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Line: Assemble
Status: Ongoing



X-S.C.A.P.E. #0
 Written by GAIL SIMONE
• Jimmy Hudson was a fairly typical high school senior from the outside. A bit quiet. Kept to himself. Didn't exert himself in sports or even academics for that matter. His classmates thought of him as a loner. Always had those headphones on and his head down. Until that fateful day in the cafeteria. "The fight." He'd had enough. A group of bullies had picked on the strange looking girl, aka Mary the Mutie, all year. This time they took it too far. Can you say Berzerker Mode!?! Made the news. Got him expelled. Sent the bullies to ICU. They lived.
• His future left uncertain. His parents always treated him fair, but never truly understood his...uniqueness. How could they? They are so...normal. And he is so different.
• Then an old man with an eye patch and a cigar came to the house. He brought along someone who did understand him. The lady in purple looked right into his mind and calmed his uncertainty, his anger, told him it was okay, that he wasn't alone in the world anymore. The old man had a job offer. They were going to help people like him. And that he had just the kind of skills needed for the job.
• Now Jimmy Hudson has purpose. So begins the journey to unlock his potential and discover just what he is, who he is. The mission begins. Welcome to X-S.C.A.P.E., Agent Hudson.
• Next Month: Get initiated into the program and meet the full team in X-S.C.A.P.E. #1
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