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Issue #1 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Peter Quill: legendary outlaw, Star-Lord, galactic superhero, sorcerer.
Wait... sorcerer?! Seriously? Nobody tell Doctor Strange.
The Guardians of the Galaxy have disbanded. Star-Lord has become a disciple of the Master of the Sun and settled on a planet called Ciress, the “Kamar-Taj of Space”. He's cleaned up his act. He spends his days meditating, practicing elemental magic, studying runic languages, and sleeping with Giselle Villard, a wealthy Ciressan heiress. Star-Lord would remind you that "clean" is a very relative term.
His days of guarding the galaxy are over… until the Shi’ar Empire is thrown into chaos by the Hell Lords of Chandilar! With the Imperial Guard captured, Adam Warlock alone is bold enough to go to their aid. The news stirs Star-Lord's dormant heroic impulses, and he rallies a rag-tag group of sorcerers’ apprentices – Mantis, Moondragon, Magique, Ika, Krugarr – to aid Warlock and save the day. Together, they will be known as the SORCERERS OF THE STARS.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Sorcerers of the Stars Vol 1 2

Issue #2 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Chaos reigns as Chandilar is occupied by Ak’ma, Hell Lord and master of the Wrathian Core!
As the group fights to protect civilians, Moondragon and Star-Lord both think they should be the ones giving the orders.
Krugarr realizes that it’s hard to communicate in the midst of battle when you can’t speak and nobody is fluent in Lemistan sign language.
Mantis’s powers open her mind to the emotions of those around her. She must struggle to remain composed in the face of not only her own fears, but the fears of the very people she’s trying to save!
Magique is the latest in a long line of Shi’ar spellweavers, but never knew magic could be used on such scale. Now her home is being consumed before her very eyes. When Adam Warlock tells her that her power is essential to the defeat of Ak’ma, will she be able to step up to the plate?
If they can manage to save the day, there’s going to need to be a serious discussion about what this team is.
But if Ak’ma can subdue the Imperial Guard, what chance do a bunch of sorcerer’s apprentices have?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
With Ak-ma’s invasion defeated, the seven magic-users decide to form a team, the Sorcerers of the Stars, to safeguard the galaxy. But first, it’s time to take a well-earned break in the Shi’ar capital of Chandilar.
Adam Warlock advises the Shi’ar Imperial leadership on how to best prepare the Empire for future magical threats. Warlock is bad at vacations.
Meanwhile, high off the adrenaline of battle, love is in the air! Or, lust, at least. It’s a little unclear.
Star-Lord hooks up with Magique! Nobody tell Giselle Villard, his wealthy hookup back on Ciress. Or Gamora (What, you thought they’d broken up?)
Mantis can sense everybody’s emotions, except the crystalline Ika’s. That just makes her all the more alluring.
Krugarr, a mouthless snakeman, longs for the telepathic Moondragon. There’s an insurmountable roadblock to his affections, and it’s not the mouthless snake part.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
On the advice of Adam Warlock, the Shi’ar Empire takes steps to increase it’s magical capabilities.
Unfortunately for Ika, the Crystalline Conjuror, the first of those steps was the annexation of her homeworld Crystalium into the Shi’ar Empire!
Nobody thought to ask her about that, of course. Or the people of Crystallium for that matter.
As the planet descends into the chaos of resistance, Moondragon is determined to keep the Sorcerers of the Stars neutral. But can the team’s freshly forged bonds survive the strain of war?
Those bonds are tested when they discover that one of their own is leading the charge! As a member of the Imperial Guard, and their sole sorcerer, Magique finds herself on the front lines of the Shi’ar conquest.
Will Ika hold the peace, or join the revolution? Will Mantis follow the group, or her heart?
Star-Lord trusts Adam, but he’s not sure how conquest squares with the Master of the Sun’s doctrine of balance.
The people of Crystalium are hopelessly outmatched, even with their magic. How high a price is their prince willing to pay to regain his people’s independence?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Sorcerers of the Stars Vol 1 5

Issue #5 Cover

Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Under the consul of a shadowy figure, Prince Moltar of Crystalium has sold his people to Ammon, the Demon Prince of Chaos!
Imprisoned for ten thousand years by the magic of Zhered-Na (a story for another time), he is eager to spread his domain across the cosmos once more.
The Sorcerers of the Stars must aid the Shi’ar against Ammon to avoid galactic catastrophe. But aiding and abetting imperialism doesn’t sit well amongst most of the team.
Especially when the key to defeating Ammon is to destroy the Prisma-Crystal, the most ancient and cherished artifact of Crystalium.
Nor does the revelation that the annexation was Adam Warlock’s idea! Can the Sorcerers trust their most senior member’s moral compass?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

material from AOM Halloween Special (Vol. 1)
“DREAMING - A Tale of the Sorcerers of the Stars”
Written by JEFF PARKER
Plot by H-E-D
Note: Set between Sorcerers of the Stars #3 and #4
The Sorcerers of the Stars check in on reports of magical activity on Eoduun, known as the homeworld of Shi’ar Superguardian Nightside.
A dim planet on the edge of the galaxy, Eoduun exists halfway between normal reality and the Dark Dimension.
Aside from that, everything seems above board… until a shocking discovery is made.
The planet has been infiltrated by Hybrid and the sorcerous Dire Wraiths from the Black Galaxy!
Mantis and Moondragon can use their telepathic magic to tell who’s real and who’s an imposter… the trouble will be getting the rest of the Sorcerers of the Stars to trust them!

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