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Sorcerers of the Stars Logo Blue

Issue #1 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Peter Quill: legendary outlaw, Star-Lord, galactic superhero, sorcerer.
Wait... sorcerer?! Seriously? Nobody tell Doctor Strange.
The Guardians of the Galaxy have disbanded. Star-Lord has become a disciple of the Master of the Sun and settled on a planet called Ciress, the “Kamar-Taj of Space”. He's cleaned up his act. He spends his days meditating, practicing elemental magic, studying runic languages, and sleeping with Giselle Villard, a wealthy Ciressan heiress. Star-Lord would remind you that "clean" is a very relative term.
His days of guarding the galaxy are over… until the Shi’ar Empire is thrown into chaos by the Hell Lords of Chandilar! With the Imperial Guard captured, Adam Warlock alone is bold enough to go to their aid. The news stirs Star-Lord's dormant heroic impulses, and he rallies a rag-tag group of sorcerers’ apprentices – Mantis, Moondragon, Magique, Ika, Krugarr – to aid Warlock and save the day. Together, they will be known as the SORCERERS OF THE STARS.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Sorcerers of the Stars Vol 1 2

Issue #2 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Chaos reigns as Chandilar is occupied by Ak’ma, Hell Lord and master of the Wrathian Core!
As the group fights to protect civilians, Moondragon and Star-Lord both think they should be the ones giving the orders.
Krugarr realizes that it’s hard to communicate in the midst of battle when you can’t speak and nobody is fluent in Lemistan sign language.
Mantis’s powers open her mind to the emotions of those around her. She must struggle to remain composed in the face of not only her own fears, but the fears of the very people she’s trying to save!
Magique is the latest in a long line of Shi’ar spellweavers, but never knew magic could be used on such scale. Now her home is being consumed before her very eyes. When Adam Warlock tells her that her power is essential to the defeat of Ak’ma, will she be able to step up to the plate?
If they can manage to save the day, there’s going to need to be a serious discussion about what this team is.
But if Ak’ma can subdue the Imperial Guard, what chance do a bunch of sorcerer’s apprentices have?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
With Ak-ma’s invasion defeated, the seven magic-users decide to form a team, the Sorcerers of the Stars, to safeguard the galaxy. But first, it’s time to take a well-earned break in the Shi’ar capital of Chandilar.
Adam Warlock advises the Shi’ar Imperial leadership on how to best prepare the Empire for future magical threats. Warlock is bad at vacations.
Meanwhile, high off the adrenaline of battle, love is in the air! Or, lust, at least. It’s a little unclear.
Star-Lord hooks up with Magique! Nobody tell Giselle Villard, his wealthy hookup back on Ciress. Or Gamora (What, you thought they’d broken up?)
Mantis can sense everybody’s emotions, except the crystalline Ika’s. That just makes her all the more alluring.
Krugarr, a mouthless snakeman, longs for the telepathic Moondragon. There’s an insurmountable roadblock to his affections, and it’s not the mouthless snake part.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
On the advice of Adam Warlock, the Shi’ar Empire takes steps to increase it’s magical capabilities.
Unfortunately for Ika, the Crystalline Conjuror, the first of those steps was the annexation of her homeworld Crystalium into the Shi’ar Empire!
Nobody thought to ask her about that, of course. Or the people of Crystallium for that matter.
As the planet descends into the chaos of resistance, Moondragon is determined to keep the Sorcerers of the Stars neutral. But can the team’s freshly forged bonds survive the strain of war?
Those bonds are tested when they discover that one of their own is leading the charge! As a member of the Imperial Guard, and their sole sorcerer, Magique finds herself on the front lines of the Shi’ar conquest.
Will Ika hold the peace, or join the revolution? Will Mantis follow the group, or her heart?
Star-Lord trusts Adam, but he’s not sure how conquest squares with the Master of the Sun’s doctrine of balance.
The people of Crystalium are hopelessly outmatched, even with their magic. How high a price is their prince willing to pay to regain his people’s independence?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Sorcerers of the Stars Vol 1 5

Issue #5 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Under the consul of a shadowy figure, Prince Moltar of Crystalium has sold his people to Ammon, the Demon Prince of Chaos!
Imprisoned for ten thousand years by the magic of Zhered-Na (a story for another time), he is eager to spread his domain across the cosmos once more.
The Sorcerers of the Stars must aid the Shi’ar against Ammon to avoid galactic catastrophe. But aiding and abetting imperialism doesn’t sit well amongst most of the team.
Especially when the key to defeating Ammon is to destroy the Prisma-Crystal, the most ancient and cherished artifact of Crystalium.
Nor does the revelation that the annexation was Adam Warlock’s idea! Can the Sorcerers trust their most senior member’s moral compass?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

material from AOM Halloween Special (Vol. 1)
“DREAMING - A Tale of the Sorcerers of the Stars”
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Note: Set between Sorcerers of the Stars #3 and #4
The Sorcerers of the Stars check in on reports of magical activity on Eoduun, known as the homeworld of Shi’ar Superguardian Nightside.
A dim planet on the edge of the galaxy, Eoduun exists halfway between normal reality and the Dark Dimension.
Aside from that, everything seems above board… until a shocking discovery is made.
The planet has been infiltrated by Hybrid and the sorcerous Dire Wraiths from the Black Galaxy!
Mantis and Moondragon can use their telepathic magic to tell who’s real and who’s an imposter… the trouble will be getting the rest of the Sorcerers of the Stars to trust them!

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
With the Hell Lord Ammon defeated, the dust settles on Crystalium as the era of uncontested Shi’ar rule begins.
Magique can’t help but defend the Empire’s conquest to her teammates. It doesn’t help her make friends.
Gladiator wants Ika to be her people’s first member of the Imperial Guard. She has opinions about that.
Star-Lord goes to have a chat about leadership with Moondragon – but she’s nowhere to be found!
Neither is Mantis, for that matter!
The investigation into their abductions will lead to Sorcerers of the Stars right to homeworld of a key member of the Imperial Guard!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Mantis and Moondragon have been abducted to Cymradia, known as the homeworld of Mentor, the Shi’ar Superguardian!
Centuries of careless experimentation by the Brain-Lords, their local leadership, have genetically doomed the Cymradian race.
Now that the crises in the empire have showed them that magic is real, the Brain-Lords of Cymradia wish to use it to give their people new bodies.
Thanks to their mastery of telepathic magicks, Mantis and Moondragon are the keystones of their scheme – and their first intended host bodies!
By the time the Brain-Lords discover the true forces in play, it will be too late.
Meanwhile, Krugarr has found the trail that will lead the Sorcerers right to their kidnapped teammates. But without the Moondragon or Mantis around, he has no way of telling them!
Even if he could, it might not matter. Enraged and frightened by the disappearance of Mantis, Ika finds an easy scapegoat in Magique. Even if the Shi’ar sorceress can swallow her pride to make peace, will Ika listen?
Meanwhile, Adam Warlock makes a decision that will change the team forever, and Star-Lord receives a message from Gamora of dire consequence.
32 PGS./Rated T+...$.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
The Brain-Lords of Cymradia’s experiments on the abducted Sorcerers have unleashed the dreaded Dragon of the Moon!
Moondragon’s unmatched discipline allowed her to wield it’s power for good, but Cymradia has fallen under its sway.
Without the Dragon of the Moon, what power does Moondragon have left?
She and Mantis have escaped their prison, but with the Dragon of the Moon on a rampage, that doesn’t make too much of a difference.
The rest of the Sorcerers of the Stars arrive just in time to help. They’re getting real tired of Hell Lords rampaging everywhere they go.
But without the Shi’ar army behind them, can they hope to succeed?
32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
The Sorcerers of the Stars have escaped Cymradia intact – by the Dragon of the Moon has claimed the world for his own.
With the bitter taste of failure in their mouths, the team returns to Chandilar.
After their captivity, Moondragon and Mantis have grown close. Closer than Ika is comfortable with. Are her fears warranted?
Krugarr meets a mysterious new telepath. Is he a friend, or is Krugarr just desperate in his mental isolation?
Adam Warlock tells the team of his decision: the Sorcerers of the Stars will relocate to Ciress!
Nobody could possibly be less happy to hear this than Star-Lord. Just when he thought the situation Gamora’s message created couldn’t get worse.
The situation? Gamora is coming to visit. Nobody let his other two girlfriends know.

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
The Sorcerers of the Stars settle into their new headquarters on Ciress, the magical center of the galaxy. It’s a welcome return for most of the team.
Except for Star-Lord, who is too busy panicking.
Gamora is coming to visit. She doesn’t know about Magique. Magique doesn’t know about her. And neither of them know about Giselle Villard, heiress to one of the great houses of Ciress. (By this point, you can probably guess how much Giselle knows)
He will do this best to keep them from learning about each othe
Meanwhile, Mantis makes her decision, Moondragon or Ika?
Also, Krugarr’s new friend has secretly come to Ciress. This couldn’t possibly be a bad thing, right?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Peter Quill has fallen low before, but he may have finally hit rock bottom this time.
His unfaithful ways exposed, Giselle Villard has gotten the two-timing (three-timing?) Star-Lord imprisoned on spurious grounds. Even on a world of magic, money is power.
To everybody’s surprise, Magique and Gamora get along swimmingly. Is Star-Lord’s spot on the team about to get filled?
The Master of the Sun arrives with the imprisoned Star-Lord, about his future.
As Ika and Mantis set off on a couples retreat, a heartbroken Moondragon throws herself into her work. She has a realization of dire consequences.
One Hell Lord was a freak accident. Two Hell Lords, a worrisome coincidence. But Three? Too much of a pattern to be accidental. There’s a conspiracy at work.
Meanwhile, A lonely and isolated Krugarr accepts a fateful offer from his new friend, who is still definitely on the level and not sketchy.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Remember when we said Krugarr’s new friend coming to Ciress couldn’t be a bad thing? We might have gotten a little ahead of ourselves.
Unbeknownst to Krugarr, this friend is actually Hybrid, a telepathic Dire Wraith mutant that’s been stalking the team ever since their adventure of Eoduun.
They’ve made a deal. He’ll gift Krugarr the powers of telepathic magic. All he needs to do it is the Star of Catalax, an ancient artifact held within the Vaults of Ciress.
Meanwhile, Star-Lord is remitted to R'lalmis, home of the Order of the Sun, for final judgment. Will he forge himself a new destiny, or will sorcery be a new addition to his long list of failures?
And then, everything changes when Moondragon figures out the shocking true identity of the one orchestrating the Hell Lord conspiracy.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
With the Star of Catalax embedded in his chest, Krugarr has become the avatar of Kalothir, queen of the Hell Lords of Chandilar, empress of destruction!
It’s all hands on deck as Ciress defends itself from the Hell Lords’ Trojan horse.
Featuring cameos from as many of your favorite magicians as the Bullpin will allow! (No promises they’ll speak, but we all know a background cameo in a splash page is just as sweet as character development, right?)
The Agents of A.R.C.A.N.A. are here, alongside Dark Angel and Jennifer Kale, the Spellbinder! Loki, Sorcerer-King of Jotunheim, answers the call! As does Nico Minoru – or, rather, Lamashtu!
If Ciress falls, one of the most magically powerful places in the universe falls into the hands of evil. But with the universe’s magicians occupied by one Hell Lord, the Shi’ar Empire has nobody to defend it from the rest.
The coup de grâce?
This was all Adam Warlock’s plan.
Not a trick, not a hoax, this is the real deal. The galaxy’s most storied hero is the mastermind behind this horrific string of catastrophes.
But why?
And what can the rest of the Sorcerers do to stop him?
32 PGs./ Rated T+...$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
With Ciress in chaos, Adam Warlock plans to release the rest of the Hell Lords on a defenseless Shi’ar Empire.
For years, galactic civilization has ignored his warnings about the dire state of magical defenses.
Now, as he believes an apocalyptic magical threat to be imminent, Warlock has decided to force the galaxy’s hand!
If the Shi’ar Empire must be made an example of to demonstrate the importance of the issue, so be it!
Moondragon, captured by Warlock, sends out a psychic clarion call.
Now alerted, Ika, Mantis, Magique and Gamora, scramble to prevent the fall of the Shi’ar. But knowledge is power, and they know desperately little about Warlock’s designs.
Peter Quill makes a choice that will redefine his future. Star-Lord no more!
Moondragon finds an ally even more unexpected than their enemy: the Magus, the dark half of Warlock’s soul!
While the Sorcerers of the Stars are occupied, the Battle for Ciress is decided. Who emerges victorious?
Rated T+, 40 pages, $3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Moondragon has a clandestine meeting with the Magus on the Astral Plane.
Should the Sorcerers of the Stars be worried that a cosmic tyrant like Magus is willing to help them?
There’s no time to worry about that however, as Kalothir has claimed dominion over Ciress.
Krugarr’s body has been twisted beyond recognition – is there any chance of saving him?
If it’s too late to save the planet and their teammate, the Sorcerers will do all they can to save the rest of the galaxy.
As Magique and Gamora, unlikely besties, work to stop the release of Ak’ma on Chandilar, Mantis and Ika race to keep Ammon banished from Crystalium. But as the barriers between worlds thin, the demons whispers creep in. When Ammon tempts Ika with an offer to liberate her people, will she be strong enough to resist?
On R’lalmis, Peter Quill receives the Master of the Sun’s final lesson, and a new title. Just in time to finally receive the news of the situation on Ciress.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Adam Warlock’s scheme to unleash Hell on the Shi’ar Empire has been foiled.
Ika, Mantis, Magique and Gamora have destroyed Adam Warlock’s demonic instruments — among them the Asgardian artifact he received from Loki in CIVIL WAR: SORCERERS OF THE STARS — and freed Moondragon.
Things are far from over, however, as Kalothir still reigns supreme over Ciress.
The Star of Catalax that gives Kalothir her conduit into the mortal realm can only be destroyed at her own hands. That seems unlikely.
The only hope is to remove the Star from its host, but Kalothir’s avatar grows stronger by the second!
Peter Quill arrives with reinforcements in his first act as the all-new MASTER OF THE SUN.
Adam Warlock isn't willing to help them -- but thanks to a deal with his dark side, the Magus, Moondragon wields the power of his Quantum Sorcery!
Will that be enough to save the day?
The fate of Krugarr – decided! The fate of Adam Warlock – decided. The fate of the galaxy – decided!
The events that have been building since issue #1 reach their climax!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Ciress has been liberated. The Sorcerers of the Stars stand victorious, but not unscarred.
Moondragon reclaimed the power of the Dragon of the Moon just in time. Using her restored telepathic might, she to give Krugarr a few minutes of freedom.
He used that time to destroy the Star of Catalax, ending the threat of Kalothir – and his own life.
Now, the Sorcerers mourn their fallen member; and contemplate the fate of their traitor.
Adam Warlock sits in a cell. How is it that in defeat, he seems to achieved all his goals? And what is the dark power whose arrival he so fears?
What happened to Hybrid, Dire Wraith, deceiver of Krugarr, acolyte of Kalothir?
Moondragon has never been more powerful, but now that the demon she draws power from has had a taste of freedom, will it be as easy to keep in control?
When Ammon tempted Ika, she did not give in – but she came far too close to for her own comfort. Where does she go from here?
Since facing near-certain death in the fight again Kalothir, Mantis has been consumed by thoughts of her own mortality. Will a search for her roots bring her inner peace?
Magique saw the dark side of Shi’ar Imperial conquest manifested in Ak’ma. Can she still comfortably remain a member of the Imperial Guard?
Now that Peter Quill is the Master of the Sun, does he even have the time to play superhero anymore, let alone the inclination?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Quantum Sorcery allows its user to access the power of every possible version of themselves.
Magus taught Moondragon to use Quantum Sorcery to harness the Dragon of the Moon from her past iterations – or, so she thought.
Is it only a matter of time before the Dragon takes control once more? And will this aid or hinder her search for Hybrid, the one responsibility for the tragedy that befell Krugarr and Ciress?
Meanwhile, Magique has resigned from the Imperial Guard — and was a little insulted to find that Gladiator had a replacement lined up so quickly. Who is she if not a Superguardian?
Magique II isn’t the only new member of the Imperial Guard. Who is the new name among their ranks, and why is Ika so mad about it?
Now the Master of the Sun, Peter Quill has no time to play superhero. But that doesn’t mean he’s content to let the name Star-Lord fallen into disuse. Who will be his newly appointed successor?
Gamora isn’t actually a Sorcerer, so why is she still hanging around?
What did Ika and Mantis learn on Pama?
Why so many questions?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Newly anointed as the next Star-Lord, the sorceress formerly known as Magique seeks to prove herself.
The opportunity soon presents itself as the Sorcerers of the Stars set off on the hunt for Hybrid.
It’s a perfect distraction for Ika, still enraged that one of her own from Crystalium has joined the Imperial Guard as the Crystalline Conjuror.
On Pama, Mantis learned how to fine tune her empathy to be able to distinguish Dire Wraiths.
In a cruel twist, the hunt brings the Sorcerers to Lemista, homeworld of their fallen comrade Krugarr.
What sinister plans does Hybrid have for Lemista? The very thought of it enrages Moondragon – and that rage is nourishment to the Dragon of the Moon.
Moondragon thinks she’s syphoning power from her past. She’s wrong.
The Dragon of the Moon is her future. And the future is coming fast.
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
The Galactic Council, the Shi’ar among them, begin to receive reports of strange readings emanating from the Crunch. The Kyln isn’t sure what to make of them, but the last time strange things happened at the Crunch, the Annihilation Wave poured through.
This, and the scryers on Ciress begin detecting pockets of Anti-Magic throughout the galaxy. But amidst the rebuilding efforts, there’s no one to spare for investigation.
That includes the Sorcerers of the Stars, who are off hunting for the despicable dire wraith named Hybrid!
Their quest has brought to the distant world of Lemista.
As they’re hunting shape-shifting dire wraiths, they aren’t confused when they encounter him pretending to be their fallen teammate, Krugarr.
What they lack in shock, they make up for with rage. None more so than Moondragon, who feels the burden of Krugarr’s death most strongly.
The power her rage unleashes will be Hybrid’s undoing – and if she’s not careful, Lemista’s as well!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
(please, count the Civil War tie-in mini in your issue count!)
In her quest for revenge against Hybrid and the Dire Wraiths, Heather Douglass has been consumed by the Dragon of the Moon. Moondragon takes her revenge and slays Hybrid — but the Dragon isn’t done with her yet.
If she can’t get herself under control, Hybrid isn’t going to be the only casualty! All of Lemista is at stake, not to mention her teammates. Is this the end of the Sorcerers of the Stars? Hopefully not, because with Anti-Magic spreading exponentially, the universe is going to need them. Not to mention, the Kyln just went offline.
Surprise, this is a PRELUDE TO NEGATION!
The last time the Kyln went offline, the Annihilation Wave struck. Xandar died. Kree-Lar died. Millions of worlds and trillions of lives, lost.
The Intergalactic powers that be would see history not repeat itself. And so the armadas of dozens of empires converge of the Crunch, prepared for attack. Or so they think.
Meanwhile, in a jail cell on Ciress, Adam Warlock starts screaming.
32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

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