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Despite the most valiant of efforts, the Green Lantern Corps has failed. Oa, the planet-sized headquarters at the center of the Universe, now belongs to humanity. More specifically, it belongs to Vandal Savage!
So begins the fortification. Savage intends to entrench himself upon Oa and secure it permanently. Moving in a large occupying force from various Earth nations, including Atlantis, Savage imprisons the surviving Green Lanterns in their own sciencells and uses the Parasite to absorb and distribute power. His ultimate goal: harness the technology of Oa, including its power rings and Central Battery, and combine it with the might of Warworld, allowing humanity to claim its birthright as cosmic apex predators!
Under Savage’s control, Oa has become the ultimate fortress in the Universe. Woe be unto any “heroes” who try to lay siege to it… for no Justice League yet assembled could prevail in such a task!
Is all hope lost?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

AQUAMAN #25 *Humanity First Tie-In*
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
There are two types of Manhunters:
(1) Robots, created long ago by the Guardians of the Universe. Literal war machines. They were too brutal, too unfeeling - and they were shelved. Or so the Guardians thought...
(2) Heroes of Mars that pursue evildoers wherever they hide, dedicated to justice. You know the current Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz.
So what happens when Manhunters clash?
There has been non-stop conflict since Aquaman travelled to Mars to end its supernatural flooding. Now, Vandal Savage decrees that the Sol system belongs fully to Earth as part of his his quest to place HUMANITY FIRST! That means Mars must be subjugated… and Savage summons the Manhunters (the robot ones) to make that happen! Can Aquaman help the Manhunter (the Martian one) defend his planet’s sovereignty?
Plus, the Khandaq-Atlantis War is over, with a Vandal Savage-aligned Atlantis emerging as the decisive victor. Khandaq is destroyed and it’s ruler, Black Adam, nearly dead. The only one keeping him alive is an unexpected ally… Crablad?! The courageous crustacean doesn’t support King Orm’s new alliance, but to get the enemy leader out of a war zone he’ll need even more unexpected help - from Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
Gladiatorial Arena in Burendia: David Zavimbe(BAT-WING) has just witnessed the unthinkable! Kia Okura, his partner in the Congo Intelligence Bureau and someone he may be developing feelings for was in a fight for her life against Ravager! And she won! Can he trust Burendias' President Matthew Blands'(The Red Lion) promise to let her and the other captives Dakota Johnson and Rick Flagg leave his country unharmed?
Realizing that he doesn't have any other choice, he quickly frees Flagg and Dakota, hoping that Kia can hold her own until he can reach her! He then races to the center of the arena to help Kia against the guards rushing towards her. While all of this is going on, The Red Lion sits calmly, watching all of the mayhem going on. He's quite amused watching the heroes struggle valiantly against all odds. But with Bat-Wing's help, they might actually make it out alive!
David and the others fight their way through Burendias' elite forces, facing impossible odds! Each small victory brings them closer to escaping from one of the most dangerous countries in the world! They're starting to believe that they can actually make it out alive! But, it all ends suddenly in swift and violent fashion! The raucous crowd cheers as The Red Lion brutally takes down Kia, Dakota and Rick leaving only Bat-Wing left standing! David gives his best but he is clearly no match against Bland. After toying with his opponent, Bland looks to the crowd who begin to chant, "Death! Death! Death!"
David looks at Kia behind his mask, wishing that he could save her, save them all. She looks at him and says just one word, "David". She knows and with that knowledge, David feels that he can die with some measure of peace! Suddenly, the arena is rocked by a loud explosion, everyone stunned as debris rains down. The smoke clears, David seeing the impossible and Bland looking on with a tinge of fear deep inside. Grifter, Ben Turner and John Diggle would like to have a word with Bland! Next Issue: Four The hard Way!
32 PGS./Rated T+... $3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
After years of not knowing who he was or where he come from, Connor has finally gotten the answers that he's been looking for all of his life. First he found his mother, Talia al Ghul, which makes him the inheritor of a dangerous legacy. Now he knows who his father is! Oliver Queen, former Guild member, former assassin, former American multi-millionaire businessman! Truly, Connor comes from a terrible lineage, assassins, terrorists and businessmen! Talia and The Magus encourage Connor to usurp Richard Dragon, fulfill is destiny and take his rightful place as the leader of The Guild!
Avila looks at Connor, uncertainty and questions in his eyes, and tells him that he can make his own choices! He doesn't have to follow some pre-ordained path, that his future is what he chooses to make! He looks at her and smiles, as if the clouds have been lifted from his mind. He looks at The Magus and his mother and thanks them. They have helped him fill in the blank spaces of his past but he isn't interested in what they have planned for him, he will make his own path. Talia tells her son that she is proud of the man that he has become and that he has such strong convictions! But if he doesn't help her and The Magus stop Richard Dragon and take control of The Guild, she will kill Avila!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

THE FLASH #40 *Humanity First Tie-In*
Non, the rogue son of Krypton, had become the king of planet Circadia, and as king he chose to lead its bug-like denizens - and his many clutches of half-bug superboys - in a preemptive strike against Vandal Savage’s forces. This was a mistake… and would be his last.
Having begun to marry the power of Oa and Warworld, combined with the unique skills of his minion the Parasite, Vandal Savage unleashes an attack that drains the life force from Non, his army, and every living thing on Circadia! He then transfers that massive amount of life force into a meteorite, which he intends to have the Reverse Flash run back in time and deposit on Earth 50,000 years ago for Savage’s past self to find and absorb - becoming functionally immortal. But first, to be on the safe side, Savage may want to absorb the life force of a few more alien worlds…
Flash is horrified at having witnessed a planetary genocide. His new friends in the Justice Battalion - Magog, Peacemaker, and Captain Atom - urge him to run back in time and prevent the loss of billions of lives. He will! He must!
But the Reverse Flash won’t let him.. Barry’s oldest enemy, Eobard Thawne, refuses to allow the Flash to pick up enough speed to change the past. And he’s got backup - W.O.A.H.’s speedster unit, SD-1! These were the newbies that Barry trained while undercover in W.O.A.H. as “Marathon Man” (see THE FLASH #32-34). Can Barry get through to Breakneck, Fast Foodie, Running Shoes, Ziplock, and/or Jack-Be-Quick… or do they all, rightfully, feel betrayed by him?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

GREEN LANTERN #40 *Humanity First Tie-In*
Written by MARK MILLAR
The Guardians of the Universe, also known as Maltusians, were possibly the first intelligent life to arise in the cosmos. For their long, nearly immortal lives, they championed law and order amongst the stars. Countless aeons before humanity evolved on Earth, the Maltusians learned to harness the power of the emotional spectrum. They created the Green Lantern Corps. They terraformed Oa. Now, thanks to Vandal Savage, they’re almost all dead.
Only three yet live: Ranakar, Pazu Pinder Pol, and Ganthet. All are taken captive, as Vandal Savage attempts to wrest every last secret of Oa from their minds. And with the methods at Savage’s disposal, the question isn’t if the last Maltusians will break… but when!
Meanwhile, the human members of the Green Lantern Corps were cut-off from their power and stuck on Earth during the fall of Oa. Reluctantly, they’ve accepted Yellow Lantern rings from Sinestro. But what can they do with them?
Guy Gardner, hot-headedly, wants to rush to Oa. But Hal, John, and Jessica understand that they’d be no match for a force that defeated an entire Corps. No, their last, best chance to save the Universe is to rely on the real strength of humanity: its ability to make friends. They must call on those friends and recruit a league of the universe’s heroes mightier than any previously assembled…
Will there be Justice?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by TOM KING
Terra Man has done well against Thal in their first battle in the Toronto skies. Thal did manage to keep one of the bolos that had wrapped around her wings and caused an embarrassing dive into Lake Ontario. Taking it to a Checkmate’s Thorah Island base in Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto, Thal found a tracking device as well as some other tech which was definitely alien. The question is why would non-terrans want to support and actively engage in Earth’s current superiority attitude.
At this point, Hawkgrrl is unsure who among her co-workers at Checkmate# she can trust with this information as there are many factions of Terran supremists in many organizations. Her own role as a specialist in deal with non-humans is now questionable. So she and her partner Carrie Kelley have a detailed discussion about the current state of affairs (and their argument about Molsens vs Labatts). Can they trust each other?
Also, Thal has placed the tracker in an inaccessible spot deep underwater beneath Lake Ontario. That may but her some time until she can find a way to neutralize the other devices and tech she found within the bolo.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

A massive contingent of humanity now occupies Oa. Among them are the numerous Agents of W.O.A.H. - many of whom are newly activated metahumans with…. reservations about their actions. Are they doing the right thing?
“Superset” is one such meta-strong recruit, assigned to W.O.A.H.’s Brick Division. In the lull after battle, he turns introspective… and his superior officer, Ethan “Damage” Avery, notices. Yeah, this issue is a philosophical discussion!
Look, we’re all humans right? Non-humans attack us all the time. Starro. Doomsday. Greek Gods. Psions. The Gil'Dishpan and the Hykraians. Kryptonians, living and undead. Remember when those people made of Ice Cream attacked? (I do - it was JUSTICE FOR ALL SEASONS #9!). Humanity has a right and a need to defend itself, and to acquire the weapons that will enable us to do so.
Moreover, it’s obvious that humanity needs to put its own interests first. Should people on Earth suffer needlessly while aliens have medicines and technologies that they’re unwilling to share with us? Taking that stuff is like stealing bread to feed your starving family. Maybe technically wrong, but morally justified.
Plus, who gave the Green Lantern Corps authority to enforce their laws on Earth? We didn’t vote for them. They just assumed jurisdiction. That’s an aggressive act. They can’t just enforce their laws on us. We have a right to make sure they don’t do it anymore, and a duty to make sure they don’t do it to anyone else!
So, you see, Vandal Savage is right! We’re the good guys! Mankind will be safer when we’re done, and isn’t that what all humans want?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Art by JAE LEE
Iris West continues to publish her exposé of Vandal Savage’s historic misdeeds while Grodd and other primal refugees from Gorilla City try and keep her alive!
After millennia of shadowy manipulation, Iris reveals in “Part Two: A Deadly Conspiracy” that Vandal Savage was finally approaching his endgame. He took a protégé in Commodore Murphy, the so-called “Technocrat” and one-time leader of the “Green Team” of teen trillionaires, and used Murphy’s ownership of social and traditional media companies to spread Savage’s desired messaging - which included smears against the Green Lantern Corps and fear-mongering about non-human threats (see GREEN LANTERN #31 & AQUAMAN #19). This enabled Savage to leverage Governor Harvey Dent, making Dent the first U.S. politician to mandate use of the human confirmation test (see FLASH #27). The rest of the world fell like dominoes afterward, and soon almost every government mandated the test (see FLASH #30). Of course, Savage had worked with another Illuminatus, Simon Stagg of Stagg Enterprises, to ensure the test also screened for the metagene - giving Savage a nearly complete list of everyone on Earth with a metagene (see FLASH #30)! Savage took it upon himself to recruit and activate these mostly untapped metahumans - but the activation process was potentially fatal (see THE FLASH #31)! For every metahuman Agent of W.O.A.H. that Savage successfully activated, five innocent people died!
Savage has acted utterly without mercy or remorse. And even greater international (and intergalactic) crimes were committed! Those crimes will be revealed in part three…
…if there is a part three! Savage isn’t screwing around anymore. He sends his top assassin, Cheetah, to lead a W.O.A.H. “clean-up” team. Fortunately, Iris has more unexpected backup - the Rogues! Can the Flash’s one-time greatest enemies keep his fiancée alive?
Plus, Harvey Dent is of two minds after reading the article. He wasn’t in on Savage’s conspiracy! Was he? No, he was a reformed man and an honest politician that was mislead by special interest groups. Two-Face isn’t part of the Light, is he? No no no. And Harv’s going to prove it… by helping Iris publish the next two parts of her exposé!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by N.K. Jemisin (Far Sector)
Art by Liam Sharp (The Green Lantern)
Plot by CaptCleghorn
The battle to destroy the Manhunter facility on Rann goes poorly as the factory defenses and the efforts of bodyguards Adam Strange and Captain Comet are stemming the tide.
Last issue when Kral and the Hawks captured Strange, they discovered that the goal of the Rann base was to defend those planets in the Centauri and Sol systems. Strange’s capture was really the only gain our heroes had. An unsurprising rescue attempt was made by Captain Comet and Sardath, highest science office on the planet. Sardath lets slip that a Thanagarian weapon using both Rann’s zeta beam technology will soon eliminate Earth from existence.
Rann’s two Earthian defenders are not at all happy about this. Katar Hol and Shayera Tahl, whose daughter is assigned to earth are not happy about this. And Rayn Kral realizes the Guardians would never accept planetary destruction if there were other possibilities.
Kral, the Hawks, Strange, and Comet head to Thanagar for the one purpose they all agree on. Upon reaching the Thanagarian center (location grudgingly given up by Sardath) , they discover the weapon is NOT an official Thanagarian directive, but is a plot by CAW (Collective Assistance for Worlds). Instrumental in this plot is the character surprise appearing on the last page…
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

As Vandal Savage pursues his agenda to put Humanity First, Next Dawn proudly presents an anthology of must-read stories from the event!
Written by CHUCK DIXON
Carol Ferris was a businesswoman who dominated the field of aviation. Her on-again-off-again relationship with ace pilot Hal Jordan set her down a path that would eventually lead to the Star Sapphire Corps! As champion of these violet space warriors, Carol fought for “love” throughout the universe. Her mission eventually brought her to the most unexpected of places… Warworld. There, she brought the power of love to an impossibly hardened heart, making the former despot Mongul her paramour (see NEXT DAWN VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1)! For years, her love made him better. By Mongul’s side, she even helped defeat Starro (see GREEN LANTERN #8 & 13).
Now Mongul is dead: killed by Vandal Savage so the immortal fiend could usurp control of Warworld. And as the champion of love, she can’t let her lover go unavenged… but what can she do while stranded on a random planet after Savage stole her ring? And what lengths will she go to in order to get it back?
S'kidds'kakoth, a.k.a. S'kidd-Flash, came from a planet that worshipped the Flash. His holy pilgrimage involved ascending to the ultimate position of respect within his culture: the Flash’s sidekick! When he arrived on Earth, then W.O.A.H. Director Captain Atom cut him some slack and let him stay (see THE FLASH #33). But when Cap wouldn’t go along with the hardline Humanity First agenda, he was ousted from W.O.A.H. (see THE FLASH #37)… and now they’re cracking down on aliens!
W.O.A.H. sends its anti-speedster agent, the Turtle, to bring the youthful Savothian streaker in for processing. Can S’kidd avoid a one-way trip to the Las Tunas Non-Human Detention Facility?
Written by Grant Morrison
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by Frank Quitely
Rhonda Pineda is a brilliant young woman. She not only claims to have created a size-changing belt using white dwarf star particles, but has been shown to be able to change size herself without the aid of an outside device. She has a seat on a cruiser heading towards the planet OA to joins the fight for Earth vs. the planet OA. OA is the home base of the Green Lantern Corps and luckily for expedition, they were able to get the ring from a dead Lantern. Luckily for the humans, the Lantern’s ring was out of power and the numerous meta powered humans on the ship were able to kill the powerless GL and acquire an actual Lantern ring. Although the ring is drained, Pineda feels that since she can shrink to a subatomic level, she can reduce her size and shrink herself into the ring to gather an idea how it works. Despite many warnings and orders not to do this, Pineda shrinks and disappears into the ring.
64 PGs./Rated T+ …$6.99

JLAlien #11 *Humanity First Tie-In*
Plot by NX01A
Written by AL EWING
•On a parallel Earth a century ago, the world computer ALIEN-ATOR transformed almost all humans into peaceful alien hybrids. Not a bad place, MAXWELL LORD thinks but with the arrival of Max's multiversal miscreants, the techno-infested 'pure' human gene-terrorists want the extermination of billions in exchange for the quantum coordinates of Max's Earth.
•Under the watchful eye of technokinetic cyborg TERRA-WOMAN, Martian, Tamaranean, Kryptonian, and Über-Nazi science come together to create a bioweapon able to wipe out everyone not fully human on this Earth!
•Don't let the demi-Daemonite DNA fool you. VOODOO was never really a bad girl. Forced together with sociopaths like BLACKFIRE, narcissists like Max, psychopaths like MA'ALEFA'AK, and amoral AIs like the ÜBERADICATOR, she's tried her best over the past months to stop them from going completely genocidal. Will stopping them now make her become a mass murdereress?
32 PGs./ Rated M...$3.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
"WTF John Diggle?"
Burendia: While sitting in a prison cell waiting to be executed, the last person Ben Turner and Grifter thought they would ever see rescue them is John Diggle! The same Diggle who betrayed them and left them to rot in a Burendian prison years ago! Ben grabs Diggle by his throat ready to kill his former teammate. Diggle removes Ben's hand and tells them that they can either waste time trying to kill him or they can help him rescue their friends before Bland kills everyone!
Grifter tells them that they can settle this later, right now they need to stop Bland. Ben reluctantly agrees but tells Diggle that they'll settle this later if they make it out alive. After what seems like an eternity and leaving a slew of dead bodies in their wake, they make their way to the arena to see The Red Lion ready to kill Bat-Wing!
While Diggle and Grifter race to help Kia and the others, Ben runs straight toward Bland, who moves just in time to prevent Ben from ripping off his head! He turns to face Ben and smiles. He knows that Ben is no match for him and deep inside, Ben knows it as well! They last time they were together, Bland left them to rot and become President of Burendia! This time he will kill everyone and make Ben watch! Should he become President of Africa after that?
32 PGS./Rated T+... $3.99

SENSATION COMICS #29 (An Earth 74 story!)
Story and Art by Amanda Conner
Plot by CaptCleghorn
“Don’t Cry for Me”
In your polyester suit,
With matching platform boots,
And the old Red, White and Blue.
Yes, you sang those words, didn’t you? Hearing that song means it’s nearly time for our blonde...
Princess Diana of Themyscira has come from that mysterious hidden island to bring peace, love, and truth to the outside world. However, a second Amazon has made her way to Man’s World. This Amazon is Ahnjayla and she wants what’s best for Ahnjayla. Ahnjayla finds her place in Man’s World.
Diana’s boss Steve Trevor has been directed to investigate the effect on US security that the death of Argentine president Juan Peron might have. Peron’s widow, Isabel Peron, the former Vice President, has ascended to the presidency making her the first woman president on earth. The idea of a woman in that level of government is exciting to Diana, but like Steve, she sees potential problems with her husband’s less than reputable dealings. Diana and Steve get a flight down to Buenos Aries and join the team at the US Embassy.
Ahnjayla, meanwhile, has filled a gap in the office of La Presidente. It seems Ahnjayla’s amazon physique is one that may be capable of handling a procedure designed to increase the strength and speed of the human body. A procedure that has killed every non-amazon so far. Will Ahnjayla’s quest to become Diana’s better cause her to agree to this experiment based on decades old German technology?
See the world of 1974 from the view of Amazonian women experiencing it for the first time.
32 PGS./Rated T+... $2.99

THE QUESTION #40 *Humanity First Tie-In*
Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Anything Happen While I Was Gone?”
Vic is back in Hub City.
Roland Desmond has been elected Mayor of Hub City following the death of the previous Mayor, Wesley Fermin. Desmond is a criminal who plans to use his position to line his own pockets. A reasonable, if evil, plan. However, Desmond can’t get much done because Hub City is so far out of control, even well-organized criminal gangs can’t do well there. Enter Captain Ellen Yin, a Gotham City cop who sees her option narrow in GC as neither Commissioner Gordon, nor Chief Clancy O’Hara appear to be going anywhere soon. Yin interviews for the position of Hub City Police Commissioner and despite the fact she and Desmond know each other’s positions, she gets hired. Desmond needs a strong PD in order to clean up the city enough for him to start making some money.
Ron Troupe, ex-Metropolis reporter and successor to Vic’s local cable show is making a name for himself in Hub City.
Alice Tesla and Merry Pemberton show Vic his newly upgraded 2022 Chevy Spark, fixed with a far superior (but electric) engine as well as devices making his touch screen dashboard monitor very busy as well as geared to work on Vic’s (or Vic in the mask) voice only. After all, device buttons on the center of steering wheel mess with the air bags.
Tot gives Vic hell for how he takes care of himself. Then he gets Vic a regular doctor.
Carol Burnett (kids, google her) used to have Jim Nabors (see, that Gomer Pyle thing last issue was an actual foreshadowing subplot) on her first show of every season. Vic does that with Giorgio Tsoukalos and has him on his show regularly. This week, however, instead of discussing historic possibilities Vic and Giorgio discuss how the Humanity First movement may affect future interplanetary affairs.
As the show wraps, Vic gets a visit from Betty Bates, the “Lady@Law” and one of DCBA’s best lawyers. Vic’s being sued for sexual harassment. There would have been protestors outside his show, but you know, it is Hub City.
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Valerio Schiti
Enjoy this interlude, delving into the origins of the G-Men’s field leader!
Irish Autumns’ family was taken from him as a child... as were his memories of how and why.
Growing up at Donovan’s Home for Foundlings, all he knew was that he was alone.
Bullied by a cruel boy named Manfred, Irish found himself isolated even amongst the orphans.
In the ensuing years, he would come to believe that his misery was no accident.
One day, in the library, he came across a thought experiment called “the Basilisk”.
The Basilisk, at it’s most basic, is an immensely powerful entity that needs you to do something for it, and will torture you for eternity if you defy it.
The sense that he was the victim of this principle haunted him long after he left the orphanage, long after he discovered he was Gen-Active. He chose the name Basilisk to reclaim the burden he felt placed upon him.
Little did he know, however, that sneaking suspicion was correct.
Lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings, haunting him, has been a figure of many names. Born a century age or more as Manfred Seltsam. In modern times, called Dabney Donovan. But he has only one true name.
What vile schemes has he spent lifetimes hatching, and why?
And will Basilisk ever meet his secret tormentor?
32 PGS./Rated T+... $2.99

Written by Kieron Gillen
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Jamal Campbell
The G-Men face their oldest, most fearsome foe… Hans Leckter!
Vandal Savage has managed to restore Hans to adulthood (he’d been turned into a baby, do not worry about it), and now the magnetic mutahuman menace has managed to assemble a league of allies and family in a dark mirror of the G-Men!
Meet: the Extremists! Hans’ husband, the precognitive Dharma! Their daughter, the enigmatic Runaway! The hotheaded Bonfire, the shapeshifting Gemini, and the gelatinous Glob!
Though, actually, the Extremists did just save two of the G-Men from the Church of Eternal Empowerment… so maybe they’re not so bad?
Unfortunately, the Extremists’ next course of action is to try to assassinate a senator pushing for the registration and containment of all Gen-Active folk.
The G-Men aren’t about to let the Extremists make his point for him! Once again, they spring into action to defend the world that despises them!
32 PGS./Rated T+... $2.99