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Publisher: Age of Marvels
Line: Archive
Status: Concluded


Note: This title was set in the original AOM continuity, prior to the reset of the CBR forums in April of 2014 and the AOM reboot.

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Location: From Hell to Texas, wherever the paranormal rears its ugly head! Doctor Strange operates his private practice out of the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, NYC, and Stabbity Jones hangs his cowboy hat at the Alamo in San Antonio!
Concept: Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, operates a private practice - and he’s ready for some consultations! If you’ve got a magical problem that requires a diagnosis, then the Doctor is in! Then, meet the most unlikely Sorcerer Supreme in the multiverse! Stabbity Jones, the Last Knifeman in the West, has sliced and diced his way into becoming the realm’s foremost spellbinder! Join him as he bumbles through his own tales to astonish and causes as much trouble as he solves!
 1. Doctor Strange
 1. Stabbity Jones
Supporting: Spacker Dave, Bob: Agent of HYDRA, Whizzer, Wong
Antagonists: High Evolutionary, Bi-Beast, Impossible Man


 Written by ADAM HINES
 Legendary Neo-Journalist Tom Wolfe is taken on a magical mystery ride by his latest subject, Greenwich Village's own Stephen Strange. Get ready for the trippiest adventure yet. And remember: don't drink the red Kool-Aid. Seriously. You'll wake up in a Hell Dimension wearing nothing but an apron and Indian war paint.
 Bob, Agent of HYDRA and Spacker Dave have concocted their latest and greatest get filthy rich scheme after discovering an abandoned underwater AIM base in the Hudson River. Just imagine the ritzy clientele they can pull in for unique luxury condominiums. First they realize why the place is abandoned. Yep, scary 10 foot tall sea creatures with really sharp teeth, making creepy fish sounds. Then they run. Next they hide. Then they call for their handy sorcerer back-up. BTW - cellular reception is a real pain below the sea. Will the call go through?....Suspense! And will Stabbity Jones break-up his monthly Bridge game to rescue his no-good pals? Or do they swim with the fishes tonight? Find out, if you ain't scurred!
32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
 “Whorey Hosts of Hoggoth!”
Scandal! New York State’s Governor is discovered using public funds to pay for high-priced escorts! As if that wasn’t bad enough, what the papers don’t know is that the prostitutes this particular escort service employs are soul-sucking succubi! Now there’s a curse on the State’s highest elected official and only Dr. Strange can send the demonic succubi back to the nether realm in time to save him! But will he? After all, the Governor is the same guy who years ago was a crusading Attornery General that tried to prosecute the good doctor for “claimed or pretended use of occult powers.” Will personal animus stand in the way of fighting evil, or will the whorey hosts of Hoggoth be banished back from whence they came?
When the Sorcerer Supreme attempts to form a tax-exempt nonprofit organization to defer the costs of all his civil service sorcery, Stabbity Jones becomes the target of his most terrible foe to date… the Internal Revenue Service! The auditor they send isn’t afraid to go right for the jugular – literally! The IRS is working with a vampire coven and Stabbity has to put a stake in this unholy alliance before they collectively suck him dry!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “Doctor Strange: Master of the Mixed Martial Arts?”
Up-and-coming ultimate fighter Juan “Crusher” Aponte is tearing opponents apart on his way to the welterweight championship. His undefeated streak, however, makes the fight club’s promoter suspect he might be using performance enhancers… of the mystical variety. When Dr. Strange is brought in for a consult, it’s clear to him that the reason Aponte’s grappling holds look so unbreakable is because he’s secretly using the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! It would tarnish the organization’s reputation if word got out that a contender was using magic to cheat, so the only way to stop him from earning a title shot is for Dr. Strange to tape up his fists, slam an energy drink, and step into the octagon! Can rookie Stephan “The Doctor” Strange defeat the fightin’ fraudster within three five minute rounds, or is an imminent K.O. in his future?
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Vote or Un-Die”
This Election Day, Spacker Dave is about to vote for the very first time! But will his vote be meaningless and perhaps life-threatening? Dead people have appeared on voter rolls in the past, but never before have the deceased actually shown up to the polling station! When a partisan necromancer sees his incumbent’s reign in jeopardy and a potential tax hike in his future, he resurrects party loyalists to rock the vote! Now, it’s up to Stabbity Jones to stop brainwashed zombies from hitting voting booths en masse! Can he halt the Balloting Dead, or will there be a recall?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “Bachelors of Mystic Arts”
Empire State University wants to be the first accredited college in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Mystic Arts degree, and Dean Beatty has reached out to Dr. Strange with an offer to be the new department’s head! There are at least four eager students with the qualifications and desire to enroll in “Magic 101,” but this ain’t no Hogwarts and not all of the prospects are exactly what they appear… Stephen knows that overwhelming student loan debt and a grim job market make illicit use of sorcery all the more appealing, so it’s up to “Professor” Strange to teach these kids responsible spell-casting before they learn the wrong way on the streets! Can the doc stand and deliver enough to get his ethics lesson through and matriculate these at-risk youth? Or are they going to flunk out of class and into the Dark Dimension?
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Eight Crazy Fights”
The approaching winter solstice has once again drawn out the being known as the Anti-Claus, whose latest insidious plot to stifle end of the year revelry involves travelling back to the 2nd century B.C. and helping the Greeks put down the Maccabean Revolt. If he succeeds, Hanukah will be no more! In order to preserve the timeline, it falls upon Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme, to ally with holiday hero Nick Norris, the Son of Santa! The duo travel to the distant past but are too late to stop the Anti-Claus from rewriting history by summoning Hellenistic aid to ensure a Greek victory - enter Ares, God of War! Will Stabbity and the Son of Santa be able to face down the immortal warrior and keep the candles burning for all eight nights with only one night’s worth of oil, or will their resolve shake like a bowl full of jelly?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “Affordable Care Acts of Vengeance”
Keen Marlow is the fascist-smashing Destroyer, war hero and Secret Defender. He’s also approaching triple digits and his third heart attack. With the plaque in his arteries building by the moment, he’s shocked to discover that the specialty physician he’d long entrusted to care for him has vanished, replaced with a far less competent baboon from the Age of Marvel Apes Universe! Skilled doctors from all over the country are phasing out of existence, forcing patients to rely on their incompetent simian doppelgangers! The clock is ticking when it comes to Marlow’s ticker, and it’s up to Dr. Strange to bring his medical colleagues back through the holes in the fabric of reality before heart disease claims a national hero. But what happens when Stephen’s own chimpanzee doppelganger arrives to take his place? If you like your Doctor Strange (and we hope you do), will you be able to keep him?
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Monster Jam”
Relive a classic confrontation from 1992 in the mighty Age of Marvels manner!
Special guest star Honey Lemon of the Godzilla Squad approaches Stabbity Jones with ill-tidings: the King of Monsters is on the move again and heading right towards a populated area! They need a power forward to assume a defensive position and counter Godzilla’s advance, which gives Stabbity an idea: he’ll conscript one of Big G’s old foes, one who resoundingly defeated him in the past… none other than Charles Barkley! The Sorcerer Supreme can easily tap into the residual magic from the spell that increased Sir Charles’ size back in his heyday, though the real problem is that retirement has not been kind to the Round Mound of Rebound. Flabby and out of shape, only Stabbity Jones can get Barkley off the bench! But 22 years later, this time smart money is on Godzilla. Can Stabbity even the odds?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “Black Magic Fish”
After a scathing documentary, Florida’s OceanWorld is being blamed for the death of one of their orca trainers. The cramped conditions of captivity are thought to be the cause of the Killer Whale’s murderous actions, but OceanWorld thinks there is another explanation: Demonic Possession! Dr. Strange is brought in for a consultation and exorcism, but in the process makes a shocking discovery: “Moby Richard” actually hosts the soul of a deceased chieftain of the Kwakwaka'wakw people! With exorcism no longer an option, Strange learns that the trainer’s death was self-defense and realizes that the whale must be freed. However, an orca taking the life of a human has gained the attention of Japan’s most fanatical and revenge-driven whaler, Daisuke the Harpoonist! Can the good doctor stop the super-human Harpoonist before he takes the life of an innocent whale, or will his blubber light Daisuke’s lamp tonight?
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Stab Dynasty”
Stabbity Jones’ mouth has got him in trouble again! While everyone loves his exploits as the Age of Marvels’ Sorcerer Supreme, people tend to forget his roots as the last knifeman of the West (everyone else had guns). With [u]Horton v. Hammond[/u] dominating the news cycle (see Secret Defenders, on sale now!), controversial comments made by Stabbity about A.I.s in a Daily Bugle interview cause a social media firestorm! With so many calling for him to be suspended as Sorcerer Supreme or replaced with Dr. Strange for remarking that “Baby Jesus don’t love no robo-sexuals!”, can Stabbity possibly defeat the P.C. Police? This is not a metaphorical question: a group of super-powered politically- progressive crusaders calling themselves the P.C. Police have laid Siege to Stabbity’s headquarters in the Alamo! Can he possibly escape from Ms. Anti-Bully, the Undocumented DREAM, and the Physically Challenged Challenger unscathed?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

STRANGE TALES #6 ***Argonauts Assemble Tie-In***
 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “Platonic Friends”
When Dr. Strange rushes off to save Greece from an invasion of Spartans and mythological creatures (check out Argonauts Assemble #1 for more!), Wong is left in charge of the Sanctum Sanctorum! And when Wong’s in charge, that means only one thing… reflective meditation in complete solitude! (Hey, what do you expect from a guy who was raised by “Hamir the Hermit”?). But while Wong might enjoy his quiet time, all the commotion around Mt. Olympus has begun stirring up the regulars who used to frequent the Parthenon back in its heyday. From a giant enchanted clam that the Doc kept in the Sanctorum’s basement, there emerge three heavenly babes – Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thaleia, the Olympian goddesses of adornment, mirth, and festivity! And they want to freakin’ party! Can Wong keep them from trashing the Sanctorum with a rager, or will the goddesses finally get Wong to let his hair down? (spoiler: he’s bald). If you’re sexy, you’re invited - but when Yancy Street Gang members start up some trouble, who’s going to bounce them from the “Stanktorum”? Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wong’s done tonight!
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Einstein-Rosen Bridgegate”
Tonight, Stabbity Jones dines in hell! Well, in Hades to be more precise. Like the sailors of Ancient Greece, the Sorcerer Supreme was lured astray by the seductive Sirens. These Sirens sung like Travis Tritt, looked like young Dolly Pardon, wore daisy dukes, and smelled of mesquite BBQ - how could he resist? The last knifeman in the west was fixing to catch him some genital Hermes but instead caught a bottle of Jim Bean upside his head and got dumped into the underworld. Someone definitely wanted him out of the way, because mystical portals aren’t an escape option. The magical passageways over the river Styxx are so congested that traversing them is nigh impossible, and rumors are swirling that Pluto himself might have caused the jam in retaliation for the Elysian Fields’ refusal to support him in a recent campaign to invade a foreign planet. Stabbity knows only one hombre with the goods to get him out of there – the ferryman himself, Charon! But those Sirens stole Stabbity’s wallet, and you won’t believe what a guy has to do in the underworld to earn a couple of coins…
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

 Plot by EXCITER
 Art by Frazer Irving & Kyle Baker
Doctor Strange in “The Stethoscopes Monkey Trial” Part One
Not long ago, during the “Affordable Care Acts of Vengeance” Saga, Dr. Strange was temporarily replaced with his chimpanzee doppelganger from the Age of Marvel Apes Universe. While the other monkey doctors were returned from whence they came, Dr. Simian Strange elected to stay (he was going through a nasty divorce from Cleeok at the time). Little did he know that his sabbatical would draw the attention of the mega-geneticist obsessed without animal-human hybrids, Herbert Wyndham – the High Evolutionary! Now held against his will in the Evolutionary’s Citadel of Science on Transia's Mount Wundagore, the mystical chimp is in for some less-than-cruelty-free testing – and we ain’t talking just shampoo and conditioner! Can he get a message to the human Dr. Strange in time for a rescue?
Stabbity Jones, Sorcerer Supreme in “Too Impossible to Fail”
With Ben Bernanke’s term as chairman of the Federal Reserve coming to an end, the president has nominated his successor, and it might be an understatement to say his choice was unlikely – because it’s the Impossible Man! The position is perfect for an alien who can create green stuff from absolutely nothing, but if left to his own incredibly annoying devices, he’ll use his unexplainable fractional reserve banking powers to completely devalue all American currency! Well, Stabbity Jones has known for years that the Federal Reserve is run by the Illuminati (not the one with Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic), and now that he’s the Sorcerer Supreme, he aims to put a stop to it! The first step is to quantitatively ease his fist into the Impossible Man’s face, but can even Stabbity Jones assume the role of comptroller and arrange an audit on the Fed when the Impossible Man’s on an inflating spree?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99


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