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Note: This title was set in the original AOM continuity, prior to the reset of the CBR forums in April of 2014 and the AOM reboot.

 Writer: Gail Simone
 Artist: Stephanie Hans
 1. Wolverine
 2. Beast
 3. Sunfire
 4. Colossus
 5. Iceman
 6. Kitty Pryde
 7. Manifold
 8. Storm
9. Random
 Supporting: Professor M (Moira MacTaggert), Magneto, Valerie Cooper
 Antagonists: Purifiers, Black Womb, Proteus, Reavers (Donald Pierce, Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, Slayback), Romulus, Sentinels, Shadow King, Sugar Man


 Written by GAIL SIMONE
“Diplomatic Immunity”
Sworn to protect a world that fears and hates mutants, Wolverine returns to the X-Mansion in the wake of Cyclops’ disappearance to assemble a new uncanny team of X-Men that can confront the threats of an increasingly hostile world. Even before he can begin, an unanticipated threat immerges… Ambassador Magneto? With anti-mutant hysteria spreading like wildfire through the United States government, the Master of Magnetism presents Wolverine and Moira MacTaggert with an offer they cannot refuse – turn the X-Mansion into the official Genoshan Embassy, a little slice of Genosha governance in Westchester, and a much-needed safe haven for all mutants! Can Wolverine trust Magneto’s assistance? He may have no choice. What remains of the previous uncanny team, Storm, Beast, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Iceman, have engaged the Purifiers, religious zealots hell-bent on eliminating mutants from the face of the Earth. Magneto’s intelligence, however, suggests that they’ve walked into an ambush! Wolverine must rush to their rescue, but to succeed against the Purifiers he needs to make Uncanny X-Men of the mutants he has available to him: Sunfire, surly Japanese solar flare; Manifold, the teleporting protégé of Gateway; and Random, the plasma-based, white-skinned biker who makes guns from his hands. Will they kill each other before they can save the rest of the X-Men?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 Written by GAIL SIMONE
 Plot by EXCITER
“Phasma Ex Machina” Part One: “Uncanny Error 35.00”
Nearly all of industrialist Donald Pierce's organic tissue has been replaced with highly advanced cybernetics. With similar tech, he transformed a gang of thugs into his own personal cyborg army – “The Reavers.” Now, the Purifiers have used their political influence to position Pierce at the head of the U.S. government’s controversial Sentinel program, and he’s ready to start field tests!
The Uncanny X-Men successfully thwarted the Purifiers’ attempt at an ambush last issue, but the team is intercepted on their way back to the X-Mansion, which is now the official U.S. Genoshan Embassy, by a squadron of sentinels. Naturally, the X-Men proceed to do what they do best: destroy giant mutant-killing machines! But when all but one of the sentinels are down, the sole survivor begins employing tactics outside its preselected algorithms and manages to injure Colossus before successfully effectuating a retreat. This catches the eye of Donald Pierce, as these sentinels were never programmed to retreat…
When the sentinel returns, Pierce subjects it to a barrage of tests. Despite his experience with mechanizing men, Pierce cannot figure out how the “Ghost in the Machine” came to be. He only knows that a consciousness seems to inhabit the sentinel; just whose consciousness is unknown... When the GitM requests discretionary control over a squadron of sentinels, Pierce conditionally grants the request. All it has to do to prove itself worthy is defeat Pierce’s Reavers: Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, and Skullbuster! It’s machine against cyborg in the ultimate performance test, and whoever wins, the Uncanny X-Men will lose!
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 Written by GAIL SIMONE
 Plot by EXCITER
“Phasma Ex Machina” Part Two: “Realpolitik”
Donald Pierce has a mutation in his stable of state-sanctioned sentinels. He’s taken to calling it the “Ghost in the Machine,” or GitM for short - a unique, thinking, and tactical mind impossibly spawned from an assembly line. Now it’s time to see what this “Thinking Sentinel” can do with independent authority!
Misdirection is the key to its success. The GitM stages a faux stand-off between sentinels and a communal compound of mutants in Texas. It knew that the uncanny mutants feared a similar fate would befall the X-Mansion. It knew that fear motivated Wolverine to convert the Westchester property into the Genoshan Embassy. It knew that the Texas siege would present too sympathetic a target for the Uncanny X-Men to ignore. When they arrived to confront the sentinels, Pierce’s Reavers would attack from behind, trapping them in “the killbox.”
But the scope of the GitM’s misdirection is so much wider, extending to its own handlers. Pierce’s sentinel program exists at the discretion of National Security Advisor Valerie Cooper. Ms. Cooper has been very vocal about her plans to convert sentinel drones into piloted mechs, and her brainchild, “Freedom Force,” permits mutants like the despised Azazel to operate under the auspices of the U.S. Government. To the GitM, literally programmed to hate mutants, these transgressions are unforgivable. Valerie Cooper has to die, and the only X-Man in Washington D.C. that can save her is the recently appointed Secretary of Mutant Affairs, Henry McCoy – the ever-lovin’ blue-furred Beast!
Meanwhile, as Colossus recovers from his injuries, an unlikely romantic interlude occurs between him and Professor M., Moira McTaggert! Bozhe moi! What will ex-girlfriend Kitty think?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99

 Written by GAIL SIMONE
 Plot by EXCITER
After Uncanny X-Man and U.S. Secretary of Mutant Affairs Henry McCoy saved National Security Advisor Valerie Cooper from an overzealous sentinel last issue, Ms. Cooper has become more sympathetic to the mutant cause. She already operated a government-sanctioned mutant emergency response team, patriotically named “Freedom Force,” and now she invites the X-Men to volunteer members in order to present a friendly mutant face to the public. Of course, this would mean cooperating with the other members of Freedom Force, which is currently lead by none other than the devilish teleporting mutant, Azazel! After careful consideration, Kitty Pryde elects to join the group along with Iceman and Manifold. She starts rethinking her decision after the fourth press conference, but when a mission finally presents itself, it just might be this team’s last! Evidence has led the government to believe that an underground genetic splicing operation promising to turn humans into mutants is being run by the vile mutant scientist, Sugar Man, and they aim to stop it. Can Kitty and the others trust Azazel to lead them? And what happens when Sugar Man’s workshop is more heavily defended than originally anticipated?
Meanwhile, Moira Moira MacTaggert’s son Kevin has gone missing. This is all the more alarming when you consider that Kevin is also known as Proteus, the reality-warping mutant made of pure energy! Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Sunfire, and Random try and uncover what happened to him, but all their leads are dead ends. Could it have been… suicide?
32 PGs./Rated T+...$3.99