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NEGATION: WAR #1 (of 4)
Event tie-in miniseries
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front line!
Written by TONY BEDARD
Plot by H-E-D
The Negation War is tragedy for the Posi-Verse... but for Oberon Kaine, it’s life! In the deepest, oldest reaches of the Negative Zone, where not even the Anthrosians dare venture, the Lawbringers run ghoulish prisons, filled with more with the innocent than the guilty. Only Oberon Kaine, himself an escapee from the prisons, and his Rebellion dare challenge them!
It’s been decades since this fight started, and Oberon never thought he’d see it end. But now the forces of the Lawbringers are depleted, off fighting the Bright Universe with Annihilus. The Rebellion smells a chance they never thought they’d get — the chance to bring the Negation War to a close!
Plot by H-E-D
Mantis was born in Vietnam, but she’s found a second home with the Priests of Pama on the planet known as Kree-Pama. Now, the planet is an ashy waste, burned by the Lawbringer known as BNFR. In the ashes of the temple where she learned her empathic magic, Mantis searches for answers. Her son Quoi, the Celestial Messiah, arrives with the Cotati to offer something else: revenge. But is that the same as justice — and in the midst of galactic calamity, does the difference even matter?
Plot by H-E-D
The Superflow is the space between universes. So, as you might expect, the ongoing assimilation of one into another would make waves there. Literally.
Nightmask and Dark Angel are doing their best to keep things stable, but the Superflow is still delicate from the Cosmic Fracking incident (see ULTIMATES #7-9). As the Negation pushes through the cracks, it’ll take everything they’ve got to keep all existence from being torn apart!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

NEGATION: WAR #2 (of 4)
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front line!
Written by Tony Bedard
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Paul Pelletier
With the Lawbringers on the front lines of the Negation, their prisons have been left unguarded. Oberon Kaine smelled opportunity, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for!
True, his Rebellion has successfully staged prison breaks at nearly half the Lawbringer facilities, and instigated riots are the rest... but can Oberon shape the chaos of this galactic riot into a revolution?
All this, and the Rebellion finally springs their long lost benefactor from solitary confinement. None of them were prepared for the truth: a scrawny rogue Lawbringer named BLQK. Can she be trusted?
Written by Leah Williams
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner
The Brain-Lords of Cymradia thought they had finally caught a break when the Dragon of the Moon abandoned its hold on their planet. (See: Sorcerers of the Stars #21)
But when a Negation incursion opens up in the middle of Cymradia’s most secure scientific facility, their hopes are quickly dashed.
Even worse, in the chaos, they’ve lost track of Specimen Nine, prized subject of the nefarious Project: Survival. (The same group that kidnapped Mantis and Moondragon in Sorcerers of the Stars #7-9!)
Marcia Reynolds was just an ordinary secretary from Nashville, Tennessee before she was abducted to Cymradia. In the experiments there, she gained the name Specimen Nine. But soon, the galaxy will know her by another name... Futura!
(Special thanks to Chester Martin, creator of Futura.)
Written by ALAN MOORE
Olympus, glorious realm of the gods. Yet even its divine summit is not untouched by the Negation Wave! The sky-father, Zeus, hath summoned home his wayward son, Hercules. For too long, the Prince of Power has wasted his time philandering amongst mortals. It is time he reaffirmed his familial obligations. It is time he embarked upon another 12 Labors! His first: slay the ultra-violent Lawbringer JRKR!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

NEGATION: WAR #3 (of 4)
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front!
“Unfinished” - Part Three
Written by Tony Bedard
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Paul Pelletier
With BLQK’s guidance, Oberon Kaine has been able to wrangle the madcap riot in the Negative Zone into something resembling a coherent organization.
But it’s one things to pick fights while the wardens are away... what happens when the Lawbringers come back?
Oberon’s attempts to plan for that eventuality are complicated when suspicion falls on BLQK. Rumors are swirling that she’s a Lawbringer plant, a fifth column to ensure the Rebellion’s failure.
With the Lawbringer hostworld in sight of the Rebellion, Oberon can’t afford a splintering of his forces. But can he trust his own belief in BLQK? And what is to come of the Negative Zone after the New Annihilators release whatever lies within the Lawbringer’s last prison?
“Higher, Further, Frustrated”
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Plot by H-E-D
Art by David Baldéon
When Carol Danvers left Earth for space, things were supposed to be getting easier for her.
But while she doesn’t have any paperwork to deal with, she has a lot more serious things to handle.
Like being stuck on a space station without her powers. While giant space bugs are attacking it.
It’s never simple, is it?
“This One’s for Danny”
Written by George Pratt
Plot by CaptCleghorn
Art by George Pratt
Ben Grimm grew up in a tough area of Manhattan and strove to get out of the miserable circumstances he was living in. So he studied and played football, gaining a scholarship to State University. His older brother and main protector and friend, Daniel Grimm enlisted in the military. Dan was killed in Action and out of respect for his brother, Ben gave up a promising pro career to fulfill the dream his brother had. Now that he is no longer the Thing and can sit in a cockpit again, ben flies planes for the US Air Force in the Negation Conflict.
Does Ben miss his time in the service, and might he return IF he manages to escape becoming the Thing again?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

NEGATION: WAR #4 (of 4)
Negation has gripped the universe; and the Age of Marvels proudly presents an anthology of the war stories on the front
“Unfinished” - Part Four
Written by Tony Bedard
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Paul Pelletier
The meaning of justice changes in a revolution. And so too does it change in peacetime.
In the aftermath of the Negation Wave’s defeat (see Negation #4, on sale now!), the Lawbringers’ empire of prison states has come to an end.
Oberon Kaine was a man fighting a war that would never end, that he could never win. But now the war has ended. He won.
What place does a freedom fighter have when the fighting stops?
A story 20 years in the making finally comes to a close.
“The First Negation”
Written by Al Ewing
Plot by H-E-D
Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner
So, Negation’s finale didn’t have enough backstory for you, hmm?
Then you’re in luck, because here we present a tale from the dawn of time: the First Negation!
When our universe began, the last survivors of what came before were “upcycled” into the Proemial Entities. Galactus. Charon. Solusandra. Brio. Antiphon. Aegis. Tenebrous. Diableri. Phoenix. Others whose names and deeds are lost and forgotten.
All had their part to play in the game of Cosmic Consonance. Some, like Galactus, set about fulfilling their purposes with steadfast obedience to the dictates of Eternity.
But many, too many, grew dissatisfied. To have the power of gods but no agency of their own did not sit well with them.
Charon, intended steward of the Negative Zone, burned a swath through his realm, consuming worlds indescriminately, leaving the barren waste you can recognize the Negative Zone by today. Converting their life into the Force Opposite, his counterpart to the Power Cosmic, he created his army of seekers, his heralds, the Lawbringers.
Others, like Aegis and Tenebrous, followed suit. And so began the great Titanomachy of the Proemial Gods.
For most of these rogue entities, the Incubators that birthed them became their prisons. Collected upon the border of the Crunch, in time these prisons became known collectively as the Kyln.
But Charon was more difficult. He destroyed his own Incubator. It seemed as though he was destined to roam free, when Solusandra the Lifebringer sacrificed herself. To defeat Charon, she sealed herself in her own cradle, and took Charon with her.
In the chaos, the incubator, this Empyreal Prison, was lost in the wastes of the Negative Zone. And though Galactus did not realize it, the Lawbringers survived. They rallied around this Incubator, making the first of their eventual prison empire.
They could not release their god, no, but they would find a loophole. Even if it took eons.
Negative. Negation. Negated. It’s was all too much. Imbalanced. All and everything shifted toward the (-). It should be more… in between.
The In-Betweener is the embodiment of duality and balance (+/-). By his observation, the Negation Wave has tipped the scales too far… it is time to intervene!
And there is an army to back him up. Two armies, more accurately. The Regimented Forces of Order and the Confederate Horde of Chaos. These white and black clad fighting units have been cultivated separately by the In-Betweener for some time. When unleashed… which will prove more affective?
96 Pgs./ Rated T...$3.99