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In the last issue of THUNDERBOLTS, Helmut Zemo was appointed to the position of United States Secretary of Defense. Since then, he’s hounded his former underlings in the pages of NO MORE THUNDERBOLTS. That title has seen the Thunderbolts scatter across the globe, hoping to avoid his reach.

That won’t be enough.

Using the mind-control techniques of Doctor Faustus, Defense Secretary Zemo is about to have POTUS and the rest of the Executive Branch under his thumb! While he puts into place a full-scale white nationalist takeover domestically, his first international priority is to demonstrate that he is not to be defied. Not only is Zemo eager to utilize the full might of the US military-industrial complex, but he also commands the REDEEMERS, a personal superhuman brigade with an ever-growing line-up! When the nations of the world refuse to extradite the former Thunderbolts, Zemo declares war!

The following nations will be under attack:
The UNITED STATES itself, as Zemo clamps down at home!

As you can tell, Zemo is a belligerent type. If you want him to invade another country in your book, let me know – I’m sure we can figure out a reason for it!

TL;DR: After subjugating the US government, Baron Zemo plunges the world into war! Whether as part of the resistance in the USA or in defense of an invaded nation, your characters can fight the superpowered REDEEMERS, the US military itself, or (for the less savory types) exploit the chaos!

1. Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff), White House Chief Strategist
2. Wolfgang von Strucker, Secretary of Homeland Security
3. Doctor Arnim Zola, Secretary of Health and Human Services
4. Tadzio de Santis, White House Press Secretary
5. Swarm (Fritz von Meyer), Secretary of Agriculture
6. Kraken (Daniel Whitehall), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
7. Werner von Strucker, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Cameron Hodge, Secretary of the Department of Mutant Affairs
8. Mogul of the Mystic Mountain
9. Halation / Living Laser (Arthur Parks)
10. Green Widow / Scorpion (Carmilla Black)
11. Wasp / Locust (August Hopper)
12. The Builders / The Wrecking Crew
13. The Fantastic Force / The U-Foes


Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
He might not officially have the title… but make no mistake about who’s calling the shots in Washington D.C.!
Defense Secretary Zemo’s lust for power brought him to the mind-control expertise of DOCTOR FAUSTUS. Now all of the United States government marches to his tune!
Faustus has become White House Chief Strategist. Wolfgang von Strucker heads up DHS, his son Werner leading ICE. Arnim Zola is in charge of Health and Human Services. Swarm leads the USDA. Kraken chairs the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Department of Mutant Affairs has been established. Tadzio de Santis gives dictates propaganda in the Press Room.
Fascists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and their ilk are now insinuated into the government at the deepest levels.
But it’s not enough. Never enough. Zemo wants it all!
And what he wants first is the head of those who defy him. The international fugitives / refugees formally known as the THUNDERBOLTS!
When the nations providing them sanctuary refuse to extradite them, Zemo declares WAR!
These nations face the full might of the USA — and more! Zemo’s personal superhuman army, the REDEEMERS, have swelled in size and rank!
Not to mention that Zemo has hosts of EKO Scorpion mercs hopped up on MGH and armed with experimental tech.
There’s one more nation at war with Zemo — the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA itself!
With Zemo’s forces divided around the world, the time has come for the domestic resistance to strike!
There’s one man at the head of the resistance… and you might say he’s the expert on punching Nazis!
That’s right — Steve Rogers has returned, and he doesn’t like what he sees!
Is Captain America a bad enough dude to save the President?
And with what Zemo has up his sleeves… will that even be enough
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Captain America leads the charge to rescue his homeland from itself!
He needs to rescue the President of the United States if he’s going to have a chance of breaking Doctor Faustus’ mind control. But there’s a major obstacle in the way.
Can the Vibranium-Steel Shield hold up against the Adamantine Axe of Ares?
Steve Rogers takes on the God of War on the steps of the White House!
Even if he succeeds, the Revolution needs more than just a president – it needs boots on the ground. And Steve’s allies have a lead on a good source. They join up with Karma’s “Silver” X-Men to liberate one of Sct. Cameron Hodge’s mutant detention camps — which happens to be where the former Thunderbolt ARCHANGEL is being kept!
If that sounds too good to be true, well, it is. WARBIRD and SCARLET SPIDER were on-hand to transfer Archangel to the personal custody of Sct. Hodge. Time for the former Thunderbolts to clash!
Where is Zemo while this is happening?
Well, as a veteran soldier himself, he felt some nostalgia for the frontlines.
Zemo trusts U-Man to handle Atlantis, while Amora and D.O.A. are handling the Asgard-Vanaheim side of the conflict. The situation in Madripoor is too volatile at the moment, with concerns the Mandarin might intervene on behalf of China.
Where does that leave Zemo, then?
That’s right, Zemo has touched down on Sharzhadi territory — where Dagan Shah, the SULTAN MAGUS, grants refuge to the turncoat Agent Dallas Riordan!
Empowered by the extraterrestrial technology he unearthed beneath the desert, Dagan Shah is practically a demigod.
Against the Sultan Magus in a fair fight, Zemo doesn’t have a chance.
But like any fascist… Zemo doesn’t fight fair.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Captain America has done the impossible — overcome Ares, God of War and Axe of America.
Not only has he rescued the President, but he’s captured Doctor Faustus and his brainwashing technology.
It’s only a matter of time until they can restore the relative sanity of Washington DC.
Unfortunately, time is one thing they don’t have.
Sct. Zemo played his trump card against the Sultan Magus.
His top scientists hijacked the alien technology that powers Sharzhad.
Now he’s returning home to finish what he started, with an army of Redeemers wielding jury-rigged Sharzhadi weaponry.
Around the Earth, Zemo’s wars wreak devastation.
His agents in Atlantis unleashed a dark force beyond their control.
Madripoor turns into a three-way clusterf#%k with the involvement of the Mandarin’s China Force.
The heirs to the throne of Asgard are missing, and Vanaheim is in chaos.
A future, despotic Hulk has turned New York into a disaster.
Cameron Hodge has outsourced mutant detention to the private prison nightmare known as HEXUS Corp and the Americops!
Tensions with Canadian intelligence are at a breaking point, and the Redeemers’ interference has thrown the critical operations of A.R.M.O.R. into disarray.
Without the terraforming alien technology, Sharzhad is a humanitarian disaster.
Archangel manages to convince Warbird that the cost of serving Zemo is higher than her personal gain… but the world needs more than an assembly of a few former Thunderbolts to save it.
It’s too late for Steve Rogers to protect the people of the world.
Instead… he’ll have to avenge them.
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Written by ALEX DE CAMPI
Plot by H-E-D
Sct. Zemo returns to America triumphant. Both he and his army are empowered by hijacked Sharzhadi technology. No single force on Earth can stand against him.
But there was an idea… born in the aftermath of the conflict between two heroes… the idea that against overwhelming odds, the forces of good would unite to face them. Two words.
And assemble they have! In the skies above Washington D.C., heroes from across the globe have assembled for a final battle against the totalitarian threat of Zemo and his Nazi thugs!
Captain America, Steven Rogers, sounded the call! Thor, Mighty King of Asgard, answered!
More royalty arrived as The Black Panther, King of Wakanda, personally joined the band! None other than Iron Man himself followed! The geniuses, Ant-Man and Prof. Hulk!
And more: Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange! The screaming Songbird! America Chavez, paramedic of the multiverse!
Last but not least… when the Thing sees a bunch of Nazis in the skies, he *knows* it’s Clobberin’ Time!
These ten heroes are the SHINING AVENGERS! It’s the greatest assemblage of heroes you could ever want! But they’re not all!
Thanks to Captain America’s work in Zemo’s absence, the brainwashing of Washington D.C. has been broken. Every able-bodied citizen does what they can to help as the streets of America’s capitol descend into all-out war!
Zemo is furious — and with the stolen powers of the Sultan Magus, enters the fray personally!
Even the Shining Avengers can’t overcome that power. Zemo has them on the ropes.
But as he prepares to strike the killing blow to Captain America, his new powers falter and vanish!
Cap smiles: right on time.
While the Shining Avengers fought in the light of Day, the SHADOW AVENGERS took down Zemo from within!
The Shadow Avengers: Black Widow, the Wasp, Spider-Girl, Stinger. And not just bug heroes: Spellbinder, Iron Lad, Doc Sampson, Prince Wayfinder, Silhouette and the Winter Soldier!
Together, they sabotaged the stolen Sharzhadi technology.
Enraged, Zemo calls upon his ace in the hole, Agent Carnage, to finish off Cap – but Zemo didn’t know that Carnage was reprogrammed to be loyal only to Warbird. And Archangel convinced her to betray him! His call falls on deaf ears.
Zemo is apoplectic. Victory was within his grasp! Now, all is lost! Screaming and crying, he vows never to be a prisoner. The would-be master of the globe looks to emulate his idol Hitler one last time, as he puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger.
But he should have paid more attention, as the gun he grabbed was one of the now-useless Sharzhadi weapons! Guess he’s not so much of a genius as he thought.
Songbird knocks him out with a sonic blast, and soon enough, the War is over!
Now, the day will forever be remembered as V-Z Day — Victory Over Zemo Day!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99