Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
There is an isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean. No one lives there. No one visits. But on this island, today, gods will clash!
In one corner, wearing orange and green, he hails from Poseidonis, Atlantis by way of Amnesty Bay, Maine, United States of America. He wields the Sword of Cetus, forged from the tooth of the largest and most power Megalodon in history. He is the inheritor of the divine power of Poseidon, Hellenistic God of the Sea. He is known as the Aquaman and more recently as the Aquagod. He is… the outrageous Arthur Curry!
And in the other corner, wearing black and gold, he hails from Shiruta, Kahndaq by way of Ancient Egypt. He wields the power of not one but six Egyptian gods, including the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Horus, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aten, and the courage of Mehen! He is the Regent-Protector of Kahndaq and the man who has been secretly stymieing Aquaman’s quest to reunite Atlantis for the past year. Known as Black Adam, he is… the majestic Teth-Adam!
Their grudge match will be settled, here and now, to the death!
Meanwhile, Crablab and Mera make headway in their effort to expose the “Cerulean Lantern” cult.
Plus, King Orm proposes marriage!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Rick Flagg arrives in The Congo to meet his new partner. Agent Dakota Johnson picks him up from the airport as they head to the hospital in Tinisha where Congo agent Kia Okura is recovering from her injuries from her battle with Ravager. When they get there, they meet with her partner David Zivambe who tells them that Kia sustained serious injuries but is expected to recover. David tells Dakota that he is sorry for the death of her partner Steve Trevor as he leaves for an important meeting. When he leaves the room, Rick tells Dakota that he knew Steve for a long time and they worked a lot of cases together. He then tells her he's known that Steve was dirty for years. So what what really happened, what was Steve Trevor into that got him killed?
Later that night, David is getting dressed for his meeting. But this isn't a police matter, it's a Bat-Wing matter. His partner was attacked, Steve Trevor died and drugs and weapons are flooding the streets of Tinisha. He knows that it was Ravager who nearly killed his partner Kia, now he wants to know who was behind it all. Who was the person that sent Ravager? So to get answers he's going to go to the one person who would know everything about guns, drugs, violence and everything else illegal in Africa: his old friend Matthew Bland aka, The Red Lion! Next Issue: Into The Lion's Den!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Connor sits in a cold, dank cell waiting to be executed for daring to defy The Guild by leaving the ancient organization. He contemplates everything that's happened since he left: striking out on his own, making friends and more importantly meeting Avila. She's dead because of him(we know better -Marv the Wise!). A door opens to reveal a shocking sight, Billy Badass whole and walking again. Billy looks at Connor and smiles, telling him that he will be the one to put the blade in his heart. He only wishes that he could have been the one to kill his girlfriend as well.
As Connor lunges at Billy through the bars, another figure walks in, Richard Dragon, leader of The Guild. He tells Billy to leave the room, he wants to be alone with Conner. Dragon tells him that he isn't angry, just saddened that he left his family. He knew Connor's mother and father and that he was more of a parent to him than they ever were. They left him with The Guild because they didn't want him. He was raised as a son and he betrayed the only father and family that he ever knew. Dragon tells Connor to return to The Guild, beg for mercy and he will be welcome back with open arms. Refuse and not only will he die but everyone he ever met will be killed as well!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Young reporter Vicki Vale watches as an inexperienced Batman goes head on against The Riddler and Scarecrow! At first, the two villains are giving the Dark Knight everything that he can handle! The Scarecrow using an unorthodox fighting style while The Riddler, a former boxer, uses a Southpaw technique.
But it doesn't take Batman long to figure them out using his own martial arts skills learned while training with the League of Assassins. A quick tiger-blow to the midsection takes down The Riddler while a monkey-paw strike to The Scarecrow leaves him unconscious. An impressed Vale thanks the Dark Knight for saving her life and asks if he would like to give her an interview over dinner! But The Batman is off quickly into the night, leaving Vale and the rest of Gotham to wonder, who is the mysterious man behind the mask?
32PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Iris West has scored a huge interview with the nation’s most talked-about Governor: Harvey Dent! Harvey was the tough-as-nails District Attorney of Gotham County, putting away scores of criminals before he was publicly burned by acid in the courtroom. The trauma caused a psychological break and he became the criminal known as “Two Face.” But everyone loves a redemption story! After serving his time, he asked the citizens of Missouri to “Believe in Harvey Dent Again,” and they did - electing him Governor!
Now Harvey is taking action in response to the seemingly endless non-human threats that have recently rocked the nation - from the Starro invasion (see STARRO WARS #1-4), to the destructive spread of the Doomsday Virus (see GREEN LANTERN #26 & 27), to the revelation that the Homeland Security Director was a Martian imposter (see last ‘ish!). Dent’s State, in which Central City is located, is the first in the nation to mandate Human Passports for all businesses and public services, requiring every resident to carry proof, pursuant to the emergency use of Stagg Enterprises’ Human Confirmation Test, that they are fully human beings. But does that test even work? Or is data being collected for other reasons?
In any event, some people are willing to accept a little risk in exchange for freedom. Amongst them: Captain Cold! When the Rogues decide to make an example of Dent during his interview, can the Flash keep his Governor and Iris safe? Should he even be helping Dent? Which of Harvey’s two faces is in control, anyway?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Green Lantern HQ, Oa. Incident report: Ganthet, Supervising Guardian. With the help of local Earth government’s secret weapon, a metahuman code-named Damage, Corps members Stewart, Gardner, and Cruz were able to subdue Corpsman Jordan, who had lost control of his faculties after infection with the extremely dangerous mutagenic disease designated the “Doomsday Virus.” The origin of this virus is currently believed to be extra-universal, though a nearly identical variant exists in our universe and is suspected of being engineered in a Kryptonian Laboratory. Corpsman Jordan has been removed from Earth and admitted to the rehabilitation and treatment center on prison-planet Takron-Galtos for observation. However, a planetwide state of emergency is still in place on Earth. Despite containment protocols, the virus has spread…
People are getting sick and turning into unstoppable killing machines. Even one Doomsday Virus infection is enough to cause massive destruction. Can John Stewart and his team find a cure? Or at least stop the spread?
Meanwhile, Hal Jordan - now hugely muscled and covered in protruding bone spikes - uses all his considerable willpower to keep the Doomsday Virus’ violent influence in check while in confinement. This is no easy task, as he is constantly antagonized by an ever-vexatious detainee with a serious personal vendetta… the deposed alien dictator Despero! If Hal gives in to his rage, he may lose himself forever - and Despero knows it!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“You Better Be Ready To, Be Ready To…”
Chay-Ara, the adolescent daughter of our heroes has found a home in an English Boarding School which students from many different lands attend making the Thanagarian girl a little less noticeable. Part of any student’s education is the quest to fit in and to find a place where you belong. Chay-Ara has decided to examine her parents’ profession via video broadcasts the Earthers call “television”. Although she quickly realizes that many of the more interesting shows are fictious, she has noticed one starring a rather striking boy named Johnny Depp.
Chay-Ara’s school is exclusive enough to gather special attention from law enforcement organizations. Checkmate (big spy group), aided by Russian Major Zastrow, knows about the young Thanagarian and is looking at her as a possible source of information. When notice is taken of the Thanagarian’s interest in youth undercover work, recruitment is definitely on the table.
Meanwhile Hawkwoman and Hawkman’s bugs (planted by Captain Byth) have been discovered and steps are begun to add to the couple’s already tight security protocols. What our heroes don’t know is that CAW was on the other end and not just their over-zealous supervisor. CAW (Collective Assistance for Worlds) reacts to Byth’s sloppiness by initiating contact with Earth themselves.
And Chay-Ara has a nice last page surprise for all readers.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Plot by KALAI
"The New Guild of New Krypton"
With fire and lightning, a group of Kryptonian travelers arrive from another universe, Earth-2. They were the secret protectors of that world for many years, keeping the forces of Bru-Al of Earth-2 at bay. But recently, Bru-Al got a major power boost under the yellow sun of Earth-2, and he is using necromancy to resurrect his sons and daughters, the House of Al of Earth-2, who have been dormant in the the Grimmworld, Kryptonian Werewolf, Kryptonian Vampire, and Kryptonian Mummy.
Meanwhile, Lara Lor-Van discovers that Cir-El carries a piece of data from Brainiac-13. And the Religion Guild and the Magic Guild are starting a war on New Krypton.
Kal-L, Superman of Earth-2, must team-up with Jor-El of Earth-1, to stop them before they make a big mistake. To make things more complicated, Jon Kent discovers that there is yet another cult rising on New Krypton,
believing that Rao the God of Sun has abandoned them in their hour of need, they turned to Apophiso, the forbidden and apocrypha God of Black Hole.
Good thing that Black Hole God doesn't really exist, right?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Ram V
Art by Mike Allred
'Dinosaur Island' Part Two
Deadshot and Amanda Waller agree to let Razer take the kids off the island as long as they are his responsibility and his alone. But Livewire doesn't let him take load by himself. Divine, a clone of Power Girl has been distrustful over the Red Lantern ever since he arrived in Belle Reve and doesn't know why. When she uses her x-ray vision on Razer, the squad learns that he's the only one without a bomb in his neck. They'll have plenty of time to settle this. But first things first. A mutated Pterodactyl. The so called ruler of Dinosaur Island, Airstryke has to be punched, shot zapped and raged against.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by KALAI
Written by TOM KING
Haunted by Hunger
With all the Roasted Turkey possessed by Turkey Spirits,
the heroes must battle their food to stop Darksied from ruining Thanksgiving.
Can Captain Marvel and Tawky Tawny eat all the Turkey?
Or will Ice and Fire summon enough Flower soldiers from the Flower Realm to stop Darkseid?
And why is Blue Beetle carrying his Beetle Ship with so many ducks?
Avery Ho and Peng Deili decide that they should create an army of their own.
With their own roast, of an army of Peking Duck! And also the power of Black Lantern.
It's more than Duck vs Turkey!
It's the East vs the West!
It's the Main Course War after the Cold-dish War!
It's an army of Black Lantern Peking Duck vs an Army of Black Lantern Roasted Turkey!
The heroes will challenge Darkseid to a roast cook-off,
for the fate of Earth and Thanksgiving?!
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Tonci Zonjic
Our three warriors arrive on Mount Brimstone now faced with the thing they've been longing to destroy: The Mobius Chair. They have no idea of the potential fate it'll bring since it has never been attempted before. In this dramatic conclusion, our heroes may find out that destroying the chair may result in a world that is even more chaotic than it was before.
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Plot by KALAI
The Star Child
Mars, Year 3036,
the Legion that was defeated were Brainiac, Lightning Lad, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and Cosmic Boy.
The Controller told Brainiac that the change is coming, and they were here to save humanity.
The Miracle Machine must complete the Star Child, and the Human Machine must be ready.
The race of Controllers had witnessed a great war that ended their reality, they escaped that space-time continuum,
and controlled everything in this universe to keep the peace, but the war is coming.
Legion World, Year 3036,
the superheroes that answered the summoning of Cosmic Boy are gathered,
Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lass, Garridan Ranzz, and the Judge.
Legion World, Year 3021,
in the dead of the night, when the world was asleep,
Brainiac and Cosmic Boy had made something new,
the Legion Machine, the Greatest Machine humanity has ever seen.
Saturn Girl, founding member of the Legion, powerful telepath of Titan,
Lightning Lass, sister of Lightning Lad, powers of electricity,
Garrisan Ranzz, son of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, formerly known as Validus.
And the mysterious Judge.
Mars, Year 3036,
The Legion of Superheroes teleported onto Mars.
At the exact same time, the Star Child is born.
Data Page
The Legion timeline
Year -1500, the Circle discovered the Equation.
Year 0, the Circle split into the Circle and the Dark Circle.
Year 1989, Brainiac-2 created the L.E.G.I.O.N.
Year 3008, The Legion of Superheroes is created.
Year 3010, The Magic War.
Year 3014, Legion Rising.
Year 3019, X'hal returns.
Year 3021, Brainiac recreated the Kryptonian Resurrection Protocol.
Year 3036, the The Old Dragon is coming.
40 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Ten years ago:Ben Turner was in love and about to get married to the most wonderful woman in the world. She was killed and Ben vowed that he would never love again.
Eight years ago: Ben met another woman and for the first time in years he felt love again. He was happy and he married this wonderful woman and lived a wonderful life.
Six years ago: Ben found out that the woman he married, the woman who taught him to love again was the person who killed his first love!

Today: Ben and David arrive in Berlin, Germany. "Twelve."The number twelve comes to Ben's mind. This is how many people he's killed in Germany. They go to their hotel and go over the script again. They will take a train from Germany to Poland. In Poland they will travel to the mountain border with Uzikstan where they will crossover and locate the camp where the hostages are being held. Once the camp is found, the separatist will be killed, the hostages freed and they make their escape through Serbia where a transport plane will be waiting to fly them to London. David asks Ben if he has any problems with this assignment given who's involved. Ben gives David a hard glare and tells him to pack the equipment and make sure he has BT(Bronze Tiger) secured, they have a train to catch!
Did we mention that one of the hostages being held is Flo Crowley? The woman Ben was married to until he found out she scrubbed(killed) his first fiance'? Next Issue: We Hate What We Love.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?”
Part 1: “Say, What IS A Big ‘W’?”
DCBA’s national tour of the heavily promoted “Vic Sage Show” has started in Los Angeles. To highlight each stop, Vic plans on investigating an area’s most grisly, mmmm, not quite; perverse, almost but still a bit off; thrilling, oh, please; RATINGS GRABBING urban legend of the area. Vic really wants to be examining the legend of the Char Man of Ojai, California. Pop Culture fans will, of course recognize this as the birthplace of Colonel Steve Austin, American Astronaut. And the scene where Vic asks if Steve Austin reminds Ojai residents of the wrestler or the $6,000,000 Man is priceless. There’s also a group of fans concerned with finding the big W from the movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”
The Char Man is supposedly the son of a father/son pair who were victims of a terrible house fire and the son allegedly flayed the father’s skin off his body but was too burned and was not arrested as the police thought him dead. The charred son is said to wander and attack innocents around Ojai. Does he exist? Is there a copycat?

32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99


Written by JACK VANCE & NX01A


As the dark sun prepares to wink out at last, the ultimate All Hallows Eve falls across the Dying Earth. The Heliospheric Barbican orbits the festering star, its inhabitants drink and carouse and contemplate what surely are the final days of their lives before night unending. They enjoy the thought broadcast from Earth of the opening rounds of the Final Thaumatic Velitation, and now wizards Darvilk the Miaanther and Byzant the Necrope oversee the concluding main events: anastrophic ZATANNA vs pandemonic SCARLET WITCH, and karmic DOCTOR FATE vs quixotic DOCTOR STRANGE! Free to explore after escaping their aborted match, RAVEN and MAGIK find what they're looking for in the extradimensional sanctum of Panderleou the Collector: Jacques & Ztan's Comic Decomposability to negate previously cast mind control spells, and the supremely unstable Schwartz's Superior Solarization to either restart the dark sun or create a singularity. Either way, with their friends freed, Magik's stepping discs and Raven's dimensional travel return everyone to their own universe and time. As for the Dying Earth and its dark sun, others will write tales of their future... if they have one.
Written by MARY SHELLY
The oceans are the darkest places on Earth. There are some depths that haven’t seen sunlight in eons. The former Atlantean city-state of Thierna Na Oge is one such dark place. And in the darkness, monsters dwell.
Megalodons are extinct. They’re dead. But some… may be undead. Sewn together from the bodies of deceased megalodons, with parts from giant squids and other oceanic leviathan added for good measure. Animated by dark Atlantean magic science. The Frankenfish is alive! Alive!
Can Aquaman stop this gigantic abomination before it devours its creators and all of Thierna Na Oge?
Written by H.P. LOVECRAFT
Italy. World War II. All Souls’ Day, the Festa dei Morti.
J.E.B. Stuart is a ghost bound to a tank, but on this day the barrier between the worlds of the living and the dead is its most porous. Other apparitions are appearing… and attempting to pull him and his tank crew to the other side!
Oh, a Halloween Special you say? Well, come on, you can’t have that without the most Halloween hero of them all, Booster Gold! I love Halloween. Really. I’m all about it, it’s just the best. I so so have to be part of this Special. Childhood dream, really. So… uhh… hey Skeets, what exactly is Halloween again?
In the future, Halloween is no more! Booster, being from the future, doesn’t even know what it is. But why was it permanently cancelled? Did it offend someone? Sensitive Wiccans, perhaps? It’s up to Booster Gold to change the future to preserve a great American tradition!
The Question in … “A Halloween Carol (but where are Bob, Ted, and Alice?)”
Rated T+ for teens and older with taste.
Art and Story by Steve Ditko
Art and Story by Denny O’Neil and Denys Cowan
Art and Story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Framing Sequence by Mark Russell and Bill Sienkiewicz
Plotter: CaptCleghorn with help from Chuck Dickens
For a guy who wears a mask so much of the time, Vic Sage is not a Halloween guy. Upon turning in early and stuffing his Pseudoderm mask with ear plugs to block out party animals from Hub City University, he is awoken by a spirit that looks a lot like his buddy Aristotle Rodor, PhD telling him about three spirits from his past present and (possible?) future. Not taking it seriously and also from having not only seen 21 adaptations of the original story, but actually reading the book, Vic plays along with the obvious gag. Until the first spirit wakes him…
Does our hero regain the holiday spirit and learn to spring for a couple of bags of candy every October or does he burn in Hell for all Eternity? Yeah, right, like we’re actually going to give away the answer in the solicitation. Look in the back of the book for the answers like every other schoolkid does.
Rated F for Fear!
Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Ibo Khaf has lived an amazing life that no one knows about. He has travelled the world, lived a luxurious life in the finest cities surrounded by beautiful people. Ibo loves beautiful people. But these beautiful people are dead. They were killed by Ibo. Not many people know Ibo and if they did know him, they're dead. Ibo is a were-wolf. Not the kind you see on the movie Twilight. No the other kind, the kind that will tear you to shreds as they eat your flesh. Ibo is in the city of Tinisha looking for beautiful people and he think he's found one that looks like a bat!
130 PGs./ Rated M...$6.66