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World War Zemo was an event in the Age of Marvels: the New Universe that ran across four months in the spring of 2023.


Main Series[]

See: World War Zemo (Vol. 1)


Atlantis Attacked[]

See: Atlantis Attacked (Vol. 1)

Maestro in World War Zemo[]

See: Maestro in World War Zemo (Vol. 1)

On The Battlefield[]

See: World War Zemo: On The Battlefield (Vol. 1)

Tyger Tiger, Chancellor of Madripoor[]

See: Tyger Tiger, Chancellor of Madripoor: World War Zemo (Vol. 1)

Ulik the Troll[]

See: Ulik the Troll: World War Zemo (Vol. 1)

Wayfinder & Aleta[]

See: Wayfinder & Aleta: World War Zemo (Vol. 1)

X-Men: Silver[]

See: X-Men: Silver (Vol. 1)


Avengers Armistice[]

See: Avengers Armistice (Vol. 1)

Thunderbolts No More[]

See: Thunderbolts No More (Vol. 1)