Age of Marvels & New Dawn Wikia

Line: Supernatural
Status: Ongoing


 Plotter: Mcgaffer
 Writer: James O'Barr
 Artists: Esad Ribic
 Tagline: The shadows are watching - the shadows are being watched!
 Location: Secret base in the Catacombs of Paris
 1. Roland Deschain
 2. Solomon Kane
 3. Ian McNee
 4. Shiver Man
 5. Caretaker
 6. Mary LeBow
 7. Casey Kinmont
 Supporting: Elsa Bloodstone, Frankenstein's Monster, War-wolf, Living Mummy, Grogg, Amanda Sefton
 Antagonists: Blackheart, Lucifer, Nox, Satannish, Kulan Gath, Randall Flagg
 Reserve - Legion of the Unliving, It the Living Colossus, The Blood, The Fallen, Dweller-In-Darkness


 Written by James O'Barr
 Plot by Mcgaffer
 Art by Esad Ribic
 A silent call has gone out, riders in the dark appearing to those who would heed the message. The masked riders on horseback speak no words but their message is plain. The shadows have been corrupted, the natural order is no longer working. There hasn't been a Watch since 1602 but a need has arisen and the ancient call goes out. Those who walk in shadow are asked once more to submerge themselves deeper. Roland Deschain, Ian McNee, Solomon Kane and Shiver Man enter the Catacombs from the North following the Red Riders whilst Caretaker, Amanda Sefton, Casey Kinmont and Mary LeBow follow the White Riders from the South. The Watch has been called and the vigil begins! The shadows must be healed before the unnatural covers all!
 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99