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Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Assemble
Status: Concluded



 Written by JOSS WHEDON
 "Welcome to the Neighborhood"
• Peter Parker, college graduate! That sounds so....mature. How did he ever find the time? Goodbye Empire State University and hello adulthood. Good bye old room at Aunt May's house and hello new studio apartment IN THE CITY. Bachelor pad even. That's right, move over Tony Stark because New York's newest most eligible bachelor is coming to your neighborhood! Except Stark doesn't have to worry about the rent, ugh. Can't say good bye to the Daily Bugle just yet.
• More exciting news - Peter starts his internship at Alchemax. His former college T.A. Gwen Stacy put in a good word and now he gets to work at one of the world's leaders in bioengineering and research. He's been paired up with a brilliant physicist named Miguel O'Hara. Can you say dream job? And they have been assigned to a project under the guidance of a true genius - Doctor Otto Octavius. What could possibly go wrong? that a tingle?
• Oh yeah, and on top of his time spent as go-getting Daily Bugle photographer and Alchemax research scientist, he also moonlights as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Original version. Things are looking up. Everything is falling into place. Mary Jane has a new play opening off Broadway, way off...Long Island off. But it's a start. And she actually invited him! Now THAT could be a start. Gwen and Miguel have asked him out for drinks. Gloria Grant needs his help on a story (see The Bugle #1) and there's a new web-slinger in town. He has actually inspired something in others - heroism. Wow. You know, that whole "Great Responsibility" bit really pays off.
• And then the wake up call, a cold splash to the face. Wash out because here to rain on Parker's parade is the elemental enemy of the people known as HYDRO-MAN!
•Join us on an all new, amazing, sensational, spectacular, superior, swingin' Spidey adventure as only AOM can spin. This is your Spider-Man! #killercreativeteam
32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99