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Krypton, 35 Years Ago.
After a conversation with time traveling Lara Lor-Van, Jor-El begins to scan all memory on Krypton, and make them into mind scans, Mind Crystals.
Before the destruction of Krypton, Jor El sends all the mind crystals into space in another rocket, as well as all the genetic data collected by Eradicator.
Earth, 30 Months Ago.
Superman recovered the rocket with all Kryptonian Mind Crystal and reconstructed the clone matrix of Krypton. This was the same machine used by Kryptonian to create substitute organs to become immortal. But Jor-El has improved the machine, to match the clone matrix of the scientist Bertron.
Europa, 8 Months Ago.
Superman and Supergirl has planted the Sun Stone crystals into the land, now he heat up the crust of Europa with their heat vision. The ocean of Europa become heated, as Volcanos erupts under the sea. And Superman planted the seed for Kryptonian Sea Plants in the ocean.
New Krypton, Now.
Superman and Lois Lane flies through the clouds to the Fortress of Resurrection, the clone factory. Clark has given Lois the Superman Serum which allows Lois to have Superpowers for 24 hours.
Beneath the waves, the sea forrest grows and provide the necessary gas for Kryptonian atmosphere. The organic material for cloning are taken from the sea as well. Now there are millions of clones in the cloning matrix. Floating in crystal bubbles beneath the waves of Europa.
Most of the science council are gathered in the fortress of the resurrection. Some in their newly cloned body, others in robots like Kelex, their mind can be transferred from Mind Crystal to the computer.
The science council congrats Jor-El for his plans, but they would advise against repeated clone of singular Kryptonian. It is advised that repeated clone be avoided, for that process was how Doomsday was created by Bertron. Jor-El’s new design bears similarity to that of Bertron. Some believe this resurrection machine may also be forcing evolution of Kryptonians, turning them into Doomsdays.
After the council meeting, The Wizards of Juru visit Superman and Jor-El to use the clone matrix to resurrect Bru-Al, their first leader, the ancient Kryptonian Necromancer. The Wizards of Juru were a group of Wizards hiding in the Valley of Juru, they were also the only ones who take Jor-El’s warning of Krypton’s destruction seriously. They traveled to another dimension to avoid the destruction of Krypton. They have now returned and stand as the Guild of Juru.
Superman agrees that there should be representative of every guild on the Council. Thus a clone was created for Bru-Al and his dark soul was summoned back from the realm of death.
On the next Council meeting, Jor-El, Dru-Zod and Bru-Al all sits on the Council.
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Kryptonopolis, the former Capital City of Krypton, is under construction.
There has been a bunch of New Kryptonians who were recently resurrected. And they believe that the old way of Krypton should die with Krypton, and New Krypton should have their own culture. They are protesting against the Science Council. Superman and Nightwing (Golden Age Superman) try to stop any conflict between the Science Council and the New Kryptonians. But things get a little complicated when Bru-Al decides to use magic on the protesting crowd. And the leader of the protesting group intervenes.
The Fortress, Jon Kent and Kara Zor-El decides to lead an expedition to the other continents on New Krypton. Mostly the Zoo continent, which is created from the Zoo in Fortress of Solitude where Superman rescued all the extinct animals from around the universe. Krypto has gone to the Zoo continent and has yet to return. Jon and Kara wants to find Krypto.
And The leader of the New Kryptonians is finally revealed!
The Red Son.
Now, here is a little detail we left out in all previous issues. The Superman we know is wearing a Blue Suit.
Superman Blue!
And the leader of the protesting New Kryptonians, is wearing a Red Suit.
Superman Red!
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Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom on Krypton. The King led their kingdom into a Golden Age.
But that was before the fall, and before the war.
The King wanted more for his Kingdom, and he heard whispers in his dreams. Whispers that promised great powers and knowledge. All he need to do is to build a Gate. When the Gate finally opened, Doomsday arrived.
The Kingdome fell as demons flood through the Gate. In order to stop the demonic invasion, the other Kingdoms destroyed the Gate. And the whole Kingdom and its people disappeared with the Gate.
The King alone survived, but he lost his queen, his children and his people. So he vowed to bring them back, even if it means losing his own soul. He delved into the dark arts of Necromancy, and he assembled a great army of the zombies. And he declared war against the other Kingdoms.
The other great Houses that would be known as the Science Council. For this was a story of Bru-Al, the Kryptonian Necromancer.
Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom on another Krypton. The King led their kingdom into a Golden Age.
But that was before the fall, and before the war.
The King wanted more for his Kingdom, and he made a deal with the Demonic Doomsday, the Ultimate Weapon of the Empire of Tears.
The Kingdome fell, and the people were transformed into demonic creatures by Doomsday. The other Kingdoms fought against his demonic empire and exiled them to another dimension. The Grimlands.
The King alone had the powers to escape this dimension, as he calls out to the other King, in his dreams, in dark whispers. With the promises of great power and knowledge, the other King would build a Gate in his lands, just as the King would build his Gate in the Grimlands. Finally his demonic people would be free, finally his empire would be restored.
The other king would be known as Bru-Al, the Kryptonian Necromancer of Earth-0. For this was a story of Bru-Al, the Kryptonian Dark Lord of Earth-2.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99