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Plaot by EXCITER
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
Arthur Curry, with all his newly inherited “Aquagod” divinity, narrowly defeated Black Adam in their island throwdown… but the enmity isn’t over. As his foe retreats to Khandaq to no-doubt plan revenge, Arthur returns to a place of relative safety and calm - Atlantis’ embassy in Amnesty Bay. His visit, however, wouldn’t remain calm. For although he sought rest like a man, he has the burdens of a god… and Hades demands he shoulder them!
The Underworld, realm of the dead, has seven prominent rivers, each containing the departed souls of those who live and die with the water, including Atlanteans: the Styx, river of hatred; the Acheron, river of pain; the Lethe, river of forgetfulness; the Phlegethon, river of fire, the Cocytus, river of wailing; and Oceanus, the great, benevolent river that encircles the Underworld. Since the death of Poseidon, all seven rivers are overflowing. As heir to Poseidon’s power, Hades recruits “Aquagod” to resolve this issue and contain the floods… but can even he do it? And where is Poseidon’s soul anyway?
Arthur’s first destination is Styx, and he may get no farther- for he personally sent many souls filled with hatred to this final watery destination - and they want revenge! Chief among them? The father of Black Manta who died in battle with Aquaman so long ago. In the Styx, he became something more. Something darker. He became… Blackest Manta! And his hatred for Arthur Curry is godlike!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
David Zavimbe travels to the nation of Burendia to visit his old "friend" President Matthew Bland aka The Red Lion! But he's not going as an agent of The Congo, he's going as the vigilante Bat-Wing! David wants answers! Who is bringing weapons into The Congo and more importantly, who sent the assassin Ravager after his partner Kia Okura and nearly killed her? As he slips into the Presidential palace he heads to the throne room when the lights suddenly come on and he's surrounded by dozens of armed guards!
Dressed fully in his ceremonial garb, The Red Lion enters the room and orders his guards to leave. He tells David that he isn't fooled by the costume, he knows who's under the cowl! He also knows about his brother Isaac who became the serial killer Massacre. David tells him not to mention his dead brother's name again but is stunned when Bland tells him that Isaac is alive! David removes his mask and demands that Bland tell him where his brother is! Bland removes his mask as well and tells him that if David can beat him, he will tell him where he can find Isaac! Next Issue: Best vs Best!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
Today is the day! Conner Hawke will be executed for his crimes against The Guild! But this will be no ordinary execution, Connor will face ten of The Guild's greatest fighters, including Billy Badass, Ravager and their newest assassin, Anita Ass-Kicker! But Billy has no intention of fighting as he holds himself responsible for the death of Avila(see issue #24 for the real story -Marv)! As the masked fighters close in on Connor, circling him, three of them break-off from the others and stand beside Connor!
John Diggle, Naomi and Jax remove their masks and tell Connor that it's time to leave but he tells them that he deserves to die for Avila's death! Naomi slaps him upside the head and tells him that Avila is alive dummy! Richard Dragon, enraged that Connor isn't dead yet, jumps into the arena preparing to kill them all! John tells the others to shut up and get ready to fight for their lives! But leave Richard Dragon to him, they have an old score to settle! Next Issue: Fight Like You Mean It!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
As the mystery grows about who the new vigilante in Gotham is, Bruce Wayne continues training his young ward Dick Grayson. Bruce knows that it's dangerous to bring on such a young sidekick but he knows that he can't fight crime alone, that he will need allies. He's also thinking about a the new Captain on the GCPD, James Gordon, the hero cop! With Gordon on his side, it would be a huge advantage when dealing with criminals. But that will have to wait as reports of a series of burglaries come across his news feed. High value items such as art and jewelry are being stolen from the elite families of Gotham by someone the press has named "Catwoman"! Is this the time to debut The Batman's new sidekick Robin?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

The rollout of Stagg Enterprises’ Human Confirmation Test is in full swing, but after doing investigative journalism into the real goals behind the Test and being critical of politicians pushing for its universally required use, Iris West finds herself out of a job with the Central City Citizen. Fired under the pretense that her “Governor Two-Face” piece was insensitive and offensive to individuals with facial deformities and/or who identify as two-spirit, Iris vows not to let whoever is pulling the establishment’s strings cover up the truth!
To that end, she enlists the fastest fiancé alive to aid her independent investigation. Barry and Iris race to the European nation of Markovia where an international summit on the Non-Human Crisis is being held. Little do they know, they may have just ran headfirst into a disaster…
Flash Fact: Running-induced vertigo may be related to vestibular dysfunction and motion sickness.
His name is Werner Zytle, an influential royal from Vlatava, but his special skills have earned him another name amongst his colleagues in the Light: Count Vertigo. And those special skills, along with his diplomatic influence, are why Vandal Savage sent him to Markovia. But what are his orders? And what do they have to do with Brion Markov, the Prince of Markovia who also happens to be the metahuman Geoforce?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Arthur “Artie” Masculo of Earth: You have the ability to overcome great DOOM.
Artie is a ten-year-old boy from Coast City. His mother contracted the Doomsday Virus and spread it to both Artie and his father. The entire family mutated into unstoppable killing machines. In response, the United States Government unleashed their enhanced metahuman Damage to assist their field leader, Captain Atom, in containing the threat. Artie’s mother and father did not survive. Green Lantern Corpsmen Stewart, Gardner, and Cruz supplied backup and were able to subdue Artie alive and bring him to the emergency medical facility on Oa. There, the Green Lantern Corps Rapid Medical Response Team has utilized knowledge gained from countless millennia of virology research to synthesize a cure using Artie’s antibodies combined with anti-matter. But with hundreds of Doomsdays breaking out on Earth every day, becoming more powerful as the virus takes greater hold, can the team distribute it in time?
The virus is especially dangerous when heroes are infected. Case in point, the Flash! The Corps can’t inoculate what they can’t catch… so beware the fastest Doom alive!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
As seen in last issue’s dramatic last page reveal, Chay-Ara is in possession of a quantity of Nth Metal. Nth Metal is a mysterious substance from Thanagar which defies the force of gravity when properly treated. Her possession of the Nth metal is still a secret to all, but she sees it as her ticket to gain a position within the Earth group Checkmate, who has put out feelers.
Hawkwoman and Hawkman have found and deactivated the bugs which Byth planted on them to allow CAW to monitor their activities. As a result of this development, CAW (Collective Assistance for Worlds) has sent emissaries to Earth’s United Nations in order to make their entrance and acceptance into Earth affairs smoother. Thanagar does NOT like this idea as CAW has the reputation for “helping” then taking bigger pieces of the planet they claim to be aiding.
Representatives of CAW include members of the Gil'Dishpan and the Hykraians, both species living in liquid environments, although not water. They say they wish to help Earth with its pollution and environmental issues but will keep to the oceans and other underwater areas, for now anyway. Captain Byth, who set this up, is desperate to make sure his treachery remains undiscovered. And underwater seems to be the toughest spot for winged, flying, air-breathing officers to get to.
Meanwhile Major Zastrow, Shayera. and Katar investigate the possible (OK, probable) manufacture and distribution of weaponized viruses from the rogue nation of Bialya in Earth’s Middle East region. And famed “Shadow Thief” Carl Sands is interested. The dilemma lies in the mission being stopping the Bialyans or getting the virus for your own purposes.
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Ben and David have crossed the border from Poland into Uzikstan and are making their way to the rebel separatist camp to free the captive hostages. Ben's mind instantly thinks of his first fiancee' who was killed by an assassin's blade, the blade of one of the hostages Flo Crowley, Ben's ex-wife. As they approach closer to the camp, Ben puts on the Bronze Tiger mask and outfit. David looks and asks Ben if he's ready. A voice growls beneath the mask and says Ben isn't in, The Bronze Tiger is in control now.
The Bronze Tiger easily slips into the camp, killing two guards along the way. Each step closer to the hostages, brings more dead rebels. Finally, he locates the room where the captives are being held taking out the last of the separatists. He tells them that it's time to go but Flo tells him that they have other plans and won't be leaving with him.
It dawns on him that this wasn't a rescue mission but a black ops job. There were never any hostages. That was just a front to get Ben to come in and wipe out a rebel group while Flo and her team's hands stay clean. This was set-up y the Uzikstan gov't and Flo's agency. They can blame the attack on him while they walk away unscathed. Before Bronze Tiger can attack, Ben takes control again. He tells Flo that he doesn't like being used and she tells him to grow up and quit hiding behind that mask. Everyone gets played, it was just his turn.
As Ben returns to meet with David, he tells him exactly what happened. David asks him what does he plan to do about it. He looks at David and tells him, "I don't plan to do anything about it but I can't speak for the Bronze Tiger. We know that he is capable of all kinds of things!" Next Issue: Sunshine of the Eternal Mind!
32PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?” Part 2: “Where's the Streetwise Hercules to Fight the Rising Odds?”
Vic’s in Las Vegas, NV!! Let’s make sure we all know it’s the NV one and not the one in NM. Not that anyone needs to know how we found that was a problem.
In Sin City (wait, can we mention that here without paying points for use of an independent comic property? Hell, roll the dice!), we meet Vic’s executive producer, Catherine “Cat” Grant. Cat Grant has made her career in convincing people she was just a pretty face (and body) who slept her way to her goals. In truth, Grant is a brilliant businessperson who has a firm grasp on popular trends, particularly how people react to them. The Vic Sage Show appears to be in capable hands, yet she and Vic agree on very little. It’s Cat’s idea to double Vic up on pop culture and local urban legends on this tour. Vic is somewhat less than excited about those features and prefers harder hitting news and issues.
Las Vegas also introduces us to Veronica Sinclair. Sinclair is an underground entrepreneur who started her professional career as an adult performer. She developed a popular niche in the fetish market and began to book other performers for “fights”. This kinky stuff sold well, but when Veronica started using tougher, more experienced fighters and started taking bets, her business took off. In case the name Veronica Sinclair doesn’t ring a bell, look for her under her performer name, “Roulette”. Roulette wants Sportsmaster/Sage II and unfortunately for Vic, so do many of her customers.
On this issue’s show (working title “I buried Roy”, Vic looks at the myths regarding the alleged death of Roy Horn of “Siegfried and…”. A conspiracy theory has it that Horn died BEFORE the accepted death via animal attack. Also on this episode, a look into kidney theft of people drugged and left bleeding in a hotel bathroom missing an organ.

32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Declan Shalvey
Red X leads Nightwing and Dick into the heart of the Nightwing Syndicate, the ironically named xenothium-weapons smuggling operation that’s been plaguing Blüdhaven.
Unsurprisingly, Red X vanishes as soon as the Nightwings arrive... but they were true to their word.
Perhaps their claims of (relative) innocence aren’t so farfetched.
Either way... Dick is able to put his personal feelings aside. His priority is the criminals before him..
It’s a stealth infiltration mission, as Dick and Chey do their best to scope out the scope of the Nightwing Syndicate’s operation!
Dick finds his way into the ventilation system, and manages to spy on a meeting of the Syndicate leaders. He makes a discovery that shocks him: the identity of the kingpin of this empire.... an old face from his days in Meridian, Marcus Moore!
48 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by Vita Ayala
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Rod Reis
The Sensation Challenge begins with...
Months ago, Poseidon was murdered. Queen Clea, his killer, absconded with his trident. Diana of Thymescira set out to hunt her down. That was then.
Now, it’s been months since Diana has been stranded on the alien world of Barsoom!
(Fun fact: the early Edgar Rice Burroughs books are public domain, despite what the ERB Estate would want you to think!)
The nefarious Duke of Deception, Warlord of the Red Martian nation of Zodanga and ancient acolyte of Ares, has allied himself with the vicious White Martians, seeking to claim the forfeited territories of the recently exterminated Green Martians for his own!
The Duke’s dark magicks have blocked all starlight from Mars, leaving the Celestial Wonder Woman trapped!
Diana, now sworn to the defense of the noble kingdom of Helium and the love of the beautiful princess Dejah Thoris, fights alongside the Red Martians for their freedom!
But when Diana gets the opportunity to escape Mars, will she abandon Helium in it’s hour of need? Or will she follow the trail of the Trident of Poseidon?
48 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99