on his head and everyone is looking to collect!
Before he can answer, the phone rings. David picks it up and hands it to him, it's Faraday. King Faraday runs MI-6 but before then, he was a part of a black ops team along with Ben and a few others. Ben tells him that he is not in the business and not to call him again. Faraday tells him this isn't about a job, it's about Flo. She along with her partner Gypsy have been captured by a Russian-back separatist group in the country of Uzikstan.
Ben is silent for a long time. After what seems like an eternity, he tells Faraday to send him the script(information). David looks at Ben and tells him that he still cares about Flo. Be says no, he's going to save Flo because no one else is allowed to kill her but him! Next Issue: She's A Rainbow!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“So, When Can You Start?”
Sometimes it all appears to work out for the best. The Wesley Fermin imposter has pulled through and is in custody with a full investigation pending from the FBI. Myra Fermin has gained fame and very good press as the brave spouse. Her major problem is what offer she will take. Vicki Vale breaking of the story exposing the fake Wesley “Fraudman” has added to her already lengthy list of achievements.
As for Vic, his coverage of the shooting and exposure has put him on the map as well. His online fight with the Sportsmaster is once again trending. Vic’s everyman attitude in his commentary has caused DCBA, one of the newer premium cable networks to offer to buy Vic’s program from Hub City’s cable system. And Hub City cable is enjoying counting the zeroes in the offering price. Vic Sage is going national.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Declan Shalvey
To Dick Grayson, the name Nightwing is a point of pride. It represents the best version of himself. His independence, his drive to help others.
To Cheyenne Freemont, Nightwing is an inspiration, a shining example to aspire to. The first hero to stand up for the vulnerable and marginalized in her city.
To both of them, the rise of a criminal cartel named Nightwing in Blüdhaven feels like a massive, intentionally targeted insult to the name.
Rest assured, Dick has a *lot* to say about it in his latest therapy sessions with Dr. Madeline Le May. The new Red X’s murder was bad enough — but seeing the Nightwing name dragged through the mud might be the tipping point. And it doesn’t feel like a coincidence to him.
Between Dick and Chey, they manage to determine that the Nightwing Syndicate began a meteoric rise about two months ago, a few weeks before the first appearances of the new Red X.
And they’re making their fortunate in Xenothium-powered weaponry – the same dangerous tech that poisoned Dick’s mind, and powers the Red X suit.
That gives Chey an idea – if they track Xenothium, they’ll either find Red X, the Nightwing Syndicate, or both.
It isn’t long before they find themselves hot on the trial of the imposter himself!
Cornered by Dick and Nightwing, Red X refuses to take off the mask.
But they do protest their innocence – well, to the murder.
Red X claims to be stealing their tech from Nightwing, and offers to lead Dick and Chey straight to them!
They can’t trust Red X – but they can they afford to let this opportunity pass by?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99