Special double-size preview issue, featuring THE DEFENDERS and THE ENFORCERS!
“Of Knights and Knaves”
The Jack of Hearts arrives at the Sanctum Sanctorum with a dire message for Dr. Stephen Strange: Something is materializing in the Earth realm and only he can see it.
In an effort to determine the root of the silent invasion, Clea Strange discovers the original source to be the Dark Dimension, where Dormammu has recently acquired fragments of the Badlands, a short-lived dimension created by the Demon Bear.
In Dormammu's haste in stitching the pieces of the expired dimension into his own, one fragment splintered and was flung into the void where a group of minor demons quickly laid claim to it.
Now, this 'Shadowlands' is intent on building itself up by infiltrating Earth and taking control of people with criminal intentions and dark motivations.
The Stranges, with the help of Jack of Hearts rallies together a group of Defenders to fight off the invasion, including Hercules, Sersi, Moon Knight and Andromeda.
But things may already be taking a turn for the worse when Andromeda is wanted by Atlantis for a crime she didn't commit. A crime fabricated by the Shadow Demons!
And that's just the first 20 pages of our exciting special preview issue...
“Turn, Turn, Turn... Once More!”
After Nick Fury leaves SHIELD for some time away from covert action and impossible missions, he stumbles upon a case of mistaken identity that leads him into a bigger plot.
One that's already being investigated by Silver Sable and Misty Knight.
A small coastal town appears to be hiding a few dark secrets, including a murder, an imposter and a complex series of cover-ups.
Together with Doc Samson, Wonder Man and Dominic Fortune, the heroes go undercover to unravel the mystery of Port Gloriana.
But it's easier said than done when no one can be trusted and it seems that the entire town is involved!
Get in at the beginning as we gear up for the launch of two new titles coming your way next month!
This issue also features profile pages on the two teams and their members, as well as special, exclusive pin-ups!
And all for free!
40 PGs./ Rated T...FREE

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