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Plaot by EXCITER
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
The “Aquagod” continues his divine quest to stop the crises afflicting the rivers of the Underworld. After preventing the Styx from overflowing, he now turns to the Acheron: the River of Pain!
Acheron was originally a god that betrayed Olympus, aiding the Titans during their war by providing hydration. As punishment, Zeus transformed him into a cursed river. Now, any who enter Archeron’s waters feel excruciating agony! Obviously, Arthur can’t swim in that. He needs another way to investigate the overflow…
Fortunately, he has the coin to pay for the services of Charon the Ferryman! On the rust-colored skiff, the Charopós, the two approach the source of Archeron’s troubles… Nekromanteion, an island ziggurat populated by necromancers. These dark wizards have plundered too many agonized Atlantean souls from the river, fusing them into a hydrokinetic monster of unprecedented malice: Nekromanteia the Drowner! Can Aquagod take them down, or is it too late to get a refund on those coins from Charon?
Meanwhile, with new godly responsibilities pulling him away, Aquaman’s quest to unify the fractured city-states of Atlantis falls upon others. Cometh the hour, cometh the Crablad! He and Mera travel to New York to deal with the meddlesome surface world and the U.N.’s questionable decision regarding sovereignty over the seven seas (see HAWKWOMAN AND HAWKMAN #6). Can Crablab reaffirm Atlantean dominance while also preventing sabotage from hidden cultists still loyal to the fallen god Triton?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Writer: Malcolm Jones
Artist: Dexter Soy
Plotter: Marvell2100
It's Bat-Wing vs The Red Lion in the capitol of Burendia! David fights his old "friend" Matthew Bland to find out what happened to his brother Isaac! David knows that Isaac died at the end of their epic battle(Read the epic tale, "Those Who Hunt Heroes" from Bat-Wing #5-#12! -marvelous Marv!). He saw it with his own eyes so why would Bland say that Isaac is alive? With so many thoughts running through his head, David is no match for Bland, it would have been a challenged even if he were fully focused. With his blade at David's throat, Bland reaches out and helps him up. He then tells David that he will tell him where Isaac is for they were all brothers at one time.
Back in Tinisha, Agents Dakota Johnson and Rick Flagg begin looking into Steve Trevors' death and who he really worked for. Dakota discovered that Trevor was a dirty agent before he died and now they need to find who had Steve on their payroll. One Name comes to Dakota's mind: Lena Killian! As they get ready to go pay her a visit, their stunned to see someone waiting for them in their hotel lobby, Agent Kia Okura! She wants some answers too like who sent the assassin Ravager to kill her!
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: MARVELL2100
A Thousand Ways To Die In A Hidden, Ancient Monastery Run By A Cult Of Deadly Assassins!
Four against four thousand! Connor Hawke looks around as he, Naomi, Jax and the man he just met for the first time, John Diggle battle Richard Dragon and The Guild! Now that he knows Avila is alive, he has something to fight for as he takes his martial arts skill to the next level pulling off unbelievable moves! Only a few yards away, Diggle and Dragon are finishing a fight begun years ago, one that Diggle walked away from and is now ready to end.
For all his skills, Dragon realizes that Diggle is a much better fighter and tells him that even if he wins, he and the rest of his pathetic team will die at the hands of The Guild! John looks at Connor and the others and knows that they won't be able to escape alive! Suddenly he hears screaming and looks as Guild warriors begin to fall! Shiva and The Left Hand Clan arrive and begin cutting down Guild assassins! She tells Diggle to grab Connor and the other and leave, they will hold off The Guild! As they escape, Connor looks back and says one day he will return and put an end to Richard Dragon once and for all! Next Issue: Soooo....What has The Magus been doing?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Markovburg, Markovia.
A collection of world leaders and influencers have gathered for an international summit. Hidden among them are conspirators. Count Werner Zytle of Vlatava, a.k.a. the dizzying “Count Vertigo.” Queen Bee, ruler of the Middle Eastern nation of Bialya. Simon Stagg, CEO of Stagg Enterprises and pioneer of the widely-mandated Human Confirmation Test. Commodore Murphy, the so-called “Technocrat,” youthful trillionaire behind the mega-investment group “the Green Team.” And finally… Vandal Savage. These members of Savage’s secret society, the Light, gather in secrecy at his request.
Savage is interested in putting an emphasized global focus on non-human threats while offering meta-humans as the solution. Markovia happens to be unique among nations, as it’s prince is the metahuman Geoforce. Imagine public perception if an alien were to eliminate the King and Queen of Markovia and allow a righteous, avenging metahuman to ascend to the throne…
As always, the perfect patsy has already been hired. Enter the Main Man: Lobo! Technically, he’s the fastest Czarnian alive - because he fragged the rest of his planet!And he’s got a contract to fulfill!
Meanwhile, the Flash is at the bottom of a ravine covered in vomit after Count Vertigo made him fall off a mountain last issue! Can the scarlet speedster regain his balance in time to save the Markovian royalty?
And as Iris West continues her investigative journalism, she learns that Barry’s grandfather Mark Thompson (who we learned was a speedster and Cold War CIA asset back in THE FLASH #9) once also failed to save a Markovian King from assassination, with the Russian speedster Red Streak slaying the monarch and jumpstarting a decades-long Soviet occupation of the nation! Turns out, speedsters are absolutely hated in the country! Ut oh!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by MARK MILLAR
Oa: The Green Lantern Corps is pleased to announce that, thanks to a combined effort from multiple internal divisions and assistance from local authorities, the Corps has effectively stopped the spread of the Doomsday Virus on the planet Earth of Sector 2814.
The local authorities, however, aren’t exactly grateful for Corps’ efforts. In fact, Green Lanterns Stewart, Gardner, and Cruz are shocked when the Corps is blamed for causing the outbreak in the first place!
Hal Jordan was patient zero. He was infected by being in proximity to Earth-2 Doomsday when the monster was finally slain, and Hal unknowingly brought the virus back to this reality with him. The immense guilt he feels is bad enough, but things get worse when the newly synthesized cure isn’t fully effective on him: it stops Hal from transmitting the virus, but it doesn’t reverse its effects. He’s still huge, grey, has protruding bone spikes, and can barely control his rage!
So it’s just about the worst time for intergalactic despot Despero to organize a massive jailbreak from the prison planet Takron-Galtos where Hal’s being held! Does even the legendary ring-slinger Hal Jordan have the willpower to safeguard the corrections staff while also stopping the universe’s most heinous criminals from escaping without completely losing himself to the nearly uncontrollable Doomsday within?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
The transformation of Carl Sands into something else at the end of last issue has placed him beyond the reach of Zastrow, Hawkman, or Hawkwoman. Without knowing if he’s alive or dead, the Hawks have no path to investigate. Yet. Zastrow wants the help of the Thanagarean officers to hunt down Sands, but a message from Captain Byth about a CAW base located underwater in the Pacific has shifted the Hawks’ attention from Earth crooks to a potential alien invasion. Because Byth is a major reason for CAW’s activity on Earth, he is maintaining a pure Thanagarian stance in his actions here (Note: even Thanagar uses the term CYA).
Byth’s added and unexpected help has provided our heroes with the Cormorant, basically a Thanagarian submersible vehicle. A “flying sub” so to speak. What will happen when our heroes meet species which have telepathic abilities and may be able to read their very thoughts? Or more? The Gil'Dishpan and the Hykraians claim to be decreasing the amount of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere, but can two methane breathing species be trusted to properly reduce greenhouse gasses?
Chayara has her first Checkmate task. She has been requested to find the path that heroin is taking within her school. When she discovers one of the people involved is a friend, can she make the right choice?
32 PGS./ Rated T for Teen Readers...$3.99

"Times of Change”
Superman confront the Church of Black Hole, which is the polar opposite of the Church of Rao, and he will be shocked at what he finds. For there actually is a god in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy, and this being had been reaching out across the stars to the Kryptonians on New Krypton?
To make things worse, the Guild of Magic reveals to Superman that the belief system of New Krypton has shifted and experiencing a rebirth. All the gods of Krypton are experiencing new forms and new powers and that includes a newly reborn Rao?
The data of Brainiac-13 has transferred from Cir-El to another host on New Krypton and is heading towards Earth. Lara-Lor Van, the Time Trapper, must come out of her hiding place and face the nightmare of Brainiac again?
And a Kryptonite-Sunstone hybrid has been growing in the center of Earth, increasing the mass of the core of Earth to a dangerous point. And something is stirring in the Kryptonite-Sunstone structure.
Can the Dinosaur People living in the center of Earth solve this problem, or is it up to Jimmy Olsen to save the day?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

JUSTICE FOR ALL SEASONS #12 *Series Conclusion!*
Written by TOM KING
“Back to Thanksgiving”
The world is now dominated by Turkeys under control of Darkseid.
However, in the ruins of Earth, a Peking Ducks Squad manages to find the wishing bone on the Turkeys.
One last remaining Peking duck brings the wishing bone back to the heroes, and together the heroes make a wish to turn back time.
Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Blue Beetle, Supergirl, Ice, Fire, and everyone gathers once more to stop Darkseid from taking over Thanksgiving.
Our heroes get one more chance to save Thanksgiving!
And Happy Holidays!
30 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Philip Tan
Plotter: Marvell2100
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!
Uzikstan! After as disastrous encounter with his ex-wife Flo where he was tricked into killing rebel freedom fighters, Ben is in a very foul mood. He was used by his ex and the Uzikstan gov't to eliminate a threat to the military general that runs the country. All that these people wanted was freedom and to not have to survive in horrible living conditions. David asks Ben what their next move is. The rebels are dead, Flo and Gypsy are long gone by now and they have blood on their hands. Ben tells David to go to the hotel, get their things together and meet him at the airport.
Breznin, the capitol of Uzikstan is a beautiful city. Igor Khisnov stands on the balcony of the presidential palace as he looks over his city. It is a cold night but Khisnov does not feel it. He is a very happy man. The rebel leaders have been eliminated and the others are too afraid to stand against him. He will consolidate his power, change the constitution and make himself President Emeritus! He is so caught up in his victory that he does not hear the door open or the padded feet that prowl across the room.
Hours later, David waits as Ben finally at the airport and they board a private plane. He sees what looks like small amounts of blood on Ben's hands and clothes. He asks did anything happen and Ben tells him that he went to see a man about a dog and the dog tried to bite.
The next morning news outlets around the world report that President Igor Khisnov was found dead by his staff in his bedroom palace. It looks like the cause of death was that he wad badly beaten and his throat cut. They also report that his housekeepers said there was a strange word on the wall written in blood, "Woof!" Next Issue: Proud Mary.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

Plotter: CaptCleghorn
“Where in the World is Charles Victor Szasz?” Part 3: “You're Not Bigger Than This, Not Better. Why Can't You Learn?”
Vic’s in Denver, Colorado. We’re going to spill some beans here and drive the interwebs bonkers, but some of the urban myths mentioned here are actually true!
Home to “Blucifer”, a 32 ft tall fiberglass statue of a mustang stallion, the Denver International Airport is home to many urban myths and conspiracy theories. Besides being home to lizard like aliens living in subterranean tunnels, it is also rumored to have notes telling of the apocalypse. Those you need to read the book to see if Vic discovers these are true, but what we can tell you is that DIA contains US government offices with transportation to NORAD. One of the big information tech gurus working there, Noah Kuttler (aka the Calculator), is focused on a recent crisis that is the result of the Brother Eye satellite being destroyed and much of that stolen data being lost (Issue 24). What Vic doesn’t know is that Valentina Vostok who absorbed the knowledge and now calls herself Oracle is being held by Kuttler’s team. It’s not surprising that since Vostok is a Russian cosmonaut with military rank, the US Government would be concerned about a Russian with all that intel.
So can Vic save Oracle by breaking her out of a US military instillation?
32 PGS./ Rated M for Mature Readers...$3.99

Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Declan Shalvey
Thanks to their investigation, the former and current Nightwings know the face of the new Kingpin of Blüdhaven.
But it turns out that Nightwing Syndicate’s leader… is a dead man.
Marcus Moore was a very successful man once. As intelligence head of Meridian, he was to be one of the masters of humanity’s future.
He held that true power for but a moment — until Dick Grayson snatched it away from him. A sleight he would not soon forget.
From the ashes of Meridian, the Dead Man built something new. Something more... traditional. And he titled it with the name of the man who stole his victory from him.
Using the weapon surplus from Meridian, he aims to make a fortune on the black market… no matter the carnage the experimental Xenothium technology might unleash upon Blüdhaven.
Dick and Chey know all this, and the fact that the Syndicate is about to make a deal that will send the xenothium supply from the streets of their city out to every major metropolis in the country!
Unfortunately, while knowing may be half the battle... the Nightwings will have a hard time doing anything about it.
They’ve been captured by the Syndicate – and Marcus Moore isn’t the type of guy to monologue away while leaving his enemies alive.
Just when death seems imminent, help comes from a surprising place.
Red X, to the rescue?
32 PGS./Rated T+...$3.99

“The Last Son”
Mars, Year 3036,
the Legion arrives on Mars, to stop Controller and the Sun Eater.
The Sun Eater, Night Machine is unstoppable, Garrisan Ranzz must transform into the monster Validus in order to stand a chance.
The Star Child, still sleeping inside a Cosmic Egg, radiates with awesome powers. Saturn Girl can only glimpse into the Cosmic Egg using telepathy and she is shocked at what she sees?
The Controller continues to activate the Miracle Machine to prepare the Human Machine. Cosmic Boy tries to stop the Machine but is unsuccessful.
At the moment of crisis, The latest member of the Legion, the mysterious Judge reveals his true identity!
The Last Son of Monitors, the Judge of All Evil, Super Judge, Nix Uotan!
And the Sun Eater surrenders to Nix Uotan, as the the Dark Monitor, Mandrakk was the god of Cosmic Vampires, the god of Sun Eaters, and Nix Uotan is the only son of their God.
But it is too late, the Machine is already activated and all the worlds change!
A distant broken world, Year 3016, a pair of red eyes glow in the dark.
Darkseid is.

Data Page
Earth, primary target
Mars, secondary target
New Krypton, location unknown
40 PGs./ Rated T...$3.99

Written by VITA AYALA
The Sensation Challenge continues with...
Legends say that Barsoom, the world we know as Mars, is red because it is stained with blood. Those legends may be true, now more than ever…
The Red Martians of Zodonga have fallen under the sway of the self-styled “Duke of Deception,” a trickster god and craven servitor of Ares. Zodonga, now allied with warlike White Martians, marches to battle against the nation of Helium! Can Diana of Thymescira rally defenders in time?
With their greatest hero J'onn J'onzz unjustly confined in a prison on Jasoom (Earth) (see THE FLASH #26), the Green Martians were easy prey for the Duke’s pawns. But not all the Greens have fallen. T’ars T’arkas, warrior and leader of the Thark Clan of Greens, yet draws breath. Diana must convince him to follow her… through combat!
Meanwhile, the traitorous Clea still has the stolen Trident of Poseidon - and plans to use it overflow the sacred River Iss and inundate the dry planet, bringing Barsoom its first flood in millennia! Her larger plan remains unclear, but unless she’s stopped she will unleash a deluge that may wipe the planet clean! While Wonder Woman tries to save Helium, is there anyone who can stop her?
Perhaps… For once, a former Confederate soldier named Carter arrived upon Barsoom and became its greatest champion. He bested countless foes and claimed countless victories before, eventually, he disappeared. His great-great-many-more-greats nephew, Michael Carter, however, was a cocky football player turned janitor that stole tech and went back in time to act like a hero named “Booster Gold.” He’s around and is exploring his heritage upon discovering his relation to John through a genealogy website. But… really, is there anyone else?
48 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

A holiday tale introducing JLAlien by NX01A, ZEB WELLS & RYAN SOOK!
The brightest star in this sky is PSR J0108-1431, a 200 million years old pulsar about 770 light years from Earth, and the three starships come solar sailing into its sole blasted plutoid's orbit. One great and old has been born, one which is being offered gifts, offered genetically altered sacrifices from across the local galaxies. The ship with the Milky Way's bounty jails a telepathic human, a non-telepathic Martian, a human-Kherubim-Daemonite mongrel, a Tamaranean princess, and an ancient Kryptonian artifact found floating inert in space. When a 5th Dimensional imp answers the human's mental distress call, will this Christmas miracle lead to New Year's evil?
Written by Marjorie Liu
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Kris Anka
Back in RED X #6, Red X put beat Cassie Sandsmark half to death.
So when news spreads that Red X is prowling the streets of Blüdhaven… it’s time for a family vacation.
Cassie and Kitty Sandsmark won’t be home for Christmas… but, they’re Jewish, so that’s not a big deal for them.
But as the Wonder Girls prowl the streets of Blüdhaven, they meet an old friend, Dick Grayson!
Of course, what they don’t know is that Dick Grayson WAS the Red X who hurt Cassie. The new one may a be a criminal, but they’re hunting them for a crime they didn’t commit.
When Dick decides to come clean and try to make amends… let’s just say that the former Nightwing ends up on their naughty list!
Booster Gold finds himself trapped in an ever-repeating twelve day time-loop! During these days, he is invariably confronted with situations related to: John Drum drumming; the Pied Piper piping; Maxwell Lord leaping; Lady Shiva dancing; Maiden America milking; the Swan Fleet swimming; the Mother Goose Gang laying traps; five power rings; four Birds of Prey; Frenchie and Hen; the Turtle fighting Dove; and a crisis on the World Tree. Everything just keeps repeating, how can he make it stop?!?!
Written by MARK MILLAR
With immigrants from around the universe needed to staff and maintain the planet-sized weapon, Warworld is becoming quite the cultural melting pot. But in this harsh locale ruled by Mongul, do they know it’s Christmas time at all? For Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, it’s time to feed the Warworld!
Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art by JIM LEE
By osmosis, some surface traditions have taken hold in Atlantis. Christmas is one of them, though obviously there’s been some cultural filtering. Case in point: on the Winter Solstice, Manta Claus - an extremely intelligent manta ray - will swim into your home and, if you’ve been good all year and leave out tasty plankton for him, give you a gift! The kids love it, but it’s a myth… isn’t it?
This year a giant, talking ray claiming to be the real Manta Claus was arrested in the capital city of Poseidonis. Will King Orm order his commitment to a mental hospital… or can Manta Claus’ attorney prove his claim?
100 PGs./Rated T+ …5 Gold Rings