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Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Years ago, Adam Warlock drowned himself in the Infinity Well, and was revived by a vision. A vision of existence made void, of everything undone by magic, consuming galaxies concerned only with technology and science.
Desperate to prepare galactic civilization for this foretold threat, Warlock unleashed the Hell-Lords of Chandilar upon the Shi’ar Imperium to manufacture a cautionary tale. The response was paltry. His machinations revealed, Adam Warlock was locked away.
Adam Warlock did all he could. It was not enough.
Quantum misbehavior in the Crunch, the border between the positive universe and the Negative Zone, sends the Kyln offline. Intergalactic Coalition Forces arrive, anticipating an assault by Annihilus.
After months of non-stop service, Richard Rider has finally taken a leave of absence. How better to unwind than visiting an old friend? Especially when that friend is Peter Quill, the Master of the Sun. But is this a vacation, or the calm before the storm?
Intergalactic Coalition Forces are devastated as a massive wave of Anti-Magic emerges from the Crunch. Arcane capabilities of Coalition forces are functionally non-existent. No survivors.
It’s happening again.
Richard Rider saw too many of the horrors of the Annihilation Wave with his own eyes to be lulled into delusion. Vacation can wait. He puts a call out into channels long since gone quiet, and rockets back into action.
Meanwhile, on Ciress, a pleading Adam Warlock convinces Gamora to gather the Sorcerers of the Stars – Moondragon, Star-Lord, Ika, and Mantis – to hear his plea. Will they listen?
Nova Prime — aka Richard Rider — performs high-risk scouting missions into the encroaching Negation Wave, confirming that the Negative Zone is expanding into normal space. Anthrosian forces are on par with the Annihilation Wave. Annihilus yet to be sighted. Nova confirms Massacres of Intit-6, Dyofor and Ariston.
The source of the rapidly spreading Anti-Magic pockets throughout the universe are discovered to be hitherto unknown Crunch border sites, allowing Anthrosian and Lawbringer incursions in numerous sectors. Massacres of Kree-Pama, Antiva-Theta, Tarsonis, and Grynda.
The war proper has begins as the Negation Wave arrives in civilized space! Following Nova’s message, Veterans of the United Front – Drax, Kl’rt, Nebula, and more – have sprung back into action. But even they were unprepared. It isn’t just Annihilus’ forces invading, but the Negative Zone itself!
Galactic civilization has long since dismissed magic as the domain of the uncivilized. But that hasn’t stopped the Anthrosian Anti-Magicians from tearing their technology and armies apart!
Amidst devastation not seen since the Annihilation, it’s difficult for the Sorcerers of the Stars to take Adam Warlock seriously when he says that there’s a threat greater than Annihilus at play. But as they face the Lawbringers and Anti-Magicians on the front lines, they begin to see his point. This is power unlike anything the Anthrosians have ever had before. What is the secret behind the Negation Wave?
The Negation Wave reaches Shi’ar Space. Force Opposite/Anti-Magic entanglement field nullifies the powers of the majority of Imperial Superguardians. Massacres of Denuvi-7, Calurnia, Han-Jin, Varanus, and Tcharun.
Negation Incursions continue to bloom, and not even Earth is safe! As the stars change in the skies above, Mr. Fantastic stops stretching. Spectrum turns back to flesh and blood. Namor falls from the sky. It seems that superhuman powers have been… Negated!
But it isn’t just the heroes of Earth that have lost their powers! As the Negation Wave expands, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard finds itself suddenly unpowered. Incursions in the Andromeda Galaxy leave the the Super-Skrulls impotent.
Deep in Negation territory, Nova is ambushed by an old foe: Ravenous – or, more properly, RVNS. This time, he’s brought family: the nightmarish Lawbringers! What connection do they hold to Annihilus’ new Anti-Magic capabilities?
As a Negation incursion engulfs Arsturo 'Kle, Anthrosian forces overwhelm the Shi’ar core worlds. Annihilus himself descends on Chandilar; Gladiator is killed by his hand. The Imperial Guard is dead. The Shi’ar have fallen. Massacre of Chandilar.
The most powerful galactic empire crumbles for all to see. Nova is held captive by the Lawbringers. Hundreds of worlds have died. Disrupting Annihilus’ anti-magic seems impossible.
So when a mysterious cloaked man appears on Ciress with promises of salvation, the Sorcerers of the Stars are desperate enough to listen. But who the hell is this “Danik” anyway?
64 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
War has gripped all corners of the rapidly shrinking Posi-Verse! Annihilus, backed by the mysterious Lawbringers, has slain Gladiator and toppled the Shi’ar Imperium. Anti-Magic renders the superhuman impotent. All hope seems lost… but maybe the heroes haven’t been looking in the right place.
The Conclave of Ciress.
Some of the universe’s most powerful individuals have gathered on the mystical planet of Ciress, brought there by Adam Warlock to hear the words of one man… Danik. No worries if you don’t know the name, because nobody else knows who he is either. Nobody… except GALACTUS.
It’s quite the co-sign.
Galactus doesn’t have much to say, but the endorsement is enough. A bearded man in plain robes, Danik claims that in the deep heart of the Negative Zone lies the source of Annihilus’ new Anti-Magic powers… and the key to their undoing.
At Galactus’ order, the Silver Surfer forms a team to escort Danik into the abyss. The Spellbinder (a.k.a. Jennifer Kale). Captain Britain (a.k.a. Betsy Braddock). Gamora and Nebula. Noh-Varr.
And... Adam Warlock.
Meet your New Annihilators!
Spellbinder requisitions the assistance of Dark Angel and Nightmask to perform an insertion of the Annihilators into deep Negative Zone territory using the Superflow, avoiding the ease of incursion sites in favor of stealth. Massacre of Klencory, Delassia and Neomu.
While the others follow Danik off into the great unknown, somebody has to defend civilizations. Sounds like a job for the Sorcerers of the Stars! Star-Lord (f.k.a. Magique), Moondragon and the Dragon of the Moon, Mantis and Quoi, Drax, Master of the Sun (a.k.a Peter Quill). While the New Annihilators seek the end of the war... they will Hold the Line!
Meanwhile, in South Carolina, Sam Andahl-Rey has had her homecoming dance interrupted by giant space bugs. Will she survive… and, why do we care about this particular teenage girl?
The Sorcerers of the Stars and their allies do their best to hold Negation forces to former Shi’ar space. Massacre of Gilgrath, Ardent Spring, Ieaiaio, Hy’lt Major and Kayseecay.
The New Annihilators find the heart of the Negative Zone in total disarray – and not just by Posi-Verse standards. Seems somebody has been leading prison breaks while the wardens are away. Will the chaos help them in their mission, or are they doomed to be consumed by it as well?
Elsewhere, those absentee wardens make use of their talents in a new setting. In a Lawbringer P.O.W. camp on a moon of Chandilar, Nova faces daily torture and interrogation at the hands of the deadly QZTR. Though, as far as Rich can tell, the Lawbringer doesn’t seem much more fond of Annihilus than he is...
The New Annihilators continue their exploration of deep Negative Zone territory. Massacre of Tanipal.
Negation victory seems inevitable, but is there trouble in paradise? It seems there must be, because after weeks of torment, Nova finds himself sprung from prison… by a Lawbringer?!
QZTR has let Nova out, and sets him on a beeline to Annihilus! The lord of the Anthrosians hadn’t prepared for such a betrayal... which means it’s finally time for the rematch you’ve been waiting for, a fight to the death on the celestial shores of Chandilore! Nova versus Annihilus, winner take all!
48 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
On the mirrored shores on Chandilore, Richard Rider, aka Nova Prime, repeated history, tearing the guts out of Annihilus.
(Don’t worry, a little baby Annihilus is shortly reborn on the occupied kung-fu world named Han-Jin. D’aww.)
Rich took up Annihilus’ Cosmic Control Rod to banish the forces of the Negation Wave... so why are they still here?
Negation Wave assaults continued unabated, despite confirmed reports of Annihilus’ ousting. Scout sightings of a Nova Operative, apparently Nova Prime, working alongside Lawbringers are swiftly declared need-to-know only. Massacre of Brehjur, Titan, Vega Superior, and Agwé.
Poor Annihilus should have known better than to put his faith in the Lawbringers. To them, he was merely an instrument. A stepping stone.
The Anthrosian’s Will was strong beyond all measure, strong enough to resist the influence of Anti-Magic even once it was imbued into his Cosmic Control Rod.
The Lawbringers needed that will to muster an invasion force, to feed the life force of trillions into their Negation rituals. After they got that, he became an obstacle, one they wasted no time getting rid of.
Richard Rider is amongst the bravest and boldest heroes in the universe… but his will is nothing next to Annihilus’ sheer ego. And it’s nothing in the face of the Lawbringers’ Anti-Magic.
Nova may wield the Cosmic Control Rod… but thanks to Anti-Magic, he is a servant to the Lawbringer cause!
Elsewhere, the New Annihilators are taking full advantage of Oberon Kaine’s rebellion, but advancing on the Lawbringer heartland proves a thorny task. Thornier still are lingering tensions between Adam Warlock and much of the team for, well, all the war crimes. Will they let him survive long enough to redeem himself?
The forces of the Negation Wave have begun to move in strongly ordered fashion, starkly contrasting their chaotic movements under Annihilus. Nova Corps forces grounded and isolated as signs that Anti-Magic infection is spreading in the Nova Force itself. Negation incursion rate increasing exponentially. Conversion of Posi-Verse to Negation Zone stands at 47%. Massacre of Serevan, Pale Fire, Yamivol Prime, Geimnum, and Ytriheim.
On the garden world of Gaia, the Sorcerers of the Stars come face to face with he whom they thought a friend. But don’t count on the newly crowned Anti-Nova to go easy on old allies.
Just as well, because the Sorcerers aren’t in any mood for mercy themselves. Star-Lord fights for Chandilar, Moondragon for Titan, Mantis and Quoi for Kree-Pama. Drax fights for his daughter. And the Master of the Sun? He fights for his friend.
It won’t be enough.
The Cosmic Control Rod isn’t merely possessing Rich. It’s changing him. Evolving him. Making him a vessel for something greater.
Negation Wave suffers a rare setback at Crystalium, with much credit given to the Crystal Conjurer Ika for their defeat. The Sorcerers of the Stars, still recovering from their encounter with Anti-Nova, head there to regroup. Not long after, Negation forces across the sector begin pulling back. This does not seem to be retreat or surrender. Grounded Nova Corps forces disappear en masse. Massacre of Elysia.
In the depths of the Negation itself, the New Annihilators give their all to breach the grimmest, oldest Lawbringer stronghold. To open the lock on the most tightly sealed cell, within lies the prize that Danik seeks. The prize that promises salvation for all existence. But it quickly becomes apparent that this prize will not come without a final price. Who among their rank will make the ultimate sacrifice?
Whoever does must hope that the prize is worth it. Because as they fight at one end of existence, the Lawbringers advance to the final battle on the other. At last, they are taking the fight to the last bastion of defense against the Negation.
All existence will make its final stand… at the Siege of Ciress!
What surprise does Anti-Nova have in mind for the heroes assembled against him?
48 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

Event Miniseries
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
At the death of one multiverse, a man was transfigured by the birth of the next.
Assimilated into the Machine of Cosmic Consonance, he became the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.
But he wasn’t alone.
The birth of the Negative Zone.
While many call Galactus a god, he rejects the title. His “brother”, however, does not.
As the Devourer is to our universe, Charon is to the Negative Zone. But Charon views cosmic balance disdainfully.
Creating the Lawbringers as his army of heralds, He brought the Negative Zone to heel, before setting his sights on the Bright Universe — our universe.
Full on the flesh of a thousand worlds, Charon was too much for Galactus alone. And so, their “sister” Solusandra, the Lifebringer, sacrificed herself. She sealed herself away, dragging Charon with her
Their master gone, the Lawbringers scattered to the wastes of the Negative Zone. Galactus resumed his duty. And Solusandra’s last Herald became a nomad in space and time.
The Siege of Ciress.
The Negation Wave has come at last to Ciress.
All across the surface of the world, mages from all corners of the universe do their best to maintain the magical shell that protects them.
But, as Lawbringer bombardments continue, the truth becomes apparent: the barrier will fall, and soon.
Things were bad enough before the possessed Anti-Nova Corp joined the battle! The Sorcerers of the Stars arrive to match them, but there’s only so much they can do against literal armies. And that’s before Anti-Nova reveals his trump card.
For, you see, he isn’t Richard Rider at all, not anymore.
By infusing the Cosmic Control Rod and the Nova Force with Anti-Magic, the Lawbringers have made the perfect vessel for Charon, God-Emperor of Negation!
The Nova Corp merges into a singular gestalt – Charon walks the starways of the Posi-Verse once more! All would be lost, if not for the arrival of Galactus himself!
Meanwhile, in the Negative Zone, the New Annihilators reach their goal: the empyrean prison of Charon — and Solusandra. Danik, her Herald, realized Charon has subverted his bondage. To set things right, the seal must be broken, the Lifebringer freed.
But, how do you break a lock set by the forces of existence itself? Only someone of tremendous power and strength of will could break the seal.
Adam Warlock has both. A lifetime of defying destiny comes to a climax as he gives his life to shatter the God-Kyln.
In a flash of light, everything changes. Not an end, but a new beginning, crossing all of time and space. Danik smiles as the CROSSGENESIS begins!
Untold eons of bondage left both Charon and Solusandra incorporeal. Charon forged himself a new body... but the Lifebringer has a different way.
Solusandra’s power binds itself to great beings across all existence. They bear her mark, her Sigil. In Otherworld, the Heron Dynasty’s prince. In Demetria, a young pirate. On Quin, a devious tyrant. On Larrinaga, a priest. On Ciress itself, Giselle Villard.
And on Earth, young Sam Andahl-Rey of South Carolina suddenly finds herself imbued with unimaginable power.
Unfortunately, the breaking of the seal means that Charon instantly returns to full strength, allowing him to strike an incapacitating blow against Galactus!
Ebullient, Charon aims to strike a planet-killing blow to Ciress. But to his shock, Ciress’ shield has suddenly become unbreakable!
How, you ask? Simple. Danik brought a hastily curated group of Sigil-Bearers to the field. (He brought the New Annihilators back too. They were worried for a moment there.) Straining their power, they reinforce the barrier.
The Sigil-Bearers are few in number, but their efforts quickly break the Lawbringers’ ranks. The power of the Sigils, the Energy Transcendent, proves uniquely disruptive to Charon’s Force Opposite!
Charon, enraged by the sight of his Lawbringers toppling at his moment of triumph, aims an attack directly at Sam Andahl-Rey, who isn’t fully convinced the whole experience isn’t a wild dream. She shocks a galaxy by not only stopping the attack, but also staggering Charon with the blowback!
Inspired, the Annihilators rally the Sigil-Bearers in a direct attack on Charon, shattering his gestalt form back into the individual Nova Corp members!
It’s time for a rematch as the Sorcerers of the Stars seize the opportunity to take down Anti-Nova. Peter Quill failed his friend once: he won’t do so again. He uses an ingenious spell to separate Rich from the Cosmic Control Rod, liberating the entire Nova Corp!
Chaos reigns as Negation command collapses — but the Anthrosians thrive in chaos. The moment of opportunity is fleeting.
Together with Danik, the Sorcerers of the Stars cast an experimental ritual. Using the Cosmic Control Rod as a focus, they invert the Negation!
Anti-Matter returns to regular matter. The border between the Negative Zone and the Posi-Verse is restored. The Crunch is once again at equilibrium.
A universe dimmed.
The Bright Universe is victorious, but not unscarred.
Defeated, the Negation Wave scatters; a recovered Galactus helps purge what remains as a gesture of goodwill. But the Lawbringers remain out in the shadows. With the seal broken, Charon’s essence is free.
Danik returns the Sigil-Bearers home, before vanishing. The Posi-Verse is far from the same. Scars of war aside, the universe itself is smaller. Around 20% of the Universe was permanently assimilated into the Negative Zone. The reborn Annihilus grows fast, and already schemes to reclaim the Control Rod from R'lalmis.
The balance of intergalactic power is transformed, as the Shi’ar Imperium dies. While some former imperial worlds form a more egalitarian coalition, most have become independent. Chandilar, still occupied by Anthrosians, is powerless to stop them.
And in the end, the galaxy mourns the fallen. Services are held for those who gave their lives.
One is a small affair. His legacy is complicated. The galaxy’s stalwart defender turned war criminal. But in the end, he gave his life so that everything else could live.
Adam Warlock died a hero. For the Sorcerers of the Stars, that is enough.
64 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99