"Three Spiders One Web"
ONE WEEK AFTER THE BITE: Gwen Stacy loved playing with her band, but lately she had been distracted with her newfound powers. It was hard for her to concentrate on what she had to play that night. She refused to tell anyone about her powers, not even Mary Jane Watson. She was worried about being judged. She hoped that someone would call in sick or maybe the venue would move their date back, but of course they played and she ended up loving it. She rocked harder than she ever knew she could. After the gig was over the venue refused to pay them. Before being able to do anything about it a thief waved a gun in the air. Gwen knew she might be able to stop him, but she was afraid people would find out what she could do. Later that night Gwen discovered that the mugger had killed Ben Parker. Gwen hasn't told Peter the truth about that night.
TWO WEEKS AFTER THE BITE: Peter Parker is in grieving. His uncle died and he doesn't have any answers, not any he's satisfied with. Peter has sworn to seek vengeance on whoever did this. In the last two weeks he's created a suit, developed web shooters, and has tested them both for the chance to swing around the city and fight crime like others in New York. Peter finds a man named The Prowler robbing a bank. Peter and Prowler fought for hours, with Prowler getting the upper hand throughout most of the battle. Peter lands a blow that knocks Prowler to the ground. He picks up his fists and starts reigning them down on the grounded villain. He has flashbacks he created in his mind. He's convinced he's Uncle Ben's real killer. Without proof. Without evidence. Without cause. A police officer named Jefferson Davis pulls Peter off the ground and starts yelling at him to stop. Peter starts weeping and remembers what his Uncle Ben had always tried to teach him... With great power, comes great responsibility.
TWO MONTHS AFTER THE BITE: Miles Morales had always been shy. He wished to be greater, someone people liked, or at least tolerated. He felt like the world was against him at times. His only friend was Ganke Lee. He was glad to have him, but he wished he didn't tell him about his secret. Ganke was pressuring him to fight crime. Miles wasn't brave like other Spider-People, he wasn't perfect like them, he wasn't heroic like them... or at least that's what he told himself. Ganke meant it this time though. He made him a costume and everything. Almost like clockwork a villain calling himself Hobgoblin attacks Midtown High. Miles runs into the bathroom and changes. When he comes out the other spiders were already fighting the Hobgoblin. He could hardly believe it. Miles jumped into the action. Hobgoblin quickly escapes and Ganke says they should form a team. Gwen laughs but the two Spider-Men agree with him. She reluctantly agrees and Ganke formally announces them as THE SPECTACULAR WEB WARRIORS!
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Hobgoblin is on the loose and unfortunately for the Web Warriors they don't have any clue where to start. Peter thinks they should go around asking people who might've seen him escape, Gwen thinks that they should go to the police and see if they know anything, while Miles thinks they should ask other heroes if they have already caught him. None of them reach an agreement as Ganke suggests that they should split up and try each of their ideas.
Peter spent his time asking students what they might've seen. Hours and hours. Student after student. Rejection after rejection. Peter stayed resilient as he pursued what he thought to be leads only for him to reach a dead end each time. Ten. Twenty. Thirty. Fifty. All of them went nowhere in the end. Peter kept up hope. Sooner or later something had to come of this. He was Spider-Man. He was wearing his suit and everything. As far as he could see that had to mean something. It needed to mean something. He started wondering about his team and questions why they are even together if they can't agree on how to find the Hobgoblin. He also doesn't blame them because so far his idea hasn't panned out. He hoped Spider-Woman and... the other Spider-Man was having a better time than him.
Gwen decided she didn't have time to ask every cop in the precinct but she also didn't want to confront her father, Captain George Stacy. But she had heard about a good man who had helped heroes in that past. Namely Spider-Man. Maybe he would be willing to help her now. Even then... she decided to ask him about it as herself rather than Spider-Woman. After meeting Jefferson Davis she could tell he was kind and genuine. She hadn't known any other cop out in the city that cared for people more than her father, but if there ever was one, it would've been him. Unfortunately he didn't know anything. Although his demeanor seemed to have changed when she brought up the subject. She left the cop wondering what else she could do, she knew the answer, but there was no way she was going to confront her father.
Miles grabbed his costume and went out hunting for other heroes. Almost immediately he regretted his decision. He started worrying about what he would say. He really wished he had listened to the others. He wasn't ready to be a hero. He only agreed to this a few days ago. He doesn't even know any other heroes. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman probably knew hundreds. They probably already had a ton of leads and he's out here halfheartedly looking for other people to help them. Miles and other meetup afterwards and he explains exactly what happened to him. Spider-Woman hugs him and explains that they have their own hang-ups and maybe if they had trusted each other they probably would have found him. Miles reluctantly agrees and thinks about what trust mean and reveals his identity to the others. Spider-Man gets upset until Spider-Woman unmasks and sees that she's his best friend. Peter quickly unmasks and explains that if they are to ever be a real team they have to be honest with each other. Miles agrees wholeheartedly while Gwen's guilt overwhelms her.
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Written by: G. Willow Wilson
Plot by: VGCinema
Art by: David Marquez
"Getting to Know"
The Web Warriors went home that night with their minds buzzing with anticipation with what the future might hold. Both Peter and Gwen thought they made a mistake, with one worrying about his only family, his Aunt May. While Gwen was afraid her best friend would find out the truth about the night his uncle died. Miles though, he was excited. Full of anticipation on the adventures his new friends would go on. He hoped they were friends now anyway.
The next day they went to school as if nothing out of place had happened. They ate lunch together and Peter and Gwen talked and laughed like they always had, not missing a beat introducing Miles and Ganke into their small circle of friends. Miles loved it, but couldn't help but be scared by this new environment. It was hard for him to make friends, but he tried his best not to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Mary Jane was probably his favorite. She seemed really nice while still being able to speak her mind and tell you what she thought about things. The other person he got to know was Phil Urich. He was distracted, talking about his internship at Oscorp. He had a passion for science, but that was about it. Miles wasn't sure if he did something wrong or if he was always like this.
After school the Web Warriors got together to talk about Hobgoblin. They agreed the way they had handled their problem yesterday was wrong, but they still weren't sure what the right move was. After awhile Gwen suggested if they did find him, they wouldn't have defeated him together. She remembered a few things her father had said over the phone or radios regarding his job. She told them they needed to learn how to work together or they might as well be dead in the water. Peter agreed and said they needed a strong leader who knew what they were doing and without hesitation both Miles and he agreed it should be Gwen. She got upset by the notion. She couldn't say anything, but she hated that Peter kept putting her in positions that made her feel worse. She felt like she didn't know anything and she didn't deserve to lead anyone. But she hesitantly agreed, knowing she couldn't bare telling him why she didn't want to.
They went on patrol for the first time that night and Peter couldn't have been any happier. Swinging through the air was his favorite thing in the world. All his worries would leave his mind and any anger he had throughout the day he could take out on random crooks and burglars. They spent a few hours fighting together, trying to figure out each others fighting style. Peter noticed he was more aggressive than the others, while Gwen was more strategic and relied on speed. Miles was still new at this, so he wasn't exactly skilled at anything in particular, but he could hold his own. Peter loved this. He really did. But it was even better being able to share it with people for the first time.
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Written by: G. Willow Wilson
Plot by: VGCinema
Art by: David Marquez
FRIDAY: For the first time in a long time things were looking up for Peter Parker. Today Phil Urich agreed to take him on a tour of Oscorp. How crazy was that? Maybe if he made a good impression he might be able to intern there this summer. Urich showed Peter everything there was to see. He couldn't help but ask dozens of questions. Luckily for him anyone who was allowed to answer was more than happy to share their thoughts with him, including people working on some kind of flexible armored outfit and a purple hovercraft prototype, which Peter felt was kinda familiar. The tour concluded with an interruption by Norman Osborn. Apparently he needed to speak with Urich immediately. When Peter got home he hugged his aunt, had something to eat, and worked on his latest web shooter design. Seeing other people work made him want to work, but he couldn't stop thinking about how things transpired that day. He had questions that would eat at him for the remainder of the weekend.
SATURDAY: Miles Morales was ready. He was going to patrol the city on his own for the first time. If he was going to do this he was going to take it seriously. He didn't want to be the third wheel. He wanted to be useful. The rooftops were scary in a way he couldn't explain. Heights was never his strong suit, pretty much anything that triggered his anxiety wasn't his strong suit, but this was like asking for trouble. Miles breathed in. He started running and took off harder than he had intended. He shot out a web, laughed in relief, and then screamed as he was about to hit another building, but he knew what to do. It took Miles a few minutes to get the hang of it, but as soon as he did he heard screams coming from the distance. Miles saw the men holding knives and acted on instinct. He jumped down and kicked one of them in the head, he threw another one and webbed him to a wall. Miles felt like he was on top of the world. He was ready for anything. But then he took a hit to the head, then another in the gut, then another, but Miles was able to push him away and and the criminal hit his head on a pipe in the alley. The woman thanked Miles and that meant the world to him.
SUNDAY: Band practice. Lunch with Mary Jane. Last minute homework. Dinner with her father. Gwen's day was like most days for her. But her night? It couldn't be any different. Gwen has had her life turned upside down, but she's not willing to admit it. She's now the leader of a team of teen super heroes.
Responsibility she didn't ask for now belongs to her. It's up to her to find out who the Hobgoblin is and if she doesn't it'll feel like she'd failed her friends. She can't fail Peter. Not again. She needed help and she knew exactly where to go. Jefferson Davis was a great cop that Gwen had gone to before for help, even though he said he didn't know anything, it felt like he was hiding something from her. She hoped she could get it out of him. Jefferson Davis heard her out and still seemed like he wanted to help. Gwen pleaded with him and he reluctantly agreed but said that the road she was going on was dangerous. Gwen was glad for his help, but she wasn't sure how much she could trust him anymore.
32 PGs. / Rated T | $3.99

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