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X-Men: Silver
Writer: Stephanie Williams
Plotter: H-E-D
Artist: Ariela Kristantina
Concept: Karma's secret X-Men team comes out to fight Zemo and Cameron Hodge's anti-mutant agenda!
Location: Mons Esam, the Moon; Kümüx, East Turkistan; Wherever mutants are in danger, Earth!
1. Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh)
2. Rogue (Anna Marie)
3. Mercury (Cessily Kincaid)
4. Silhouette (Janelle Chord)
5. Iceman (Robert Drake)
6. Ricochet (Johnathan Gallo)
7. Doctor Cecilia Reyes
8. Prodigy (David Alleyne)
9. Zero (Kenji Uedo)
10. Wallflower (Laurie Collins)
11. Triage (Christopher Muse)
12. Leper Queen
13. Hate-Monger (Josh Glenn)
14. Zorn (佐恩)


Plot by H-E-D
The chaos of WORLD WAR ZEMO thrust the Age of Marvel’s secret mutant heroes into the spotlight!
After retiring from the Ultimates, the telepathic KARMA was inspired by the Uncanny X-Men to form her own team of mutant defenders!
Recruiting the powerhouse ROGUE (been a long time since MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIAL!), the cryonic ICEMAN, the teleporting SILHOUETTE, the versatile MERCURY, and the disc-slinging RICOCHET, along with a top of the line support staff (fully salaried), Karma leads the team she calls X-MEN SILVER.
(She’s sure Charles Xavier would approve, but has copyright lawyers on hand just in case)
For a long time, they’ve operated under the radar, providing aid to mutants worldwide.
How have they stayed secret? Well, it helps when your benefactor is rich enough to build you a base on Mons Esam – a mountain on the moon
But with Zemo’s ascent in the United States has come an unprecedented wave of anti-mutant violence and legislation. Moon base or no, Karma’s X-Men can’t help be noticed!
Cameron Hodge, newly confirmed Secretary of Mutant Affairs, thought he was ready one team of X-Men.
But two? That’ll require outside help. And he’s found it in the form of the paramilitary SAPIENS LEAGUE, lead by the nasty power couple of the LEPER QUEEN and HATE-MONGER!
Welcome to Zemo’s America — hope you survive the experience!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by H-E-D
After liberating ARCHANGEL from a mutant detention camp established by Sct. of Mutant Affairs Cameron Hodge, Karma and her X-MEN lead the mutants to a safe location agreed upon with Captain America himself.
Unfortunately, they’re followed by expert mutant hunters — the Sapiens League!
These people aren’t in fighting shape — they’re weak and hungry from the camp. Will the LEPER QUEEN and the HATE-MONGER extinguish the revolution before it even starts?
Not if the X-Men have anything to say about it!
Iceman maintains an ice wall, sheltering the crowd so that Cecilia Reyes and Triage can patch them up. Wallflower keeps the crowd from panicking with her pheromones.
Silhouette needs time to manifest the darkforce necessary for a mass-teleport to the Moon. Both Ricochet and Mercury help defend her — is this simple camaraderie, or is a love triangle brewing?
Back on the moon, Prodigy keeps the team informed, with Zero acting as their living instant communications network!
Once Silhouette has teleported everyone to Mons Esam, Karma thinks they’re safe.
Unfortunately, the Redeemers have some extraterrestrial members in their ranks, more than capable of assaulting a moon base!
Gravity, aka Blacksun, and Star Splendor, blow a hole in the side of Karma’s moonbase, blowing her out into the void of space!
Is this the end for Xuân?
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by H-E-D
The SPELLBINDER comes to Karma’s rescue!
Is it awkward to run into your ex in the void of space? Sure, but it beats dying.
The Redeemers who blasted her out into space, arrogant, left without making sure her or the X-MEN were dead.
And so Jennifer Kale, notified of Karma’s predicament thanks to an old safety enchantment, is able to save the day at a moment’s notice.
With the mission a success, despite some complication, the team organizes their next move.
Some of the team diverts to investigate a so-called Project Zuǒēn (佐恩计划) in Kümüx, East Turkestan — where the Chinese government is attempting to “re-educate” Uyghur mutants to their own ends.
But after fighting the Sapiens League and nearly being killed by the Redeemers, the fight against Zemo is personal for Xuân.
Plus, they have the advantage now: the enemy thinks they’re dead.
Silhouette volunteers to lead the mission in Kümüx — so, of course, both Mercury and Ricochet want to join her. Will this love triangle handle well under pressure?
Rogue and Iceman are down to smash the Sapien League with Karma (and Jennifer, who is sticking around for a bit).
Time to split the party!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Plot by H-E-D
While Zemo’s reign of terror threatens the whole globe, X-Men Silver is defending mutants worldwide!
In America, half the team – Karma, Rogue, and Iceman, joined by the sorceress Spellbinder – assault the Zemo-aligned Sapien League’s headquarters!
Meanwhile, the other squad of the X-Men arrive in Kümüx, East Turkestan. Their target: Project Zuǒēn (佐恩计划), a Uyghur re-education camp for mutants.
Silhouette, Ricochet, and Mercury all have mutant gifts suited perfectly to a stealth operation – work smarter, not harder, right?
At the heart of the complex, the trio find the true Project Zuǒēn: a mutant being used as a living power generator – a man with a star for a head.
Breaking him free, the star man is able to carve an escape route right through the center of the complex for all the mutants.
Grateful and furious, Project Zuǒēn takes the moniker of Zorn (Ricochet’s suggestion) and asks for a place on the team, if they’ll have him.
Zorn’s power is terrifying and his motivations mysterious – but it’s all hands on deck in the fight for mutant survival!
Silhouette teleports the four of them to America, where Karma and her team are just finishing the fight against the Leper Queen and the Hate-Monger!
With their defeat, a major pillar of Mutant Affairs Sct. Cameron Hodge’s program is crippled. Of course, the fight is not over – Hexus Corp and the Americops still police mutants throughout the nation!
Soon, word comes in from their ally Captain America – Avengers Assemble!
X-Men Silver proudly joins up for the final fight against the tyranny of Zemo!
32 PGs./Rated T+ …$2.99